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Summary: It was the end of fifth year for Harry. After the happening at the Ministry of Magic, Harry once again returned to the Dursley. Feeling guilty for leading his friends into danger and almost killing Sirius, Harry promised himself to start training hard to fight against Voldemort. What he didn't expect was his life was about to turn upside down.

Pairing: Tom/Harry, Draco/Hermione (undecided)

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Drowning a sinking ship

Chapter one – Looking for…?

The dark lord was sitting behind his desk in his study waiting impatiently for his men to return from their mission on his order. His slightly pursed lips reflected his bad mood. The wait had made him restless and agitated. His men better brought back positive results or there would be hell to pay.

The information his spy in the Ministry had uncovered confirmed his guesses. Those evident that he had obtained were hidden and well protected under lock. Now all he needed to do was to get the boy.

The knocks on the door pulled him away from his thinking. "Come in."

Three of his followers who he assigned the mission to came in. They entered the study quickly and knelt neatly in a row in front of the desk, "My lord." They greeted in unison.

He glared at his three followers with a dangerous glint in his red eyes. "Speak. You better not disappoint me." He warned and waited for them to report on their assignment.

"We couldn't get him, my lord." One of his knelt followers reported shakily.

"What do you mean you couldn't get him?" Voldemort's voice was not loud however the effect was worse than him shouting. His three followers flinched and paled instantly.

"The tracking spell we used failed. Dumbledore or the Order must have used an anti-tracking spell on the boy." Another follower explained timidly, tremor showed through his shaky voice.

"We attempted to follow him when the spell failed, my lord, just like you instructed, but a few Order members were protecting him from the shadow. They spotted us and we had to flee. You had ordered us not to attack in case we were found." The third follower added fearfully.

Reining in his temper with a deep breath, he barked, "Get out!" Immediately all three terrified men scrambled from the room, inwardly thanking their lucky stars that they escaped without punishment.

How did a simple mission of tracking the boy to find out where he lived could flop so easily. And to think that he had selected those three who were supposed to be excellent in shadowing people. "A bunch of incompetent idiots!" raged Voldemort. His right hand clenched tightly showing white knuckles. 'Damn that stupid old man and his Order,' he thought furiously. Dumbledore and the Order had dared to hide the boy from him, they would pay.

Frustration made him paced back and fro in front of the fireplace. He planned to get the boy before his birthday and talk to him. The dark lord wanted to be there for the boy when he came into his inheritance on his sixteenth birthday. Now his plan was thwarted by a few incompetence fools and the Order.

No matter. If he couldn't get to the boy now, he would be able to on the boy's birthday. The pulling force of the mate bond would guide him to the boy. The blood ward surrounding the boy's house would be useless against him as he had the boy's blood in him now. The only challenge would be the wards which would alert Dumbledore and the Order of any forced entry. It was going to be a challenge to be able to cross the wards without the alarm going off. He had to think of a plan. Darn the old man! The boy was his!

When he was about to summon Lucius for discussion, a few loud tapping were heard from the window. When he opened the window, an unrecognized white owl flew in gracefully. "What the hell!" He cursed loudly at no one. His manor had anti-owl wards! How did the bird find its way in?

The owl landed on the back of his seat and eyed him pointedly. The owl seemed to be assessing him with its predator-like yellow eyes. After several moments which it seemed to be satisfied with whatever it was looking for, it then hopped onto his desk and picked up his quill in between its beak. It hooted encouragingly at him.

The unusual intelligent displayed by the owl made the dark lord narrowed his eyes at the bird suspiciously. When the owl continued to look at him hopefully, his frustration peaked to a new height. "What do you want? You stupid bird!" said the dark lord sarcastically. The dark lord almost rolled his eyes at himself. Bird can't talk. Did he expect the bird to answer him? His sanity must be wearing thin due to his ever climbing bad mood. The snowy owl hooted again, this time disapprovingly.

Suddenly, realization struck him. The bird belonged to the boy! Information his followers gathered on the boy mentioned about him owning a snowy white owl. Without thinking how ridiculous he action was going to be, he asked the bird, "Hoot once if you belong to Harry Potter." The owl hooted just once.

This might just work!

"You are one clever bird." He eyed the owl appraisingly. The owl hooted smugly. Seemed like there was more to this snowy owl than its beautiful appearance but now was not the time to ponder about that.

By right he should be caution, it was not everyday occurrence that your enemy's owl 'visited' you asking for a written letter and assisting you in your plotting against its owner. It was just so surreal but the owl's 'you-can-trust-me' look made him pushed his skeptical doubt aside.

He sat down behind his desk and formulated his plan.

/ - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - /

Harry was back in his relatives' house at no. 4 Privet Drive after his 5th year at Hogwarts. It had been 3 days since his return and his relatives more or less left him alone. Even more amazing was the fact that they said nothing when he took his trunk to his room instead of the usual lockup under the stairs the moment he got back, most likely due to the 'talk' that had taken place at the train station. Vernon and Petunia must have been thoroughly intimidated by Moody's revolving eye that they took the 'talk' to heart.

Ever since he first stepped into the house and after listening to his aunt speech of 'I don't care what your friends said, you are to remain in your room for your entire stay. I will bring you your meals and let you out 2 times a day for bathroom. You are not to come out of your room otherwise. Is that clear?' Harry had been coop up in his room. Even though he had lost his freedom, he was rather glad for it. Being locked up meant no chores and minimum belittlement. Finally being wise for once, he stocked up his trunk with food under stasis charm with the help of Dobby just before leaving school. So even with the morsel amount of food provided by Aunt Petunia, he would not go hungry. Of course he could not let them found out about that or there would be trouble.

Since he did not have to do chores, he had a lot of free time. Besides doing his summer homework, he spent most of his time thinking about what had happened at the Ministry of Magic and the prophecy told by Dumbledore. Among the uncertainty, regrets, guilt and restlessness, one feeling stood out; resentment. Harry resented Dumbledore and began to doubt some of his actions.

Firstly he knew the importance of Harry learning Occlumency and yet assigned Snape as the tutor when he was well aware of Snape's hostility towards him. He did not explain that Voldemort could plant false visions in his dreams and lead him to believe that occlumency was to help him with his nightmares only. If Dumbledore had done that, he would have put up with all the snarky remarks from Snape and learnt, no matter how awful they were. He might not end up being tricked by Voldemort and risking the lives of his friends and Sirius. Tremor would rack through him every time he recalled how Sirius nearly fell into the veil. It was only luck that Remus who was beside him at that time managed to pull him away.

Secondly, Dumbledore never trained him. How was he, a school trained wizard able to 'vanquish' the dark lord who had years of experience and extensive knowledge? It made no sense.

Lastly was the look on Dumbledore's face when the dark lord taunted him into killing him. Harry might have lost control of his body at that time but he was still able to see. The brief glint that flashed across Dumbledore's eyes showed that the old man wanted to do precisely that despite his vocal persuasion. 'For the greater good.' Harry would bet half his fortune at Gringott that Dumbledore would give that as an excuse if he did fire the killing curse.

When Voldemort possessed him, it was painful and unpleasant. Yet there was another feeling he could not describe. Behind the pain, there was… he felt whole… a connection… 'I must be out of my mind.' decided Harry. Before he could stop his train of thoughts, flashes of the dark lord's memory that he had somehow obtained during the possession entered his mind… the loneliness of being shunned by others because you were so poor you needed scholarship… the unfairness of being isolated by your classmates because of your talents and good grades… Harry found himself pitying the young Riddle in those memories. If only there was an adult or a friend who was willing to help or guide him, maybe there would be no Lord Voldemort today.

Tapping sounds on the window pane shook him out of his thinking. He walked over and pried open the one and only loosen wooden panel across the window so that whichever owl waiting outside could enter. He was immensely pleased and relieved when he saw it was Hedwig.

"Girl, where have you been? You had me worried. You didn't turn up during the first night and I thought something bad must have happened to you." said Harry as he ruffled her feathers. He noticed a letter tied to one of her legs. Hedwig hooted reassuringly and stuck out her leg so that he could untie it. As soon as the letter came off its leg, Hedwig drank some water from her water bowl and flew off again.

Since it was Hedwig who had delivered the letter, Harry rightly assumed that it was one of his friends who had written to him. He opened the letter without any suspicion. The letter inside was a piece of parchment about the same size as the envelope but slightly smaller. The wording was so short that Harry could finish reading it with a glance.


I need to speak to you face to face.

'Who could it be?' thought Harry. There was no name signing off at the end of the letter. After several minutes of pondering, he could come up with no known person who might send him such a cryptic letter. Shrugging, he decided to leave it be since without a name, it was quite impossible for him to send a reply back. Most probably the sender would contact him again if it was important. Maybe later he could ask Hedwig when she returned. When he was putting the letter away, he heard someone knocking loudly at the front door downstairs. Harry could hear his uncle complaining loudly about rude salesman interrupting a good TV show and his heavy footsteps to the door.

"What do you want?" His uncle's voice was full of annoyance. Several moments later his uncle spoke again. This time his voice was full of contempt, "Look, we don't want you lot to come here…"

Vernon's loud voice stopped abruptly followed by a loud thud. Most likely Vernon had been rendered unconscious and dropped onto the floor. 'Uncle Vernon may be rude but members of the Order will not curse him,' Harry thought. Just then two more dull thuds could be heard from the first floor. 'Shit! It must be the death eater. I need to get out of here.' Knowing that the window was his only escape route, he had to open it somehow. He quickly went to retrieve his wand and invisible cloak from under the floorboard. There was no time to lose. The intruder would be able to find him easily and soon.

The moment Harry stood up from the chair he sensed something was wrong with him. For some unknown reasons, his body was fast becoming sluggish that he had difficulty moving across the room. Not only that, he felt dizzy and was starting to see double image of everything he looked at. 'Damn it! Come on move!' By the time he had his wand, he could hardly move.

Pushing his panic aside, Harry forcefully lifted his lead-filled arm and aimed his wand at the window. Before he could fire a blasting hex, his strength was leaving him in such an alarming rate that his heavy body slid down onto the floor against his wish. At the same time his scar began to hurt. This was not a good sign. A hurting scar meant that Voldemort was near.

By now Harry could sense that the intruder was standing outside the door. There was no way for him to escape through the window now. Forcing himself up into a sitting position and trying his hardest to fight the drowsiness, Harry aimed his wand at the door. He would stun the intruder when the door opened and made his escape. He could only hope that Voldemort came alone.

The moment the door opened, a red stunner left Harry's wand, but it did not have the desire result he wanted. The stunner bounced off the intruder and before Harry could send another, his world turned black.

/ - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - /

The dark lord waited patiently. Once the boy touched the letter, the tracking charm would activate immediately and he would know where the boy was.

Another 'special effect' that he had added to the letter was that the parchment had been coated with a special potion which had the similar effect of a dreamless draught and strong muscle relaxant. The special part about the potion was that it entered the body system through skin contact instead of the usual ingestion, a creative invention by Snape. The unsuspecting boy would be rendered weak and unconscious and unable to escape.

After an hour since the snowy owl had flown off, the signal came: #4 Privet Drive, Surrey. 'Excellent.' Without wasting any time, the dark lord apparated.

The dark lord appeared in a dark alley a few meters away from his destination. Spreading his magic outwards, he sought out any presence of wizard in the surrounding area. None, there was no Order members guarding the boy. He then proceeded to inspect the wards protecting the house. After 10 minutes, he sneered. This was the kind of protection provided by Dumbledore to protect the boy? There was not even one offensive ward that helped to fight off intruders.

The house was heavily warded but not foolproof. It had loopholes that were exploitable with some clever thinking. The anti-apparition, anti-portkey and the intent ward which barred anyone with intention to harm the occupants of the house from entering could be torn down easily, as long as the alarm ward that set off when magic was being performed did not activate. The alarm ward was not difficult to tackle either. It should have been nullified by the invisible rune written at the back of the letter by now. The anti-dark mark ward was useless against him. The dark lord had to suppress an urge to roll his eyes at the stupidity of the old senile man. He, Lord Voldemort, had a dark mark on his left arm? You got to be kidding. Dark mark was meant to brand onto his followers' arms, not on him. Didn't the old man know? It was laughable. Upon further careful inspection, there was no sign of bloody blood ward. What an old liar. This showed how manipulative the old man was.

Smirking, the dark lord dismantled the wards effortlessly. He did nothing to the alarm ward even though it should be unresponsive by now. He would not take unnecessary risk since he did not know whether tearing down that particular ward would also trigger an alarm or not.

A big fat man who reminded him of a buffalo opened the door. The man showed an annoyed face and said rudely, "What do you want?" When the buffalo man noticed his clothing, he sneered loudly, "Look, we don't want you lot to come here…

Before the man could finish his sentence, the dark lord got bored and stunned the man. 'Some ass he is.' He kicked the fallen man further into the house and shut the door behind him. With no one to block his way, the dark lord walked into the house. The alarm did not go off. Pleased with the result, he walked further in. A horse face woman, who must have been alerted by the commotion, was walking briskly down the stairs with a… whale… boy towing behind her.

"Who are you? What did you do to my husband?" She demanded even though she was clearly frightened and pale.

"Never heard of Lord Voldermort?" He answered lazily. If possible, the woman's face paled even further. With a flick of his wand, he stunned the two persons before they could scream and alert the neighbors. He watched with some amusement as the whale boy tumbled down the last few steps of the stairs. The action reminded him of the muggle nursery character Humpty Dumpty.

Taking his time, he walked up the stairs and approached the room where he felt the boy's magic was coming from. Frowning at the sight of the padlocks mounted onto the door, he unlocked it. Just in case the boy was still able to fight back, he erected a shield before opening the door. Once the door was opened wide enough for him to look inside the small room, a red spell rocketed towards him. It bounced off his shield and hit the opposite wall. Scanning the room, he found the boy whose face scowled with an effort to stay awake, was slumped on the floor. By the next eye blink, the boy gave in to the potency of the potion and went out like a candle.

Even though it was only for a brief moment, the piercing look of those big green eyes stayed. Voldemort blinked once then shook his head. He walked into the room, pocketed the boy's wand and scooped him up into his arms. The moment the dark lord had the boy, he immediately apparated back to his manor, just in case somehow Dumbledore and the Order of the flaming chicken had been alerted.

/ - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - / - /

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