Nexus Or Next To Me?

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Justin's POV

"Listen guys..So here's the deal! If they didn't obey what I would say tonight, only then we'll get our hands on them,understand?", asked the British accented Wade, the leader of the Nexus. "Uhh...And what would that be?", John bluntly asked in all of the sudden. Wade replied, "Cena, don't you think that would be a stupid move if I tell you all what would it be? It'll spoil the surprise for God's sake...Besides, this thing will be a win win situation...good for them and good to us", he ended, grinning.

I was certainly shocked when I heard what he just said. I thought we were just gonna drop for a visit...but God knows what goes through that Brit boy's mind right now...Oh how I wish she's not going to cause any problem and just do as Wade will said tonight.

Then, I feel someone tapped on my shoulder and looked back to see Heath with his worry expression. "Dude, if they didn't listen to Wade, are we really have to beat the crap out of them? Not to say that one of them is my lovey dovey baby, man!", he asked.

I just answered to him like this, "Let's just hope our girls would take Wade's order. You're not the only one who's worrying out here", I flashed him a weak smile as we're heading to the ramp, preparing for our so called "surprise" entrance later.

No one's POV

In the ring, Matt Striker was talking,"Now we're back on tonight season finale of WWE NXT season three. Just now, we had watched our WWE diva rookies in a match...which was won by Naomi! But sadly she didn't make it through on the WWE's polls, and that leaves us with the two remaining contestants...Kaitlyn and AJ!". The crowds starts to roar in cheers for their respective favourite.

"But before that, this year's NXT would be slightly different from the last two seasons because not only the winner tonight will have a title shot on the Unified WWE Divas Championship match but she also had the power to pick a tag partner from all the rookies to team up with her for the newly made title division and it is for WWE Divas Tag Team Championship, therefore there would be two contracts signed in WWE for both the winner and the runner up tonight. So for the last time in this season's NXT, we'll let them to convince the WWE universe why they should win the NXT competition. We'll start with you, Kaitlyn!".

Kaitlyn's POV

I mouthed a "thank you" to Matt after he handed me the microphone. "So...I'm left with nothing to say anymore since I've said too many thing from the previous weeks, but nonetheless you all have to vote for me because if you don't, I might end up being a stupid big butted woman who dated lots of huge names in this company but of course, their butts are lot smaller haha...and Vickie, I mean it to Big Show too..." I smirked at Vickie Guerrero and I swear I can see her glaring at me. Though she's my storylined mentor, we really can't get along with each other since week one, much to the crowds' enjoyment.

No One's POV

Kaitlyn handed in the microphone to Matt to enable him to continue his role as the talkative host, "Well, thank you Kaitlyn. What a great talk of appreciation to your pro..." he said sarcastically before continuing, ".. And now, let's give it up for the one and only... AJ", as he give the mic to the short brunette.


I flashed my signature cheerful smile when it was my turn to speak to the entire WWE Universe. Without wasting any precious moment tonight, I began to utter my words, " Whatsup all?Well what does the WWE think of me as the next breakout diva?Then this is what i think.. Though people see me as one of those eye candy for my appearance, but I would certainly not ever gonna be like that, cause my dream since I was a kid is to be a wrestler... the wrestler who had the urge to step into this ring to fight anyone anyday to show that I am a capable person with massive in ring abilities to be the Divas Champion...".

I stopped for a while to see all the crowds starts to cheer for me. Hey, this is a good start..I continued "So if you all want to see me achieving that dreams of mine, you all know what you're capable of, which is to go and vote for me as your next NXT winner. Thank you!". I grinned to myself thinking of my encouraging speech before I handed the mic back to Matt as the camera stopped rolling for a break.

No One's POV

"Okay, WWE Universe..Just before the break, the voting's session had closed and now, the votes are in..Let's don't waste our time and find out who will win WWE NXT season three!". Silence now filled in the arena. "Is it gonna be Kaitlyn? Or is it gonna be AJ?"he continued. The crowds are now going wild and watch on the big JumboTron to see the face of the and cheers began to harmonize in the whole stadium when the picture of none other than...AJ filled the screen. Matt spoke, "And there you go, our winner tonight is AJ!...Come here girl and have your say."


Oh my God!Did Matt just called out my name? Oh My God..Oh My Freaking God..As I hugged Kaitlyn, I grabbed the mic from Matt, "Thank you guys. Oh my God, I still can't believe this...Anyway I want to say thanks to the whole the WWE universe who voted for me, my pro Primo who always taught me how to be one of those upcoming dominator in WWE and share his experience in this company and also..." Suddenly, I heard an entrance music and then I saw five muscular torsos walking on the ramp to the ring. "Oh no! What are they doing here?", I thought to myself.

Justin's POV

Shit...shit...shit...Why her? Now, these girls will be crushed by Nexus..and not to mention that two of those girls are related to the both of them. God, don't make me do this...please. Now, Cena, Otunga, Slater and me are following Wade to the ring, like a group of dogs following their master. I can see their blank plus fear expressions plastered on their beautiful tanned skins, especially her.

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