You know it's going to be a bad day when your manservant is suddenly a five year old. Slash romance Arthur/Merlin. Morgana isn't evil.

Oh Merlin

Chapter 1: O shit

When Arthur was woken up by his manservant on time for once with food that was actually warm and not cold he thought it was going to be a good day. That is why in good high spirits the prince got Merlin to dress him in his hunting gear, gather his armour and prepare the horses to set out as soon as possible. Merlin did all this with less grumbling than usual and fewer insults that Arthur often pretends he never hears. They left with a couple of knights and headed out into the forest.

They had barley taken a few steps in to the forest when Merlin went sprawling to the ground having tripped over a root and the sent all the hunting gear to the ground. That's when Arthur thought he may have been too fast in accepting it would be a good day. His day continued to get worse from there.

Merlin had made his opinion on hunting very clear. He did not enjoy it. He found is pointless. Blah, Blah, Blah. Arthur had learned to tune him out.

But Merlin was always loud when he needed to be quiet and spent most of his time sprawled on the forest floor.

Arthur's day went down hill very quickly.

"Stop whining Merlin and shut up," Arthur growled as Merlin yet again feel to the ground. Merlin glared at Arthur through a face full of leaves. Arthur sighed and hauled him up by his neck scarf.

"Are you OK?" Arthur asked quietly so the other knights wouldn't hear.

Merlin looked up surprised at Arthur. Arthur realized what he had said and blushed slightly.

"Fine," Merlin muttered stunned by Arthur's comment and reaction.

Arthur stalked off and Merlin quickly tripped after him, falling silent as he mulled over Arthur.

Lately Merlin had been feeling something towards the prince. It had taken him a while to figure out what he was feeling but he finally nailed the emotion. Love. He had fallen in love with his prince. But once Merlin had made that connection his heart dropped to his stomach. There was no way that Arthur would ever love him back. He considered Arthur his best friend since Will had died and he liked to think that Arthur saw him as a friend too. But that was all he would ever be thought of. It was painful.

But Arthur's reaction had put hope back in Merlin heart.

"Merlin," Arthur called, snapping him out of musings. Merlin looked up to see Arthur looking at him."Sire?"

"Go in there and flush out the deer," Arthur said with a smirk. Merlin rolled his eyes and suppressed an irritated groan and headed into the bushed where Arthur indicated. Merlin trudged through the thick bush, making as much noise as possible to flush out any deer while trying to avoid getting hit in the face by low branches.

Merlin spent half an hour in the thick bush before emerging full of scratches. Arthur laughed loudly and some of the knights chuckled while Merlin scowled at the prince. Merlin felt a tingle at the base of his spine and frowned. It was no ordinary tingle. He sensed magic.

Before he couldn't eve voice his worries out of no where a man wearing a thick traveling cloak appeared.

"Arthur!" Merlin cried. Arthur whipped and around and saw the figure. He drew his sword and swung it. The man smirked and started chanting in a strange language that Arthur has associated with magic over the years.

Light was growing between the mans fingers and he directed it right at Arthur. Arthur didn't have time to react.

"NO!" Merlin cried and rushed to Arthur, shoving him roughly out of the way and the prince fell to the ground. Arthur looked up to see the light hit Merlin, sending him flying into the thick bush and out of sight. Arthur unsheathed his dagger and with great strength and accuracy hit the sorcerer in the stomach. He roared in pain and anger before collapsing to the ground dead.

Arthur shakily got to his feet while the knights helped him up and checked to see if the sorcerer was actually dead. Arthur brushed the nights off and got to his feet."Where is Merlin?" Arthur asked, looking around. He noticed how none of the knights had gone to check on him. Arthur growled and quickly hurried into the thick forest where Merlin had been blasted. He hacked his way through and came to a panting halt at what he saw.

A young boy was standing in the middle of a small clearing, drowned in a red shirt and standing on a pair of pants, with boots that were way to big for him. Arthur stared at the little boy. He looked about five years old with large ears and stunning blue eyes. Arthur new those eyes from anywhere.

"Merlin?" Arthur said weakly. The boy looked up at Arthur.

"Arfur?" Merlin asked in an incredibly cute voice. (Not that Arthur would ever admit that). Merlin looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Are you OK?" Arthur asked. Merlin whimpered and shook his head, holding out his arm where sleeve hid his arm and hand.

Arthur came forward slowly and with surprising gentleness pushed back the sleeve and saw a gash which was bleeding. Arthur tore the sleeve and wrapped it around the wound. Arthur looked up to see Merlin watching his hands work the bandage with eyes full of tears. Merlin hiccupped and wiped his eyes furiously. Arthur sighed and scooped up Merlin into his arms. Merlin gasped and clutched Arthur's shirt. Arthur fought his way through the bush and finally got out and came face to face with his knights. They all raised their eyebrows at the prince who was holding a small child.

"Gather the gear. We head back to Camelot now," Arthur instructed.

"What of the manservant," one knight asked. "Who do you think I'm holding," Arthur growled and stalked off in the direction of Camelot. Merlin peeked over Arthur's shoulder to see the knights staring at him. He quickly hid his head in the crook of Arthur's neck.

Arthur felt a shiver pass through him as he felt Merlin's hot breath on his neck and quickly dismissed the thoughts running through his head. It was not time to fantasize about Merlin when he had bigger issues to deal with.

Arthur and the knights finally reached Camelot. Merlin had fallen asleep and Arthur carried him the whole way."Put the gear away and I want to speak to my father and Gaius at once," Arthur instructed. The knights bowed and quickly did as they told. Arthur carried Merlin up the castle steps and into the hall. As he headed to the throne room and tried to wake Merlin."Merlin, wake up," Arthur said, gently shaking him. Merlin stirred and muttered something, clutching harder to his shirt. Arthur sighed and tried again. Merlin blinked groggily and looked around.

"Where are we?" Merlin asked through a yawn."Back at Camelot," Arthur told him, walking to the throne room. "We are going to talk to the King and Gaius."

Merlin eyes went wide and he squirmed, trying to get out of Arthur's grip. Arthur was surprised and nearly dropped Merlin."Merlin, stop. What is it?" Arthur asked, completely shocked."No Uther! No don't want to!" Merlin cried and Arthur was surprised to see he was crying. Arthur stopped and gently kneeled down, lowering Merlin to the ground. Merlin tried to run but Arthur grabbed him by the waist before he could."Oh no you don't," Arthur said and dragged him so he was facing him."No Uther!" Merlin cried.

"Merlin, cam down. I won't let him hurt you," Arthur said calmly. Merlin looked up at him with red eyes."Promise," Merlin asked.

"Promise," Arthur said. Merlin nodded and moved into Arthur embrace. Arthur hadn't dealt with children before and he was confused on what he was meant to do and was surprised that Merlin had calmed down."Are you ready?" Arthur asked, gently pulling Merlin away."Why do we have to?" Merlin mumbled."So we can find a way to turn you back," Arthur said. Merlin nodded again. Arthur stood and began walking.

Merlin stumbled after him and Arthur was surprised when Merlin's small hand took a hold of his. The walked to the court room and walked down the long hall to where the King sat with Gaius and Morgana also in the room. Arthur came to a halt and Merlin stayed slightly hidden behind Arthur's leg, clearly nervous.

"You are back so soon," Uther said."We were attacked by a sorcerer. I killed him," Arthur said, bowing slightly.

"Good job. Were you harmed?" Uther asked, pleased that another person supporting magic was killed.

"No, however Merlin took the spell for me," Arthur explained."Your manservant? What do you mean he took the spell?" Uther demanded."He was going to attack me but Merlin shoved me out of the way and took the brunt of the spell," Arthur explained.

Arthur reached for Merlin's hand and dragged him forward. Merlin stood there looking terrified."And who is this?" Uther asked, glancing once at Merlin."This is Merlin. The spell turned him into a child," Arthur explained. Everyone looked at him and Merlin shivered in terror."Merlin," Gaius gasped and hurried forward. Merlin gave a whimper and hugged the old man as he came to him."Oh he's adorable," Morgana cooed, smiling happily.

Uther just stared as Gaius tried to look Merlin over but Merlin was clinging to Gaius to much for him to really do anything.

"Will you be able to change him back?" Uther asked. Gaius looked up."I will have to do some research but yes I believe I can turn him back," Gaius said, scooping Merlin up. Uther nodded."What ever you need you may have it," Uther said. Gaius bowed.

"Thank you sire," Gaius said."You are all dismissed," Uther said. Morgana rose and headed out with Gaius, Arthur and Merlin.

Merlin peeked over Gaius shoulder once the were out and saw Arthur still with him and Morgana smiling happily at Merlin. He gave a tentative smile back before hiding his head again.

"What are you going to do?" Arthur asked Gaius as they walked."Find a cure and hopefully turn Merlin back."

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