Oh. My. Fucking. God.



Uh...hi? -clears throat- My updates as you can see are very, very, VERY, VERY slow. Uh, I was planning on updating a few stories during spring break but uh, I kinda wanna do something first.

My writing needs to improve. It really does. Other than the fact that I use the wrong words at the wrong time, I had to memorize the dictionary a few months back, and I have so many small and short chapters that it's actually laughable. Not to mention the fact that my group has to perform at least twenty songs in one week. Yeah, you heard me, twenty.

On my profile you can see a website that I had made for my ongoing series that is called 'The Five Guardians'. It's to actually see how well my writing has been going. If I can finish the first chapter by Thursday of this week (April twenty first) than I just might upload a new chapter for these stories.

My friend Lily is going to hate me because I actually did promise to update my Alice Human Sacrifice story during this week but I sadly won't get the time to! I'm so sorry!

In fucking addition to all this:

My language arts teacher found out about my fan fiction writing and wants me to write something for him. So guess what I'm doing when I'm not performing or improving my writing skill. Thanks Mr. M! -mumbles something along the lines of 'mother fucking son of a bitch'-

My french is amazing today!

This authors note is as long as hell and it's still not done!

Secrets That Are to be Kept people: (since I am posting the same note on all my continuing stories) I do have half the chapter done. But guess what? It's so damn long it's going to take me another month to finish it!

Keep it Hidden people: I still have the old file saved on my documents! So no, I didn't start the new chapter!

Alice Human Sacrifice people: Look, I understand that you guys don't even read this. But it's interactive. You get to make up your own character that goes in the story and kills people. But why didn't I make the new chapter?


EdWin: 100 Themes, 100 Moments people: Uh, I might actually update this one because I'm like, on the fiftieth one-shot on the document I'm writing it on on MW. But don't count on it.

I'm Different people: Simple. Wait until summer. I can't find any good ideas for that story anymore.

So Much in Common people: Read this story, please! Tell your friends that I am not going to update this one until summer!

A Crazy and Lovable Family people: I still have this story...? I forgot...

Amuto One-shots people: I forgot about this one too...

Thats it for now. I'll tell you guys if anything else gets in the way of my updation.

Signing off,

Mrs Koneko Elric.

Tsuku Koneko