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Resonation Echoes (by DATsubasa)

Chapter One: Presence & Absence


One hazy afternoon it was.

The 25 year old just got home from the last paper of the major university final year exam in Shibusen. The peace in the house was overwhelming, the uncomfortable silence engulfed her but she forced her will to brush the thoughts off. As usual, lying on the couch, reading a thick novel. All, but the absence of the familiar presence who always loved to squeeze into the couch, with attempts to fight for more spaces, random annoying insults and the irritated scowls. And probably the once-very-active gramophone as well, which was sleeping at the corner of the living room.

Since the day she made him into a Death Scythe, things started to change. He was much stronger, being able to fight alone like Justin Law. Highly popular. And he was often busy with missions. The last time they went on a mission together was about 8 years ago. She had forgotten when was the last time they did a Soul Resonance. Those battle memories were becoming hazy. But not the person who used to be with her all the time.

5 years ago, he was transferred to Heilnite City for a long mission regarding attempts to stop Kishin from reviving. That was somewhere far from Shibusen, far from Death City. Extremely far. She still wondered why she was not brought along, since she was his Meister. On the second thought, a Death Scythe can pair up with any skillful Meister anyway. Soul was with a group of elite Meisters, should not be much of a problem dealing with the mission.

A sigh escaped her. She could not concentrate on her novel anymore. It was the last gift he got her before he went away. She found it lying on her bed, neatly wrapped on the day of his departure. She had to admit that he had got great taste for books as well as music. Even until now, it seemed that there were bits and pieces of him she did not realize, not until she decided to settle down at a quiet place and let her brain cells overtake the reality. She went over to the gramophone and meddled with it until she got it working. She uncovered one of his favorites from the huge collection which was nicely hidden in the cupboard where the gramophone laid.

Memories of him floated pass her mind as the gramophone played, notes of jazz floating past her as well. Flash back to when both first met, the dark song he played on the piano, in the Black Room which she happened to pass by. That was when their partnership emerged. All because of music. In the early years she found herself stuck in the labyrinth, despite reading up on music, the thing that clearly differentiates her from him. She tried to understand what exactly music was, until the point where Soul, sighing, suggested that all she need to do was to determine whether if she liked it or not.

Now she understood what music was. Something pleasing to the ears. That simple. Just like what Soul had told her, all she had to do was, to determine if that particular music was to her liking. After he left, to replace his presence, she bought a black six foot grand, after making Spirit to fulfill the responsibility of a father to make his daughter happy, with several death threats and intentional ignorance towards him. She looked up on music on the internet and books, and tried to self learn about music and piano playing, went to the extreme to beg people who have music knowledge to guide her. In the end, she got her father to hire a piano instructor for her. The reason of the desperation? She had no idea. It was kind of, late, to appreciate music after Soul left Death City, she regretted her blockheaded self for relying on only books for information.

She has to admit, music is enjoyable. Just like that solo Soul played for her on their very first meeting. If she had known how to appreciate music, she and Soul would have more stuff to talk about. Jazz seemed to be good enough. So was modern contemporary.

The jazz rhythm was bouncing across the room, along with her notes of thoughts. Having music around seemed to allow her feel his presence, even though it was imaginary.

She had been wearing his clothes in the apartment. The distant scent of Soul lingered despite her wearing them and washing them. She slept on his bed every night, and forgot how long she had not touched hers.

She realized that what she had been doing reminded her of Soul.

The absence was killing her, she could not recall how she was able to cope her life without him for such a long period of time. 5 years. It was way too long of an absence. Occasional hallucinations started to haunt her at times where she went to an extent to forget that Soul was actually gone. Frequent were the yells from the bathroom, or "Soul, good morning, breakfast is ready!" were tormenting her mind.

She did not understand why she behaved that way.

It was insane.

She shut off the gramophone and tucked the novel carefully back into the shelf. If she continued to stay inside the house, like what Soul had told her year ago, she would rot and mould, and then decay. What an expression, but it was until now that she realized that it was pretty true. She gave a snort and went to change into her tank top and dark denim shorts. Automatically, she went back to Soul's room and pulled out one of his favorite jacket and put it on.

She had forgotten when she learnt how to ride a bike. It was totally unlady like. Probably if Soul was around, he would go, "Girls riding bikes are so uncool." She drove herself around the town and eventually stopped outside a pub he used to bring her to, for celebrating her birthdays. She stood there, staring at her reflection on the glass sliding door. Her hair had grown much longer and it reached her waist. Height wise, she could see that she was standing as a 165cm, huge contrast to her younger self years ago. Gone were the pig tails and prim clothes Soul used to tease her about. She just realized that her chest had matured into a C over the years. If Soul had the chance to catch a glimpse of her chest right now, most probably he might end up having one of those extreme nose bleeds. He would have never imagined her having such a figure.

Chuckling quietly to herself, she went in, got herself a round of beer and went off again.

Unknowingly, she found herself back in the apartment. She could not seem to remember how she got back. She went into Soul's deserted bedroom and stood in front of the mirror.

The silence was much more overwhelming than that in the daylight. Tears started to flow. She wasn't aware of it. She continued to stare blankly at her reflection.

It was just, never the same anymore.

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