Chapter 2 – Jane

As I walked into mine and Edward's cabin, I smiled. I was no longer a newborn; I hadn't been for more than a few weeks now. Sure it meant I wasn't stronger than older vampires now, but who cares? I was a vampire; a real one, not a brand new one for once. I was like Edward, Alice, Rose, Emmett; I was just like everyone in my family. Well, excluding Nessie & Jake, but it'd be impossible for me to be like them.

I had just sat down on my bed when I noticed a picture on the ground next to me; there were words on the back. I picked up the picture and, without reading the words on the back, I turned it over. It was me, as a human. Well, more specifically, me and Edward, it was our wedding day. I didn't remember out wedding day as well as my other vampire memories, but I still remember it as a sweet memory. I smiled at the thought of our wedding, before turning over the picture to read what was on the back. In short, messy handwriting, handwriting that I didn't recognize, there were two words; turn around. I smiled, wondering if it could be a surprise from Edward, but even though it was a surprise, it wasn't from Edward, and it certainly wasn't good.

"Jane." I breathed, fear obviously showing itself on my face, I was never good at hiding my emotions, even as a human. "Uh, does the Volturi have a message, or-"I started, already knowing the answer. Jane wasn't the messenger; Jane was never there to deliver messages. Then I realized, I should run…fast. But a split second before I could figure out an exit that wouldn't make pursuit an option, she covered my mouth with her hand and slammed my back against the wall.

"Just one message, Isabella; You should not have messed with us." She hissed into my ear before picking me up, and running off to, no doubt, Volterra, Italy. "And if you try running, well, you know what I can do." She smirked. She knew of my shield, but eventually it'd die down, eventually I'd lose control of it, eventually I'd slip up. And she knew that.

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