A/N: Okay, a little heads up to anyone reading this that hasn't read the one before this, Forbidden Bond. This story takes place ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Hermione saved Fred by using an illegal spell that made them bonded. Shortly after the battle, the Ministry instituted a marriage law that forced everyone of age to marry within a month. Hermione married Fred, Harry married Ginny, Ron married Luna, and George married Verity. Pretty much everything else you need to know is already explained in the story. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

"Are the little beasties in bed?" Fred's voice asked over my shoulder. I gave a small shiver and nodded my head. We had been married for ten years and the sound of his voice in my ear still caused me to feel like a silly school girl with a crush. One look from his blue eyes and my knees would grow shaky while my legs seemed to melt.

It was wonderful.

Fred grabbed me around the waist and dragged me towards the door. He was bubbling with excitement and I found myself momentarily worried. It was never good when he was this excited- it usually meant some sort of prank. Not that he could actually prank me though, our bond made that nearly impossible. He always got so excited about pranking that he couldn't hide it and I could feel it radiating through our bond like a warning flag.

Today, or tonight I guess, was our ten year anniversary. I had finally gotten all five of our kids to bed and was looking forward to some alone time with my husband. George and Verity were in the flat downstairs and they had both agreed to keep an eye on the kids for us. We were planning on visiting the safe house for the night. The same house that he had taken me to when we were engaged, the one that we had had to hide out in because the ministry was after us. It was Fred's idea to go back, and it was one that I found terribly romantic.

He led me outside the flat to the balcony that overlooked Diagon Alley. I gave him a quizzical look until I saw the broom leaning against the railing.


I hated flying by myself- I have a terrible fear of heights. The only way I can ever fly is with Fred. I'd flown at other times because I'd had to for Harry, but Fred was the only thing that could get me to fly now. He made flying fun actually. I never felt scared when I was with him. He'd hold my waist and pull me into him, steering the broom with one hand.

I climbed onto it first, pulling my shawl closer around my shoulders. I had neglected to wear robes tonight, going with a muggle dress instead. It was a black halter top with a knee length skirt that flared wonderfully when one twirled.

Fred climbed on behind me and wrapped an arm around my waist. I leaned back and snuggled my head against him, turning so my cheek was resting against his firm chest. He gripped the broom handle and we lifted up and off. He cast a warming charm on us so that we wouldn't get cold as we flew and we headed off into the dark night. We left the bustle of the city, heading off towards the quiet country, the only light coming from the stars in the sky.

I still had no idea where this cabin was. I actually preferred it that way, it made it more special and mysterious. I snuggled into my husband, loving the warmth he seemed to emanate. I found comfort in hearing the quiet hum of his thoughts and I found myself lulling to sleep. It was a three hour flight to the cabin, so it's not like I couldn't take a quick catnap.

Besides, I wanted to be well awake for tonight.

So, what seemed like mere minutes, but was in fact hours later, we arrived at the cabin. It was snowing softly and it made the cabin look like something you'd see on the cover of a Christmas card, adorable and romantic.

We walked into the quiet cabin and quickly lit a fire. I spread a table cloth on the floor and opened my beaded bag, the same one I'd used on our Horcrux hunt so many years ago, and pulled out our dinner. It was steak and potatoes, one of Fred's favorite meals. We sat on the floor, me leaning into him, and both of us leaning on our arms and began to eat. Fred had somehow gotten music to play, and I recognized the tunes from our wedding.

We ate the food quickly, snuggling up together and wrapping a blanket around us before eating dessert. Chocolate covered strawberries. Our daughter, Rose, was allergic to them so we scarcely ever had them at the house, but we'd always eat them when we went on dates.

The strawberries were delicious, but I wanted something more satisfying. I could sense Fred felt the same way, as I was starting to get a definite feelings of desire from our bond. I shifted under the covers and turned around so I was straddling his lap. His eyes darkened with desire as I slowly began to place open mouthed kisses at his throat. He moaned at my touch and I started to kiss a trail up higher. He moaned louder when I kissed a particularly sensitive spot right under his ear and he grasped my waist, pulling me flush against him and capturing my lips in a heated, wonderful kiss.

He gently lowered me to the ground and kissed me hungrily. I responded in like, pulling on his shirt in an attempt to get it off.

So beautiful, I've missed you 'Mione. His thoughts were low and husky, and they made my body feel as though it had been lit on fire. I finally got his blasted shirt off and I ran my hands down his chest, needing to feel all of him. He began to grasp at my dress and tugged it up, gripping my bare waist in his warm hands as he continued to push it up.

Love you. I thought as he kissed my neck. I moaned out and ran my hands through his long locks.

Love you, need you. He thought back quickly. I reached for his belt and undid it, loving the feeling of warmth that had overwhelmed my body at his touch.

"Fred, Hermione!"

We broke apart with a loud scream from me. Fred threw a blanket over me as he shot up, looking around for the voice that was unmistakably Harry.

I looked behind me as I gripped the blanket to me and saw the familiar Stag walk towards us from the middle of the room.

My first instinct was terror- the children, had something happened to the children? Fred felt the same fear and grabbed me to him in a protective hug.

The stag opened his mouth and Harry's voice poured from it.

"News from the ministry. Umbridge has broken out of Azkaban. You need to come to Grimauld place pronto! Bring the children with you, I'll explain more lately." The stag closed his mouth and then bounded out the window.

I turned my head and stared at Fred in shock. He looked winded for a moment before he grabbed my dress and handed it back to me.

"Guess that ends our anniversary night." He sounded sad, but mostly worried. I quickly donned the dress while he pulled his shirt back on. We grabbed our wands and the broom and apparated back to the apartment.

Fred woke the twins while I woke Rose and Winifred. Once I got them up and into their night robes I woke up little Gideon. He was the youngest, barely two. We met back in the living room. Rose and Winifred were practically asleep, not aware of what was going on. Castor and Pollux were the exact opposite; they were awake, and worried.

"What's going on Mum? Dad will not say anything." They said together. I shook my head and helped them into their robes.

"Don't worry Torry and Lux, we're going to visit Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny." I said in as chipper a tone as I could; balancing Gideon on my hip while I tried to get Torry's arm through his sleeve. Fred had picked up both Rose and Winnie and was trying to grab hold of Lux's hand, but he kept moving. He finally snagged it and I grabbed Torry's hand. He had grabbed hold of Crookshanks with his other hand and the cat was meowing in clear annoyance.

Let's go. I thought to Fred. He nodded his head before looking worried.

George. Was his one word thought. Oh dear, should we warn them? Wait, Harry would have gotten them.

Harry will have warned them. I thought as reassuringly as I could. He nodded his head but looked worried none the less.

"Daddy, I'm sleepy, what's going on?" Rose asked, rubbing her eye with one tiny fist. She was seven years old, but right now she looked half that. Her eyes were barely opened and her head was leaning against Fred. He gave her a kiss on the top of her head before looking at me. We twisted together and apparated to Grimmauld place.

We landed on steady feet and slowly set our children down. Torry and Lucky ran up the stairs with Crookshanks in tow, in search of James and Teddy no doubt. I gripped Gideon tightly to me as Rose and Winnie slowly made their way upstairs looking for Lilly's room. It was amazing how well they seemed to know where there cousins would be despite having never been here before. I heard a noise coming from the dining room and I turned to see Harry open the door. I was oddly reminded off our earlier days in Hogwarts when we used to try and sneak in on Order meetings. I could see the long table behind him, covered with red head people, but I couldn't quite make out who was who.

Mrs. Weasley pushed her way past Harry, who just smiled, and grabbed Gideon from me with a look of pure grandmotherly love.

"Come here my little dear, I'll take you upstairs to bed." She pulled him to her chest and gave me a bright smile. "I'm helping everyone get settled in for the night, and then I'm going back to the Burrow. Everyone else is already here, they're waiting for you in the dining room." She said as she headed upstairs. I looked at Fred who just shook his head and smiled, laying his arm gently across my shoulders as we walked towards the door.

She was right, the rest of the family was already here, Ron, George, Ginny, Luna, Verity, and of course, Harry. There were also two extra faces, ones that were more than welcome, Neville and Hannah Longbottom.

We sat in between George and Ginny, giving each of them an inquisitive stare, they just shook their heads.

Harry closed the door and sat down at the head of the table, Ginny on his right and Ron on his left.

"Thanks for getting here so fast guys." Harry said softly, looking at us each in turn. He laid his arms on the desk and steepled his fingers together, his face turning emotionless as he turned into the professional Auror.

"As I told each of you, Umbridge has broken out of Azkaban, we've no idea as to how at this point. You're all aware that only one person has ever done that, and he was an animagus. We don't think Umbridge is one, but it's still a possibility.

However, the reason I've called each of you here is that she didn't leave Azkaban empty. She left a very clear message stating that she felt we, yes, all of us, were the reason for her imprisonment." His eyes drifted to Fred and George. "You two she felt were the ones that undermined her authority with your escape, she has apparently gotten quite bitter about it." He eyed the rest of us, before continuing. "The rest of use she is mad at for the whole DA thing. We all were either in that room when I got caught using her floo, or we're married to someone who was." He let that sink in before he continued. "She has stated that she will seek her revenge on us with a weapon that will make Voldmort's Horcruxs' look like child's play. We've moved all your families here because this house is still protected by the Fidelus charm, and it has the best protections the ministry can give."

My mind had frozen somewhere back with the words Umbridge has broken out. Fred's mind was going a mile a minute, which use to distract me and cause me to panic. Now though I found it comforting, and it actually helped calm me down. I reached over to him and grasped his hands, surrounding his thoughts with a calming cocoon of thoughts as I squeezed his hand. He took a breath and sent me a wave of thanks.

"So you're saying Umbridge has broken free and wants revenge on us?" Neville said, recovering fastest. His face had gone hard and his back was straight. I could see the cold calculating glare in his eye as he allowed the fa├žade of Auror, and leader of the 2nd DA to take over. None of us had ever given him much credit while we had been at Hogwarts, but he had more than shown his worth while we were gone. He had risen up, taken control of the DA and not only taught the students of Hogwarts how to fight, he'd given most of them the strength they needed to come out of the last battle alive.

Harry nodded his head and locked eyes with Neville. "Yes, she wants to kill us all, and our kids."

A/N: Okay guys, here is the first chapter. I'll have some chapters in the view points of the kids as well, but this will mostly be a Fred/Hermione story.

These are all their kids.

Fred+Hermion= Castor and Pollux (boys age nine), Rose (girl, age 7), Winnifred (girl age 5), Gideon (Boy age 2) (They're named Castor and Pollux because that's the name of the two twins in the constelation Gimini. They go by Torry and Lux for short.)

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