First off I apologize to anyone that does not like that I am starting a new story before I finish my other one. I was challenged to write this one by BellaVision the letter does not happen the way it did in the show. As usual I do not own the Power Rangers Saban does.

The Zeo rangers had returned to the Power Chamber to question Zordon about the new ranger.

"Who is he"? Tommy asked the blue head mentor.

"I have no idea. This new ranger is not someone I have picked", Zordon replied.

"Whoever he is, has a nice pyramid zord". Rocky replied.

"It is nice though that he shows up when we need him the most", Kat said.

"I am glad he is on our side", Adam replied.

"As far as we know he is on our side", Tanya reminded him. The five of them all agreed.

"Hey, where is Billy"? Tommy asked.

"I had to take care of something at home", Billy said coming into the Power Chambers main room.

"So have you guys solved the mystery of who the new ranger is"? He asked.

"No not yet", Tommy said.

"So what do you know about it"? Billy asked.

"Well, he is male", Rocky chinned in.

"No kidding Sherlock", Adam remarked with a smirk.

"He all of a sudden showed up while we were battling the Wolfbane Monster", Tanya said.

"He also was there when Tommy and I got shrunk and almost got ate by a Spider", Kat said.

"He helped us with the Leaky Faucet Monster", Tommy added.

Also, he did aid us in defeating Somnibot", Tanya said.

"Are you sure that you have nothing to do with the new ranger Zordon? Because I think it is Billy", Rocky said.

"Your are wrong Rocky, it is not Billy and yes I do not have anything to do with him", Zordon said.

"Well, Billy does disappear right when I need him", Alpha said.

"Affirmed that I do leave when I do but, I am not the new ranger", Billy said.

"This is just to weird, hey, it is almost Eight o'clock, isn't Kim going to be on TV tonight"? Adam asked.

"Yea, thanks for the reminder", Tommy said as the six departed back to their homes to watch the Pan Global Games.

Tommy arrived home just in time for the gymnastics event to begin. He was glad that she was not about to perform so he can get confront able before she did her routine. After four girls did their performance, it was Kim's turn. By this time, Tommy was rested up as he cheered on his girlfriend even though she could not hear him and his parents just ignored his behavior. After a few more girls took their turns, the P.A, announcer had announced that she had won the gold medal as a woman put it around Kim's neck. Tommy was smiling from ear to ear as the other rangers were also excited about her accomplishment.

The next day, the only thing the six of them could talk about when they got together was how great Kim was last night. Their convocation slowly turned to finding out who the new ranger is. The six teleported to the Power Chamber to try to do some research, but they came up empty handed. The Zeo Alarm went off as cogs appeared on the viewing globe.

"Well, it looks like our search will have to wait", Tommy said before he said its morphin time.

All five of them morphed and showed up where the cogs were two miles away from the ranger's base. As the rangers were getting their buts kicked, the Gold Ranger showed up to help them.

After and un successful attempt at defeating them, the Gold Ranger yelled, "TIME FOR A GOLD RUSH"!

Within seconds all of the cogs were defeated. Suddenly, he vanish.

"Aw man, not again", Tommy said. "Is everyone alright"? Tommy asked as everyone shook their heads yes before he told them to teleport back to the Power Chamber.

Back at their base, they were still trying to figure out who their new friend is. As the five rangers and Billy were about to leave for home, they received a transmission from somebody. It was from Delphine, the leader of the Aquitian Ranger from the Planet Aquitar. One of the other alien rangers had found the Gold Ranger stranded on their planet and she asked the Power Rangers to get him to Earth. The rangers were successful, but not before King Mondo tried to stop them. The Gold Ranger, Trey, informed them of who he is and that he need to pass his powers onto someone else before it was to late. Billy stepped up, but the powers did not accept him. Then Tommy remembered Jason had just moved back into town.

When Tommy went to great his friend, Jason accepted the challenge of being the new Gold Ranger. The two had a hard time getting to the Power Chamber because they were unable to teleport there but when they did get there, Trey's successfully transferred the Gold Rangers power to Jason. After the teams battle, now with Jason, the six, along with Billy, went to the youth center to celebrate and to watch the closing ceremony of the Pan Global Games.

Meanwhile Zordon and Alpha received a transmission from Dulcea, a warrior like looking woman from another planet.

"Greetings Zordon, I have sent this transmission to ask you a question old friend. Were you aware there is another Zeo Crystal"? She asked.

"No, I can not say that I knew that. Where is it and what powers does it hold"? Zordon asked.

"It is the White Zeo Shard. The creators of the Zeo Crystals gave it to me prior to them putting the reaming shards on the Earths moon many years ago", she said while holding up a white oval shape crystal for Zordon and Alpha to see. "I have sense that your current team needs this power to help in Earths battle with the Machine Empire", she said.

"We can use this power. You see, Trey of Triforia had just transferred his gold powers to one of my originals while he heals up. We have no idea how long we will be in possession of the Gold Ranger powers, so any permanent help we can get, we will take". Zordon informed her.

"Very well, I will chose one Earthling to wield the White Zeo Powers", she said as the transmission cut off.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! Zordon who do you think will be the seventh ranger"? Alpha asked.

"I have no idea, but knowing Dulcea like I do, I trust she will chose a worthy person", Zordon said.

Who will get the White Ranger powers? How long will Jason have the gold powers? How will the team accept their new teammate that they do not know about yet. Find out in the chapters to come.