Looking over the city she watched the lights flicker like a million independent flames. The black hood obscured her green eyes but they still seemed to glow in the shadow. A single lock of straight auburn hair fell into her left eye but the rest was pulled tightly back under the hood. The hood itself was attached to a long black trench coat that was uncharacteristic for the hot city of Los Angeles. Underneath it was a form-fitting, neck high, white tank top. Black jeans encased her legs to her knee where a pair of soft black leather boots that were folded down at the top. Inside the boot was a single long thin blade. On her right wrist was an unseen leather gauntlet which held a hidden blade that was activated by a pressure on the top of her hand. When she flicked her hand up, the blade would deploy. In her left coat pocket was a snub-nose .38 that was filled with 6 different types of rounds. On each had was a black leather glove. Around her neck was the mark of her status. A stylized "A" with wings coming from the bottom. The mark of the Assassin.

Tonight she was on recon but if she got the chance to take out her target she would. Orders be damned.

He left the building below her and she watched him walk down the street. As he passed in front of the building next to Abstergo Industries' Los Angeles Office, she ran and leapt to the adjacent building. The tails of her coat flew out behind her as the wind caught them. She kept her target in sight as she continued to follow him down the streets to his flat a few blocks away.

Slowly she made her way down to his fire escape where she watched his nightly routine, encased in shadows. She stared as he took off his tie, his fancy shoes, and his watch. Then he did something unexpected, he moved toward the window to the fire escape. She had only a moment to scramble onto the roof before he opened the window and leaned out.

He looked out over the city much as she had early from the Abstergo roof. She wished she could see his eyes but from here she could only see his light brown hair. She stared intently, wondering if her target could be thinking of the damage his company was doing to the world. That their search for the pieces of Eden was a foolish quest that would only harm. No, he would never think so rationally. Those Templar fools were incapable of such.

Suddenly a creek sounded behind her, she turned but barely had time to see the figure behind her before a sharp pain stung her in the arm. The sedative effected her immediately but as she begun to fall backwards off the roof, the figure appeared in the light. The face she saw stabbed her straight in the heart a second before she lost consciousness.