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Resonation Echoes

Chapter Fifteen: Steadfast


He recovered from the previous encounter and was up and about within 2 days. However, he was restless. Ness refused to let him out of the Dispensary as she was worried that there might be more complications. Telling a frustrated Soul that he was not to go out before the observation period is over. Ness was expecting the Death Scythe to yell back at her and followed on with more negotiations. However, he looked defeated and a worried expression formed on his face. Angrily stomping over to his bed and slid down against the bed post and ran both hands in his hair, messing it up vigorously and proceeded to punch a fist into the ground.

"It is for your own good, Soul." Ness told him quietly after he calmed down.

"I don't mind staying in here as long as I got the news of her safety." he said, biting his bottom lip, brows still locked, rocking fore and backwards on spot, with his head now resting on his kneecaps.

"Maka is alright, alive and heading towards Ivanov to intercept Crona's mission for your information."

That got him interested and his head snapped upwards towards the source which provided him with the information. Stein walked in with another girl whom he did not recognize. Seeing Soul all flustered up, Stein gave a grin.

"So, she is really fine?"

"Indeed. Got the word from Sid."

The Death Scythe stood up and plopped himself back onto the bed and raised a hand to cover over his forehead, signing in relief. He reached over to the small table and picked up a framed photograph which he always brought along with him even during missions.

"I am so glad." He said smiling at the picture, forgetting that there were three other people in the room with him. He did not notice that the girl who was with Stein was looking murderous at the picture he was holding onto either.

"Soul, you know you should just tell her about your feelings before you leave Death City you know? It is no good to keep a girl suspended like that." Ness said shaking her head.

"It is kind of, late to tell me this, isn't it, Ness?" the scythe chuckled quietly.

"Anyway, back to the general topic. Soul. Let me introduce another new member to this mission." Stein gestured his hand towards the stranger beside him. Soul lazily raised his head and gave the new comer an uninterested look. The young lady smiled at him sweetly, which made him rolled his eyes.

"Hi, Soul sempai. My name is Lisett Valenti. Please to meet you. I always heard about you when I am a junior back in DWMA, I can't believe I can work with you in this mission, I am so happy…"

Soul halted her by raising a hand and snapped, "Alright, stop, your name will be enough." He plopped back onto the bed and turned his head towards Stein, "So what about her?"

"She is a weapon and still schooling. She was chosen to come here because she excel in solo combat. Anyway, I will be leaving her under your care and teach her what you know. She will be coming with us for the coming missions."

"Damn. Why can't you guys get Maka here instead? You know I hated taking care of kiddies." An impatient look stretched across his face. Stein sighed.

"Soul. I assure you that you and your Maka will get united again when we complete this mission as soon as possible. Human resources we have here is limited. One more helper will help a lot. Now, hope you two will get along. I need to get Marie to get her a room."

"Can I stay with sempai instead?" the new comer pouted. Stein raised an eyebrow.

"No!" he snapped.

"Soul, I tell you what, she will stay with you until Marie managed to find an apartment for her. Alright, no more negotiations. Hopefully this will get you to accept working along with different people, knowing that you are a very stubborn one who only stick to the regulars who always worked together with you."

"WHAT?! Wait! I m not letting her sleep in MY room!" the impatient look immediately changed into angst swiftly. He almost jumped out of the bed upon hearing what Stein just told him.

"Why can't you just either get her here or let me go over to her station?! I can't stand my privacy being invaded like this!"

"Then you and Lisett need to work it out about that."

"For goodness sake, Stein!"

Stein stalked out of the Dispensary before Soul could say more. He slammed his head back onto the pillow, ignoring Lisett who was still standing here, took up the photo frame again. Lisett walked over to the bed and sat down on a chair beside it.

"Sempai, can I know more about you?"

"Not interested."

"Well, for work, that is…" she said meekly.

"I kill every single thing I see in my path that pisses me off, that is it."

Then, followed by an awkward silence.

"Ummm, sempai, what about my stay?"

Soul grunted and shot the intruder with a nasty look that made her recoil slightly.

"We will see about that, let me rest for now, please."

Ignoring the look on Lisett's face, he turned over to face the window and pulled the sheets over his head. The young lady looked at him intensely. What exactly is so attractive about Maka Albarn? No sex appeal, a typical nerd, uncute. She could see that Soul was totally smitten and in love with her. The way he looked at the picture which was framed nicely in the photo frame, the way he said her name in such an affectionate tone, how he was worried about her wellbeing, all were making her blood boil. Of all those girls out there, why Maka? Lisett could not comprehend. And she hated that. According to what she remembered, that girl, other than studying, she knows nothing else.

Underneath the sheets, Soul could feel the intensity of the hatred the girl was giving off, but it did not affect him much. All that mattered was staying alive and going back to Death to re unite with Maka again.

Soul woke up two hours later, Lisett was still beside him, but asleep. He frowned. Why is she so bent of sticking to him that much? He felt extremely irritated. Damn Stein. The last thing he wanted is to have another girl other than Maka hanging around him. He tried getting off the bed but she was sprawling on the edge of the bed, arms pressing on a part of the bed sheet. Rolling his eyes, he gave her a rough prod on her shoulders, waking her up abruptly.

"Sempai? How are you feeling?"

He ignored her and went to look for Ness. Lisett followed.

"Sempai, just tell me if you needed help or something. I can help you."

"You are annoying. Just leave me alone." He threw his reply at her without looking back.

"But I have no where else to go."

He snorted. This is one sticky girl. Sadly she isn't one of the kishin creatures, if not, he would have gladly sliced her apart at the instant.

"You can just walk around the place you know?"

"I am scared I will get lost, can sempai show me around? Please?"

What else can he do to shake her off? Sighing at the inevitable, he grunted, "Fine."

The day passed with ease for Lisett but to Soul, it was horribly painful. It is just like having a plague sticking around the globe tormenting people with viruses invasion and making them horribly sick, the exact feeling. Unwillingly, he showed her to the apartment he was currently staying, not noticing Lisett's delightful look spreading across her face. He slammed open the door and walked in without a word, with Lisett following in with a sense of anticipation showing clearly on her face. Soul waved a hand lazily.

"This is where I live. Don't touch anything here unless I give you my permission."

He gestured his hand towards the photo frames which were sitting on the coffee table and the mantelpiece.

"Especially the photographs. Do not touch them. If you see any female clothing or whatever lying around, don't touch them either. And don't even think of wearing them."

"Female clothing? Why do you have…"

Before Lisett finished her sentence, he snapped impatiently, "Everyone god damn knows that I am crazy over my Meister. And we are together. Is the summary clear enough? Now stop asking the obvious."

He made a mental note in his mind to suck up his guts and say it to Maka right into her face the next time if they managed to see each other again. That they are together. He just couldn't afford to wait or let her wait anymore. As for Lisett, right after hearing what Soul had just said, she tried to hide her emotions. No matter what, she was very determined to make him hers. The distance between her and Soul is just too close. Well, just that distance.

Soul unlocked the spare room in his apartment and gestured Lisett in, telling her to sleep in there until the headquarters managed to find another room for her. The frustration on his face was still there since Lisett was brought in. Now he lost his privacy thanks to this foreign 'object'. He did conveniently ignored all those expressions that radiated across Lisett's face as he coldly turned his back towards her and walked out of the room to leave her to unpack by herself. He grabbed all Maka's belongings and placed them all in his room, not forgetting to lock the room door before going back to the dispensary to check out. Happy or not, this is his space and his property. If she doesn't like it, she can just request to stay with another staff. His angel has long ago fully occupied his thoughts and there is hardly space for another one. Neither is he interested. Somehow, her innocent and naïve personality attracted him a great deal and it makes all other women who tried to seduce him or flirt with him, seemed loose.

Lisett was determined to get into Soul's room to see what was in there. She was very sure that Soul kept a lot of that person-in-question's old belongings in his room. She wanted to throw everything out and burn them into crisp. What exactly is so good about that weak, puny, soft hearted girl that has totally no assets, sex appeal, not cute either and boring in many ways that made Soul fell head over heels with her? But come to think of it, she had not seen that boring girl for years. Well, probably no much of a change and as boring as usual. She can never understand Soul's personal interests in any way. Books can never help in every way.

She looked around the apartment and saw things that surprised her. She walked towards the book shelf and stared at the huge collection of books residing neatly in it. There were a few extremely thick ones sitting on the couch and on the coffee table. Fantasy, science fiction, mystery, crimes and suspense… Since when did Soul started reading as his hobby? As far as she remembered, back during those school days, as a junior, she often seem him with BlackStar and Kid, playing around at the basketball court. To her, Soul is like one of those sporty junkie, funky, cool, active and all. Putting that person-in-question beside him totally ruined the entire picture.

But what did she know? Soul is not what she thinks he is. Hidden beneath that exterior is the hidden sophistication that he only shows to his lady alone.

Despite Lisett being a guest, Soul behaved indifferently towards her. He only cooked his own breakfast, handled with his own laundry and all, and reminded Lisett to take care of herself as he wasn't any butler, servant or hotel cleaner. The sour feeling within Lisett intensified when Soul never failed to showed her his cold exterior even though she was trying to be warm toward him, and even tried to get close to him. All these merely made Soul felt revolted and her desperation.

"Just why won't you love me?!"

Lisett could not hold in her desired any longer as days passed. She spat that at Soul, who rubbed his temples slowly.

"I told you I am already attached. And I am not interested in any other women out there."

"What is so good about her?! Look at me! I am damn pretty, I have a nice body, I am not that stupid either, I am a talented Meister who knows how to handle all kinds of Weapons, I even got to join in this important assignment with all the elites! I just don't understand!"

"There are a lot of things that you don't know about her. Trust me, judging one superficially, on the outside, is not enough."

The atmosphere was intense and still. Soul decided that he should continue to deny her no matter what. If he gave in, then he would be some uncool jackass out there, unworthy of his charming angel who was waiting for him back in Death City.

Her days of stay were a total torture. Randomly, she would pounce onto him and hugged him from behind when he wasn't aware. It took him ages to throw her off from his back. She would start to throw kiddy tantrums to get his attention, which he ceased to do so when he realized her intentions of doing such just to get his attention. She made rice boxes for him which he refused to touch because due to Lisett having a strong personality, he was afraid that she might add some other weird stuff into it. Call him paranoid but he don't care a bit. She also tried to lie her way just to spend some time in his room by saying things like she having a nightmare earlier and such, that she needed company. She tried to wash his clothes but the scythe snatched them away before she could touch them. Somehow, her usual advance which worked on other guys she met out there failed miserably when it comes to him. Every time when she heard him calling out that Meister's name continuously when sleeping, pained her.

Once day while Soul was away on a mission, Lisett was prowling around his apartment as usual when she realized that the door was unlocked. He must have forgotten to lock it when hastily preparing to go out this morning. Great chance, as he would not be back that early anytime. Eagerly, she pushed open the door to direct access to all his secrets.

The room was brightly lit, and sunlight shone upon the walls which was painted in pearl shade and orange cornice. Cotton and nylon brown curtains draped at the sides of the large window, framing it nicely. There was a small bathroom, a poster bed, a wardrobe, a bookshelf and cabinet beside the bed and a dressing mirror. Coats were hanged neatly on the clothes rack standing beside the mirror. Other than the furniture, what caught her attention was the small pile of belongings folded and packed neatly beside the pillow. She picked up one of the clothes from the pile. A piece of female wear; a white chiffon shirt. She glanced at the items in the pile. Female clothes, a large thick scarf, a key chain with a metal tag and many other little things. Lisett felt a surge of jealously and anger rushing through her pulse but managed to stop herself from throwing stuff around. She looked around the room. Almost everything reminded her of that Meister. The color tone of the room, the way the room was set, everything. At a corner was a pile of beautifully wrapped gifts. One look and anyone will understand that the scythe was, all along, buying things that are meant for her but lacking of chances to give them to her. Who can resist such a devoted man? Lisett sat on his bed thinking hard.

With such a long absence from each other, he must have been lonely and pinning for her. The main thing here would be his loneliness. She will fill that gap. Regardless if he would be angry if she touched her things, she decided to proceed with whatever plans that came into her mind. Sooner or later, he will not need her things anymore. Hastily, she slipped out of her clothes.

He came back into the house, expecting a madman of a roommate flying towards him but no. He felt surprised. Upon stepping in, he smelled food. Apparently, she seemed to have prepared his dinner for him. He frowned. What is she up to now? She better not up to anything that will cause him more trouble. Before he could continue to find out what happened, she stepped out of HIS room. Speaking of the devil. It took him a few seconds to realize what just happened before the reality slapped him.

"HOLY… WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM, HOW DID YOU GET IN?!" he bellowed, veins popping.

Lisett looked at him with a somber expression. It was then he realized that she was wearing HER clothes. His level of fury increased several folds at once upon the sight. Before he could react, she ran towards him and hugged him tightly. He simply could not have any reaction time, nor could he think of what to do next. It was all silent before she started to speak.

"You did not lock your door, so I went in. I am sorry."

Controlling his emotions towards all the impact that overwhelmed him within minutes is not easy, but he managed. Although his voice, quivering with angry and annoyance, he managed to get his reply out.

"Do you know what kind of shit have you just done?"


"Why, for fuck sake, why?"

Lisett raised her head and looked at him, gaze unwavering, "You are in pain, let me heal you. Let me be there for you."

"You are getting it all wrong…"

"Please, let me be with you! Pretend that I am her! I don't want to see you suffering!"

He sighed heavily. This is one naïve girl who looks at things her own point of view. He slowly pried her arms off from his waist and gripped her shoulders. He bored his gaze into her, with a firm resolved look on his face. Lisett, for a moment, thought that he was moved by her sincerity, but the Death Scythe gently pushed her backwards and pressed her down to make her sit on the couch.

"Look. I do not deny that I am in pain. Because I missed her. But we promised each other to be strong, so I will be fine. I don't need another substitute because everyone is different. No one can replace anyone. I am not that weak."

"Why won't you give me any chances?"She finally broke down.

"I won't do such a thing. It will hurt everyone. And it will be all pretend, all fake. I will hurt her because I will be a liar and an unfaithful man if I accepted your advances. Then, you will be hurt because I don't love you. And I will be hurt even more if she leaves me for good."

More sobbing.

"I appreciate your feelings but I cannot accept them. Do you wish for your partner to be unfaithful towards you?"

Lisett shook her head.

"That is it. She and I may not be officially together, but, I am waiting for her. And this is how much I love her. No matter how many times you asked, my answer will always be a no. Before you get yourself hurt even further, please, move on."

"It hurts to be rejected by the one you love…"

"That is why you have to move on. Then again, thank you, Lisett. Thank you for loving me."

He finally spoke her name. So warm, so gentle. She cried her heart out for the entire night.

The painful days of being roommates was finally over when the next day Stein merrily knocked on his door, asking for Lisett. It appears that a room was prepared for her and is ready to stay in. He did not help her to pack. The absence of communication will be better for the both of them. It will not be so awkward. She carried her things to the door where Stein was waiting. Not being able to control herself, she turned to look at him again. The scythe was sitting on the couch, reading a book with great concentration. She hardened her feelings and stepped out of the door without another backward glance.

As the door closed with a click, the scythe stuffed a bookmark at the page he stopped at and gently placed the book down. He reached out for the photo frame with the picture of his partner framed in it. He closed his eyes and lovingly held it against his chest, where the heart was beating underneath.

"I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes."

Somewhere on the other part of the globe, the female Meister was deep in thought. Somehow, something made her looked out of the window and at the sky and said a single sentence in a whisper.

"I will wait for you, regardless how long it takes."

Crona glanced at her. "Did you say something?"

"Nah, nothing."

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