Hey Guys! Sorry that this is not a new Chapter! I know I haven't posted in forever! It's just been that I'm taking this AP class and the summer homework practically killed me and I just started school and my classes are Honors Algebra 2, AP Government, Honors British literature, and Honors Spanish 3, and each class comes with an hour of home work every night. I'm so sorry that this has prevented me from updating any of my stories over the summer! Oh and I still need to finish my summer reading! Crap!

Okay so all I know for sure is that I will probably not be able to update anything until at least September 7 but I promise I will start writing as soon as I possibly can!

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Here are all of my stories and a summary so you guys can see what you want to read while you are waiting.

Second Life-What if the wolves were late saving Bella from Laurent in the meadow and Bella gets changed into a vampire? what happens when Bella goes to find the Cullen's after she has been changed. Will she like what she sees? Bad at summaries. Please read!

You See Me For Me- Edward thinks his life is tough but when he meets a girl named Bella he is intrigued and he discovers that his problems are nothing compared to hers. Can he help her through a life full of darkness? twist. better then it sounds! (The title is a hint to the twist?

Forgotten- Edward leaves in New Moon but Bella is changed shortly afterwards but cannot remember any from her human life. What happens why she runs into the Cullen's 50 years later and they don't recognize her? Will she be able to remember them? Please Read!

Save Me -Bella is a teacher at Forks elementary school and Edward is the new police officer who works for her father. What happens when, one day, a gunman shows up at Bella's school? What will Edward have to do to rescue his undiscovered love? CAN he save her?

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