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Lemon Alert! You've Been Warned!

It was his name upon her lips, her acceptance of who he was, what he was, which broke him. Raising both hands to her face, he kissed her. Pouring his soul into this one act, he hoped to show her the depth of this feelings completely. As she parted her lips to gasp for air, he slid his tongue into her moist cavern, seeking out intimacy with her at a whole new level. It touched hers, and they fought for supremacy in a feverish joust. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him closer as he supported them both against the wall. Her fingers threaded themselves through his hair and his rubbed along the base of her neck, drawing a moan from her parted lips.

He savored the sound, wanting to hear more and more of it, wanting to touch, taste and explore as she screamed his name over and over again. Yes, he thought. Jellal Fernandes had become a madman, so intoxicated with lust, so fueled by this flame that gave him a greater thrill than any power he had experienced in this world.

As Jellal moved downwards, pressing kisses on her exposed neck and collarbone, Erza tilted her head up to give him better access. Suddenly feverish, Erza felt her skin set ablaze by that man's touches. A strange tingling pooled between her legs and spread upward, electrifying every nerve in her body. He couldn't be working magic on her, could he? She felt his hand move to cup her breast as his hips thrust into hers. Her eyes widened as she felt his arousal against her belly, and the weight of the situation fell like a ton of bricks on her.

He pulled away from her, breathless and shaking, he had to stop. This wasn't the place. His precious Erza deserved better. She deserved to be treated like a queen. He did not come here tonight to sleep with her. Sure, it was all he wanted, and more. But they just couldn't. Not now, not when his masterpiece was almost complete.

His eyes lifted and met hers. Big mistake.

Desire, pure, molten desire shone from behind glassy orbs. Her mouth swollen from his rough kisses and her hair tousled.

'Erza.. im sorry, I-'

'No,' she whispered 'Your pain, I want to feel it. Even if I can't make your darkness fade away, even if I can't be your light, I want to be there for you,'

She brought her lips near his again and whispered

'I want you,'

Jellal swallowed, knowing there was no turning back now. This woman had taken his heart when she left the tower and he knew, it would die with her when the tower was finished.

The air around them warped, twisted and shifted. A magic circle glowed momentarily on the cold marble floor and then, the hallway was empty once more.

Erza clung to Jellal as he teleported. It was a bizarre sensation, feeling your feet lift off the ground, the world around you vanishing into black nothingness and then, a split second later, finding yourself in a new location, breathless, having the air sucked out of you. The room she was in now was completely white from the massive bed to the drapes and the velvet carpeting. Red rose petals were scattered on the floor, pillows, and sheets. Erza realized as Jellal barricaded the door with his magic, this was the honeymoon suite that Councilman Shinra had booked for his daughter.

She blushed at the implications as she watched Jellal kick off his shoes and shrug himself out of the jacket. To use someone else's wedding chamber, wasn't that, sacrilegious or something? Though, who knew Jellal could be so, well, gallant.

It must've been the alcohol, it must've been the heady perfume, it could have been the rose petals, but when Erza re-equipped her dinner dress into a skimpy, translucent lace nightgown, she saw his eyes rake over hers hungrily, and upon shedding his shirt, he grabbed her and forced his lips onto hers again.

He pushed her gently onto the bed, with him on top of her. If Jellal had any doubts about the scale of this 'catastrophe' , looking down at Erza as she lay on the bed, wrapped in next to nothing in the sheer lace nightgown, the red waves of her hair tangled about her face eyes half open, convinced himself that it was all too terribly true, that he was indeed in love with Erza Scarlet. He didn't need anyone else to tell him . Just one look at her, and he was lost.

He tugged at the nightgown, determined to pull away at whatever barrier separated them, wanting, just for tonight, to have nothing shield his heart from hers and her heart from his.

Having been rid of the imposing garment, he kissed her ankle, tasting the lavender soap she bathed in. Or was it just a figment of his imagination? He kissed behind her knee, and he could feel the tremors running through her body. Fear perhaps? Or arousal? He kissed the inside of her thigh , the soft skin ay her hip, and she was trembling in earnest now, her breathing more ragged then ever.

'Open your legs for me, Erza' he whispered.

'What?,' she said, shocked.

'This doesn't work with your legs closed, my love, haven't you figured that out yet?,' he said, with a hungry glint in his eye.


'Open your legs for me,' and as he moved them apart and moved himself between them, he saw her look away, bracing herself.

In Jellal's mind, he thought she was probably the most adorable, innocent creature that he had ever laid his eyes on. So innocent, so needy. So why then, was he shaking too?

He pulled her toward him and put his mouth between her legs, because he needed to, and she let out a shriek loud enough to wake the dead. Her hands left the bed and placed themselves on his shoulders.

'Don't do that,' she said, a thread of desperation in her voice.

'Why?, is it sinful?,' he said touching her. She was slick and wet, even before he'd gone down on her, and she was wound up so tightly she might burst. He wanted her to burst. To split apart into a thousand pieces and then so he could pull her back together again.

'I think,' he said, pausing to look straight into her eyes 'You and I are no strangers to sin,'

All it took was the touch of his tongue, and she began to spasm, her body contracting in helpless pleasure. He held her there, for long, endless moments, letting the waves of her release fall around him, and as each one of them began to subside, he would bring it on again, with fingers deep inside her, with his tongue, with his lips, his teeth until she was sobbing, rigid, gasping for breath, and then he took her farther still, into a dark hot place that even he seldom reached.

He sat back on his heels, kneeling between her legs as she tried to curl away from him. He pushed her back against the sheets, gently covering her body and kissing her mouth, and another moan left her with sweet pleasure.

He hadn't even realized how abysmally hard he was- he'd been concentrating so hard on her response that he hadn't realized that he was about to explode. He'd barely started with her, hadn't gotten to the sweet perfection of her breasts, the smooth curve of her back, the softness of her butt. He wanted to touch everything, inside and out, he wanted to take her to places he barely knew himself and he shoved his pants off, leaving him so painfully naked, so painfully aroused, that he didn't know if he could manage to get off.

'No,' Her voice was no more than a plaintive whisper and yet it was a death knell. He could change her mind, all he had to do was touch her and she'd forget that she ever said no. But her hands came up to push at his chest, and he fell back, away on the bed beside her. If she wanted her revenge for all that he did, she couldn't have picked a crueler one. He closed his eyes, trying to block out the tension that drummed through his body. He didn't know if he could find the strength to leave her.

He felt her lips on his, the luscious pieces of flesh feathering him with sweet, soft kisses and he stared up into the chocolate shadow of her eyes. So confused and so needy, he thought he might never walk again. She'd gotten to her knees, and was leaning over him, her hair fluttering down on his chest as she kissed his mouth, his eye-lids, his tattoo, the pulse of his throat, moving down his chest with slow, delirious, torturous bites, licks and kisses. And he needed her to touch him. He felt her tongue touch his navel, working downward, and he knew he was going to die and he was happy to do so.

Her hands were cool, soft, as she touched him, encircling him, holding him, and he wanted to teach her, tell her what to do, but the very helplessness made it even more powerful, and when she leaned down and put her unpracticed mouth on his manhood, he felt the power of it surge through every cell in his body.

And he knew he certainly wasn't going to last long at that rate. He let himself absorb the sweetness of her mouth for a moment and gently lifted her away, ignoring her sound of protest.

'Later,' he said, sliding her onto her back. 'we have time for everything,'

And he thrust inside her, filling her tight clamping sweetness with his manhood, pushing so deeply that she gasped, her breath catching as he filled her.

They both froze, emerald meeting hazel eyes. Friend to friend, lover to lover. This changed everything, he would no more be just a memory, just a boy from her past. He was her first, her first crush, her first kiss and now, her first time, her first love.

It felt so right to Jellal. Zeref be dammed, this woman in front of him, his Erza, he would die for. He would've cried, if he were a man who cried.

She reached up and smoothed the moisture from his eyes, her fingers shaking, and then she pulled him down to kiss him, and he lost the tiny bit of control he'd been clinging to. He pulled her legs up, tight around his hips. He tried to move slowly, deliberately, but her fingernails were digging into his back, she was shivering and shattering in his arms and he could feel her body clamp around his and there was no holding back. He followed her down the dark slide into eternity, feeling it burst around them in a flame of colors. And then, there was nothing left at all.

Lemon Ends Here.

The party was over. Apparently, something had happened involving the wedding suite vanishing into thin air. He watched as Councilman Shinra and his pug-faced daughter argued hotly with the hotel staff, threatening to sue.

He chortled as he crushed his cigarette bud underneath his pristine white booth. So the chick want going to get laid tonight. So what?

He made his way out of the grand ballroom. The snowflakes bored him anyway. He tipped his top hat to a few ladies and shook hands with a few gentlemen before making his way out of the hotel. Playing dumb was definitely one of his strong suits. Call him egotistical, but he secretly liked it when people underestimated him. It made it all the more easier to find a weak point and then strike.

He hopped into the waiting limousine and gave the driver simple instructions. This would be a brief meeting. There were other places he needed to be.


The black haired time mage frowned as she studied the glowing display in front of her. Jealousy pricked at her heart as she saw Jellal asleep in the arms of that whore. Not that she was jealous or anything. But there was simply no room in that man's heart for anyone except Titania.

She would know, she tried.

The creaking sound of the wooden door opening and closing startled her and she made to remove the scrying image off her monitor. However, once she sensed his presence, she gritted her teeth and spun around to face the intruder, leaving the screen as it was.

'Honestly, I never knew you were into pornography my dear,' he said, studying her.

'I thought you Magnolians were more, well, refined,'

'I don't appreciate you meddling in my business. Especially now that the first phase is nearly complete,' she replied icily.

'I was merely surveying my stock. Taking into account that nothing is out of place,'

He paused and studied the diagrams and schematics of the Tower of Heaven that she had laid out on the table before her.

'After all, I am your benefactor. Wouldn't want your guild to know that you're moving behind their backs now would you? I can only imagine what Hades would say,'

She bit her lip, holding back her negative comments. Fear coursed through her.

'Do not refer to Master Hades so lightly. You may not be from around here, but you will realize that he is not one to be toyed with. And neither am I,'

She heard soft laughter from behind her and resisted the urge to strike him. She really wasn't in the mood to be vexed.

'Anyway, just to let you know, the final sums have been deposited to the tower. And about the other thing. I will be back in one week to view your progress.,' he said airily, as if they weren't in the process of committing treason to the country as they spoke.

She heard him move towards the exit. She truly loathed that man.

'Is White even your real name?,'

She expected some teasing light hearted remark but instead, a cold hand cupped her chin from behind ad tugged, forcing her to face him, her face now inched from his cold blue eyes. Her eyes widened. She hadn't even heard him move. The glint in his eyes was cruel and his breath smelled of whiskey.

Satisfied that Ultear was afraid of him, as she should rightly be, he let his lips brush hers lightly and said

'I like it, don't you?,'


Later that night, Jellal spoons Erza in his arms. She is asleep, looking very much like an angel. He trails soft kisses down her arms and for the first time, feels complete. He realizes now, that she is his freedom . And wherever she is, there will be forgiveness for his deeds waiting in her arms.

'Please forgive me,' he whispers

He places his palm over her eyes and mutters an ancient spell. She squirms in her sleep and for a mere moment, her body is suffused with a green, magical glow. Seconds later, the spell is complete and she is asleep again, at peace, as if nothing had ever happened.

He regretfully wakes and dresses. He knows that when she wakes, she will not remember tonight. Not him, not the party, not even Mr White. And the next time he meets her, she will be his enemy again. The next time he meets her, he will give her to Zeref, and the Tower of Heaven will be complete.

As he opens the door to leave, he looks back on her sleeping figure. Temptation is too much for him to handle and he moves back to her and places a soft kiss on her lips.

She is his.

And as long as their hearts know that, he knows that they will never part. In life or even in death.

And its done! Finally! And yes, I got too lazy to write the last part, so I took what I had written in chapter one. I do hope you find the story entertaining. Actually, my lemon scene was heavily borrowed from 'The Unforgettable Miss Fortunes' by Jennifer Cruise, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart. So yeah, they're my inspiration. Lol.

I meant for this story, Whispers and Path to Redemption to flow like an arc. Starting with Whispers, this in the middle and the PTR. And that's why I introduced characters like Mr White and Councilman Shinra. OH yes, I will have big plans for them in PTR.

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