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Ships: HarryPotter/Susan Bones

Genre: Adventure/Romance

First five chapters are by vicky0958. I've made some corrections to the original text and with his permission am reposting and continuing his story.

Harry Potter and his Destiny

Chapter 1: Prologue

It was a clear and beautiful day in Surrey. Everyone was outside enjoying the weather. All along Privet Drive people were enjoying the beautiful day. Everywhere you looked there were smiles and laughter. Everywhere except in the garden of number 4. There, weeding the garden was a boy with shaggy black hair and a scar etched on his forehead. His name was Harry Potter. He had only returned from school a week ago, but was ready to be anywhere but here. He was given the chore of weeding and replanting the garden. As he was working he was thinking about his life, or lack thereof.

"Why me" Harry asked himself. "How can I possibly be the one?" The more he thought about it, the more confused and angry he became. "There are many witches and wizards that are more powerful and experienced than me, so why do I have to be the one to do this?" he asked himself. "If only Sirius were here, he would be able to help me understand."

His thoughts wandered to Sirius, his godfather. As his thoughts raced, his anger and confusion grew. "I wish I could be someone else; someone who is in control of their future. I don't even have control of my life right now, how can I have the future I want if everyone else makes all the decisions for me? Why can't I get anyone to listen to what I want? I wish I was someone that people would listen to."

What about his own mental health? Did Dumbledore think that by keeping secrets from him he'd be safe? In addition, when he returned to Dumbledore's office after the battle, he was kind enough to decide to reveal the prophecy to him just right after his godfather died.

"I would have studied harder and applied myself to the Occlumency lessons with Snape if I had known the reason for it," thought Harry bitterly. The Occlumency lessons were a disaster; there was no doubt about that. When Snape caught him looking in his Pensive, he saw a memory of a younger Snape being humiliated by James Potter, which made him resent the fact that his father was a bully. Harry hated feeling helpless or trapped; which was the main feeling inside him after he heard the prophecy from Dumbledore.

Later that night...

Harry lay in his bed after practicing his Occlumency. A week earlier, on the train home, Hermione had given him a package containing a book on Occlumency and a book on meditation. He had read both by the second day back. He was surprised at how much easier it was when he had instructions he could understand. Having "CLEAR YOUR MIND" yelled at you seconds before an attack did not count as instructions. Would it have killed Snape to tell him about meditation techniques instead of jumping in and expecting him to know these things? Harry actually thought he might be getting the hang of Occlumency. Of course he hadn't tested it yet and he knew he would have to strengthen his shields but at least it was a start. If he had the books earlier in the school year then he was sure he would've mastered it by now.

As he lay there he began to drift off to sleep when he was startled awake by a burst of flames. With wand pointed and a spell on his lips, he realized with relief that it was Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore's phoenix. "Good God Fawkes," he gasped with heart racing, "Don't do that!" Fawkes trilled with what sounded like laughter as he flew to Harry and perched on his bed. "What are you doing here?" asked Harry after he caught his breath. He then noticed a letter attached to Fawkes as he held out his leg. Harry removed the letter and read it.


I trust things are going well for you. I know you don't wish to be at the Dursleys but it is for your protection. I must remind you to not wander far from the house; you must stay close. I've stopped your subscription to the paper: you need to deal with your godfather's death. Take this time to grieve and pull yourself together.

I have already spoken with Professor Snape and he will be continuing your instruction in Occlumency. I am a bit disappointed with your progress. Professor Snape will arrive at the Dursley's in one week. You will have lessons twice a week until the end of summer. I expect you to work hard to master Occlumency. If you work hard and progress well, I may let you visit Diagon Alley to pick up your school supplies.

Albus Dumbledore

White hot anger spiked through Harry "HOW DARE HE!" he yelled. Fawkes started and trilled a soothing melody. A few moments later Harry felt calmer. "Thanks Fawkes," he said. He slumped on his bed and re-read the letter. When he thought of Snape he felt his anger returning. "What is Dumbledore thinking; he knows how much I hate Snape. Why would he send him here?" As he was pondering this he had a realization, he... didn't... care. Dumbledore didn't care what he wanted. Obviously I wouldn't be here if he cared about my feelings.


I am fine. I have been practicing Occlumency and am getting better thanks to some books I read. DO NOT send Snape here! I'll write if I have any dreams.

Harry Potter

With that done, he attached the letter to Fawkes and ran his hand down his feathery back. "Please take this to Dumbledore," he said. In a burst of flames Fawkes was gone, leaving Harry to his thoughts once again. He lay on his bed and drifted off.