Two Weeks earlier


"Miss Bella? Can you help me write my name?" one of my little kindergarteners asked.

"Of course I can!" I said as I bet down to the little desk that only came up to my knees and write Jessica at the top of her paper.

"Thank you." Jessica said as she went back to coloring the picture of her family she had been working on. I said you're welcome and went and stood back at the front of the classroom waiting for someone else to ask me for my help with something. As I stood all I could thin about was how cute they all looked. I loved teaching Kindergarten; all the kids were so interesting and adorable. I watched as my student teacher Angela knelt down and helped two other students write their names and then the bell rang signaling the end if the school day and the children cheered as they rushed out of the room with their pictures to meet their awaiting parents.

Soon the classroom was empty and all that was left was Angela and I cleaning up the left over sheets of paper and soon she left to go home.

As I was putting my papers in my bag to take them home to grade I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I pulled it out. It was Alice.

Alice was my best friend in the whole entire world. I had met her in college and she was a teacher at the high school across town. She had two brothers: Emmet who was married to Rosalie and Edward, who I have still never met but Alice had told me all about him and I think that she was secretly trying to set us up. But It would never work, he lived somewhere is Montana as a police officer, and besides I don't think I'll ever find a true love. But no one could stop Alice from dreaming. I picked up my phone on the third ring.

"Hey Alice." I said into the speaker.

"Hey Bella! Want to hang out tonight? Rose and I are going to the bar." Alice said trying to sound convincing. I sighed.

"Alice," I warned. "you know I can't go out tonight. It's Thursday, that means dinner with Charlie."

"Uggh! I know Bella! But Edward just moved back to town and I want you to meet him I think you would really like him!" Alice sighed.

"Alice, I don't need you trying to set me up with anyone! I am perfectly happy being single. Besides, I can always meet him some other time if it means that much to you." I said looking down at my nails.

"OK! So I'll see you at my house tomorrow night? Great!" Alice said without giving me a chance to answer.

"Wow, Alice, I didn't say I was coming tomorrow." I said quickly.

"Yes Bella, you are coming tomorrow. I'm not giving you a choice who are meeting Edward tomorrow night at my house see you!" Alice said then hung up. I sighed and looked at my phone frustrated. I love that girl, but sometimes she can be too pushy.

I locked my classroom door and looked at the time on my watch. 5 o'clock. It was time to pick up Charlie from the station and go to dinner at the dinner.

Charlie is my dad. He is the Police chief of Forks, Washington. When I was little, he was the toughest person I knew. He was like my superman. But once my mother passed away, he didn't seem to be as strong as he had seemed to be. Now I was the only family that he had left so I did my best to remain very close to him. We went out to dinner every Thursday. That's how it's been for five years and we haven't skipped a Thursday yet.

I pulled up at the station and parked my truck next to a line of police cruisers and pulled down the mirror that was in the visor. I fixed my make-up and pulled my hair out of it's pony tail and let my brown curls fall down my back. After playing with my hair for about a minute I got out of my truck and made my way inside saying a quick hello to everyone I knew as I made my way to Charlie's office. But right when I was turning the last corner someone else was too and I ran right into them and I would have fallen down if they hadn't caught me.

Then I looked up into the face of the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my life. He had the most beautiful complexion that complimented his green eyes perfectly and this adorable messy golden colored hair on his head, He was also tall and was in a Forks police uniform. And his smile… His smile made my dizzy.

"Hello." He said smiling this gorgeous crooked smile. "Can I help you?"

Oh god that smile… oh wait did he just ask me a question? "Uhhh I was just going to pick up my dad, Chief Swan." I said looking down. Wow, real smooth Bella…

"Oh so you're the Chief's daughter. It's wonderful to meet you, I'm new. My name is Edward Cullen." He said holding out his hand. I reached out and shook it and I swear I felt a spark as soon as we touched. Oh so this is Alice's brother…

"I'm Bella. I'm actually best friends with your sister, Alice. I just talked to her actually talked to her and she begged me to go out for drinks with you all tonight but I couldn't because I'm having dinner with Charlie…" I said rambling.

"Oh really, it's a small world then. It's a shame you can't come tonight, it's going to be really fun!" He said laughing. He even laughs like a god!

"Yeah it's too bad." I said right went Charlie came out of his office with someone in hand cuffs and handed the man over to another police officer. Charlie waved to me and that was my cue to join him. "But maybe some other time." I said looking back to Edward.

"Yeah, that would be wonderful." Edward said noticing that I had to go, "It was nice meeting you." He smiled.

"It was nice meeting you too." I smiled at walked over to Charlie but I could feel Edward staring at my back as I walked away.

I walked up to Charlie and gave him a hug.

"Hey dad, how was work today?" I asked

"Hey Bells, it was fine. And how were those kindergarteners?" He aksed,

"Oh their good. Are you ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah let me just go and grab my coat." He said and scurried back into his office. While I looked around and noticed the man in handcuffs about ten feet away from me sitting in a chair next to a police officer at a computer staring at me. He wasn't just staring at me; he was glaring. I turned away a little freaked out but right then Charlie came out.

"Let's head out." Charlie said and I followed him, passing Edward one last time as we headed out the door and he smiled at me. I think my hear t skipped a beat.

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