"FRED GIDEON WEASLEY!" I screamed as I looked in the bathroom mirror. I felt a flash of fear from my husband and then a thunder of feet as he ran down the hall. A moment later he was by my side.

"What is it, Love-What happened?" He asked, letting out a loud laugh. I growled and pointed to my now flaming, fire engine, red hair.

"Are you trying to tell me that you didn't do this to me?"

"Umm, despite how bad this probably looks," Fred said, backing away nervously. "I did not actually do it. I wouldn't have been able to keep that thought secret. I haven't been able to prank you since we got bonded" I glared at him, rolling my eyes in annoyance. He was right, he'd tried to prank me several times, but he always got so excited about it that I found out. He couldn't keep those thoughts secret.

"Fine, if you didn't who did?"

"Torry and Lux?" He suggested, smiling slightly as he took a small step towards me. His innocent demeanor wasn't fooling me at all. I could tell how excited he was.

"They're still at Hogwarts, they won't be back for another two hours." I replied, feeling a slight thrill. This was the kids first year at Hogwarts, and I missed them like crazy. I couldn't believe they were actually old enough to leave me, to go to Hogwarts. I also had never had so many owls in my life. The two Gryffindors caused more trouble than their dad ever had. With Alex, Alexa, Aurora, James and Trevor, with them, Hogwarts was in a constant state of prank wars.

"Wait a minute, you knew about this!" I accused, setting my hair brush down and stepping up to my husband. "I heard that thought, you knew they were planning this!" A nervous grin found its way across my husband's face and he nodded his head.

"They sent it over last week. They were so excited about the prank that I couldn't not help them. Besides," he said, raising his hand and brushing my hair back with his long fingers, "you look really, really good in red." A shiver ran down my spine as he whispered the last word in my ear. He leaned back, smiling wickedly when he felt my desire through our bond. I wasn't alone though, he was equally excited.

"You know," he continued, pulling me into his warm arms. "We have another hour and a half before we need to head for platform 9 ¾. I'm sure if you put that beautiful brilliant mind of yours to it, you could think of something we could do."

"Oh yes, I'm sure I could." I whispered, leaning my face up to his. He met my lips in a heated kiss, pulling my teal robes off my shoulder with well practiced ease. He ran his hands up my side, cupping me in his large hands. I moaned into the kiss, breaking it off to pull his robes off. He helped me shed them and then tossed them in a corner as I pulled his shirt off. He pulled me back to him, both of us now divested of our shirts and resumed our passionate kiss.

The kids… I thought hazily. What about Rose, Winnie and Gideon? We really wouldn't want them stepping in on us while we were, well, 'going at it.'

George has em, thank Merlin. Fred thought quickly, already walking me backwards towards the bedroom. A grin lit up my face and I let go of him, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the bedroom before shutting the door. We had an hour and a half, might as well make the most of it.

"Merlin's Beard!" Fred exclaimed from the bathroom, laughing loudly. I stood up from where I had been sitting on the bed putting my shoes back on and ran to the bathroom. Fred was standing in the same spot I had been standing earlier, with one obvious difference. His hair, instead of being its normal shade of red, was now a shimmering gold.

I laughed, I couldn't help it.

"Looks like the kids wanted us to sport Gryffindor colors." I said lightly, pulling my still red hair back into a loose bun. Fred just looked in the mirror, a grin quirking his lips up. He ran his fingers through his hair, checking the strands out.

"This was really well done." He said approvingly, a real smile lighting his face. "I didn't even use shampoo like you, I just brushed my hair."

"Sounds like something you'd have made." I said absentmindedly, putting my robe back on.

"They're really brilliant." Fred said approvingly, coming out of the bathroom and putting his robes back on.

"They're the evil little geniuses you said they were going to be." I told him, straightening my shirt.

"Are you wearing those teal robes?" Fred asked, another grin lifting his lips. I nodded my head before stopping.

"Oh god, it won't match my hair at all now." He nodded his head, laughing at my expression.

"There's only one thing to wear with that red." He told me, stepping towards me and waving his wand over my robes. They turned a bright, happy gold. He then waved his wand over his own robes and they turned into a vibrant red.

Might as well go all the way Gryffindor. He thought happily.

Yeah, Roar, roar, Gryffindor! I thought, remembering our old cheer.

George, Verity, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Luna, Neville and Hannah and all the kids were with us on the platform, eagerly awaiting the return of our kids. I could hardly believe it was finally time for them to come home. It seemed like it had taken forever. Everyone had laughed when they saw our hair, and I found myself smiling in delight when I saw each of the other parents sporting something Gryffindor. Harry's scar had turned Gold, and a matching red one had formed on the other side of his forehead. Ginny's freckles had all turned gold, matching her red hair. George had turned completely gold, while Verity's eyes had changed colors- one was red the other gold. Ron Had turned red, which looked extremely funny with his red hair and brown freckles. Luna's hair, while still blond, had turned the texture of a lions mane, sprouting out around her entire face.

Needless to say, we received several looks going to the platform. I actually had to place notice me not charms on us till we could get on the secret platform. The other parents all laughed, several of them transfiguring their hair, clothes, or eyes to match their own children's houses. We probably looked like some crazy costume party waiting for our children. Merlin only knows what they thought when the pulled up in the train.

James was the first off the train, he let out a loud, boyish laugh and ran for his dad. Hugging him in open arms and laughing his head off at the scars. Torry and Lux came off next, and Fred and I ran up to them, encasing them in strong arms.

"You two are in so much trouble when you get home!" I admonished, smiling in spite of myself. They didn't look the least bit scared, grinning unashamedly as they followed us off the platform with the others.

We left the platform together, safe, happy, and forever connected. Time had more than proven that we, Fred, George, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Verity, Neville, Hannah, all of us, had a bond that nothing could break. A friendship that would never die, a love that would never dwindle, a simple unity that astounded others and left us breathless with its intensity. We were one family, regardless of whether or not we were actually related. Our bond had been forged through fire, and god help the person who thought they could break it.

Because Merlin knows thats the only way they would survive.

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