I'll Protect You, I Promise

I do not own Bonanza or any of the characters. Adam is 30, Hoss is 23, and Joe is 17. Not sure how old Ben is. No copyright infringement is intended this is just written for fun and pure enjoyment of the reader.


Chapter One: The Mountain Man

Here I am, saving Little Joe once again. It's always Big Brother Adam to the rescue; usually it's just bar brawls that I have to get him out of, but not this time. This time Little Brother is in a life threatening situation, he wasn't being held for ransom, but for revenge.

I've just arrived secretly at the line shack where they are keeping Joe, or so I thought. I was looking through the window, ready to make my move, pistol in hand, when I heard the cock of a rifle behind me. 'Damn' I thought to myself, 'way to go Adam.'

"Drop the six shooter, boy." A hoarse voice said behind me. I dropped my pistol and turned around slowly. The man holding the rifle looked like a scruffy bear with his size plus the skin coat he was wearing. His hair was long and stringy and his beard was bushy. His eyes looked milky, like he was beginning to go blind. 'He must be a mountain man,' I thought to myself, 'but he looks familiar somehow.'

"Alright, boy, get on your feet." He barked. I was quick to follow his demands no sense in getting myself killed. I was just about to say something, when he jabbed the rifle into my ribs.

"Don't talk Cartwright," he said, "just move on inside and I'll talk." I turned around and he pushed me to the front door of the line shack, which opened as soon as they approached it. I was roughly pulled inside and thrown to the dusty floor. I immediately jumped up and looked around for Joe.

He was lying on his back on the floor, bloody and bruised. His face was turned away and both his feet and hands were bond. I went to move closer to Joe when I was grabbed from behind by the one who had dragged him into the shack.

"What did you do to my brother?" I asked trying to keep my anger in check. The mountain man walked over to Joe and put the tip of his boot in his side and lifted him up a bit, he removed his boot and let him fall back. He was limp, lifeless.

"Let's just say, I got a little too carried away." The mountain man said looking up at Adam with a wicked smile on his face.

"I'm going to kill you," I said looking him straight in the face; "if my brother is dead I'm going to kill you."

I got a punch in the face for that outburst. I tried to go after him but his goon was holding me in place.

"I told you not to talk," the mountain man growled, "I do the only talking around here, Joe here found that out the hard way."

I was about to retort again when he slammed the butt of the rifle into my head. I was dazed and confused as I felt myself fall to the floor. I wasn't totally out of it, but I wasn't going to let them know that.

"Tie him up," he heard the mountain man say to his goon. "I don't want him to fight us when he comes to." I felt hands pull my hands together and rope being tied around them, next were my feet. I was left where I dropped.

"I can't believe are luck," The mountain man said, "two Cartwright's to take out my revenge on Ben." He laughed and sat down at the table that was in all the line shacks.

"John," the goon said, 'so that's what the mountain man's name is.' "Why are we doing this again?"

"Because," John said, Ben Cartwright killed my boy, Ben took him into that mine and it caved in, Ben was the only one that came out, he left my boy behind."

'So this is what this is all about' I thought to myself, 'something that happened five years ago, so this must be John McMurty, no wonder he looked so familiar.'

"What are we going to do with this one?" The goon asked. There was silence for a few minutes, and then I heard the squeak of the chair as someone got up. I felt someone standing over me and from the smell I could tell it was John.

"We kill him," John said, "nice and slow."


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