Note: This is a oneshot. It's random and short, and just came about in a conversation with a friend. -waves to Juria- I have not seen this movie for over a decade, so if something is wrong or not following the movie, well then you can let me know and maybe I'll fix it. If not just consider it random, short read. ^^

Gizmo Saved

The evil demonic gremlins crept closer to attack the poor defenseless Gizmo.

Shaking Gizmo closed his eyes and cowered in the corner afraid for his little plushy life.

The main gremlin lifted reptilian arms towards the fluffiness and cackled as it rested lightly against Gizmos throat.

Just as he was about to snap the poor things neck, Raiku burst into the room with a fire extinguisher in hand. Letting in the rest of the Ghostbusters, she began to spray them with poisonous gasses and the extinguisher.

A couple of them tried to climb up her body, scaly and boney, they clung to her like reptilian leeches.

She extended her arms sending the little demons flying every which way. They slowly evaporated as they hit hard into the walls.

Thousands climbed up walls and the Ghostbusters. Raiku fought them slowly, inch by inch getting closer to her main goal. The leader, who held Gizmo at arms length in front of him.

Raiku paused momentarily to assess the situation, stepping on one of the hellions in the process. She blew at the end of the extinguisher and raised a brow.

"Let him go." Was her demand as she pushed the extinguisher in the leaders direction.

"If you spray me you'll get him." The leader said trailing his boney little finger across Gizmo's cheek.

Raiku smirked a little sadistically as she eyed the Leader,

"Your life says I miss him."

The leader looked confused and Raiku took that chance to snatch Gizmo over to her and behind.

"Times up." She said before blasting him with the extinguisher.

The leader crumpled before her and his followers soon came after him.

In the end it was just her, the Ghostbusters, and Gizmo.

Raiku smiled down at Gizmo as she lifted him into her lap and gave him a hug,

"There there Gizmo, there's nothing to worry about."

She patted his head affectionately as he leaned into her touch.

"Don't worry anymore the bad guys are gone, but do me a favor will you? Don't ever eat after midnight again."

Gizmo nodded with wide, innocent eyes as Raiku led him out of the dismal, poisonous foam covered room.