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The success of my hug still fresh in my mind prompted me to lower my head. Why not? She was beautiful. I was hurting, so was she. Maybe I could make it better, even if it was just for a second. So I gently pressed my lips to hers.

I didn't want to force her, like I'd done with Bella. Not only could I see how much of a mistake that'd been- and would be infinitely worse if I tried it on someone as broken as Leah- but she also possessed something Bella didn't. Supernatural strength. So I kept my lips still, but firmly pressed to hers, waiting for a reaction. I didn't have to wait long.

She had a sharp intake of breath, a reaction of surprise I'd been expecting. What I didn't expect, not really, was for her to return the kiss, pushing herself more firmly against me, forcing our lips closer together. It was my turn to be shocked but I didn't have time think about it as her hands trailed quickly up my bare chest and snaked around my neck, her fingers toying with the back of my hair as she pulled me even closer.

Soon enough, too soon, we broke apart and just stared into each others eyes. Leah's tears had dried- thanks to her temperature- and I could see her eyes clearly, they were darker, almost in lust, but she was frowning.

"What are we doing?" she whispered, her hands releasing their tight hold on my neck.

"I don't know," I answered as I brought my head forward so that out foreheads were pressed together, "but I don't want to stop." I said honestly.

The kiss, although brief and closed mouth, had been the best one I'd ever had, not that I had much experience. Leah's lips were even softer than they looked, full and plump. I would almost liken it to kissing clouds, or pillows, except that she had the ability to kiss me back using some element of force. I think that was the main thing. Above anything else, Leah had enough strength to kiss me back properly. I was a wolf, she was a wolf and we didn't have to hold back with one another. When Bella had kissed me the second time, right before I went off to destroy some newborns, she'd put her whole self, all her strength, into that kiss. And it still hadn't been enough. Kissing a human, to me, was almost like kissing the air. You could feel the wind, but it didn't really do much. But Leah was different, and on top of that she tasted so good.

I was worried about her reaction to my admission, desperate to taste her again, to have it on my tongue this time. What if she rejected me?

"Really?" she asked almost shyly, looking down to cover the faint blush that now tinted her cheeks. I wondered what that was about until I remembered my observations of her earlier in the forest- Leah was self-conscious.

"Um-hmm," I nodded, tilting her head back up to look at me. Sighing, she leant up and much to my delight connected our lips once again. This kiss, I noted instantly, was so much different to our first one. She pressed harder, yet her hands moved slower over my torso. To my embarrassment I could feel each of muscles contract as her thin fingers danced across them, but she didn't seem to notice. Or perhaps she did and that's what caused her to sigh quietly against my mouth.

Gaining confidence, I edged out my tongue and lightly traced her puckered lips. I groaned as soon as I could taste her, she tasted like strawberries and cream and she was so soft it felt like I was running my tongue over the finest satin. I was enjoying my exploration of her, my dick already twitching in my pants, when she opened her mouth and let me in and I was sent into overdrive. Stepping forward, her waist firmly in my hands, I walked back into the house and kicked the door closed behind me.

I wrapped my arms further around her, enjoying the feel of her taut skin under her tight tank top and rested my hands on the curve of her lower back.

I couldn't believe I was kissing Leah Clearwater. And not because she was biggest bitch La Push had ever seen, and not because she bitter and nasty. Simply because she was stunning and I wondered how on earth I'd ever become lucky enough to get to do this with her. That fact that she seemed to be enjoying it was something I couldn't even begin to comprehend. Bella had been pretty plain, and sort of had a girl next door kind of charm about her and she'd rejected me. And yet here was this girl, bestowed with a natural, exotic beauty most girls only dreamed of having, who could probably have anyone she desired- except Sam- and here she was kissing me. Enjoying kissing me.

The reminder of Sam almost caused me to growl. As my tongue slid into Leah's hot mouth, gently yet forcefully massaging hers, I wondered how Sam could have ever given this up. Imprint or no imprint, this was heaven. Sam had her, all of her, and he'd given it up. He left Leah high and dry believing she'd done something wrong, unable to explain the legends to her and my kiss suddenly took on a new purpose. I wanted her to forget Sam, forget the pain even if only for a minute. I wanted to give her pleasure like she'd never received before. That was what she was doing to me, making me forget, making me feel things I never thought possible, and all just with her mouth. All my thoughts of Bella were long forgotten and I wanted her to forget Sam too. I wanted her to remember it was me giving her this pleasure, not him.

That thought spurned me on and I picked her up off the floor with no effort, bringing her body flush against mine. She was now a good foot off the ground, her head level with mine as she gasped and her hands tightened their hold on me. The kiss grew more passionate, desperate with every passing second and she wrapped her toned legs around my waist as we both moaned into the kiss.

I opened my eyes, not breaking the kiss for a second as I strode over to the couch. I kept hold of her as I sat down, her legs automatically unhooking to straddle me. We broke apart, both gasping as my hands roamed up and down her back, bringing her top up a little further with each stroke so that I could feel the bare skin of her back under my palm.

Her hands clutched my shoulders, digging her nails in as she planted hot, open mouthed kisses on my neck. She kissed round until she reached my Adams apple and I bucked my hips at the contact, causing my painfully throbbing erection to press against her hot sex.

She groaned, the sound guttural as she continued her assault on my neck and my hands wove around to her sides where I gripped the small swell of her hips.

"This," she breathed in between kisses, "is wrong."

"Uh-huh," I breathed shakily, my eyes rolling back in head with the pleasure I was receiving merely from her kisses. I didn't know where this was going, and I knew, ultimately, it was wrong but I could find it in me to care. But then I thought about her, "Do you want to stop?" I whispered, my voice coming out far more husky than I'd intended, hoping beyond hope that she didn't.

She instantly pulled back and I didn't need her to answer with words, I could see the lust pouring from her darkened, half lidded eyes and I crashed my lips back on to hers passionately. I wanted her, more than I'd wanted anything in my whole life and judging by the way her hips were slowly circling in between my hands, dancing her sex over my pant clad hard-on, I could tell she wanted me too.

I gripped the bottom of her top and trailing my hands up ribs and over the swell of the sides of her breasts- causing my dick to twitch- I slowly pulled it off over her head, breaking our kiss in the process.

I threw her top, not caring where it landed and took a minute to admire her breasts, which were perfectly in line with my eyes. No sooner had I begun my observations, Leah started to cover herself with her arms.

Being careful of her recently healed arm, I gently pulled them back to her sides, "You're beautiful, Leah." I breathed, causing her to shudder.

Pleased that I'd managed to make her feel less self-conscious, I tentatively raised my hand up to cup her right breast. I'd never ever done this before and I was nervous as hell but I continued and managed to hide the shaking of my hand by the time I'd reached her.

Her breasts were small, but perfectly formed, and fit in the palm of my large hand. I squeezed gently, surprised by the firmness, and I was rewarded by a soft moan escaping her lips. I looked up at her, wanting to see her reaction and she met my gaze with a look that said she wanted me to continue. I turned my attention back to her breast and slowly slid my palm across to the side, exposing her dark, now hard nipple. My hand now barely touched her breast but I grazed my thumbs across the tip of her hardened peak causing the most delicious groan from her as she arched her back, thrusting her chest closer to me. I took that as my cue and nervously bent down slightly to take her nipple into my mouth.

If I thought that her mouth tasted good it was nothing compared to the taste of the rest of skin, untainted by anything other than soap and smelling so completely of her. It was the sweetest taste I'd ever experienced and I wondered what the rest of her tasted like.

I alternated between sucking, licking and nibbling her right breast as my left hand quickly attached itself to her other breast, and she seemed to be enjoying my work as much as I was, judging by her increasingly rapid movements over me, her hips grinding on to mine with more and more force each time.

Her hands latched onto the back of my head, clamping me to her chest as she tugged on my hair and I almost busted in my pants. She felt so good and everything she was doing was driving me wild. I couldn't take any more.

I unlatched from her breast and trailed kisses up and down her chest and stomach, dipping in between the valley of her peaks. I looked up while I was doing it, maintaining eye contact the whole time as my hands slid towards her ridiculously short shorts. I swiftly unbuttoned them and gauged her reaction. When she didn't protest, I slowly slid down the zipper, making clink-clink noises as it went down revealing the most stunning sight I'd ever seen- a V of black lace between the denim.

She groaned again, taking in a shaky breath (I couldn't help but feel proud of myself for eliciting such a response from her, from someone so much more experienced than me) as she leant forward, bringing her thighs vertical and putting all her weight on her knees.

My face and the black lace of her panties were mere inches away from one another and it took all my self control not to just rip the fucking shorts right off her body. Instead I pushed them down with my hands as slowly as I could manage, which I was pretty sure was still faster than humanly possible. She giggled as she raised her knees allowing me to take them completely off, obviously pleased by my eagerness. The offending shorts were tossed aside much like her top and all my attention was captivated by what was before me.

Leah still hadn't sat back down, her hands remained on my shoulders and although my dick was missing her heat terribly, my brain was in complete overdrive with her pussy so close to me. If I thought Leah's face was beautiful, it was nothing compared to her body, only covered by the thin slip of black underwear.

The wolf gene hadn't just been kind to the guys. In fact, looking at the vision before me, I was pretty sure it had been the kindest to her. Leah's body wasn't muscled up the way mine was. Yet her body had obviously gone through a transformation of its own. Her skin was flawless, perfect molten bronze. Tanned, taut and tight. She was so toned you could probably flip quarters off of any part of her body. She was tall for a girl, around 6ft, but it only served to elongate her, giving so much of her to love.

I ran my hands up the firm skin of her thighs, shivering and practically growling as I went. She was slender and I was surprised at how big my hand looked cupping her leg. She sighed and rolled her hips, her nails digging deliciously into my shoulders and back as she ran them over my tense muscles.

My palms went over the lace of the fabric, reaching beyond it and up to her flat stomach. I was just about to start bringing my hands back down, preparing to take the panties with them when she quickly shuffled back, her feet landing on the wooden floor with a dull thud before she stood up.

I wondered what the hell she was doing, but before I could panic about her changing her mind, Leah bent over in front of me, her legs still straight, and her beautiful chest right in front of me as she looked into my eyes. I heard the sound of a button being undone and a zipper being pulled down but I was too lost to pay attention, mesmerised by the seductive look she was giving me. Perhaps I'd been wrong earlier when I though she had self-esteem issues, it took confidence to look that damn sexy.

"Lift," she purred and for a moment I wondered what she meant but she soon tugged on the top of my cut-offs. I quickly complied and raised my hips up so she could take them off, the fact that it brought my dick closer to her wasn't lost on me. I sat back down as she pulled them over my feet and kicked them aside.

Before I could even think about what was coming she was down on her knees between my legs, her lacy boy-short covered ass pointing up in the air. I didn't have time to react before she kissed my tip and, licking gently, lowered her lips down slowly over my twitching shaft.

"Oh…Fuck!" I panted. This was totally beyond my wildest dreams. I'd always imagined how my first blow job would go and this definitely hadn't featured. I don't know whether it's normal, but I prefer to be realistic with my fantasies, not wanting to build my hopes up for something that will never happen. So it'd never crossed my mind that I'd have a girl actually sitting in between my legs, while I sat on her couch, always imagining it to be while we were laying down in a bed. I also hadn't pictured a girl as hot as Leah being the one giving it. Bella had always had that particular pleasure. I pushed the thought of Bella from my mind, disgusted that I was even thinking of her at a time like this.

"Shit!" I gasped as she took more of me in her mouth, twisting her tongue. "Fuck, this…is…hot. You're so fucking hot." I couldn't control the profanities spewing from my mouth, nor could I control my hips as they bucked up into her. For a second I panicked that I'd pushed too hard and hurt her, but she took it and hummed along my dick in response, "Fuck…Leah…stop, I-I'm gonna cum." I gripped the sofa cushions for support, my whole body tense, especially when she continued, clearly not fussed about me busting in her mouth. I almost came undone right there, but I stopped myself, "Please… I wanna…cum in you." I panted desperately.

To my great relief she backed off and with a final kiss to my tip she sat back up. She smirked, clearly proud of herself, yet her cheeks flushed pink in embarrassment. She stood back up and in a move so quick a human would've missed it she discarded her panties and stood bare before me.

We'd seen each other naked before but it was nothing compared to this, with her standing in front of me, wanting me, the scent of her arousal filling the now thick air of the room. Our eyes raked over each others bodies unashamed, hers widening slightly now that she had the chance to properly see how big I was for her.

I leant forward and, cupping her ass with my left hand, brought her forward and dipped two fingers inside her hot, wet folds, my hand massaging her ass as I went. She gasped at the contact and her legs trembled, causing me to support her weight as I ran my index finger back a forth between her opening and her nub. I did it a few more times, teasing, before gently pressing down on her clit. She hissed and I pressed harder, running my finger in painfully slow, rhythmic circles. Her hand snatched at my wrist, stopping my movements and I thought I'd done something wrong. But looking up, seeing the way her chest moved with each shaky breath, I could tell she'd been enjoying it.

I was about to ask why she'd stopped me but she spoke, "I want you, Jacob." She breathed, and my skin felt like it was on fire, "Now."

She climbed back on top of me and gripped my cock in her small hand. She looked into my eyes and we both took a deep breath before she slowly slid herself on to me, sinking my tip into her warm, wet heat.

"Shit," I hissed, "You're so tight, Leah." I murmured as she engulfed me, slowly taking me all in. She stopped when she bottomed out, adjusting to my size.

"Fuck," she sighed, resting her head on my shoulder, tucking herself into the crook of my neck.

I ran my hands up and down her back tenderly, "We can stop. If it hurts, we can stop." I whispered in her ear.

I knew she wasn't a virgin but it was obvious from the way she'd curled in on me that it was clearly uncomfortable for her. I planted a light kiss on the top of head as she shook her head.

"I'll be fine in a minute. I want this."

After what felt like an eternity, but was probably less than a minute her body relaxed and she slowly started to move, raising her body up slightly before gently bringing it back down, my hands still lightly tracing patterns on her back. Although slow and tentative, her movements were already driving me crazy. She felt so amazing, her walls so much tighter and yet softer than I'd ever imagined. I wondered how on earth I'd managed to go without this before. How the hell did anyone manage to stay a virgin when sex felt this good? I thought the first time was meant to be awkward and difficult, but this felt unbelievable. Perfect. I couldn't speak for Leah but her movements soon increased speed as did the frequency of her little moans, so I guessed she was enjoying it too.

She started taking longer strokes, lifting herself higher before coming almost entirely off me before bringing herself back down, her actions gaining force every time. She quickly set a rhythm that had me panting, sweating and groaning. She sat up again and I was greeted by the beautiful sight of her tits bouncing in my face as she rode me, her moans turning to whimpers as her movements became more desperate.

I really had no idea, but sensing she might be close I started to move my hips up, meeting hers stroke for stroke, causing her to gasp and throw her head back, revealing the delicious skin of her neck, her pulse beating wildly.

My hands were everywhere. Leaving her back, one traced the column of her exposed throat while the other found its way back to her breast. I twisted the nipple a few times before continuing my exploration. I took in all of her with my hands, running them up and down her sides, over her tiny waist and down over the swell of her hips, digging my thumbs into her hipbones.

"Jay-cob," she called, snapping her head back down to look at me, my grunts increasing as she rocked her hips harder. I was practically growling, the wolf barely contained within me in our mutual excitement, though I had absolutely no inclination to phase.

Our bodies, both slick with the sweat of our exertion, moved furiously against one another, gaining momentum as we both searched for release.

Leah's hands moved desperately over any part of me she could reach. She gripped my forearms, my veins straining against my skin with the force I was holding her as I slammed her down on to my cock over and over again. She pressed her palms against my chest, no doubt feeling my racing heart beat as my blood coursed through my body. She left scratch marks in her wake but I barely felt them before she leant back, arching her back in the most fucking beautiful way and put her arms behind her, her hands gripping my knees.

"Shit!" she hissed, enjoying the angle this position gave her. "Uuhhhhh!"

I was so close to shooting my load, but more than anything I wanted to make sure she was with me. I reached down and started rubbing her clit again, trying to recreate the slow agonising circles I'd drawn earlier, but failing miserably with the force of our fucking. She didn't seem to mind though as no sooner had I completed the first shaky circle her walls clamped down around my dick and she shuddered violently in my arms before her body completely relaxed. My hand darted out to grab her lower back as she slumped, threatening to fall back completely off the couch.

Her orgasm sent me over the edge and with a few deep thrusts I came wildly inside her, surprised that I'd managed to last as long as I did. We sat there- Leah's back still arched with my right arm the only thing stopping her from falling- as we both regained our normal breathing patterns.

Soon, much too soon, Leah slid off me and snatched her clothes off the floor. She didn't bother putting them on straight away, deciding instead to sit next to me.

"Well…that was…" I trailed off, having absolutely no idea how to sum up what had just happened.

"Interesting?" she offered, her eyes closed and her leaning on the back of the sofa.

I chuckled deeply, "Yeah…interesting."

She sighed before opening her eyes and shrugging on her top. I just watched as she stood and slid her panties and shorts back on too. It was only when she stood back and quirked an eyebrow at me I realised I was still completely naked.

"Oh." I felt my face heat up as I stood and picked up my cut-offs. I quickly tugged them on, almost jamming Jacob Jnr in zipper in my haste. Then I just kind of stood there.

This. Was. Awkward.

Maybe it wasn't the first time that you had sex that was supposed to be awkward and difficult. Maybe it was the after sex phase where you really had no fucking clue what to say or do. Especially when it was with a person you hadn't exactly been planning on sleeping with before a few hours ago.

"So…ummm…" I stopped, running my hand through my hair, my back still partially turned to Leah as the scent of our sex hung in the air.

"Yeah…" she replied softly.

"Should I?" I asked, jabbing my thumb in the direction of the door.


I felt a bit dejected. I'd hoped she'd ask me to stay. Not overnight as that'd be a bit difficult to explain to Sue in the morning and Billy would have an absolute field day when he heard about it. But I didn't really expect her to chuck me out of the house as soon as we were done.

I started to walk to the door but her hand gripped my forearm. I span around to face her, puzzled.

"You don't regret this, do you?" She asked.

How could she even think that? Did she think I asked if I could leave because I wanted to?

"God no." I breathed, smiling down at her.

"Ok…good," she smiled back, the hint of a blush creeping over high cheekbones, "Neither do I."

"Good." I answered.

"Well…at the risk of sounding like a complete slut- not that you probably don't think that about me anyway," she motioned to couch and went to carry on but I cut across her.

"I don't think that."

"Jacob. I just took your virginity. On my couch." Her voice increased in pitch with each word, a mildly panicked look gracing her beautiful features as her eyes darted anywhere but at me.

I took her chin in my hand, forcing her to meet my gaze, "I wanted it too, Leah. You're not a slut. Or if you are then I am too." I got the response I was looking for when she giggled softly, "Now…what were you about to say?"

"Well…I kinda hoped…that maybe…we could do this again? Sometime?"

I smiled before pecking her lips softly, "I'd like that."

"Oh, good."

I released her chin, content that she would maintain eye contact now, "Do you…want me to stay, for a bit?" I asked, suddenly realising that her 'slut' comment was probably borne out me seeming to desperately want to get out of the house as soon as we'd finished.

"No, that's ok," she looked over to the clock on the mantle, "My mom should be home soon."


"Yeah oh," she laughed, "Do you really want to explain to Sue Clearwater what you've been doing with her daughter?"

I gulped audibly, "Hell no!"

She laughed again, and I thought I could get used to this side of Leah, the laughing, joking, almost carefree side of her that had been locked away for so long.

"I didn't think you would. Now get going mister, I don't want to explain to her either!"

I pecked her lips once more, knowing I had to leave and my self control wouldn't be up to doing much more, before walking out into the night. I turned to see her leaning against the doorframe, watching me walk away. I smiled before she closed the door and noticed that for the first time since I'd become a wolf the night felt cold to me.

As I made my way through the dark, ambling along at a slow pace, I thought about all the days events. There was no way I could've predicted how my day had turned out. I'd been dragged back into my old feelings for Bella with the meeting this morning. But what happened with Leah, I noticed- causing the world's biggest grin to appear on my face- made me forget all of that shit. I'd been so wrapped up in Leah that I'd almost completely forgotten about Bella and all of my problems. And judging by Leah's smiles as I'd left, I could tell I'd done the same regarding her and Sam.

I'd been wrong when I'd told Leah that I'd like to do that again. I'd love to.

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