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The mission finished without a hitch and SG1, the top team of the SGC, returned home.

They debriefed and had their medical and then were allowed to leave, to return the next day. He had to catch up on the ever-mounting pile of paper work. As 2IC of the base he had his fair share of paperwork, but as he was the leader of SG1 and continually going on missions, he didn't have lots of time for it and the time he did have, he didn't really feel like wasting on paper work. Nevertheless, it was there and he had to do it.

After he had wrestled though the paperwork for the day, he decided to head down to the gym for a workout before he headed home. As most people had headed off of the base for the night, the gym was empty to the Colonel's delight. He had reframed from using too many of his fighting capabilities to avoid people from asking questions, but he still liked to brush up on his skills every now and again.

Being the 2IC of the base now showed its perks, he walked up to the security camera and disabled it before pulling out his personal punching bag he kept hidden in one of the storerooms he managed the paperwork for.

"Ah, sweet relief" He thought. The bag seemed not to move as ha made his way around the bag, repeating his punches with a speed he would have fun explaining to anyone watching on film. He didn't take too long, it may have raised questions about the downtime on the camera if he had, but he had certainly worked up a sweat by the time he was packing up the bag. He felt guilty. The very least he could share his custom weighted bag with Teal'c, but he didn't want answer the question of why such a heavy bag had received a workout before being given to the big jaffa.

He finished up, cleaned-up and headed home. He got there and suddenly all of his senses went onto top alert. He had the gut feeling that somebody was there. He took his time when looking around, his keen eyes seeing more than most, but after a moment concluded that he was mistaken. However he didn't sleep well that night and people noticed it when he arrived at work the next day.

He made his way to the briefing room to check in with the general.

"Colonel! I know you wanted to get that paperwork finished but did you get any sleep last night?"

"Morning General. I don't think I did get any sleep. Don't worry it wasn't the paperwork. I do know when to take a break, unlike other people," he grinned as Carter walked up.

"For once I think that I can say that you're the one that needs the early morning caffeine fix instead of me," Carter laughed as she waited for him.

"I just had that uneasy feeling that somebody was watching me last night and that just didn't result in a good nights sleep sir." He said returning to the General.

"Very well Colonel, just get some sleep, you're no use to me dead, dismissed"

"Aye, aye sir" he said with a salute before turning on his heels and following Carter to the cafeteria for a strong coffee.

Max looked at the fence that surrounded the mountain. She had slipped passed Jack's house last night but had decided against confronting him because as soon as she saw him a wave of emotion had flooded her. She had decided that she would wait until she calmed down before dropping in and saying hello. She had noticed him becoming aware of somebody's presence and was impressed, anyone else would not have noticed it and this confirmed the felling that this man was Jack.

Now that she had calmed down, she couldn't be bothered waiting any longer and she was also curious about the SGC. Logan hadn't exactly been able to tell her much about the facility and this sparked her interest as much as the fact that Jack worked there, as she was sure that he wouldn't work just anywhere. Plus according to the file that Logan had given to her there was a genius scientist on his team and secretly she desired that Jack's teammate would be able to cure her virus that prevents her from touching Logan.

But no, she was thinking too far ahead of herself, she scolded. Concentrate on the next step, getting inside of the complex. She resolved that the easiest way to do this was to allow her to get caught and then fight off her captives, once she was inside. Smiling, that's what she proceeded to do.

She leapt the fence and dodged the guards on perimeter duty. It wouldn't do to go injuring or maiming them if she was to try and convince the brass running the show that she wasn't there to be a threat. She made her way into the building and pulled out her lock picking kit to open a service door. Her 'carelessness' at taking so long to open a comparitively unassuming door allowed two patrolling guards to spot her.

"Oy, you! What do you think you're doing there?"

Max's eyes opened wide and she made to dart off.


She froze, less from the guards asking her to and more from hearing the distinct sound of the automatic weapons safety clicking off.

The guards moved up and handcuffed her. That was the hard part over with. She had never considered herself an actor but fighting two guards with her hands handcuffed behind her back was what she had been trained for and in compassion, cinch.

She waited until the guards had radioed control, to alert them that they had captured an intruder. They were quiet considerately taking her to what she thought to be a more central point of the complex. OK, now to find the people Logan had given her the reports on.

Without warning she jumped slightly, bringing up her two legs to connect with the security's heads only hard enough to knock them down and momentarily stun them. This gave her all the time that she needed to jump up out of view. She jumped, bringing the handcuffs in front of her and then slipped her arms over a nearby pole, and pulled snapping the handcuffs and successfully freeing her hands. Although she knew that the place would be swarming with security guards in just a few moments the cat part of her couldn't help but play a little.

"You guys really need to learn that girl power is much more stronger than you male weaklings" She taunted her sound giving them the direction of her position. She ran and jumped, again out of sight. She fought to control the playful side of her as more guards filed in. These were professional soldiers not just the average thugs that she dealt with periodically when she went on "errands" for Logan.

She called out again, her voice still taunting but a little more serious in what she had to say. "But because I'm a nice girl if I can talk to Colonel Jack O'Neill I'll come out quietly. She jumped again, this time onto pole that ran along the high ceiling, she crept along making the most of the shadows. With her supersonic hearing she could hear a male voice radioing her request to control. She smiled as soon after she could here a PA system in the distance echoing her request.


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