"How interesting. Your ancestor made a grave mistake, giving that sword to Joan of Arc. That's how we acquired it after all."

Merle looked at the doctor through the screen over her eyes. Yet she couldn't think much about what he was saying past the pounding in her head. That is what the Templars wanted. The sword. They wanted the sword they had lost to the Assassins during World War II. Her family were the keepers of it.

As soon as she realized what they were trying to find, she knew she needed to find a way out. The screen slid away and she slid off the table. Standing, she watched the doctor walk around the room. He was talking but she wasn't listening. She was looking at the exits. They opened by key-card and he had one hanging from his jacket. She had to get a hold of that card.

Slowly she moved, walking behind him as he headed for the door. He turned before he pulled out his key-card to open the door. Then she moved quickly.

With one quick move she used her index and middle finger to hit several pressure points. One at the bottom of his neck, one in his back and one in his lower back and two on each shoulder. Each caused temporary paralyzation that sent the man to the floor. She pulled the card from his jacket and slid it across the access panel that opened the door. It beeped and went green. She ran toward it and it slid open moments before an alarm began to blare. She ran, using the key to open door after door. She knew not how to get out of the building but she knew she had to keep going. She had to get out before they used that machine to find out where the sword was. They could not have that sword. It would be devastating if they did.

Suddenly a bunch of guards with night sticks appeared. They tired to stop her but as the first approached she caught his night stick in mid swing, twisted his wrist until it cracked, took the stick and hit him in the helmet with it.

The others fell in similar fashions, they were on the ground before they knew what was happening. She began to run again until she reached another door. This time it would not open. More guards came around the corner and she was trapped between them and the door. Moving forward she taking them down again but there were far too many. In a slip of her guard she was hit in the head with a night stick. Without another chance to recover she was beat again and again until she fell to the floor and blacked out.