Tim made his way into the office. Gibbs had known that he was going to be late from dropping Kayleigh off at school, but when he arrived at the bullpen it looked empty. Had there been a call out that he had missed? He sure hoped not, or else he would be behind on the case already. He made his way over to his desk and sat in his chair. As he did the chair made a 'pffffff'.

Jumping up, Tim looked down at his chair and the whoopee cushion on it. Very mature Tony. The man put the prank item on his friend's desk and sat at his computer.

Ziva came into the bullpen and placed a coffee cup on Tim's deck. "Good morning." She said with a smile. "Everything go okay with dropping her off?" She asked as she sat down at her desk and placing her tea down.

Gibbs came into the bullpen with his coffee and sat down at his desk and looked around at his team.

Tim smiled up when the woman put a coffee on his desk. Probably noticed he didn't get a chance for one at home. He nodded in answer to her question. "I think it was harder on me than it was on her…" Tim said softly as Gibbs joined the room. He noticed the older man looking around the bullpen. "We are still missing Tony boss. He is…" Tim started.

Tony came down the stairs and around the corner. He had been in a meeting with the director again and ended up late for when Gibbs came in. The director had been calling him up there a lot lately, and he couldn't tell anyone why. Not even Gibbs. "No need to make excuses for me McDaddy. If you didn't notice I was here first." The man pointed out

Gibbs answered his phone when it rang and a few seconds later he hung up. 'Grab your gear. Dead body rock creak park"

Ziva got up and got her stuff and followed Gibbs towards the elevator.

Tim made a face at Tony's new name for him. Sure he had a daughter now, but he was the same guy he used to be. The guy who would go out with Tony and be his wing man, wasn't he? When Gibbs commanded the young agent grabbed his stuff and followed behind Ziva.

Tony grabbed his stuff and passed Tim on his way to the elevator. He was the last one in the bullpen when Gibbs arrived this morning, so he couldn't be the last one in the elevator. "Shotgun." He shot to Ziva as the elevator doors closed.


When they arrived at the crime scene Gibbs looked around but there was no witnesses. He would see if Abby could do some of her computer stuff to figure out who the voice belonged to but for now the crime scene. "McGee Shoot and sketch. DiNozzo, David. Bag and tag." He said looking up as the Van showed up and Ducky got out.

When they got there Ziva pulled on a pair of gloves and when given directions she grabbed the stuff from the back of the van that she needed and went to start bagging the evidence that she could find.

Tim got out of the car and grabbed a camera and a sketch pad. He would much rather bag and tag, but the boss had said shoot and sketch so that's what he was doing. He started shooting the body when a pair of legs got into his shot and blocked the body. He looked up at the assistant ME. That man always seemed to have a habit of getting in the way.

Tony took a pair of gloves and started to collect some evidence from the ground. He picked up a wrapper with a smirk, he knew what this was far too well. "Looks like it wasn't a simple walk in the park boss. Maybe we will find evidence that it came to a sticky ending." He called out to Gibbs.

Ducky went over to the body and started by checking his pockets for anything and handed Gibbs a wallet before checking his liver temp.

Gibbs looked at the wallet and found a name. "Henry Bernard." He said. "Looks like the motive wasn't robbery."He said as he inspected the money's serial number. He shook his head at his senior field agents comment. Sometimes he wondered how a man of his age and intelligence could be so juvenile. "What do we have Duck?"

Ducky pulled out the liver probe and checked. "Hes been dead only a few hours Jethro." He pointed to a gash in his head. "Looks like blunt force trauma to the head. I'll know more when I get him back. Palmer the gurney please." He said.

Ziva shook her head at Tony's comment and found a few cigarette buds.

Jimmy's ears perked up at his name. There was a body in need and he was on the case. "On Its way Dr Mallard." The young man proclaimed and rushed over to the body with the gurney as he had been instructed to.

Tony got out of the way when the assistant went by with the gurney. "Hey Palmer, remember this is still a crime scene. You could have contaminated evidence or…" He started, but then something caught his eye. He bent down and picked a used condom off of a wheel of the gurney. "This case isn't going to lead us to your little sister, is it Probie?" Tony joked.

"DiNozzo!" Said Gibbs glaring at the man. Most of the time DiNozzo's joke he dealt with but that one went too far.

Ziva scowled at Tony as she picked up a shoelace and put it in a bag.

Ducky gave his assistant a look to watch where he was going and than motioned for him to help him get the body on the gurney.

Tony winced when Gibbs said his name in his angry voice. Sometimes it was hard to tell it apart from the man's normal voice, but Tony could. "Doing my job boss." He said, looking around for anything that could have caused the blunt force trauma to the head.

Jimmy smiled apologetically to the doctor as he picked up the feet of the body. On the indication of the older man, he picked up and set the corpse gently down on the gurney to transport him.]

Ziva found a rocked that had blood on it. "Possible murder weapon Yes?" She said as she placed it in a bag and labelled it. By the looked of things that was it for evidence from the crime scene.

Gibbs looked at his team. "David, your with me. Going to notify the family. DiNozzo, McGee. Finish up here." He said as he placed the wallet in a bag and labelled it before going towards the car.

Ziva took her gloves off and followed Gibbs.

Tim smiled and watched the other agents go. He had wanted some alone time with Tony, and now it looked like his chance. "So Tony, how is the club scene?" Tim asked his friend.

Tony shot a look to Tim. Ever since the kid had come along, it seemed that the other man had no time for fun. "Whats it to you? I don't usually come home until after tuck in time." He shot to his partner.

Tim's heart sank. So Tony was treating him different because of Kayleigh. He sighed a bit and went back to his work.