AN: Well, it wasn't quiet as long of a wait this time. :) I've been writing too much fluff lately, so every time I started writing this chapter, it just didn't feel right. I'm still not satisfied with the beginning, but it's better than nothing, right? Anyways I'm thinking one more chapter after this, so enjoy!

By the time the police SWAT team had cleared the upper floors of the building, the FBI SWAT as well as Jones, had arrived. Switching out personnel, they made ready to sweep the basement.

"We have twenty-five minutes left on the clock, let's move fast and keep it clean." Peter instructed, "Notify me immediately if you find Caffrey. Neutralize the suspects using your best judgment."

Acknowledgements were murmured as the SWAT officers moved out, followed by the agents. They swept through the corridor, keeping noise to a minimum. Halfway through the search, an officer signaled for silence near a heavy metal door. Peter crept up to his position and put an ear against the door. Sure enough there where voices coming from the other side. He stepped to the side and the entry team moved forward. On three, they rammed the door open and Peter rushed through the opening, gun raised.

"Freeze! FBI!"

The stench of blood, sweat and fear immediately hit him and he had to fight not to gag. Peter forced himself to ignore the figure in the chair that was occupying the middle of the room and focused on the two standing figures instead. The one furthest from the door, Jenna the brunette, raised her hands immediately in surrender. Two SWAT agents moved slowly in her direction, wary of the woman standing in the middle of the room.

Kelsey was frozen in shock for a moment when the agents burst into the room. She quickly recovered herself with a growl, grabbing the wire that was attached to the car battery still.

"Kinda figured you were lying about our sister." She sneered, moving the exposed wire close to the slumped form in front of her.

"Figured you weren't going to hold up on your end of the bargain anyways, and it looks like I would have been right. Now set the wire on the ground and back away from him, you're under arrest." Peter said as calmly as possible, his finger on the trigger the whole time. The blond sneered at the agents, her eyes dark and determined. The hand holding the wire twitched towards Neal. Three shots rang out in the small room. Everyone was frozen as the wire fell to the ground, closely followed by the blond's body.

Peter holstered his still hot weapon and bolted forward. He kneeled down in front of Neal's pale, limp form. Feeling for a pulse, he sighed in relief when he felt it, granted it was erratic and faint.

"Someone get me a knife, we need to get these ties off. Get the EMTs down here fast!" He shouted. A SWAT officer came over and made quick work of the plastic ties. Peter supported Neal and gently slid him down to the ground, cradling him to his chest in an effort to warm him up.

"It's ok Neal, I got you now." The agent muttered into his matted hair. He felt eyelashes flutter on his neck and pulled back slightly to see a sliver of blue peering at him.

"P'tr?" Neal groaned. Peter hugged him to his chest again, overjoyed that Neal was conscious.

"Hey there buddy. Just hold on, the paramedics are on their way down."

"You f'nd me." Neal whispered, letting out a shuddering sigh while tears of relief leaked from his eyes. He sagged into Peter even more, "Kn'w you h'd m' back."

"Always Neal."

The paramedics arrived shortly after, pushing Peter aside so they could assess Neal's condition. He glanced over at the Kelsey's still figure nearby on the ground. There were two bullet holes in her chest and one right between her eyes.

"It was worth it." Diana said, walking up to her boss. He looked at her and nodded. They were both going to be on forced leave while things got sorted out.

"You two go with Neal to the hospital, I'll take care of things here." Jones said from behind them, inclining his head towards the door where the EMTs were moving through with the stretcher Neal was strapped into. Peter nodded his appreciation and caught up to the paramedics to check which hospital they were taking Neal to. He watched them load him into the ambulance before getting into Diana's car. Suddenly he felt like he was ten years older, the exhaustion from the last couple days sinking in.

"We did it." Diana said quietly after a few minutes of driving.

"Yeah, we did. He's banged up pretty bad, but he's still alive." Peter answered, a sad smile on his lips.