I would really like to thank everyone for their reviews and alerts on this story. Unfortunately or fortunately for some LOL we have come to the end and it's time for everyone to go home. There's only so much you can squeeze out of one long weekend. I hope you've enjoyed this brief sojourn from reality, especially you GibbsFan, I know I have :)

I do apologize for this being such a short chapter.

Chapter 27

The gang sat around eating their last meal at the camp before heading back to DC and their normal world. So much had happened on this long weekend fishing trip, and not a lot of that had been fishing. But there had been bonding experiences aplenty. A blossoming romance, a rekindled one and one with a major revamp were on the horizon and there was definitely a new member of the family. Jimmy had managed to earn himself a place in the crazy world of team Gibbs.

"You know I'm actually gonna miss all of you when I go home." Tony said with a quick sideways glance at Ziva.

"Even my snoring Tony?" Ziva asked. Tony gave her a genuine flash of his pearly white smile.

"I'll probably miss that the most." He said. Ziva had again spent the night in Jimmy and Tony's tent to give Tim and Abby some alone time.

"Come on...time we packed all this up and got back to civilization." Jen said and they all went into their separate tents to pack.

Ziva had spent a fair bit of her time in the boys tent so most of her stuff was in there. So after getting what she had left from her's and Abby's tent, she went to the boys tent to finish up. She had passed Tim on the way who had been doing the same thing in his own tent.


"So..." Jen said. "The end of our weekend."

"Yep." Jethro said. "I guess so." No signature smirk here.

"Do I detect a hint of regret in the hardened gunny's voice?" Jen said.

"For some things." He said. He gave her arm a quick tug and she found herself tumbling into his arms and into a passionate embrace, followed by a deep lingering kiss. When she finally came up for air, she grinned.

"So it's not Tony, Abby and all the others with their antics you're gonna miss then?" she asked. Jethro chuckled.

"Well partly. But sharing a tent with you has been..." he started

"Special?" Jen offered.

"I was gonna say... like coming home."


"I'm gonna miss you Abs." Tim said as he gave her pigtail an affectionate tug.

"Me too Timmy." Abby said sadly. Tim smiled at her and pulled her into a hug.

"We'll see each other every day."

"Won't be the same." Abby said with a pout. "We already see each other every day and most every night..."

"I know... it won't be the same." Tim conceded sadly.


Jimmy carried his stuff over to the cars... Gibbs's charger and Jen's rented car that she had had dropped off. He smiled at the memory of Ziva and Abby taking off like Thelma and Louise. This had sure been a trip. He'd never been on anything that even remotely resembled it. If you tried to explain it to anyone they just wouldn't believe it, he wasn't sure that he did. It was kind of like a dream...an obscure dream at that, and yet, he wouldn't have missed it for the world. The only time he'd felt more like a part of a family was when he was with his own family. He felt like he'd just become a member of an exclusive club... One that up until now he'd only managed to be a spectator of.


"So Ziva...one weekend when we get back to Washington and we don't have a case...how about I show you the town." Tony said with a huge grin.

"I have been living here for a while Tony. I know what is in the town." She answered as she neatly folded all of her clothes and placed them in her bag.

"Not the Tony Dinozzo way you haven't." Ziva looked up.

"Oh!... Are you asking me on a proper date Tony?" she asked. Tony actually flushed with embarrassment and a little hurt. Ziva saw this and immediately rectified the situation. She was over the moon that he was actually asking her out properly, she had just been having a little fun, and she hadn't meant to hurt his feelings. "I would love to go on a proper date with you Tony." Tony picked Ziva up and swung her around before leaning in for a kiss.


"You know Abs...you could always move in with me." Tim said hesitantly, he really wasn't sure what Abby's reaction would be. He got his answer though as Abby launched herself into his arms and they both landed in heap on the floor.

"Wait." She said. "Which Tim am I gonna be living with?"

"This one...the new and improved model...can you live with that?"

"Well, I'm sure I can make the modifications that I need." She giggled. Tim put her down and looked into her eyes.

"I'm serious. I won't go back to letting you have you're own way with everything and you won't be acting the brat. Can you live with that?" Abby wrinkled her nose thoughtfully.

"I...yeah...I can...I love you Timmy."

"I love you too Abs."


Abby and Tim chatted to Jimmy while they waited for Gibbs and the others to come load their stuff. They didn't have to wait long. When Gibbs caught sight of Tim and Abby holding hands he sighed deeply.

"Tim you're with me...Abs you go with the director." He said.

""But Gibbbbs." Abby whined.

"Just do it...I want a peaceful drive back and I don't wanna have to watch you two playing kissy face all the way." Tony chuckled.

"Haha...you been told Mclovebirds." He said.

"Shut up Tony." Abby said grumpily before poking her tongue out.

"You two either." Gibbs said, Tony's face was a study and Jen frowned but Gibbs didn't. "Ziva? You can go with the director as well. In fact we'll have the man car and the ladies car." They all filed into their respective cars without another argument...no point really, they knew who'd win. That left just Jen and Jethro.

"Bit sexist there Jethro..." Jen said with a smirk. He grinned widely.

"Maybe...never been one to worry about political correctness, besides...I think everyone may have forgotten why we came in the first place...to relieve my stress. Don't wanna ruin it at the last minute." Jen nodded and smiled before heading to her car.

"See you at the first pit stop." She said. Before she even had a chance to start the car, she found herself in a cloud of Jethro's dust.

"He drives like a crazy man." Ziva said seriously. Jen and Abby looked up in shock and then burst out laughing.