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Primatech facility, New York City

Peter teleported into the front of a building that he vaguely remembered from years before. 'This is the building that I fought Sylar at' He realized after a moment of contemplation. Deciding the easiest way to do it is to just walk in the front door he started towards the building, pausing he decided to be safe and stopped time. Wouldn't do for bunch of security camera's to pick him up after all. He used the stairs and reached a secure room that was sealed off, glad that it was glass doors he looked to the other side and teleported in.

Walking over he saw Molly in bed and realized she must have the shanti virus that he heard Mohinder cured. Knowing full well he shouldn't heal her with his blood as it would alter too much he focused and sped time up slowly so he could get her ability. Once he had it he smiled before teleporting back down to the entrance standing where he was before he stopped time and turned it back on. Just in case they picked up his arrival he didn't want them getting worried if he suddenly vanished again.

He returned time to normal and made a show of looking confused and trying to teleport back out. Making it appear like he was frustrated he turned around and walked off to get a Taxi back to his apartment. A small smirk graced his lips as he got in one thinking of what was going through the company's heads if they did notice him arrive. Once back in his apartment he got out a map and looked thought of his father, may as well do it as soon as possible after all.

He got a vision of a the hospital he worked for after his father's death, smirking at the irony he focussed and the vision led him to a room in intensive care. He felt something trying to force him away and he frowned before remembering in his Mother's mind he saw that his father had Telepathy. That meant he might be able to sense him. Realizing he would have to leave immediately or his father may be able to mount some sort of defence, not that it would stop Peter but he was concerned it would make an unnecessary scene.

Concentrating he teleported to an alley to the side of the Hospital, looking around to make sure he was indeed alone he headed into the building. He used his telepathy to make people completely ignore him as he headed to his father's room. Stopping at the door he felt his father trying to enter his head, smiling he entered the room. "Hey Dad, long time no see" Arthur's eyes widened for two reasons, once he couldn't force his way into the intruders mind. Two it was his disappointment of a son Peter.

Peter tapped his head "What's wrong, can't get in here, well I did inherit an ability similar to your own so I already have Telepathy to block you out." Now Arthur was worried and tried to retain his base ability "Too late Dad I already took it while your guard was down." Peter walked over and touched his Dad's head removing his abilities. Arthur felt the telepathy leave him and he panicked "Don't worry Dad I won't kill you, I'll make sure to let Mum know I found you though. I'm sure she'll be pleased."

Giving off another smirk Peter closed his eyes to track down the Haitian. Once he located him he teleported out leaving a shell shocked Arthur Petrelli behind. Peter appeared outside a unit complex and walked up the stairs to the number he remembered from the vision. Knocking on the door he waited for Rene to open the door. Once he did Peter held out his hand and stated "Hi I'm Peter, my mother asked me to come by and see you." Rene looked curiously at Peter before shaking his hand, his eyes widening when he saw a glow

"Thanks, I'm now immune to your power. Problem is I can't have you telling my mother so I'm afraid I have to do this" Before he knocked the Haitian out with a chair from behind with Telekinesis. Bent down and used the Haitian's own memory ability against him. Letting out another smirk he went and lifted the Haitian and put in on the couch before planting a memory of him going there. Letting out another smirk at how smoothly things had gone so far he teleported to his apartment in New York City. Leaving it casually he headed down to a nearby Electronics store and bought a new phone.

Returning to his apartment casually once more he entered and looked at his phone. Pressing it he listening to the missed calls, two from Nathan asking where he was and to contact him. Sighing he looked around for his phone and found it before calling him. "Nathan, everything alright?"

"Peter, I've been trying to get hold of you since you vanished, what happened?" Peter sighed at his brother "I used one of my abilities to come back home Nathan, I would have brought you as well but I figured you needed time to think" Nathan meanwhile was desperately trying to find something that proved these abilities didn't exist but came up with nothing "Fine Pete, I admit we have them. Is that what you wanted to hear?" Peter replied with a simple "No, but it'll have to do for now, listen I've got to go, I'm going to drop by Mum's quick. I'll see you when you arrive back in town later tonight"

Hanging up before his brother could reply he grabbed his jacket and headed to his Mother's house. 20 minutes later he let himself in with the spare key "Ma, you home?" He called out. Angela came out and stated simply "Peter what are you doing here? I thought you got arrested in Odessa?" Peter smiled "Nathan got me out and I used an ability to get here." Angela feigned ignorance "Ability what are you talking about Peter?" Peter simply replied "I'm an empathy user Ma, I got your visions, it wasn't hard to piece how Nathan and I got our powers."

Angela gasped and stared at her son like he was about to explode any second "Oh by the way, I found Dad, he's alive" Angela looked close to fainting now "W-what did you say?" Peter just kept talking like she wasn't here "He's in an intensive care room at the hospital, I removed his ability so he can't hide making people think the room doesn't exist anymore" Angela looked at him with wide eyes "You mean you took away his ability?" Peter nodded "I did but I want to know if I need to take away yours Ma? your ability could interfere with what I'm here to achieve"

Narrowing her eyes she retorted "And what exactly do you wish to achieve Peter?" Giving her a pained look that shouldn't belong on a man his age he stated "Change what is inevitable, a war between specials and those that fear them." Angela gasped "You're from the future, go back, you will mess everything up more" Peter let out a long sigh "I can't, this is the body of 25 year old Peter Petrelli" He tapped his head "This is the mind of somewhere between 100-130 year old Peter Petrelli." Angela once more stared at her son in shock "H-how, Adam of course"

Peter laughed "Maybe I do meet Adam in under a year but no, I got regeneration from Claire Bennet. His son" She looked up shocked when she heard that "Yes Ma, I know full well that I'm not related to Claire, although it was on your deathbed 24 years from now that I found out, some years later that we got closer and eventually married. Oh she came back with me" Sighing in defeat she said "What do you intend to do then Peter."

Looking determined he responded "Remove the abilities of those I'm aware of that are dangerous to the public, I have the Haitians ability too so I wouldn't try to use him on me. We will follow the timeline as close as possible though. I also won't do what I said unless it's absolutely necessary, I have no idea what my max capacity of abilities is but I don't want to risk it until the next eclipse when everyone else's abilities evolved further. Obviously 2 years from now won't happen since Dad won't kill Adam Monroe and take all my collected abilities."

Gasping once more "Arthur collected all the abilities you obtained?" Peter nodded grimly "With combined effort of the Haitian suppressing his abilities and Sylar killing him he was stopped. What I want to know is can I trust you to not interfere Ma, If you do I will take your ability and wipe your memory. I will leave you with the choice though" Angela narrowed her eyes "You sound just like your father" Peter's eyes turned cold "Dad was deluded, he thought special's were superior and should rule the world, I believe the same but that we should coexist. You throughout every major event have messed things up further, you have a go at every time traveller and yet you see the future and basically do the exact same as them. You're a hypocrite Ma."

Angela looked away from her son, she knew he was right but she wouldn't let him see that. "I will leave you with your ability, just don't act on them without consulting me, too much damage could be done. I need you to act as if you would if I wasn't who I was. The visions should be the same since I'll be trying to keep as close to the timeline as possible. Something happens that could alter Adam Monroe in the past. It must remain as it is" With that said Peter closed his eyes and teleported to the Bennet house in Odessa. He walked up and rang the bell.

Bennet house

Claire couldn't for the life of her figure out what to do to contain her boredom. For many years it was sex with her husband and the thrill of escaping capture over and over. Saving specials from the hunters, now though she sat in her room staring at the wall. Her Dad walked in and was looking her oddly "Something wrong Claire-bear?" She tilted her head to look at him before stating "If you were married for over 50 years and remained young the entire time with higher endurance then most thanks to my ability. Constantly avoiding the groups of people after you while saving countless others from those groups on a constant basis, how would you suddenly go back to doing nothing like a normal teenager?"

Noah Bennet blinked, he read in between the lines and he had no clue how to respond to that statement. Sighing he decided to disregard it and ask his own question "Claire, how much did you find out about me?" Looking over again she sighed "I know everything, your first wife getting killed by a special. Hunting him down, joining the company, the years of service with them. Everything Dad" Noah looked stunned that she even knew about Kate, realizing he probably would never get used to it he stated "How did you deal with it?"

Smiling at her Dad she stated "At the time I was only 16, I dealt with it the best way I could, I got pissed off at you for keeping it from me" Noah laughed lightly "To be expected I suppose, how did your mother handle it?" Turning grim Claire stated "She didn't Dad, you guys get divorced, you start dating Lauren Gilmore who as you remember had the Haitian wipe her memories of you so she wouldn't be tempted to do anything." Sighing he simply stated "I'm guessing she started to hate the lying?"

Nodding her head Claire responded "Yeah and also the constant mind wipes were doing damage to her brain, anymore she would be brain dead. You couldn't keep covering it up." He looked down as to not meet his daughters gaze "I did what I thought was necessary each time" Letting out a loud sigh "No Dad you did what was an easy fix each time. You didn't want to lose your wife or your kids." He let loose a long tired sigh knowing full well his daughter was right but he didn't want to admit to it. They heard the doorbell ring and Claire looked at the clock saw it was only 8pm, she wasn't expecting Peter until 11pm so she ignored it.

Sandra Bennet opened the door to see a man standing there "Hi Mrs Bennet, I'm Peter Petrelli. I was wondering if I could speak to your husband." Looking at the man curiously she stated "For work I suppose, hold on I'll call him down for you. NOAH, PETER PETRELLI IS AT THE DOOR. He shouldn't be long dear." Peter nodded in thanks and let out a smirk when he heard a crash come from the inside the house. Sandra also noticed it and raised an eyebrow at the noise as Claire came barrelling down the stairs with Noah following after.

"Claire what are you doing?" Sandra asked. Claire forced herself to come to a stop and glared at the grinning Peter. "Peter's the one that saved me from the attacker at school during homecoming Mum" Sandra's eyes widened and turned to look at Peter in a new light all of a sudden "Why don't you come in then dear, we were about to have dinner. You can talk with Noah after I'm sure" Peter made a show of thinking about it and Claire's glare was getting stronger by the second before finally stating "Sure that's fine Mrs Bennet." Sandra smiled and ushered him inside.

Peter walked in gave Claire a wink and followed Sandra to the dining room. "Why don't we talk now Peter?" Noah stated, Peter shrugged "If you want Noah, it won't take long, I've collected a few interesting catches that might catch your interest during my travels lately." Noah's eyes widened while Claire grinned. "Sure Peter, let's just talk in the office." Peter followed Noah and once the door was closed and Peter made sure Sandra was not able to hear he said "I took the Haitian's ability after I took my Dad's, I also used his own ability to remove his permanently. Ma knows my mind is from the future but I didn't take her ability, despite all she has done and will do I don't want to do that"

Noah looked at Peter in shock "You mean that Rene can no longer stop you with his ability?" Peter laughed "He wouldn't have been able to hold me for long before, but yes, I am now immune to his ability." Noah took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes "So basically no one can stop you now?" Looking thoughtful for a moment Peter stated "No there are a few that could potentially stop me, but it wouldn't be easy and it's only if I really underestimate them but yes I guess I am unstoppable right now. But Claire and I came back for a reason, I was against the whole come back in time scenario but she had her reasons to come back and I wasn't about to let her go through it alone."

"Alright Peter what's the real reason you came by here, if it was just to see Claire then you would have gone to her room I'm sure." Peter grinned. This man wasn't one of the company's best agents for nothing. "I need you to follow the timeline as if we never came back, I'll get Claire to explain the details to you but I need them to play things out the same or Claire might never be born. I should have realized it before we came through but I didn't think of this possibility."

Noah looked up sharply "What do you mean?" Sighing Peter explained "As I'm sure you were told my mother and Linderman were planning to blow up New York. The bomb ended up being me when I lost control of an ability that I absorbed while fighting Sylar in a year. I got the ability from Ted Sprague." Noah's eyes widened at the name, if his data was correct the ability that man had was to emit radiation, with a big enough concentration the damage could be equal to an nuclear explosion.

"Last time Nathan flew me above the city and I erupted there so no one but Nathan was hurt. That isn't where the problem comes in Noah. Hiro arrives and sees me about to go atomic sticks a sword through Sylar's chest. He in retaliation blasts Hiro as hard as he can with his Telekinesis, Hiro in desperation tries to Teleport but without a destination winds up in ancient Tokyo during the time of Takezo Kensei. Takezo is in fact Adam Monroe and Hiro sets him up to become what he is today. In other words Claire will never be fathered unless Hiro goes back and does whatever he did back then."

Noah's eyes widened in shock "So basically my little girl could cease to exist if Hiro doesn't screw up like he did?" Peter nodded "I don't know that for sure of course, would an alternate reality be made and this one remains or will this one be overwritten by the past one. There's no way to prove it and I'm not willing to risk it." Noah nodded in understanding "I take it you haven't told Claire." Peter sighed "Not yet, we agreed to keep to the timeline, she probably thinks I'm giving you ideas on what to do at the company but I'll explain to her the situation later. She can get impulsive sometimes and right now I'm sure she's pissed off being stuck here while I can do whatever I want."

"Alright I'll get the details of what to do from Claire, I hope you know what you're doing Peter." Sighing once more "So do I Noah, worst case scenario I'll teleport back to make Adam what he is. I'd never let anything happen to Claire but long distance time travel has one main weakness. It leaves your ability severely weakened. In my case I don't know if that means I'll be without my abilities in the past or just time travel. Hopefully it won't come to that." They both turned when they heard a knock on the door and Claire glaring at Peter. Sighing he motioned her in.

Once inside she closed the door and glared again "Alright, I've seen that reaction before, when you just realized you fucked something up. What have you done Peter?" Looking up quickly he held up his hands "Nothing I swear, it's what could potentially happen" Eyes softening slightly she stated "Explain" Looking quickly at Noah he just raised his hands "She's your wife, don't look at me" Sighing he turned to Claire "Alright fine, remember how Hiro vanished during the fight with Sylar where I went nuclear?" Nodding her head to prove she was following he continued "Where did Hiro say he went?"

Thinking hard she stated "Uh, he said he went to ancient Tokyo during the time of-"She stopped and her eyes widened. "Oh fuck, he made Adam the way he is" Nodding his head he followed it up "Which means if Hiro doesn't go back to do what he did you might not be born. There's a chance that Adam after a few centuries becomes like he is now anyway but it's too risky to take that chance. So I want you to explain in detail what you remember your Dad doing, I'll try to follow through with the same events as last time except I won't let Sylar stab me in the back of the head with that glass. Too risky he'll have a little look inside my head."

Claire nodded, "I was with your Mum after I found out Nathan was supposedly my Dad. Do I have to follow through with that too?" Peter nodded "We need to keep this as close as possible to the original, I told mum where we're from so if she gets any visions she won't have a cry, they should all be the same though. Noah do you think you can handle it? I can erase your memories if you're not sure" Noah nodded "I'd rather be kept in the loop, It's still hard for me to think of my Claire-bear as well you know. So it won't be that hard to do the things I would do if I didn't know."

"Alright then Claire here's that phone I promised" Claire beamed and kissed him on the cheek. She wanted to do more but with her Dad there and her mum always having that weird sixth sense when it came to her and boys. "Alright I'll eat with you guys then I'll head back to New York, whenever something major doesn't happen I'll come visit you Claire. Otherwise keep to what we know alright, the time travel will be pointless if you're never born." With that said they left the office to enter the dining room and the questioning gaze of Sandra.