Bella's Revenge The Very Beginning

I have been waiting and planning for over one hundred years now. Some might call me a fool for losing sight of my goal. Others find might find it beautiful and "romantic", but me? I believe it's just the circle of life, it's normal. You live, you love, you die, you hate, you love again, you stabbed in the back, and it repeats , but I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe I should start from the beginning? It all started after he left, but in reality, it didn't really start until a week later, the day I started planning my revenge.

A/N: Alright, yes I did rename it's story, and actually, I've changed the whole plot almost! Bella still has her friends, but I'm changing their names and powers, and this story won't be as rushed or messy! And like my "Melissa Cullen" story, chapter two will not be up until I have at LEAST ten reviews!
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~ Karly Black