Summary: Minato knows that once he seals the Kyubi into his son, the villagers will undeniably condemn Naruto's fate. Unwilling to take the grave risk, Minato requests the head of the Shuzen household, Issa Shuzen, to raise his son for him.

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"Please, Issa-san, help me take care of my son!" Minato bowed before the greatest vampire lord earnestly. "The oracle has informed me through my dreams. The Kyubi will be released from my wife's womb. I... I don't want the villagers to hate my son for what he has no controlled of. This is not what my wife and I want. Kushina-chan knows the pain of being sequestered to isolation by the society and she understands the hatred. It's painful..."

"Foolish humans." The silver haired vampire growled. "Why must I help you?"

"Because you're a father as well! And you're a husband just like I am." Minato clenched his quavering fists. "I just wish you can accept my proposal and raise my son as yours. I know that you do not have any sons. Naruto... Naruto will take care of your daughters and treat them as his sisters. I'm sure of it."

Issa contemplated as he twirled with a string of his silver hair. "Akuha is currently in overseas. Kalua will be lonely if she has nobody to play with and she will be a few months younger than Naruto. However, the Kyubi no Yoko is a powerful demon that holds unparallel power that even I must be wary of him. I just couldn't believe humans could devise seals to imprison the demonic fox into a feeble child. If I train Minato's son to synchronise his soul with the Kyubi, maybe he will become a hybrid demon. That way, he will be loyal to me and at the same time, protect my daughters."

"Very well. I will not intervene with human affairs. Once the sealing is done, I will bring the child back with me to Castle Akashiya." The vampire lord exhaled a heavy breath before vanishing into a violet lightning bolt.

"Thank you..." Minato looked out of his office's window with a sorrowful smile adorning his face.


Issa was unfazed at the dreadful semblance lingering in the atmosphere. The pungent blood leaking from the dead corpses scattered on the unforgiving earth disgusted the vampire lord. Issa strolled gracefully towards Minato and Kushina lifeless forms and sighed in deepest melancholy. "If I have not owed you that favour, I will not even wish to do what I have to do now. May your souls rest in peace."

The vampire lord carried the crying child into his hands and examined the new host of the nefarious Kyubi no Yoko. "Naruto Shuzen, you shall be my son from today onwards. Your allegiance, loyalty and soul are bound to me."

(6 years later)

"Kalua-chan! Put the marinated lamb into the oven and set it to 25 minutes." Naruto yelled as he diced the vegetables.

"Okay! Are you sure daddy won't be mad at us for secretly using the kitchen?" Kalua asked in uncertainty and accidentally twisted the timer to half an hour. "You know he is very overprotective over us."

"So what if he knows? He's not gonna do anything to us. Worst case scenario, he would lick us to death! Besides, if he restrains the two of you doing anything drastic, you won't gain any experiences in life! That's boring!" The blonde chirped cheerfully before he ladled the pot of soup to have a little sip. "Ah! The soup is ready!"

Little Moka was sitting on the chair, watching fervently at her siblings preparing lunch. "Onii-sama! Me hungree!"

Naruto chuckled at his younger sister and pinched her cheeks. "I am hungry. Hun-gry. Not Hungree."

The younger vampire blinked innocently at her caring brother. "M-Me hungree."

"Just sit here quietly, alright?" The blonde ruffled his sister's soft silver hair with a smile and returned to work. When Naruto reached his workstation, he heard a painful yelped. Turning his attention to Kalua, the blonde startled in solicitude at her sister's bleeding finger and the bloodied knife lying idly at the chopping board. "I cut my finger, nii-chan!"

The blonde vampire tried to ease her pain, but to no avail would the bleeding be stopped. Naruto rushed to Kalua's side and scrutinised her wound before sucking her finger. The blonde vampire squealed inwardly but remained a calm composure; she was blushing uncontrollably however. "Nii-chan?"

Naruto kissed his sister's finger and the wound healed miraculously. "Here, wash your hands and throw the onions, garlic and potato into the pot. I'll do the chopping."

"I-I'm sorry... I'm just so clumsy-"

"It's alright. Don't blame yourself, Kalua-chan. It's not your fault. I cut myself all the time!" Naruto flashed a toothy smile at his sibling before taking over Kalua's job. The blonde vampire nodded enthusiastically and skipped towards her next allocated destination. Momentarily, the blonde felt somebody tugging at his pants. Naruto paused and tilted his head downwards, only to see little Moka gripping his trousers tightly. "Me wan halp! Me wan halp!"

"You want to help, huh?" Naruto chuckled benignly as he hoisted his sister and situated her on a bench. The blonde proceeded in placing a few plates on the table. "I'm planning on making spaghetti with those premade pasta. But since you're being such a little angel and wish to help, I need you to help me mix the flour with this dough and mould it until it is soft. And then you squash the dough so it becomes flat. Very flat. Lastly, you insert the flat dough into this."

Naruto rummaged the kitchen drawer before picking out a pasta machine. The blonde demonstrated several techniques for the imminent procedure to his younger sister before handing the dough to Moka. "Think you can handle it?"


"Good girl." Moka giggled jubilantly at her compliment before staring puzzlingly at the dough. The little vampire held the chunk of unknown in her hands before dropping it on the tray of flour and started laughing lively at her accomplishment.

Naruto walked back to his station and tossed the diced vegetables into the boiling soup.

"Are you sure Moka-chan knows what she's doing?" Kalua shifted sights and chuckled nervously at her little sister punching the dough senseless.

"Everybody needs to make a start one day." Naruto hummed a happy tune and washed his hands. "Don't overcook the lamb. It tastes nasty if you overcook it. Remember last week you tried to cook the lamb? It caught fire and we missed lunch."

"I know what I'm doing!" Kalua pouted.

She didn't realise she had set the timer for an hour.

(An hour later...)

Issa was in his extravagant study chamber, tending to his paperwork when he smelled the revolting aroma of overcooked lamb. "Darn it! They are cooking in the kitchen again! That only mean I will miss my lunch! This is not happening! NARUTOOOOOOO!"


The blonde perked his head up and cringed fearfully at the blare of his father's voice. "Ah! That's the signal!"

"What signal?" Kalua queried quizzically.

"The lamb is overcooked." Naruto deadpanned.

The blonde vampire shrieked aloud before opening the oven and coughed ferociously at the emitted smoke. "Oh no! The lamb!"

Hastily, Kalua tried to save lunch and reached out to grab the burning tray, only to forget that she didn't wear any gloves. The ditzy vampire cried as she dropped the heated tray of charcoal abomination. Kalua wailed in a mixture of shame and affliction at her failure to produce decent food once again. "I'm so useless! I can't do anything right!"

The blonde vampire ran comically into her brother's embrace, but tripped at her own footing before reaching to Naruto. Reacting to impulse, the blonde ghostly appeared beside his falling sister and caught her in the nick of time. "You okay, Kalua-chan?"

"N-Nii-chan!" Kalua burst into tears and sank her fangs into Naruto's neck. The blonde winced in pain. "W-What are you doing, Kalua-chan?"

The ditzy vampire sighed in contentment as she removed her lips from her brother's neck. "I'm having lunch!"

"I'm not your lunch!"

"B-But... I destroyed lunch!" Kalua wept.

"We can always recook it! What did I say about not drinking my blood whenever you desire?"

Kalua pouted and showcased her glorious puppy-eyes technique to her brother. "But you love me, right? Nii-chan?"

"Always using that stupid technique. Of course I love you. I-"

"NARUTO!" The door slam opened and the seething vampire lord emerged from the darkness. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO LUNCH?"

Upon hearing Issa's enraged roar, Moka jolted in fright before crying aloud. The silver haired vampire lord panicked and darted to his daughter's side. "M-Moka! I'm not shouting at you! Please don't cry! Your mother will be angry at me if you-"

Naruto tapped his father's shoulder with a malevolent smirk tugging at his lips. "Hey, let's make a deal. I calm Moka-chan and you won't get mad at me."

"Or what?" Issa growled in umbrage.

"Or I tell mom about your dirty little secret! And it involves with some magazines and a bunch of crumpled tissue papers."

"Deal!" Issa gulped in consternation before mumbling incoherently under his breath. "Ungrateful brat..."

The blonde strolled towards the weeping Moka while whistling a leisure tune before patting his sister's head affectionately. "Moka-chan, let's go to the dog farm. I promise you that I will get a dog for you and Kalua-chan, right?"

It was phenomenal; one moment the silver haired young vampire was crying and instantly she stopped her outburst before giggling vivaciously at her benevolent brother. "Okay! Me wan see doggie!"

Naruto carried the little Moka behind his back and seized Kalua's wrist before hopping away merrily. "See ya, dad! Have a nice day! Oh, watch out for the soup!"

Issa turned his attention to the violent pot beside him. As if on cue, the soup erupted and drenched the vampire lord. Issa was trembling in utter anger as he removed the carrot away from his precious silver hair. "This... this humiliation... Na-NARUTOOOOO!"


The dogs winced frightfully before the malicious presence of Naruto. Kalua and Moka were assaying and cuddling random dogs while their older brother stood behind them, watching attentively at all the dogs in the kennel. "It seems the dogs are afraid of you, nii-chan."

Naruto shrugged nonchalantly. "It's only natural."

"Onii-sama! Me wan doggie!"

The blonde ambled forward and surveyed a Golden Retriever disinterestedly before pointing a lazy finger at it. "How about this puppy over here? It's not afraid of me. Does show some guts to it."

Moka stroked the soft fur of the puppy and smiled joyously. "Okay! If onii-sama wan this doggie, me wan this doggie too!"

Kalua stood beside her brother and giggled. "We need to get a name for the dog then."

"How about Max?"

"So cliché!" Kalua whined. "I was thinking Pittypotter."

"Too long for a name." Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Let call it Buto!" Moka blinked at her siblings.

"Buto?" Naruto twisted his sights at Kalua before shaking his head disapprovingly. "Nah, weird name. Let's just call it Max."

"Shillyshaller!" Kalua countered.

"Buto!" Moka interjected childishly.


"Mickey Mu!"



"KinkiKuku!" Kalua chirped.

Naruto's brow twitched in annoyance. "Kalua-chan, you keep changing weird names for the dog! And no, Buto rhymes with my name. I don't want no dog's name rhymes with my name! Max will do."

"Okay!" Moka agreed with a nod and Kalua sighed. "Max sounds so boring."

"I'll go pay for the dog and all the necessities. Stay here. And if you see any strangers trying to buy you off, kick them in their little piss-pump." Naruto stuffed his pockets with his fists and walked towards the counter insouciantly. Unbeknownst to the trio, a few demons had their eyes locked on the defenceless vampires. When the blonde left, the assailants approached the sisters and cackled sinisterly. "Hello, fair maidens, do you two want to know a secret?"

Moka nodded naively, whilst Kalua was wary of the three demons. "Nii-chan told us not to talk to strangers!"

"Well, we are not strangers. We just want to be friends with the two of you."

"Oh yeah? We just want you to scram- Mmph!" The demons clamped their hands at Kalua's mouth before seizing Moka and darted away. Perceiving an ominous danger, Naruto dashed out from the counter and was petrified at the disappearance of his sisters. The blonde extricated his dilemma swiftly by sniffing the atmosphere and caught scents of his sister's fragrance.

Naruto morphed into a rampaging flame and sped towards to the rescue.


"Let us go! If you don't, when our nii-chan comes, you'll all be sorry!" Kalua exclaimed, trying her best to conceal her fear. She would never submit herself to the vile demons; she was, after all, a proud vampire. Moka was confused and scared however and cried. "Onii-sama! Bad guy! Onii-sama!"

"Shut up, stupid girl! Yell one more time and I'll rip your tongue out!"

"That's enough!" A familiar presence barricaded the demons' path. "Put my sisters down and we can talk about this."

"Onii-sama!" Moka cheered.

"Nii-chan!" Kalua felt relief; she could always count on her brother.

"Sorry, but we need them. Our organization requires the essence of vampire blood, maiden's preferably. Get out of our way or you'll suffer excruci-"

"Let my sisters go or you will suffer excruciating pain." Naruto furrowed his brows; his body suddenly ignited into flames. "God, if they wish to abduct someone at a vampire's calibre, at least send someone competent enough to take down a matured vampire. Not some half-assed bitches."

The demons were expected to quaver in fear. Instead, they snuck out a device and pressed a few buttons on it. The outcome was instantaneous. Naruto suddenly dropped to his knees and clutched his ears, screaming in agony as he trembled furiously. Moka and Kalua were crying, trying their hardest to struggle their way out of the iron grips from the demons. Naruto's eyes were bleeding blood and the crimson liquid cascaded along the curvature of his cheeks.

The demons sneered as he kicked Naruto in the guts, effectively sending the blonde sliding through the mud. "Ain't so tough now, huh? Our organization knows of your powers. We have been observing you for a long time, Naruto Shuzen. Unlike your sisters, you're not a Vampire. We know what you will become in the future. Since you've already stepped into your own grave, I guess we'll do the honour to end your life. Can't let you to hinder our plans in the future, huh? Relax, we'll make sure your sisters will be treated good… for sure."

Naruto gritted his teeth in frustration. "You… bastard."

Whatever the device was, it was killing Naruto. The blonde crawled towards his sister, desperately trying to reach out for them. Kalua and Moka sobbed as they too tried to grab their brother's hand, only for the demons to jerk away and chortled. "What a touching scene. Too mushy for my taste. We wasted too much time. Let's go before-"

"Before what?"

The demons turned and witnessed Issa Shuzen, the vampire lord, in all his glory glaring furiously at them. "You dare kidnap my daughters, hurt my son and expect to live? What insolence!"

With a snap of his fingers, the demons were blasted by an invisible force and were sent sailing through the air, crashing onto the trees in the process. Freed from the demons' grasps, Kalua and Moka rushed to their brother's side. "Nii-chan! Hang on! We'll get help soon!"

"Onii-sama!" Moka tried to wipe off the blood stain from Naruto's cheeks with her tiny fingers.

The last things Naruto saw were his crying sisters and his father performing a magic spell.

The rest was darkness.


Opening his eyes weakly, Naruto realised that he was facing the ceiling of his room. The blonde eyed his left and noticed Moka sleeping beside him, snoring lightly on his pillow. Turning his attention to his right, he saw Kalua sleeping with tear marks adorning her face. Naruto recalled the event that took place earlier the day and sighed. The blonde sniffed the air and smelled the aroma of black pepper steak with steam vegetable lingering in the atmosphere.

No doubt his sisters must have been eating their dinner while watching after him.

The blonde smiled as he planted kisses on Moka and Kalua's foreheads before climbing out of his bed silently. Naruto spared his sisters one last glance before leaving his room.


Naruto strolled through the hallway aimlessly. His pathway coincidentally led to the garden and he was pleased with it. When he reached his destination to admire the moon, he was surprised to see his mother seating on the bench, watching the stars while cuddling Issa. Naruto grinned and mocked a cough. "Heh, am I interrupting something?"

"Not at all. How are you feeling, dear? I heard you risked your life to save Moka-chan and Kalua-chan. You're very brave." Akasha smiled.

"They're my sister. I will sacrifice everything for them if I must." Naruto plucked a white rose and smelled its fragrance. "And I'm fine. A little headache, but I'm fine."

Issa nodded. "That's good to know. I am surprise that they know of your true identity."

"It's all your fault for being too lax over our mansion's security." Akasha nudged her husband's chest.

"It's not like any demon can beat us."

"How do you explain what happen this afternoon?"

Issa sighed. "That's an exception. I will see to it to the truth. And Naruto, do not go out with your sisters anymore. Your mother and I have too many enemies."

"I understand." Naruto grimaced. "Dad?"


"I want to intensify my training."

Akasha arched a brow. "Are you sure? I mean, what happen today is not your fault. Don't blame yourself."

"Moka-chan and Kalua-chan almost got hurt because of my weakness!"

"You can't blame yourself, Naruto." Issa explained. "They have developed technologies to counterattack your powers. Unless you reach to maturity, their technologies will have a severe effect on you."

"That's why I need to get stronger! To prevent anything to happen to my precious people."

Akasha giggled. "So young yet so charming. Say, Naruto, since you love your sisters so much, do you want to marry them one day? Moka-chan and Kalua-chan will be lucky to have you as their husband. I don't really care about the vampire's tradition, where royal vampires must marry to royalty, and I'm sure Issa-kun doesn't care as well, right?"

Issa averted his eyes away. "Right…"

Naruto, however, was blushing. "N-No! I can't accept that, mother. They're my sisters. That sounds… so wrong. I mean… isn't that incest?"

"Technically, no. They're not related to you, so that doesn't count." Akasha beamed.

"But they're still my sisters to me."

"It's alright. When you reach puberty, you will have second thoughts about the matter. Just remember that you're the best candidate for a husband for them. I can't trust anybody to love them more than you do. Sibling love or that kind of love, you decide."

The blonde's blush only deepened. "Mom!"

Issa took the opportunity to save his son from further embarrassment and coughed. "Anyway, we will proceed to the training tomorrow. Now go sleep. You deserve it."

"Goodnight, dad, mom." Naruto bowed, twirled around and walked to his bedroom.

"Goodnight, son."

"Goodnight, my dear, and don't forget about the marriage proposal!" Akasha waved cheerfully at her son, who seemed to walk even faster after her statement.

(3 years later…)

Meeting Kokoa was uneventful. The day he was asked to escort his new younger sister as a tour guide by his father, he knew something was not right. The girl was raised by her mother who often neglected her; her reason of coming to the mansion was the same as Kalua's reason. They both shared the same mother and their mother cared about her looks more so than her own daughters. Issa had no choice but to bring her back. Akasha was a marvellous mother and his children loved her more than him.

Hell, his children loved Naruto more than Akasha!

Issa spent several days in a sulky corner, mumbling about 'ungrateful brats' and 'unloved father' repetitiously.

(2 year ago)

"You must be Kokoa-chan, right?" Naruto smiled.

"That's me. Who're you." The girl's haughtiness was palpable. "You're not a vampire. Where are my siblings? Where's father? Are you my servant?"

"Firstly, I'm not your servant. I'm your brother. You will learn to respect that, understand?" Naruto's serious look of death perturbed the girl and she nodded her head hastily. "Secondly, you're right. I'm not a vampire. And thirdly, Moka-chan and Kalua-chan are waiting anxiously for you in the living room. Come."

The blonde gripped the girl's hand gently and escorted her to the living room. Throughout their journey, she was studying him curiously. Naruto noticed her stares and glanced at her way, only for her to look away quickly. When they reached to the main hall, Naruto was tackled by a silver blur. "Onii-sama! You're back. Can you train me?"

Naruto chuckled as he hugged Moka. "Sure. But first, meet our new addition to the family. Kokoa Shuzen."

The silver haired vampire stared at the girl impassively and introduced herself. "I'm Moka."

"I'm Kalua! I'm sure mommy speaks a lot about me?" The blonde vampire beamed.

Kokoa arched a brow and responded with a tone of arrogance. "Who're you? Mother never mention anything about someone call Kalua. Oh well, it's not like she mentions anything to me anyway. Weird name, by the way."

The girl was whacked on the head by her rudeness. Kokoa tilted her head and nursed the comical bruise atop of her head and glared daggers at the culprit. "How dare you! You dare hit me? A royal vampire? You're not even a vampire, you inferior buffoon!"

Moka and Kalua gasped. The truth was Kalua felt hurt at Kokoa's words; her mother had really abandoned her.

Naruto narrowed his eyes to vicious slits as he radiated a sickening murderous aura. "Firstly, we are family. No matter what, you will not be rude to Kalua-chan. Do you understand me?"

Kokoa gulped.

"And secondly, I may not be a vampire, but that doesn't mean you're stronger than me."

"It's true!" Moka exclaimed. "Nobody can beat Onii-sama, except mother and father."

"Hah!" Kokoa pointed an accusing finger at her sisters. "It's most likely because the two of you are weak! You're not fit to be my sis… ters."

The entire hallway was flooded with killing intent and Kokoa collapsed onto the ground, panting tediously. When she looked up, Naruto was staring at her with his demonic crimson eyes. "Apologise to your sisters, now!"


"Sorry to whom?" Naruto cocked an eyebrow as his eyes remained a dangerous glint.

"S-Sorry… Moka… Onee-sama… Kalua… Onee-sama."

Kalua ran to her youngest sister side and embraced her tightly. "Nii-chan, there is no need to scare her! She's only a child!"

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed. "Child or not, she will understand humility. Doesn't mean you're a vampire, you can act high-and-mighty to me. They are your sisters and you will acknowledge that. You're now one of us. I will protect you with the best of my abilities, but I can't do that unless you accept me as your elder brother. When you come to respect that fact, you can come and talk to me. Now, Moka-chan, let's go to the training field. Kalua-chan, can you take care of her?"

Kalua nodded and smiled at Kokoa. "Come, I'll show you around. And don't mind nii-chan. He cares for all of us, really."

Moka gripped Naruto's hand and started skipping to the training field, dragging the blonde away.

Kokoa was still stuck in stupor. "H-He's a monster!"

"He can be if he wants. But nii-chan truly cares about us and I'm sure he has no intention of hurting you. You'll get to know him well if you can try not to get to his bad side. He's actually very overprotective of us. Oh well. Let's go see your new bedroom. It will be so exciting!" Kalua laughed bubbly and brought Kokoa to their new destination.


Ever since that day, Kokoa had become clingy to Naruto, much to his displeasure. Standing before him were Moka and Kokoa who were wielding a claymore and an axe respectively. Kalua was sweating as she sat on the bench, being the sole audience of the match. Naruto dug his ear insouciantly and huffed. "Are you two going to just stand there and do nothing? It's getting boring here."

The two girls screamed out their war cry and charged blindly at the blonde. Naruto grinned as he evaded Kokoa's attempted slash and purposely lashed a foot out; the redhead tripped and fell onto the floor pathetically. Moka learnt of her younger sister's mistake and leaped to the sky. Naruto brought a hand over his eyebrows as he sighed melodramatically. Moka was descending at him at an unbelievable velocity. Nevertheless, the blonde dodged the blow effortlessly.

The silver haired vampire spun around and sliced her elder brother, but to her dismay, Naruto was standing behind her. Before she could retaliate, the blonde swept Moka's feet and the girl tumbled to the ground. Naruto yawned and ambled towards the cheering Kalua. "Better luck next time."

"I'm not done yet!" Kokoa stood up gingerly, seized her axe and charged towards Naruto. Adroitly, the blonde snatched Kokoa's wrist and threw the axe away. "You've lose, Kokoa-chan."

Kokoa attempted a sneak kick, but her foot was halted when Naruto pulled her closer to him and forced her to lose her own momentum. Moka took the opportunity of her elder brother's distracted state and snuck behind him. She failed when Naruto suddenly vanished and manifested his frame behind her. Moka knew of her brother's teleportation skills and swiftly threw her blade at him.

Naruto didn't dodge though. At precise timing, Naruto kicked the tip of the charging blade and the claymore flipped into the air. Quickly, the blonde snatched the hilt of the claymore and the sword belonged to him. "The both of you lose. I have a weapon and one of you don't. This match is over."

"Why do you throw the claymore at him, Onee-sama?" Kokoa fumed.

"It's my only chance to win!" Moka argued.

"The two of you lack teamwork." Naruto deadpanned.

"What can teamwork amount to anything, Onii-chan?" Kokoa folded her arms and puffed her cheeks childishly.

"I don't have two sets of eyes. I can only sense you vaguely if you attack me from the back. If your teamwork skills are great then one of you will automatically become the distraction and the other aim for the kill. However, the both of you aim for the kill and no one was to do the distraction. In this kind of disarray formation, I can defeat the two of you with ease." Naruto explained while Kalua brought a bottle of water for him. Naruto wasted no time to uncap the bottle and swallowed the liquid.

"Who cares about that? Two against one is never fair! If either of us beat you, it means we're the strongest!" Kokoa countered.

"True." Naruto returned the bottle to Kalua and smiled. The blonde vampire blushed and delivered the drinks to her younger sister while her elder brother continued. "However, the two of you cannot defeat me in a fair go. You need to learn to drop your pride and honour sometimes to win a match."

Moka sighed as she accepted the bottle of water. "At any rate, nobody can catch up to you, Onii-sama."

"Who knows? The three of you are vampires, destined to become one the strongest monsters in the world. I might become inferior in the future." Naruto grinned.

Moka shook her head. "No way! Onii-sama is Kyubi! There's no way we can defeat you!"

"That's not true. The Kyubi is once defeated by mere humans."

Kalua laughed nervously. "Perhaps so. We haven't reach adulthood and our powers are still unstable. Once we become stronger, we might be able to beat you then, nii-chan."

"Heh, ambitious huh?"

The blonde vampire blushed.

"Yeah! We will kick your butt for sure, Onii-chan! Just you wait!" Kokoa smirked.

"Yes, I will be waiting for that day to arrive." Naruto inwardly thought. "Not."

It was then their dog, Max, barked manically and kept running circles around the siblings. Naruto arched a brow and noticed a disturbance in the force. "Someone is coming."

"Oh? Maxy is scared! But why?" Kokoa and Moka brushed the dog's fur, trying to tame their pet's anxiety.

"I think that would be my fault." A dark cloaked figure approached the siblings slowly.

The blonde was scrutinising the intruder and sniffed the atmosphere. "A vampire?"

The girl stopped in her tracks and bowed at the group. "Hello. My name is Akua Shuzen. I just migrated from China to here so… pardon me if I address any of you rudely. You know, cultural differences."

Naruto tapped his chin and a proverbial light bulb shined in his head. "Oh, yes! Father told me that you will be coming to stay with us. I apologise for my tardiness."

"Aiya. It's alright, no biggies really." Akua smiled.

"I'm Naruto Shuzen, nice to meet you."

"I'm Kalua Shuzen, feel free to ask me anything if you have problems with your stay here." The blonde vampire beamed cheerfully.

"I'm Moka Shuzen." The girl stared at her elder sister silently.

"Why am I still the youngest?" Kokoa crossed her arm but was rewarded with a light smack on her head. She tilted her head and saw her brother giving her a look. Kokoa sighed and bowed. "I'm Kokoa Shuzen and my name doesn't mean chocolate powder!"

Akua giggled at the delightful ambience of her new family. "I'm sure it doesn't. Please take care of me from now on. And you." The elder sister of the family pointed a finger at Naruto. "You're not a vampire, are you? You smell like a fox."

"Yes!" Moka nodded. "Onii-sama is a fox demon! A very powerful fox demon!"

"Now, now, I'm not powerful. Dad and mom are." Naruto scratched his head and laughed heartily.

Unexpectedly, Akua stealthy walked to the blonde and leaned against her brother, her arms wrapping around his waist. "I'm sure you will take extra care of me, won't you, nii-sama?"

Akua's seductive tone sparked jealousy in Kalua, Moka and Kokoa's hearts. Naruto swallowed the nervous lump in his throat and pushed Akua gently away. "Of course. I care for everybody equally."

"That's good to know. Come. Show me the mansion and my bedroom, will you?" Akua lowered herself to grab her suitcase, but she was surprised when Naruto had already held it for her. "I'll carry it for you. After all, being a brother means being a servant to all of you."

"How sweet." Akua gave a quick kiss to her brother's lips and skipped enthusiastically into the mansion. Perceiving the fact that nobody was following her, Akua turned around and arched a brow at Naruto's daze form. "What's wrong? Are you going to let me wander in the mansion alone? I might go into the wrong room, you know?"

"I-I'm sorry. Allow me to escort you in." The pair entered into the mansion and Akua purposely held onto Naruto's hand.

Meanwhile, the other sisters were burning with rage. Moka and Kokoa were about to relinquish their untamed anger but stopped when they saw Kalua picked up a nearby axe and started swinging ferociously and randomly at the bush. They swore they saw blazing inferno igniting in Kalua's eyes as she went into rampage frenzy, trying to cut anything down in her path. Kokoa leaned towards Moka and whispered. "Hey, has Kalua Onee-sama been this scary before?"

"Uh… no?"

The two girls stood there and watched their once optimistic and kind sister transforming into a devil as she kept slicing the bush into nonexistence. Moka and Kokoa gulped; their sister was superbly strong.

And their father would have to pay to rebuild his garden.


"So, are you three home-school or something?" Akua queried.

"Yes, kind off. Dad forbids us to leave the mansion and employs a teacher for us."

"It must be very tiring for you then?"

"Not really. Once you get used to it, it is pretty much a routine. In the morning, I have to prepare breakfasts for the girls. They prefer my cooking than the chefs here. In the afternoon, we attend classes at home and afterwards, Moka-chan and Kokoa-chan want to spar with me and Kalua-chan simply watch. She abhors violence with a passion and prefers to stay on the sideline. She's very strong actually. At night, Kalua-chan and I have to make sure the girls do their homework and we discuss work together. You can say we spend most of our time together."

"Wow, I'm sure the four of you are very close. I'm jealous." Akua smiled sadly at the blonde. "My mother died when I was very young and I have to live with my aunt. She isn't a very nice person."

"I see… but that's in the past now. You're our sister now. I'll protect you, believe it!"

"Protect me?" Akua giggled. "Can you?"

"Who knows? Ah, we've reached your room. It's right beside mine." Naruto opened the door and led Akua to enter. The girl smiled as she explored the room; it had a rather exquisite taste, like a princess's room. "Hmm… I prefer a simplistic looking room actually."

"I'm sorry, but we only reserve the best for our family." Naruto smirked as he situated the suitcase on a corner. "If you have any problems, just knock on my door."

Akasha mysteriously appeared behind the pair and coughed for attention. Naruto and Akua spun around and greeted the beautiful woman before them. "Hey mom."

"Hello, my dear. And hello, Akua-chan. Do you like your room?"

Akua smiled. "Too nice for my taste, but still acceptable nonetheless."

"That's great. Come, your father want to meet you."


When the pair entered the main hall, there were a crowd of vampires gathering around. Standing in the crowd was the silver haired vampire lord, Issa, tending to his guests. Naruto gripped Akua's wrist and noted that she had a smooth complexion, but shoved off that thought and whizzed her through the crowd to the table decorated with food. "So, what do you like?"

"Aiya. Of course I prefer Chinese food. I live there all my life. But a little change in cuisine might do me good." Akua blushed when she noticed that Naruto was still holding her hand unconsciously.

"Indeed." Naruto took a plate and grabbed heaps load of food on it. "Here! You will love all of them! Oh! Ramen!"

The blonde hopped to the gigantic bowl of ramen with drools dripping from his lips. "Ramen! My precious!"

Akua hid her giggle at Naruto's childishness. Turning around, she saw her sisters, who were all wearing dresses, approaching her. Akua felt like an eyesore to the grandiose celebration party. She was the only one wearing all black; even Naruto was wearing orange jacket and something decent for the party. She did perceive the murderous aura emitting from her blonde sister and smirked; Akua had probably stolen Naruto's first kiss and she knew Kalua had secretly desired to be their brother's first. Nevertheless, Akua smiled sweetly at her sisters. "Hello, it is nice to see you three again."

"Yes, it is." Kalua pulled up a fake smile at her elder sister. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"I am. Nii-sama has been a very good host to me. Right, nii-sama?" Akua turned her attention to Naruto, which subsequently, the girls switched sights at their brother and saw the blonde inhaling his ramen indignantly.

"He's a glutton, isn't he?" Akua chuckled but regained her expressionless state when Kalua strolled towards Naruto and grabbed the bowl of ramen, effectively stopping Naruto. "Nii-chan, it is not healthy for you to eat so fast. Besides, we're in a party, manners are appropriate."

"Heh, sorry about that. But I love ramen! Can't help it."

"I'm sure you do. Here, let me feed you." Kalua picked up a chopstick and blinked. "Say 'ah'."

Naruto opened his mouth and was fed happily by Kalua. Akua was seething, trying her best to suppress her anger when she caught sight of Kalua's quick, victorious glance at her. Without hesitation, she marched towards Naruto, grabbed a cup of orange juice and smiled beatifically at the blonde. "Nii-sama, you must be thirsty. Here, let me feed you."

"It's alright, I can help myself."

"Oh, no, no, no. It's the least I can do." Akua gently placed the edge of the cup on Naruto's lips and the blonde drank the juice in delight. "There you go."

"Thanks, Akua-chan."

Kalua was angered at the smile Naruto directed at Akua and seized a cottage pie. "Nii-chan, I think you should try some of this cottage pie. It's good."


"Yes, here, let me feed you."

Akua responded immediately by snatching a chocolate brownie. "Nii-sama, I'm sure you love sweets. Here, have a brownie."

Kalua tossed the cottage pie away and snatched a glass of mango pudding. "Nii-sama, the brownie is too sweet. Here, the mango pudding will do just great."

Akua gritted her teeth in frustration, threw the brownie away and grabbed a chunk of cheese. "Here, eat cheese!"

"No! That's unhealthy! Here, eat my chocolate chip ice-cream!"

"Do you want to fatten up nii-sama? Nii-sama, don't mind her. Here, eat this strawberry fudge trifle."

"Nii-chan hates that! Nii-chan, eat some of this caramel slice!"

"Caramel slice? Nii-sama, don't listen to her. Guava flavoured snowballs are the best!"

"Snowballs? Don't be silly. Nii-chan, eat some of this watermelon flavoured yogurt!"

"Try this berry tiramisu!"

"Chocolate mousse!"


"Sticky date pudding!"

"Passionfruit syrup waffles!"

"Almond cake with poached peach!"

"STOP!" Moka and Kokoa pulled their sisters away, who were ignorantly unaware that they're stuffing and choking Naruto. When they've regained back their senses, they were startled that the blonde was in a coughing fit. Akua and Kalua knelt beside their brother and patted his back. "It's all your fault nii-chan is coughing!"

"No! It's your fault for stuffing nii-sama's face!"

"No! It's-"

"SILENCE!" Issa bellowed, alerting the siblings in the process. "What in the world are you two doing? Can't you behave yourself? We have guests!"

Akua and Kalua shrunk at their father's rage. Issa calmed himself and announced. "As you have all known, my eldest daughter has decided to join our family. I have opened this party to celebrate our family's union. And to determine Akua's strength, can you please step forward?"

Akua obliged but before she went to the stage, she shot Kalua a nasty glare.

"Kalua, please come to the stage as well." The blonde vampire strolled trailed after Akua.

"The two of you shall fight! Showcase your ability to our guests! Make me proud, my daughters. Now, fight to the death!"

Akasha glared intensely at her husband and Issa swallowed hard. "Er… I mean… fight till you drop!"

His wife's glare magnified tremendously and the vampire lord was sweating bullets. "Uh… I mean… just FIGHT!"

Akua cracked her knuckles and grinned predatorily. "Forgive me if I accidentally break your neck."

Kalua cracked her neck and flexed her fingers. "Please do forgive me then if I accidentally kill you."


(Omake – Naruto's death)

Moka and Kokoa were tending to their brother when the redhead grabbed a bottle of water. "Here, Onii-chan, drink some of this and you'll get better."

Unwilling to lose in the hands of her younger sister, Moka swiftly snatched a glass of wine from the butler and fed her brother the beverage. "Here, Onii-sama, drink some of this and the cough will stop."

Kokoa narrowed her eyes at Moka; the battle was on! Snatching a glass of champagne, Kokoa opened her brother's mouth and poured the liquid into it. "Onii-chan, drink this and you'll be fine."

Moka growled and quickly seized a glass of brain-freeze. "Drink this and it'll cool your body down, Onii-sama!"

Kokoa won't back off that easily! Immediately, Kokoa stood up, scanned the table of drinks before grabbing a glass of cocktail. "Onii-chan, drink this and everything will be solved!"

"No! Drink milk!"

"No! Drink this flaming cocktail!"

"No! Drink the brain-freeze!"

"Drink the white wine!"

"Drink the whiskey!"



Nobody noticed Naruto had just died of intoxication and asphyxia.


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