Another Legend


I was running as fast as my legs could possibly carry me, I was running from that moster. I could hear my heart beating against my chest and I knew that it would be nearly impossible to out run this beast, but I had to try. I could feel my lungs begging me to stop running, willing me to slow down, but I couldn't, if I slowed, even for a second, it'd all be over. But then, when my clumsiness betrayed me, making me lose balance, I knew it was over, I was on the ground and my whimper of pain had alerted the beast, he was coming and it was all over.

A/N: Yes, I AM in the Prologue mood right now! And I'm steering this story in a different direction too! Mike was the wolf, but I thought, maybe if I made it a new guy, I could throw more surprises at you guys! Anyway, 10 reviews, different story line, you get the drill! Review! =)

~ Karly Black