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Summary: Follow the Heroes storyline as I think it should have been, will focus on Peter and Claire, we all saw that onscreen chemistry. But they had to make Peter her uncle. She won't be related in this story, I'll explain why in it. Story will retell events involving the two but mixing it up a bit, while adding in my own bits and pieces. Pairings Peter/Claire.

AN: Alright so I'm one of those fans that enjoyed heroes season 1 but watched the show slowly fail to keep that same effect during later seasons. The whole second season Peter no memory then trusting Adam. I mean seriously all he can do is heal, as if listen to him. Third season started off alright. Then what do they do, make Peter epic and rip it away in the same episode. They decide to give him a shit version of his ability the next season then make Sylar gain Peter's original ability. I'm sorry that was bullshit. Apologizes for the rant. Anyway hope you enjoy my version of Heroes.

Sometime in the distant future:

Peter Petrelli ran through a Safe house outside the ruins of New York City with Claire Petrelli and Gabriel Grey plus a comatose boy. It turned out that Claire wasn't related to the Petrelli's, it was a ploy by his mother all along just as she did with Gabriel. For 20 years Peter still couldn't see Claire as anything but his niece but war does interesting things to people. The world now was a warzone, after Claire revealed specials to the world they react very well. Peace was maintained for 20 years, they coexisted. But some feared or wished to use specials for their own ends, just like ordinary men there were those who were dangerous with abilities, raping, and stealing, killing using their abilities.

A more accurate description would be the world was split in three groups, those that accepted, those specials that believed themselves superior, and the people who believed that specials shouldn't exist, believing them to be unnatural. Small things happened here and there, every time a mysterious murder occurred a special was blamed, a special family getting killed and police refusing to investigate, the government decided specials were too dangerous to be kept alive.

The government once again started to create Special Forces to capture specials. But some wouldn't go down quietly, they fought back and the rules changed. They began to kill whoever they suspected, Claire and Peter were targeted. Peter was smart, after the end of the war he took Claire's ability, so he didn't age during the 20 years. He was with Claire when they came, shooting them without so much as a word but when the two stood back up and healed the Special Forces retreated.

Realizing the situation was much worse then they originally suspected they tried to track down some of their old friends. Gabriel was the first they made contact with, like them he was attacked but healed. They got Angela and tracked down Matt Parkman who was mourning the death of his wife and son who were shot down when he wasn't home. He wanted revenge but Peter managed to convince him to wait and think things through. Hiro managed to teleport to them with Ando. But everyone else they knew with abilities was already dead. Any specials still around would be too scared to fight, opting to hide away and pretend their abilities don't exist like last time, anyone believed to hold powers are killed no questions asked. Gabriel could have possibly annihilated them if he wanted, but he had changed long ago, even if he was still Sylar many would probably think of him as a saviour for killing off specials.

But Sylar is dead, Gabriel is unable to kill anyone anymore, something always holds him back, he may be the most powerful of them left but that mattered little, he did enjoy toying with them though. 15 years passed since they got together and before Angela died Matt with Peter's help decided to find out just what she had done in her life. The old manipulator had seen Claire's potential when she was born and survived the fire, believing that somehow she was related to Adam Monroe, with the elder Parkman's help she was able to confirm it, Meredith during her employment with Primetech somehow managed to see Adam. And get herself impregnated, Adam was always the greatest of manipulators though, he did have centuries of practice after all. Plus he must have gotten bored stuck in that cell for over 30 years. Angela had needed a good reason for Claire to trust her when she was older so she got Parkman to implant a memory into both Nathan's and Meredith's minds.

5 years later Matt sick of running and hiding took the fight to them. He died taking down one of their main operations bases. Hiro had simply vanished and Peter was worried he had time travelled to the past to try and change it. But they were still here 5 years on so they assumed he must have been killed at some point. Claire and Peter had grown much closer since they discovered all those years ago and they got married however both still looking no older than 25. Over the next 50 years they had been saving who they could, wanting to at least do something.

They had just come from retrieve the boy in front of them now, stuck in a coma since he was small they discovered he had the gene of a special and the war was now heading into the hospitals as well. "Gabriel, can you tell what kind of ability he has?" Gabriel just shook his head "Not if he isn't conscience, which means I can't copy it either, you know I hate cutting open heads now, why don't you try and take it Pete, might be able to see then." Skaking his head in disbelief Peter retorted "Gabriel the rest of us have become colder but for some reason you have become softer. Fine knock me out if it's unstable, I don't particularly want to go atomic if I can't heal" Chuckling Gabriel agreed.

Taking the boy's hand Peter absorbed his power and looked at Gabriel expectantly, he didn't feel any different, he tried mind reading now, cut his finger with a knife nothing, closing his eyes and trying to teleport they heard a cracking sound. Opening his eyes they widened "Peter that's like Hiro's power, but it's different as well, it's probably a good thing the boy is in a coma, possibly be why if he used it himself. From what I just saw it might be a side effect of the ability. I can tell it opens some sort of portal to the past but unlike Hiro's ability you won't go completely, in the vaguest sense it sends your souls or more than likely your memories back in time. This boys mind seems to be missing, which means he may have used his ability himself to go back, however the age he did it there's a good chance he may have gone back to far, he was 5 when he went into the coma. If I'm right he will never awaken. To me this suggests he went back to his infant days when the mind is developing, basically he overloaded his own brain. I don't think there's a way to choose what time the crack will send you too. It could be 5 minutes ago to the day you discovered your original ability to you as a child."

"You know full well what time travel does Gabriel, I've seen it firsthand. I've been responsible for some maybe timeline fuck ups, well other version of me anyway, as is Hiro. I think it's best that we forget we ever saw it" He reached for his wife to take her ability to overwrite this one, but she took a step back making him look at her curiously. "Wait a moment honey, think about it, we could potentially change history" Peter just looked at her "Or we could fuck it up more, come on Claire you've seen the other me come back and fuck up everything, I even lost my original ability."

Claire sent him a glare "I'm well aware of that thank you but don't forget that Peter helped me and I wouldn't be the same woman today if it wasn't for him, from what he hinted at and you told me I was a bitch in his version of the future." Peter laughed at her and retorted "Claire you got the Haitian to stop my ability and then started to torture me. A bitch is an understatement." That earned him a glare from his wife "OK, changes topics, if we go back you might get back your original ability"

Gabriel then looked up at that "Peter what if you go back and take you Dad's ability, it's similar enough to the one you have now, and from what I could see of it with the level my ability was at the time he seemed to be able to cut off his own abilities, you could remove what you didn't want and help those special's with unstable abilites. Take their power and suppress it. It could give you a control to your original ability that is a lot better than mine, that kind of drove you insane for a while there." Peter considered it for a moment, doing that would allow him to take some handy abilities, if he could get the Haitian off guard for example. That ability would be really helpful, not only would it allow him to keep his abilities when the Haitian is around but he would be able to disable the dangerous specials.

Looking at his wife and seeing the hopeful look in her eyes he knew what she was thinking. Her parents and brother were killed soon after her announcement, she always blamed herself, she blamed herself for the whole mess just as he and his other future selves did as well. They were key players, seemed they always would be. Sighing loudly he said "Alright we'll go back, I think I might remove Dad's mimicry too, payback's a bitch" Gabriel looked at his brother in all but blood "Don't be reckless Peter, there's a chance he might turn it around on you" Peter just shook his head "You know as well as I do I only lost cause he got me off guard, that won't happen this time. It really depends on when we end up though, if it's before my powers manifest we could be creating a world much worse."

"Maybe Peter but we need to have faith, for all we know we're all that's left of the specials, ever since they came up with that detector." Nodding grimly he knew that there was only a matter of time left. "Alight you need to concentrate on time going back, you have to want to it to send you back. You need to keep that thought in your mind for a few minutes. Hopefully the rift will open, it won't stay open for long after breaking concentration" Closing his eyes Peter began. KABOOM! His eyes flew open and the building shook Gabriel yelled. "Damn it, we must have been followed, I'll hold them off. I highly doubt the past me will just accept my memories anyway" Before running out of the room towards the entrance, Peter muttered "He just wants to play with some new toys again" before focusing once more. Claire got in position facing the entrance in between the door and her husband to take bullets if needed.

5 minutes passed and they heard Gabriel scream "Does he always have to do that, scream and pretend to die just to get back up and laugh, he's like a big kid now, I kind of miss Sylar sometimes" Claire said aloud just as a portal appeared in front of Peter, her eyes widened at what was on the other side. It was her and Peter the day they met all those years ago. Peter opened his eyes "Hmmm that time will work, just when I discovered my powers and we met" Looking around he said "What's taking Gabriel so long?" Looking him in the eye she said "You heard him Peter, he's playing again" Sighing knowing his wife was right he took her hand and walked through the portal, their bodies dropping on the other side. It closed up and Gabriel walked back in the room and smirked. "Damn, they left before I was finished playing, I just couldn't help myself when they shot me and I healed" He chuckled before saying "Good luck, friends" Before the world around him seemed to crack and shatter ceasing to exist.

In the past:

Claire Bennet was scared. She had just been thrown across the room into the lockers by a flick of the unknown man's hand, snapping her wrist and cracking open her head by the sheer force of the impact. Thinking she was the only freak around and here she finds that there are obviously others. Watching the man point his finger at Jackie as she kicked and screamed trying to get loose, a deep cut appeared and spread where his finger traced as Jackie screamed out in pain. Claire snapped her wrist back in place and it healed instantly, lifting herself up and snapped her wrist back in place, the man turned to Claire when he heard her get back up and Jackie watched as she bleed from the head wound Claire's crushed face repair itself.

Knowing then and there that Claire was the hero Jackie managed to squeak out "Run" Claire did exactly that when she saw the hungry look in the man's eyes. Running as fast as she could she could hear the man drop Jackie and begin following her. Heart racing, remembering all those tapes she made trying to kill herself just to get back up again. Never did she fear death, fear pain, now it consumed her, driving her. For the first time in a long time Claire Bennet felt normal. 'How messed up is that' She thought to herself as she kept running. Wondering why she was so afraid when she could just heal anything the man did to her she thought back to a few hours ago.

That young man was Peter Petrelli and like her he was special, but she didn't know that. He indirectly made her feel like she mattered. "Just so you know between you and me, she's no one special, just your average teenage girl" Knowing full well Peter was interested in a deed that she did and curious of his answer. He cocked his head as if considering her a moment before smirking "She ran into a fire and saved a man's life, sounds kind of special to me" That one statement felt like a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Special is a lot better than thinking she's a freak after all. She hit something as she was looking back running, gasping she froze and turned quickly to see Peter.

"Are you alright" Seeing the blood on her face. Claire tried to say something bout she was catching her breath, Peter turned to see her attacker and shouted "Run, go" Before taking her arm and running dragging her with him to the exit, he let her go "Keep going, don't look back" And turned to face the man in the darkness. Said man just cocked his head and swished his hand, locker doors sprung open and hurtled towards Peter. Knowing he was outclassed he took off after the Claire. He was way over his head he realized, thinking he could protect the young woman, but he had to try.

Peter ran after her as Claire screamed and ran up the amphitheatre steps. Catching her as she fell "Hey, calm down, let's go" Grabbing her arm they went up a few more steps and looked back to see the man approaching. About to tell Claire to leave him and run and get to a crowd he grabbed his head in pain and screamed. Claire looked at Peter before she too clutched her head and screamed. It lasted around 10 seconds before Peter opened his eyes. "Claire?" Claire looked at him and smirked "I guess it worked, wow you look different without your scar honey" Looking over at Sylar she remembered how it went last time and ran.

Peter looked at her like he thought she was crazy before turning around and seeing Sylar. Cocking his head to the side, he smirked, grabbed Sylar and jumped of the side. He figured he better not show Sylar how powerful he was just yet. Purposefully hitting the ground and bleeding he used slowed down his healing by keeping his wounds open with telekinesis so it looked real while he knew Sylar would use his telekinesis to slow himself down just before impact to avoid death. Waiting about a minute he heard Claire open the door and walk over to him, realizing Sylar must have run off.

Standing over him as he continued to bleed Claire got irritated so kicked him. "Geez, you don't have to be so dramatic Peter, he's already gone" Sighing he opened his undamaged eye and muttered "No fun Claire" before releasing his telekinetic holds and healing in about 20 seconds. "Hey, how come you can control it again, so not fair, it's my power I should be able to do that" Laughing at his wife's whinge he replied "Trade secret" She merely pouted which looked even cuter when she was 15 "Alright fine, I used telekinesis to keep my wounds open and stop them from healing. She narrowed her eyes at him "Still not fair"

Looking around he said "Hey love, we didn't really discuss what we will do straight away. We were a little short on time after all. Should we just go back to our lives as they were at this point in time? I can always teleport to you." Thinking about it she muttered "Might be a good idea to stick to the timeline for now, I'd suggest you go get your Dad's ability soon though, it will come in handy, hmmm how will you know when to come visit me?"

Peter stared blankly at her "Ummm call me?" She just laughed and swatted his arm "Don't get smart with me you know Dad probably watches my calls" Thinking for a moment he said "Well what were you normally texting about the last time?" She searched through her memories "Bitching about random stuff I guess?" Laughing at her he said "Well how about tomorrow night I come over at around 11 to give you a new phone" Smiling and giving him a kiss "That'll work, been a while since we could do something without looking over our shoulders though and what happens, we come back to when Dad is overprotective"

Smirking at her and beginning to float on purpose she just mock glared him "You know I like flying, how dare you do that in front of me when you can't take me" Thinking about it "Why don't I fly you over to your Dad? I can say I saved you from the big bad bogey man aka Sylar" Smiling at the idea she gave him another kiss which he deepened before she pulled away "As much as I like that I thought we were sticking the timeline for now, which means you have to get arrested." Muttering about incompetent fools, Peter never did like the Police since in a way they were the ones that began the war all those years ago by not investigating Special's deaths.

Claire just laughed at his antics before asking sweetly "Peter I've been here to long, can you teleport me about 100m that way" Looking at where she was pointing and seeing it was clear he sighed and kissed her while thinking of teleporting her over there. She vanished and reappeared over 30m in the air, falling and breaking a few bones she began muttering about "Arsehole husbands" while she snapped them back in place. She stood up and gave Peter the finger and swore she heard him laugh. Sprinting over to where she remembered her Dad to be. She knew she was meant to be distraught and it was easy considering that she remembered her Dad dying years ago and here he was alive once more. Crying but saying something else to what she thinking she was telling him they had to go and get Peter.

Meanwhile Peter was still muttering about incompetent Police. Especially those that can mind read, speaking of that's an ability he'll need, maybe his lovely wife was right, he should stick to the timeline for the time being. Lord knows the other future him fucked up big time by changing shit too much at once. Hearing the sirens he smirked to himself before they came with guns pointing at him, he didn't bat an eye, truth be told he was struggling to keep a straight face, seriously guns against him as he was now, but he listened to them and he decided to protest a bit about grabbing the wrong guy as they sped to the station.