Are you scared, King? Your world is crumbling, your reality is fading. Are you afraid? There is so much that you will never understand, so much that you will never know. You cling so desperately to the pieces of your world that have not yet dissolved, but, soon they too will disappear. What will you do then King? Who will you turn to next? Whose arms will embrace your shivering body when all there is is darkness? Those 'friends' of yours? They're long gone King. Long gone. Who will catch you when your exhausted, bruised and battered body gives out beneath you?

I will. I'll be the arms holding you through the worst, I'll be the one beside you, urging you on when you can barely stand. I'll be the helping hand beside you when you need me most. I will never desert you King. I will be here to the end. No matter the consequence.

You're blind King. Blind to the truth around you. "They'll come back.", "They'll rescue me." No. King, they aren't coming. Your precious friends and family aren't coming. Despite the sacrifices you made for them, they left you in the moment you needed them most. When will you see? This pain and suffering won't end. These shackles binding you aren't going to come off. They've kept you bound for so long, bound you to this pain for so long. Those drugs they pumped you with? They aren't going to stop. They'll keep doing it until you lose your mind, or until your body gives way. This fog isn't going to lift. You need to fight your way through it.

My arm can only support you so far, I can only carry you to such a point before you must take over King.

A dream? No, dear. The dreams stopped a while back. These things you're seeing now? Memories. Memories of better times, memories of lies. Shadows that will soon disappear, just like the dreams. Yet you cling so desperately to these repulsive things, you can't even remember them properly. Their faces are fading King. All they are to you now is 'them'. No names fly to your tongue when you think of freedom.

It's time King, time to put the mask back on. Too long you've suffered because you took it off. Hide behind it King, hide behind me. I will wield my sword only to protect you. I need you to call me King. I need you to tell me you're ready, I need you to let me take over.

But again, you refuse. Like so many times before you push me back. To do this by yourself, you say. You can'tKing, can't. You need me, you need my strength. A simple command and all this pain is gone. Put the mask back on King. Wake me up King.

When will you stop this torture? When will you stand and fight? When will we be free?