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"What is that all about, Naruto?" Urd hollered.

"Nothing. It's none of your business anyway." The blond poured himself a cup of wine with his trembling hands, unable to fathom the maelstrom of tribulation in his heart.

The goddess shook her head in disappointment. "That girl… that succubus… she loves you."

"She betrayed me." Naruto yelled as he relinquished his hold of his enraged emotions and threw the glass across the room. Urd flinched as the blond glared fiercely at her with his vicious crimson eyes. "She betrayed me, even when I trusted her with my life! She sold me out to that witch! My plan would have been successful if she didn't ruin it!"

"Listen to what you're saying! Plan this, plan that! You're so obsessed with your plans and victory against Gyokuro that you're losing your reality! This thing is eating you! It's killing you inside out! Naruto, please!" Urd grasped Naruto's arms and squeezed. "Please, just… just stop this. Stop this meaningless battle. You can prevent this quandary if you apologise to that girl right now!"

"Apologise?" Naruto stared incredulously at Urd. "After what she did to me, after what she-"

The goddess did the inconceivable.

She slapped the blond.

"I guess you know nothing about women, do you?" Urd glared fiercely at the dumbstruck Naruto. "Do you think there is a woman in this world who would foolishly jump into a bitter love? Nowhere in this world would there be a woman who will start a love and give up in the end. Do you understand now? You may think she is just a succubus. You may think she is unworthy to you. You may even think she is unfit to be your mate, but no woman starts a love knowing when it ends."

The blond nursed his cheek and scoffed. "I don't understand what you're babbling about."

Urd stared in disbelief at the ignorant blond and clicked her tongue in annoyance. "Are you this dense, Naruto Shuzen? Even when she knows this relationship is impossible to begin with, she still loves you. She loves you so much, she's hurting herself for it."

"Don't you get it? She sold me out! She betrayed me! Now tell me, how is that love?"

"I guess you're not as calm and cool as you think you are." Urd folded her arms under her ample bosom. "Think with a straight mind. If the person you love is suffering because of you, can you live on like this like nothing has happened? When you're ready with an answer, I'll find you."

The goddess sighed as she vanished into glitters of starry sparkles, leaving Naruto in his own device.


"How could Naruto-sama say this to you? This is just plain overboard!" Lilith fumed as she patted her sister's back.

"T-This must be a mistake." Kokoa shook her head. "Onii-chan would never say that!"

"I g-guess this is all there is to our love." Morrigan wiped the endless tears from her emerald eyes and stifled her hiccups. "I…"

Kalua stood up and clenched her fists. "I believe nii-chan has his reasons for saying that. I know nii-chan likes Morrigan-chan. Guys don't just do things for no reason in front of the girl they like. There's always a reason. I believed in him."

The blonde spun around as her curly locks swayed in the air.

Moka blinked and tilted her head in confusion. "Where are you going, Kalua-nee?"

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this. I'm going to confront nii-chan."


Naruto sat under the moonlight as he twirled his glass of wine, contemplating of a certain succubus. The blond shook his head and grunted in distraught, listening to the rattling of ice cubes in his alcoholic beverage. He didn't wish to lament what he did to Morrigan, or the tremendous remorse burdening his shoulders. Naruto somewhat couldn't get rid of the dreadfulness lingering in his heart as the succubus's tearful image flashed in his visions.


The blond blinked and registered Kalua's presence. "What are you doing here?"

"I have been standing here for five minutes. You didn't notice me." The blonde sighed and sat beside her adoptive brother. "What are you thinking?"

"Nothing." Naruto lied.

"You're thinking about her, right?"

The blond rolled his eyes and hissed. "Let's not talk about anything, shall we?"

"This is not like you, nii-chan!" Kalua bellowed. "The nii-chan I know… the nii-chan I love will never make a girl cry. Is it my mother who is causing all this? I am not blind. I know what kind of person my mother is, and I know what kind of things she will do to get what she wants. If this is about her, then report it to father! Tell father about this and let him solve this matter for you!"

"I don't need him or anybody else to solve my problems for me." Naruto responded heatedly. "I will settle my scores with your mother. Just stay out of this and go back to your room, Kalua-chan."

The blonde shook her head. "You've changed, nii-chan. I… I don't even know you anymore. The nii-chan I know… he doesn't bottle everything to himself. You're stronger than this!"

"You're wrong." Naruto's eyes illuminated a malicious crimson. "I'm not strong."

Kalua shook her head. "No! The nii-chan I know is confident, righteous, smart and most importantly… kind. You are strong! You are stronger than many people that I've seen! Nii-chan, please-"

"Leave me alone." Naruto's vermillion eyes radiated murderous intent as its ferocity intensified.

Despite sweating profusely, Kalua stood firm. "I will always be here for you, no matter how corny it sounds. Just because of some obstacles, just because of some problems that you can't solve, you confined yourself in this gloomy place. You're pathetic, nii-chan."

"I told you to leave me alone!" The blond roared, producing a shockwave that decimated the infrastructure of his room as it shook.

Kalua spun around and walked quietly to the exit. "Don't let your darkness and pain consume you, nii-chan. You will be no different than the God of Hell if you continue walking this path of darkness."

Naruto watched as the blonde ambled out of the chamber.

A malevolent grin plastered on his features as he snickered; the sinister echoes reverberated throughout the hallway.

Akasha stared with sorrow before she walked away. "I must contact Issa-kun and tell him about Naruto-chan! That boy is turning insane!"


Akuha sharpened her prized katana, which was given to her as a gift by her beloved brother. The sharp metal was polished with glistening silver and the dark-haired vampire stared with psychotic rage gleaming in her magenta eyes. She performed a delicate swing with her treasured blade and sheathed her weapon. "I do not like the fact that this castle's security is ridiculously lax."

The shadows within the room rose into existence and demonic creatures materialised, limping towards an unfazed Akuha. Flexing her wrist and grasping the sunglow hilt of her nefarious sword, Akuha grinned before she drew her blade, swung it stylishly before withdrawing her weapon back to her scabbard. Simultaneously, the demons ruptured into macabre pieces.

She stood up and ambled gracefully towards the remaining, lone monster. It knelt before Akuha's threatening aura and hissed. The raven-haired vampire cupped the demon's jaw aggressively and leaned forward. "Go back to your hellhole. Tell your master to stay the fuck away from me, because next time, I'll go down personally to hell and kill everyone."

Akuha jammed a finger on the demon's forehead and a banishing insignia illuminated, vacuuming the grotesque monstrosity into a dimensional rift.

"I will have to do something with the security here." The raven-haired vampire sighed and stared at the box, with a ribbon tied on it, resting at the side of her room. "Moka-chan will love my present. I'm sure of it."


"Moka's birthday is in two days' time. You will be coming back, right?" Akasha muttered solemnly to her cell phone.

[Of course. I always attend Moka-chan's birthday anniversaries. I'm boarding a flight to Russia to settle a meeting before I make my way back to the castle. You know, I was thinking of marrying you and making you my official consort after our Moka's birthday, Akasha. What do you think?]

The pink-haired vampire blushed. "I… I got more important matters to tell you, Issa-kun."

[What could be more important than our formal marriage?]

Akasha sighed. "It's about Naruto."

There was a noticeable pause on the line. […What about him?]

"I don't know how to explain. You must come back quickly to examine him. I'm afraid that boy is turning insane! I don't even recognise him anymore. I believe the seals are broken or some sort, which is indirectly making him unstable. If this keeps up, I don't think even I can ease his bloodlust."

[That is quite a problem, I see? With the seals malfunctioning, his rationality might go haywire or some sort. Very well. I comprehend the situation. Once I return, I will have a chat with him and examine the seals after my trip. Don't worry and focus on our daughter's birthday bash, okay? Everything will be fine, trust me.]

Akasha nodded. "I truly hope so."

The pink-haired beauty hung up her phone and smiled pleasantly at the reflection of the window. "How have you been, Urd-san?"

The silver-haired goddess folded her arms under her bountiful assets and heaved a heavy sigh. "It has been a while, hasn't it, Akasha-san? Or should I call you the Dark Lord, Akasha Bloodriver?"

Akasha spun around and glared lividly at Urd. "I have been lenient to your intrusion, Urd-san. However, I can't help but notice that after your arrival to Akashiya Castle, my son has become more and more abnormal. It's hard to imagine what a goddess of your calibre would want from us."

"I came here by my accord." Urd replied monotonously and shrugged. "I'm a fallen goddess who became foolishly attracted to the Conqueror's debonair charm. And so, here I am. I will make sure nobody breaks the seals."

"Right." Akasha was dubious. "You do not need to worry about the Seals of Armageddon. Issa-kun and I are the guardians of the seals. As long as I live, I will not allow Naruto-chan to transform into that despicable and hideous beast. We do not need an outsider, especially a holy entity, to interfere with our business! You should return where you came from, Urd. This is no place for the likes of you."

Urd shook her head. "I have already pledged my allegiance to Naruto. Our unbreakable bond is sealed with the contract. I am bound to him. If he wishes to die, I will die with him. If he requires pleasure, I will give my flesh to him. If he desires blood, I will gladly offer mine. You will have to accept me, Akasha. Or maybe I should address you as… future mother-in-law."

Akasha growled as she narrowed her eyes. "I will never acknowledge you."

"Time will tell. As for Naruto's insanity, I will find a way to save him. He is, after all, my husband-to-be." Urd smiled benevolently. "Besides, the seals are imperfect, and it is cracking as we speak. You know what that means don't you?"

Akasha sighed as she watched the holy goddess vanished into falling feathers.


Naruto was bewildered as he stood before a regal cathedral. The thunderclouds hovered atop the palatial church and the blond felt allured by the lugubrious ambience. He trudged into the gateway and caught a glimpse of an unfamiliar man standing at the gothic aisle. When the enigmatic person spun around, Naruto was astounded. "Y-You!"

"It has been a while, hasn't it?" The mysterious man was dressed in a white tuxedo with shawl lapels and shimmering loafers. He exuded a dominating air of aloofness as he smiled with a hint of malevolence at the gawking blond; the mockery of the fiasco was the fact that he looked identical to Naruto. "I almost thought you have forgotten about me. Welcome back to hell, my vessel."

"You are the voices that I've been hearing all this time!" Naruto gritted his teeth with umbrage.

"I am the enticement. You are the executioner." The conqueror flailed his hands to emphasis his point as he spoke with a dreadful echo. "Now that's a difference."

"So it was you who make me say all those crap to Morry-chan and Kahlua-chan!" Naruto roared with exasperation. "You sick bastard! What's your motive? What do you want from me?"

The doppelganger shrugged with nonchalance. "Well, it was amusing to see how you struggle to comprehend reality when everything around you is falling apart. Putting that aside, I drag you in to your mindscape for a reason. Don't you think our conversation is long overdue, hmm?"

Naruto was seething as he clenched his fists. "I don't have time to play mind games with you!"

"You still don't get it, do you? My opinion is the only one that matters." The conqueror snickered as the antiquated furniture levitated in the air; a tantamount to his phenomenal strength. "I am not oblivious of the fact that people are trying to shatter the Seals of Armageddon in order to revive me. The truth is… I was never dead from the start."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You are the receptacle of my powers. I have implanted the essence of my soul into you. The more you utilise your demonic powers, the faster the seals degenerate." The conqueror elaborated, "In order to stimulate the deterioration process, you must experience excruciating pain. I even considered killing your loved ones to instigate a reaction from you."

"You bastard!" Naruto charged towards his counterpart with a readied fist, but an almighty shockwave slammed upon him and hurled the blond to the ceiling. Unyieldingly, Naruto struggled to no avail while the malignant conqueror guffawed in hysteria. "You won't get away with this!"

"Yes! Yes! Keep the fire running! I'll need all that pent-up rage when I take over your body."
The conqueror swiped his hand and the telekinetic force dissipated. The blond fell to the marble ground in a loud thud while his counterpart sneered. "You know, I have a fabulous idea. How about this? A wrestling match inside your noggin'! I kinda like this idea."

Naruto grunted as he growled.

"What do you think? Just you and me. One on one. No tricks." The conqueror smirked. "If you win, you get to control all of my unfathomable powers. I win, well… that's too bad."

"Bastard!" The blond roared before he climbed to his feet and dashed towards his adversary.


Morrigan removed the ornament from her velvet emerald hair and brushed the silky strands with her hairbrush. She was drowned in melancholy, so much so that she didn't realise a doleful tear had dripped from her eyes and blemished her porcelain skin with smudges of ruined eyeliner.

She stared at her reflection and gritted her teeth. "You… You mustn't cry for someone who has tossed you aside. Y-You mustn't… so why… why does it hurt so much?"

Morrigan shifted her glance down to her polished nails and balled her fists. "Why must love hurt so much?"

"Oh, my dear, I'm sure we can work something up."

The succubus was startled before she twirled around, only to see a smirking Naruto leaning against her doorway. He carried an unfamiliar scent of death as he studied her body with lascivious gleam in his eyes. Black flames ignited from his fingertips as he ambled towards the cautious woman. "I do owe you an apology for the trauma I have inflicted on you. It is all part of the plan."

"P-Plan? Naruto-kun, what are you-"

Naruto extinguished his flames and caressed Morrigan's reddened cheeks. "It must be… confusing and painful to see me. The hurtful words I have said to you… the things that I've done… I know it is unforgivable."

"N-Naruto-kun… is something wrong?" For that instance, the succubus was mesmerised by the dangerous crimson radiating from Naruto's eyes. The abnormal vibe coming from his suave attitude was untypical of the blond. His smile, laced with an underlying malice, frightened the succubus. Naruto may be a reclusive individual sometimes, but he wasn't enigmatic, at least not to her. Hell, contradicting his statement, there was no sign of remorse from his face.

The blond shook his head and clicked his tongues in disapproval. "Wrong? There is nothing wrong. I have come to my senses, my Morrigan. I have been in denial. Foolishness. I didn't know that my selfish war has harmed so many people, especially my loved ones. You have always been supportive of me, but I chose to neglect your feelings."

The beautiful succubus stood up and felt her heart pounding rapidly. She retreated to her bed and tumbled to the mattress. Moaning in distress, she tried to recover from her predicament, but Naruto had climbed atop her. Pinning her arms above her head, the blond smirked with prurient desires gleaming in his demonic eyes. "What's wrong, my love? Why do you seem so… afraid? You know… you're really cute with your bunny eyes."

Morrigan swallowed hard as she could feel Naruto's warm breath lingering on her moist skin. "N-Naruto-kun…"

"I don't like your scared face. It irks me." Naruto's eyes illuminated a sinister light as he scowled. "Smile for me, bunny eyes."

When the blond realised that Morrigan was trembling in trepidation, he became agitated as he demanded with vehemence in his tone. "I said, 'Smile!'"

The terrified succubus tried her best to mask her fear and feigned a weak smile.

Naruto softened his stern gaze as he reciprocated with a smile. "You know, my beloved, you are pretty when you are scared, but you're even prettier when you smile. Can you truly live without me?"

"L-Let go of me, Naruto-kun!"

"That won't do. To be honest with you, I know you have feelings for me. It won't be long before you become my woman. Why not we quicken the pace and make you mine now?"

Morrigan widened her eyes in stupor when Naruto crashed his lips on hers and ripped her shirt apart. She struggled to break free, but Naruto's unearthly strength overpowered her. It was then the succubus realised that the Naruto she knew was different. His authoritative aura and the distinctive cologne he wore were unlike the blond.

There was no passion in the kiss.

There was no love.

It was just lust.

Naruto removed himself from his aggressive kiss and growled at the sobbing Morrigan. "I don't understand women. Don't you want love? Don't you want an intimate relationship with me? I'm giving it to you… and you're crying? Why are your kinds so complicated?"

"W-We are not complicated! Women are not complicated." Morrigan refuted. "We are simple! W-What we want are also simple! It's because it is so simple, egocentric men like you can never understand!"

"And what is that?" The blond seethed.

The succubus stared deeply into Naruto's vermillion eyes and tried to find a trace of familiarity, but she was in dismay.

All she saw were hatred and anger.

"…Love, compassion… understanding."

Naruto chuckled. "How naïve."

"You're not Naruto!" Morrigan shivered in consternation as Naruto's lips curled diabolically. "You…"

"Jackpot." The blond leaned forward and whispered huskily. "But I do go with many names. Some called me Satan. Others called me the Adversary. I personally prefer a specific moniker. The Conqueror."

The succubus gasped. "Then that means…"

"Your beloved Naruto-kun is long gone, sweetheart." Naruto snickered. "Don't worry, unlike that weakling, I would make you the queen of a new world, something your Naruto-kun is incapable of. He is too weak-minded. He has no ambitions. Such a man doesn't deserve your love, Morrigan. I am different. My world shall be a utopia."

"At least Naruto-kun won't force himself on me." The succubus retorted. "He knows how to control himself. He respects me. He has integrity, unlike you! You are nothing compared to him!"

The conqueror's eyelid twitched vigorously as he glared with unquenchable anger at the girl beneath him. "You dare mock me? Do you even know who I am?"

It was then Urd intruded the chamber and aimed her palm, decorated with intricate seals, at Naruto. "I know who you are, you no-good, arrogant sack of shit! Destierra de ti vuelta al infierno!" (Banish thee back to hell)

The conqueror roared in agony as a white set of angelic seals, which resembled a tribal shaped into a pair of wings, slammed upon his back. He bore his fangs to the culprit and hissed. "W-What is this power? An Archangel's Devil Banishing Seals? It is one of the highest levels of banishing seals a holy entity can cast on a demon. An ordinary demon would have been incinerated."

"Exactly!" Beads of sweat formed on Urd's temples as she channelled her seraphic energy into her arms. "To be frank with you, my father tasked me to monitor you. My mission is to prevent the conqueror for manifesting, but if I can't stop the process, I will be granted full access to my powers in order to subdue you."

"W-What are you doing? You're hurting him!" Morrigan exclaimed in distress.

"Open your eyes, Morrigan!" Urd frowned. "That man is no longer Naruto! The Naruto we know is trapped inside his soul! That person… that person in front of you is not the Naruto you love anymore! Get away from him!"

Morrigan nodded hastily and crawled her way out of Naruto's grasp. Urd grunted as the conqueror utilised brute force to shatter the seals. Cracks formed on the wall and the entire bedroom shook in tremor as steam emitted from the edge of Naruto's mouth. Morrigan stood behind Urd and covered her modesty with what's left of her torn clothes. "W-What are you-"

"Get out of here, succubus. I cannot keep him in bay forever!" Tendrils of potent power were pumped into the goddess's arm as she imprinted the seals on the conqueror again.

"What about you?" Morrigan yelled in solicitude.

Urd grinned. "Are you concerned about me? We are, after all, love rivals."

"This is no time for jokes! Let's get out of here together!" The succubus placed a hand on the goddess's shoulder. "I can't leave you-"

"You have to!" Urd turned her attention to Morrigan and smiled in uncertainty. "Go get Lady Akasha here. She is the only one in this mansion who may be able to subdue the conqueror. Now go! Go and get help!"

The emerald-haired girl was stunned beyond cognition as she stared at Urd's fearful eyes. "Y-You…"

"Stop spluttering and go! Now!"

Realisation dawned upon the succubus as she understood the goddess's plan; Urd was sacrificing herself as bait. Reluctantly, Morrigan ran out of the chamber.

Urd sighed as she watched the succubus disappeared around the corner. When she diverted her sight to her objective, the goddess was shocked by Naruto's disappearance. She scanned her surroundings frantically. "W-Where is he?"

"I guess it's too late for you to plead for mercy. My patience has already reached its limits, Urd."

She spun around and was thrown to a wall, before she collapsed on the bed.

"You have miscalculated the fact that I am no ordinary demon. Your banishing insignia won't work on me. I am beyond the level of a demon king. I am the Overlord of Hell." Naruto straightened his blazer and grinned lewdly. "You know, I never have had a goddess as mate before. You will be my first, Urd-chan."

Urd screams went unheard as she was gagged by darkness.


Morrigan navigated herself through the labyrinths of hallways within the palace and cursed incoherently. "Who the hell created this damn place? I need to hurry! I can sense the goddess's presence vanishing! Damn it! It is all my fault! If something happened to that goddess, I…"

"Why the haste, Morrigan?"

The succubus halted her steps and snapped her infuriated gaze to her back. "Gyokuro."

The vampire elder smiled sweetly. "Don't bother running. You are trapped in my illusions. You are just running circles."

Morrigan glared with disdain at Gyokuro and spat. "I don't have time for this!"

"I know the Conqueror has awakened. If I'm not wrong, right now he must be using the goddess to relieve his sexual desires. After all, he has been imprisoned for years." The vampire elder grinned. "And I won't let you disrupt the Conqueror's session. I won't let you get to Akasha for help. That woman is nothing but trouble."

"Then I just have to beat you to it." Morrigan's devilish wings sprouted out from her back and spheres of magical energy materialised in her hands.

Gyokuro crossed her arms under her bosom. "Beat me? Why are you even helping that wench?"

"Because she saved me! My morals forbid me for abandoning those who have helped me! I know Naruto-kun won't forgive me if he knows I submit to cowardice. I will save that goddess, regardless of our differences." Sparkling particles of raw power enveloped the succubus as she her luminous eyes were filled with conviction. "If you're not moving, then I just have to defeat you."

"You have underestimated me. I'll have you know that you are still thousand years too early to consider beating me, little girl." The vampire elder winked. "Now come to me, sugar."

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