Melissa Cullen Prologue As Melissa ran towards Volterra she had absolutely no regrets. Edward would soon be hers and only hers, that insolent little human will soon be dead, and her world would very soon be at the perfect it was at before Isabella came to Forks. Actually, it will be better. Edward will want to be with her forever, they would legally marry, and then with her powers developing more and more by the day, she would be so powerful and attractive Edward wouldn't be able to help himself. He'd leave that little family of his and they'd be together forever. Happily Ever After.

Hey everyone! I know, I'm like a whole entire week past when I said I'd post this! I've had it written in my notebook for over a week, it's just that I haven't felt like typing it on my laptop! I know, I'm a procrastinater! Anyway, the poll I put on my profile was a tie, but I really wanted to write this now that my stories are renamed and going to be re-written! Anyway, I hope you liked it! And it could take a year, but I refuse to post chapter two(or technically chapter one) until I have at least ten reviews! that may be pushy, but I just want reviews! Review! =)