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Chapter 2

"I killed him... I killed him..."

It was all that Naru could say after the drama.

Joshua had taken her in a quiet and dark road, and waited patiently for her to calm down.

But Naru's pain seemed really strong. It lasted for several minutes.

"I know you're shocked, Naru..." Josh started, when he finally saw she was stopping crying little by little.

"The Prince's death is a tragedy, Josh" she sobbed. "And it's all my fault."

Joshua was about to answer, when a laughing woman's voice interrupted. He turned and saw Uzuki Yashiro.

"So much for a tragedy this is" she declared. "I couldn't stand that pathetic blonde-haired idiot. I should thank you, Naru. You got us rid of a serious pain in the-"

"Silence, Uzuki!" Joshua exclaimed, while Naru bursted into tears again.

She never hated miss Yashiro more than at that very moment.

"How dare you come up there and torment her this way? If you have something to tell, say it and leave immediately!"

"As you wish, boss", Uzuki replied with a little bow. "Well, as a matter of fact, Kitaniji and Minamimoto wanted to see you at the bar. You'd better get there quickly."

She turned back after blinking at Naru. After such a fiasco, Uzuki was sure that the others would decide for Naru to be banned from the Reapers. Ah, to get back her ancient status of best woman...

"I'll deal with that little pest personally..." Joshua said. "Come on, Naru, let's go."

Naru nodded silently and followed Joshua.


Back to the bar, they found Kitaniji and Shô Minamimoto, waiting for them. It was only the two of them inside.

"How is she, Josh?" Kitaniji asked, showing the weeping Naru.

Seeing her superiors wasn't helping her to get better.

"Not well, as you can see." Joshua answered. "Plus, Uzuki came to annoy her one more time."

"Ah", Kitaniji sighed. "Uzuki. This girl really is a trouble."

"Now, what about that taboo Noise?" Joshua wondered. "Who summoned it? Why?"

Kitaniji shook his head.

"The investigation's on his way, Josh. It's too early for us to jump to conclusions.

But, the thing is that that incident caused the death of an innocent."

Joshua nodded.

"This is the first time something like this happens... we have to take the right decisions..."

He looked at Naru, who was rubbing her eyes, ashamed of showing herself in front of the bosses in such a state.

"As he's dead, the Prince shall enter the game, no matter what. Still, what we can do is... helping him to get out."

"That'd be a huge favor..." Kitaniji said, smiling.

"Indeed, and who else than a Reaper could give him a hand there?"

"A Reaper?" Minamimoto suddenly intervened. "Please, boss, anyone else but not me! The bad side fits me zetta better."

"Undoubtedly, Shô."

Joshua smiled at Naru.

"I think we have here someone who'd be perfect for that kind of mission."

Naru had listened to the whole discussion, and now, she wasn't believing what she was hearing.

"You – you mean..." she whispered, not sure to understand everything.

"Naru, until where would you be ready to go for the love of your Prince?" Kitaniji asked, very seriously.

"I'd – oh, I'd die for him. For his own life."

That came out of her mouth without needing a reflexion time.

Kitaniji smiled. It was exactly the answer he was waiting for.

"Then, this is your next mission. You are going to become a Player. And you'll be the Prince's partner. His survival in the game'll depend only on you."

Naru listened to Kitaniji, abashed.

She was given a chance to fix up her mistake.

"I... I won't fail, Sir..." she whispered, drying the tears from her eyes. "But, to become a Player, I have to..."

"Die, that's right", he replied. "Us Reapers are not different from the other humans about that. If a Reaper has to enter the game for some reason, the rules are the same."

Naru nodded, silently.

"The mission starts now, Naru."

Kitaniji turned to Minamimoto.

"Proceed, Shô."

"Yes, Sir."

The Reaper took a little case on one of the tables. There was a gun inside.

Naru shivered, but she thought very strongly about the Prince.

"I'm ready..." she whispered.

She smiled at Josh and made a head sign to Shô.

Minamimoto pointed the gun at her, got a little laughter, and shot.