Death Note : High School Drama

15th chapter

Contains Yaoi of LxLight, MelloXMatt, BBXNear

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After the call, Matsuda came back into the room and was smiling and sat next to Light. Light looked at him as Matsuda sighed.

"Well?" Light asked

"Well what?" Matsuda asked confused and Light almost had an anger vein pop out

"Tell us what my father said!" Light half yelled and Matsuda flinched slightly.

"O-Oh right, he said he will be here in less than ten minutes" Matsuda said and Light sighed

"Good… and Matsuda, a tip, to be a good detective you have to not only keep your emotions from overcoming, but you have to keep focused" Light said and L and BB nodded

"Yeah" BB said

"You never saw Sherlock Holmes be unfocused" L said and Light looked at him as he was happy as he mentioned Sherlock Holmes

"Why are you so happy L?" Light asked and L looked at him with a grin

"I love detective stuff, everything about solving crimes and puzzles. I want to be a detective someday" L said and Light smiled and pecked his lips

"You are so cute, you would make a great detective" Light said and L blushed slightly


"Yes, and you and I can work together, I want to be a police officer like my father and I might work with you" Light said and L smiled and put his head on Light's neck giving it a light kiss

"I would love that" L said holding onto Light and looked to the rest of his friends

"What would you guys want to be?" L asked and BB grinned

"You already know what I want to be L" BB said and L rolled his eyes and smiled

"Yes B, but a super villain isn't a career" L said and BB blushed glaring at his twin brother

"Not that; that was when I was little!" BB said and his friends chuckled at the whole thing.

"Then what do you want to be?" Near asked and BB looked to his lover who was cuddling to his arm and smiled

"I wanna be a forensics detective" BB said and sighed and looked up with a smile, "I would just love to be a person that solves crime by the tiniest clues"

"Detectives run in the family don't they?" Near asked and BB and L looked to each other and looked to Near

"We don't know; we did grow up watching many detective movies" the twins said in unison shrugging their shoulders up.

"Well what about you Near?" BB asked and Near blushed slightly

"…" Near mumbled something softly no one could hear

"What was that Near?" BB and L asked

"Detective" Near said "since it seems fun"

L, Light and BB started laughing at how shy Near was since he was never shy before and Mello looked shocked

"What's with all the detectives?" Mello asked and everyone who wanted to be detectives shrugged

"Well I wanna be either a Chocolate Maker or a gang member of a gang that sticks up for people like us, that have it hard in the world" Mello said and Matt smiled

"That is my Chocolate Bear" Matt said and Mello blushed slightly and pulled Matt closer and lightly kissed his cheek making Matt blush.

"You Matt?" L, BB, Misa and Light asked and Matt snapped out of his gaze at Mello

"Oh… uh…Video game designer" Matt said and everyone laughed while saying either "figures" or "Why am I not surprised?" and Matt just shrugged and leaned against his boyfriend. Misa rose her hand excitedly

"Misa wants to be a pop artist! Like a model, movie actor, uh what else… oh and a singer!" Misa said grinning and Matt smiled

"And you should go for that, you do have everything that they would be looking for" Matt said getting nods by everyone

"I concur" L said and everyone nodded in agreement and Misa started blushing

"Making Misa blush again!" Misa said and everyone laughed. Light pulled L closer by the waist

Watari came into the room saying something about Light's dad is here and was going to send him in. As Light's father walked in he turned his head from the sight of the love birds cuddling.

"What is it you need Light?" Soichiro asked and Light looked to him, letting go of L in the process

"Well we have evidence against Mikami and Takada" Light said and his father sighed putting his hand on his forehead

"Light, we couldn't find any evidence, what makes you think that a couple of teenagers can find evidence?" Soichiro asked and Light half-glared

"I'm your son"

"Even so"

"And my friends and boyfriend are smart" Light said and Soichiro sighed and looked to Matsuda

"Is this true Matsuda?" the chief of police asked and Matsuda nodded

"Yes they are smart" Matsuda said grinning and Soichiro looked like he was going to fall over and started yelling at the newbie detective

"I meant the evidence!"

The tone of voice made Matsuda flinch

"O-Oh yes… they found amazing evidence" Matsuda said and Light stood up

"We found Mikami's truck that looks like it has been set on fire" Light said and Soichiro had wide eyes

"What do you mean?"

"Well I saw the truck before it was going to hit my brother and when I jumped in… it looks like the same truck" BB said and Near stood up

"And we found this in the truck too" Near said and gave a copy of the tape to Soichiro. L and BB thought it would be a good idea to copy the tape if anything happened to it. Soichiro sighed and handed it back

"Play it, I want to see it" Soichiro said and Near nodded playing the tape. Soichiro had wide eyes as the video been played. The video had every detail and Soichiro was shocked

"You believe us now dad, and if you think we made this, we couldn't" Light said and Soichiro sighed and looked to his son

"But why would they? I mean… they are nice" Soichiro said and BB grinned

"No you forgot to put in the words 'opposite of' before nice" BB said and L chuckled slightly

"…Light tell me why" the policeman said and Light sighed

"They wanted to kill L since they found out that he loves me… they were that obsessed with me…" Light said and Soichiro nodded remembering some times when Mikami and Takada were over they did do small things that said that they were obsessed with his son.

"Dad, what do we do?" Light asked and his father sighed putting his hand on his forehead

"Well let's take them into custody for the time being and make a case report" Soichiro said "and once that goes through we can present the evidence in the court"

Light and his friends nodded and left the house to go to the police station and drop off the evidence and go to where Mikami and Takada are, which is probably the arcade. Light and Mikami and Takada always went to the arcade after school every other day, and this day was once one of them. Light smiled slightly as he realized that he would rather hang out with L and his new friends than play in some arcade, which he thought was the best.

After dropping off the evidence at the police station, Soichiro left Aizawa in charge of watching over the evidence since he was very good at his job and won't let anyone down. Then Soichiro, Matsuda and the gang made their way to the Death Note Cavern. Light still doesn't know why they named an arcade that ridicules name and what is worse is that the arcade was the only one in the whole city and Light chuckled. L looked at him confused

"What is it Light?" L asked and Light looked at him and shook his head

"Nothing much, but this has to be the worst name for an arcade" Light said and L nodded with a smile and turned to the building

"I was thinking the same thing" L said and BB came up to them excitedly

"Isn't this awesome!" BB asked and grinned big as he saw the two policemen were about to walk in the arcade, "this is like a detective police movie in real life!"

"B calm down" L said and Near walked to him and held his hand

"I can't wait to see what happens to them" Near said and everyone of his friends nodded in agreement, but they want something bad to happen since the two deserved it after all.

"Light, you and your friends stay put" Light's father said and Light nodded. Light and his friends had to stay out near the limo as Matsuda and Soichiro made their way into the arcade and in a few minutes later came out with Takada and Mikami handcuffed. Both were struggling saying they didn't do anything to deserve to be arrested and Mikami looked to Light who had a smirk on his face, as the rest were

"You're under arrest for you two are the main suspects of the hit and run of Beyond Birthday" Soichiro said and Mikami growled as Light and his friends stuck their tongue out. Mikami and Takada started pulling against the grip of the policeman

"Y-you can't arrest us for this! We didn't do anything!" Takada yelled as Matsuda put her in the car

"Light hates us for some reason! He told you that we did hit him!" Mikami yelled and had fake tears form "y-you're just doing this because he told you we did it!" Mikami yelled and Light rolled his eyes. If anyone couldn't tell that Mikami was lying they were either deaf, blind or both. Soichiro rolled his eyes and looked to his son who had a look that said 'see'. Soichiro sighed and put Mikami in the back of the car with Takada and with Matsuda, walked to Light and his friends. In the police car, Mikami and Takada were shivering slightly

"D-do you think they found anything?" Takada asked and Mikami shrugged

"There is no chance of that… and if they found my truck, I did say it was stolen and without proof they can't do anything, so I think we're going to be fine, don't worry" Mikami said smiling slightly and Takada sighed in slight relief

"I hope you're right" Takada said and Matsuda came back to the car and the two became quiet and Matsuda quickly drove them to the police station and put them in the interrogation room and Soichiro started interrogating them as Light, L, BB and Near were watching with Matsuda behind the one way mirror. Misa, Mello and Matt had to go home

"I'll ask again, where were you on the night of the hit and run?" Soichiro asked and Mikami glared at him across the table

"I told you I was at home in my room studying!" Mikami yelled

"Anyone to notify the alibi?" Soichiro asked and Mikami looked to the side to Takada

"Just her" Mikami said and Soichiro sighed

"You then don't have an alibi, neither do you Takada" Aizawa said and looked to Soichiro


"Yes, bring in the evidence" Soichiro said and Aizawa nodded and left and Mikami glared uncertain of what the 'evidence' might be

"What evidence?" Mikami and Takada asked nervously and Soichiro sighed

"You'll see, we already found your burnt truck" Soichiro said and Mikami looked surprised

"M-my truck? You found it? It was stolen a few days back… did they set it on fire or something?" Mikami asked as best as he could even though he knew he was a very bad lair and Soichiro looked shocked

"Wow Light was right, you are a very bad lair" Soichiro said and before Mikami could react Aizawa came in with the camcorder and a TV

"Here is the tape sir" Aizawa said and Soichiro nodded taking it and saw Mikami's shocked face as he realized it was his camcorder and looked to Takada who was just as stunned.

"This is your video camera right?" Soichiro asked and Mikami

"No… if you found it in the truck, since you asked about the truck first… it might have belonged to whoever stole it" Mikami said and Soichiro rubbed the corner of his eyes near his nose

"Then why did we find this?" Soichiro asked and Aizawa played the tape.


Inside the truck Mikami was waiting for the plan to fall into action, Mikami was leaning up against the seat of the truck, not knowing on the little stand in behind the driver's and passenger's seat was a camera recording everything. Mikami sat up as he saw L getting right in the middle of the street and waited for the signal

'Mikami now!'

"Ok Takada" Mikami said back in the walki talki and turned on his truck and put on the bright lights just in case that if L survived he wouldn't see his face. Mikami grinned evilly and stepped on the gas to full speed

"Delete, delete, delete, delete" Mikami said as he was about to hit L when BB pushed him out of the way taking the hit. Mikami had wide eyes

"Shit…" Mikami said racing off to an abandoned warehouse that was close to where he had intended to hit L. Mikami opened the door

"Mikami!" Takada ran to him and Mikami put his head on the steering wheel

"Damnit it was supposed to be him not his brother!"

"What are we going to do?" Takada asked and Mikami smirked

"Planned for it" Mikami said getting out of the truck and grabbed a bottle of gasoline from the back and drenched every single part of the car with gas.

"Stand back Takada" Mikami said and once she was away from the truck Mikami lit a match and threw it at the truck and the fire engulfed the camera lens.

End of tape

Mikami had wide eyes and Soichiro looked at him

"It was lucky that the camera's outer layer protected this piece of evidence, now isn't it?" Soichiro asked and Mikami was trying to find an explanation but couldn't and looked to Takada angrily

"You left the damn camera on!" Mikami asked and Takada was nervous

"I…I don't know!" Takada yelled and had a flashback and gulped "I guess I did forget to turn it off"

"Takada…" Mikami said grimily, looking down and Takada flinched as Mikami looked at her with so much hatred

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" Mikami yelled and started chasing her around the room and Soichiro growled and pulled one away from the other as Aizawa did the same

"We were going to put them into the same cell since they were friends but I'm guessing that is a bad idea?" Aizawa asked and Soichiro nodded

"Don't even put them in the neighboring cells" Soichiro said and Aizawa pulled one away as Matsuda raced in to pull the other away. Mikami was struggling to get out of the grip and reach for Aizawa's gun to shoot Takada, but Aizawa was a lot stronger than he was.

Light and L looked at each other to see they have the same stunned look

"Wow I can't believe that he..." L said

"I know" Light said and grinned and hugged each other

"It worked!" L said and L hugged BB, "I'm glad that they got punished for hurting you B"

"Us too" Near and Light said and BB nodded grinning

"I say celebrate at our house!" BB said and L chuckled

"Let's wait until we heard the verdict when the case is in court" L said and BB nodded calling Watari to come and pick them up.

"Light you want to come with us?" L asked and Soichiro came to Light

"Light we need you home now, your mother wants you to clean the dishes before dinner" he said and Light nodded and looked to L and kissed him deeply for a few seconds before looking at his dad

"When will the case be dad?"

"I notified the court and they faxed me that they could make the case by next week" his dad said

"Oh ok, thanks dad" Light said about to leave with him

"I'll see you later L, you too BB and Near" Light said leaving with his father to return home for dinner. L and BB looked to Near

"Well we guess you need a ride home right?" BB and L asked and Near shook his head

"No; no need, I'll walk home" Near said and BB hugged him

"But you are my boyfriend, I don't want anything to happen to you, since it is getting dark out, so you are going to get a ride home" BB said and Near smiled and nodded kissing BB

"Ok, ok"

The twins took Near home and returned to their home and laid down waiting for next week.

The next week passed fast and it was already the date of the court case. The two sides brought evidence to support their claims, but the evidence Light and his friends found was by far more powerful than Mikami and Takada's. The jury came up with a verdict 20 minutes into the case, and gave the paper to the judge

"The court has found Teru Mikami and Kiyomi Takada, guilty as charged with attempted murder. As of now I hereby sentence you two to 20 years in jail with no possibility of parole" the judge said and the Mikami and Takada had wide eyes at the verdict and saw that Light and his friends where cheering and were extremely cheery over the verdict

"Shut up!" Mikami yelled "I will kill you L, one day!"

"Guards get these two out of here!" The judge ordered and the guards walked to Mikami and Takada

"I'm the good one" Takada mumbled

"Yeah, yeah. That's what they all say" the guard said and took them away. Light attacked L and kissed him hard

"It worked" Light said and L and BB grinned

"Celebration at our house!" L and BB said in unison


With the "Delete, delete, delete, delete" part, I couldn't help but put that in since that is the English verson Mikami's catch frase for killing off criminals XD

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