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Chapter 8: Mine

Arthur slept well considering everything that had happened in the past few days. When he woke he felt his heart flutter and he was eager to see Merlin. He dressed himself and waited for breakfast to be served. He looked up as the door opened and he couldn't suppress the smile that spread across his face."Didn't we have a conversation about knocking?" Arthur asked.

Merlin looked up and grinned, a red tinge on his cheekbones.

"I remember something about that," Merlin shrugged, putting the breakfast tray down on the table.

Arthur stood up and Merlin straightened."glad to see that you are you again," Arthur said, circling Merlin."Yeah, me too," Merlin shifted. He watched as Arthur circled him."So you remember everything that's happened this week?" Arthur asked. Merlin blushed bright red and Arthur chuckled."I'll take that as a yes."

Arthur continued to circle Merlin."Thank you," Merlin said quietly. Arthur looked confused. "For turning me back and accepting my magic."

Arthur smiled."I still have to find a way to punish you for lying," Arthur said thoughtfully. "And throwing a book at me."

Merlin blushed and chuckled nervously.

"You had good reflexes," Merlin said as a compliment.

"You seemed rather impressed by that," Arthur commented and grinned at Merlin's blush got deeper.

"I'm impressed by all of you," Merlin said quietly, his eyes scanning over Merlin.

Arthur stopped circling Merlin, grabbed his arms and yanked him close. Bowing his head slightly he crashed his lips to Merlin's. Merlin's lips burned and he gripped Arthur's arms as his moved against Arthur's. They were soft and warm. Arthur arms trailed down Merlin's body and settled on his hips, pulling him flush against his body. Arthur ran his tongue lightly along Merlin's bottom lip, worrying he may of gone to far but Merlin moaned softly and parted his lips and his own tongue ran along Arthur's lips.

Arthur gasped and Merlin grinned. He moved his hands from Arthur's arms and ran his thumb along his jaw line before sliding one arm around his neck and threading his other though his hair, drawing himself even closer."I'm so glad your back," Arthur growled softly before crushing his lips against Merlin's again. Merlin moaned in agreement. They stepped backwards, going until the hit the bed and stumbled on to it.

Arthur shifted him self more comfortably onto the bed before pulling Merlin closer so he straddled his hips.

"You and me both," Merlin gasped as Arthur rolled them over, pinning Merlin beneath him. Arthur kissed Merlin's jaw line moving to his neck and kissed it lightly. He grinned as Merlin let out soft moan. He had found a sensitive spot.

"No long...I've waited," Merlin panted and Arthur growled."Why didn't you say anything," Arthur mumbled against his neck."Tried," Merlin muttered, fingers threading through Arthur's hair."Not heard enough," Arthur murmured. Merlin let out a breathy laugh.

Arthur crashed his lips back to Merlin's, his tongue slipping past his parted lips and seeking Merlin's. Arthur's thumbs drew circles on Merlin's skin. Arthur groaned as Merlin's hips arched. He pulled away, panting. Merlin's breath was ragged and his lips pink and swollen.

"Destiny," murmured Arthur quietly.

"Couldn't of asked for a better one," Merlin grinned and Arthur chuckled, leaning his forehead against Merlin's.

Arthur stared into Merlin's blues eyes which stared back into his. Merlin's fingers left Arthur's hair and trialed down his chest and settled on his heart which was thumping loudly in his chest."Yours," Arthur said softly, his lips gently touching Merlin's. Merlin reached down and dragged Arthur's hand from his hip to chest where his heart was."Yours," Merlin said.

Arthur grinned and pressed his lips firmly to Merlin's.

The laid there, tongues battling for dominance, hands roaming, feeling skin on skin.

Arthur's breakfast laid forgotten. They were too wrapped up in each other to notice anything around them, focusing on what they had been missing.

Reluctantly Arthur pulled away and laid next to Merlin. Both were panting, chests heaving. Merlin shyly reached down and threaded his fingers through Arthur's.

"Arthur," Merlin said quietly.


"I love you," Merlin said, holding his breath. Arthur leaned up and searched his eyes. He grinned and set a soft kiss on his lips."I love you too."

"But I already knew that," Arthur drawled. Merlin looked confused.

"What?" He gasped."As a child you were very clingy," Arthur smirked."I was not!" Merlin huffed."If I remember correctly, which I do, you only wanted to play with me," Arthur smirked.

"That's because Morgana and Gwen would of played dress ups with me," Merlin whined."And you were eager to show of your magic to me," Arthur continued, ignoring Merlin."I wasn't in my right mind," Merlin muttered.

"What was it like?" Arthur asked, intrigued. Merlin looked at Arthur.

"It was strange," Merlin said thoughtfully. "I knew everything that had happened and I tried to be mature but every time I tried it just came out childish."

Arthur nodded.

"You were childish," Arthur muttered after a while. Merlin hit Arthur who just laughed.


"Thank you," Arthur said and Merlin looked up at him confused. "For saving me. Pushing me out of the way."

"Well, imagine what you would of been like as a child," Merlin teased."A far better and polite one than you," Arthur teased back."I'm cuter," Merlin threw in.

"Now that I don't disagree with," Arthur smiled and Merlin blushed.

"We had better get up," Arthur said, sighing but made no move."Do we have to?" Merlin asked."Yes."

"How about in a while?" Merlin bargained.

"Sounds good to me," Arthur grinned and pinned Merlin beneath him again."Your mine now," Arthur said, kissing his lips."Always," Merlin replied and the two got lost in themselves again.

Outside Morgana and Gwen were squealing silently into the hands in delight, happy that they had finally found each other and that all it took was for Merlin to get changed into a child."If I had known that," Morgana said. "I would of done it ages ago.""You and me both," Gwen agreed and they went into silent the castle the dragon smiled and chuckled in delight.

"The greatest destiny the world will ever know," the dragon murmured.

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