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Theme 1: Nightmare

If he ever had a nightmare, there were only a few people to calm him down. She was one of them.

If he was thrashing and groaning in pain, it wasn't she who would go into his room. It was Den, who lays her head on his chest, calming him down enough so that he was breathing steadily again.

Or if he was screaming out, 'Don't take him, he's my younger brother!' then it was Alphonse, running to reassure him, that he was okay, in the flesh, and that no one would take him away.

If he fell out of his bed and his auto-mail leg hit the floor, it would be Pinako running up the steps to make sure he hadn't broken anything, and she calmed him down.

But, if all he was doing was groaning and tossing around, it would be Winry who would walk in quietly and sit on the edge of his bed, place a hand on top of his. When his fingers relaxed, he would entwine their hands together, while she would hum a soft lullaby.

Some nights, she would fall asleep next to him, just like when they were younger.

But, only Edward knew how bad and intense those nightmares could be, and only Winry knew how to calm him down.

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