Death Note : High School Drama

First chapter of many (don't know how many)

Contains Yaoi of LxLight and MelloXMatt (in later chapters)


Matt, Near and Mello were sitting at the 'loser' table at their high school. They weren't popular at all with any groups. Well Matt was at one time, a part of a gamer group, but when he started hanging out with Mello and Near his group kicked him out saying that 'If you ever want back in don't ever hang out with those 'rejects' again'

Matt shrugged it off, he really didn't need in a gamer group at school anyways always saying 'they are not worthy of my gaming skills anyways'

Mello was sitting down on Near's left side as Matt was sitting on his other. Mello took a bar of chocolate and started eating it as Near was playing with dice and Matt was playing one of his games.


"Hmm Mello?" Matt answered, pausing his game to look over to the blonde

"Why did you quit the club that you are good in?" Mello asked looking at him

"Hmm… told you before that they aren't worth it. Plus why would I give up my only two friends to be in a group that mostly has overweight people because they play games too much?" Matt asked and Mello chuckled

"That's ALL you do"

"But they don't have a high metabolism like me" Matt said "also they kicked me out because you know" Matt finished pointing to his goggles and Mello sighed

"Matt…" Mello started when getting interrupted by Near

"Hey guys?" Near asked and the two looked at Near who was stacking up dice

"What is it Near?" Mello asked a little irritated that he had interrupted him, but Near never interrupts unless it is important.

"Light is coming" Near mumbled in his usual sitting position and Mello and Matt looked at the most popular guy in school coming their way and Mello groaned

"Oh great" Mello mumbled and Light came up with Misa, Mikami and Takada

"Light what is it you need?" Near asked not even looking up from his dice

"Yeah so you could leave" Mello said and Matt nodded

"Says the person who is obsessed with chocolate" Light said laughing "I bet he baths in chocolate"

Mello got pissed and blushed and about to stand up to tell him off and throw in a punch or two

"Mello calm down, you'll make things worse" Near said sternly and Mello growled not liking when Near is right.

"Near" Light said and Near looked at him "I bet you never had a boner did you, wait scratch that I bet never get laid so you fuck a stuffed animal" Light said and Near glared at him, no blush, he was pretty strong willed. Misa looked at Light and around everyone who was laughing, but kept quiet.

Matt was glaring intensely at Light and Light looked at him with a smirk

"Matt, you know isn't it about time to get rid of those goggles? Who cares if they are the last thing your father gave to you before sacrificing his life to save yours?"

Matt had wide eyes and almost tears formed into them as the painful memory replayed in his head

"And-" Light started before getting slapped by Misa

"Shut up Light!" Misa said glaring at Light with an evil glare

"What the fuck was that Misa!" Light asked gripping his burning cheek

"You know Misa doesn't care if Light is the most popular kid here, Light don't have any fucking right to hurt people!"

"What are you saying?"

"It is over Light" Misa said confidently. Light looked shocked

"YOU're breaking up with ME!" Light asked and Misa froze in fear as Light was walking towards her. She decided to hide behind Matt and Near and Light began laughing

"You know what who needs a blond bimbo, that only speak in third person anyways!" Light asked and Misa glared at him as everyone laughed and Light, Mikami and Takada decided to leave.

Misa got up from her crouching position and dusted herself off and sat down on the other side of the small table from Mello Matt and Near

"Is everyone ok?" Misa asked with a smile

"Yeah" Mello said confusedly and looked to Near and Matt who nodded

"Why did you stand up for us, no one does" Near said and Misa smiled

"What he did was wrong… Misa is sorry for what he said" Misa said looking down and Matt smiled

"It's not anyone's fault 'cept Light's" Matt said "plus we are pretty used to it. I'm Matt, this is Near and Mello"

"Misa" Misa said smiling

After the rest of lunch period, Mello, Matt, Near, and Misa started talking about different things. Misa then realized that these are people who went through a bad past.

The reason why Matt has worn the goggles was because it was the last thing his father gave to him when he was 5. His father died in order to save his life from a serial killer, that hasn't been caught yet. And the videogames help channel his anger that he has for the serial killer and other things.

The reason why Mello eats chocolate is because his big sister was always making him chocolate when he was growing up and a tragic fire at the house had killed her and his family. Even though it was depressing, he developed a need for chocolate like a comfort food. And has a scar on the left side of his forehead all the way down to the left side of his upper chest as a memory of the gruesome event

Near was abandoned when he was just a baby and didn't have much of a childhood so that is why he has been playing and collecting toys because the orphanage wouldn't allow toys or anything.

Plus all of them went to the same orphanage, that wasn't a fun one, for a few years before getting adopted out into foster homes. And somehow they all ended up going to the same elementary, junior high, and high school

People just don't know what it is like to have a messed up childhood was and what the effects could bring. They write them off as being crazy, emo, retarded, losers, rejects, and much more.

The bell rang and Mello, Near and Misa stood up collecting their things together and Mello glanced at Matt

"Matt come on it's time to go to science" Mello said and Matt glanced up at him, from his game

"But I don't wanna go" Matt whined and Mello put his hands on his hips

"And why not?" Mello asked

"Because the teacher yells at me" Matt said and Mello rolled his eyes

"That's because you never do anything else except playing those damn videogames" Mello said

"So?" Matt asked and Mello grabbed his arm

"You're going to class" Mello said pulling Matt away saying a simple bye to Near and Misa while Matt was pouting, being forced to go to class

"See you later Misa?" Near asked getting up

"Hai Near Kun"

"You can call me just Near you know" Near said

"Misa knows; she just puts Kun at the end of the names of the people she likes" Misa said grinning "Well Misa will see Near in class. He has the same class, yes?" Misa said

"Yes, actually. Would you want to walk with me there?" Near asked and Misa nodded hugging the small boy and Near smiled slightly.

In Misa and Near's class, there was Light and Takada there sitting in the front. Misa huffed at them and walked to the back of the classroom with Near.

"You really hate him don't you?" Near asked and Misa nodded

"Hell yeah. What kind of jerk makes fun of people like that?" Misa asked and Near looked to the front

"You're the only one who thinks so… everyone, even some of the teachers don't like Mello, Matt and me since we are different" Near said and started stacking up dice and Misa looked at him sadly

"Misa is sorry"

"It's not your fault. You accepted and stood up for us" Near said

"It must be hard"

"We're used to it"

"CLASS! Attention! We're beginning class now" the teacher said and the class grew to a very solid silence

"Good, now to begin class, we have two new students" the teacher said and signaled the new students in and they were crouched over. They looked the same, the same height, the same weight, the same look; even the same looking clothes only one was wearing a black long sleeve shirt as the other was wearing a white one. Even their hair was the same color and length and they had the same blank look

"Introduce yourselves" the teacher said and they looked at one another before turning to the class

"I'm Lawliet Ryuzaki, but I'm called L" the one wearing the white long sleeve shirt

"I'm Beyond Birthday Ryuzaki, but called either B or BB" the one wearing the black shirt said

"We're twins" they said in unison also in a very blank voice. Everyone was getting the creeps by them except Near who was intrigued by them; he noticed they acted similar to himself

'I have to get to know them' Near said thought as the teacher told them to sit in front of Near and Misa.