Gary was concerned of the "Ghost" on his team. The man always wore the same balaclava that had a creepy skull painted on it. To Gary he was an enigma and curiosity implored him to try and figure his team mate out. During a little celebration for a perfectly executed mission Gary kept his eye on Ghost. The man drank a little but as far as Gary could tell he was still sober. Gary wanted him to be drunk so he would spill at least some information about himself. Gary played it cool and made sure Ghost couldn't tell he was staring at him.

Simon was annoyed at the new kid's staring. Sure he wore a mask and he understood how that might make others stare but seriously it wasn't that intriguing. Pulling down his mask after finishing his first and last drink for the night he decided to skip out on the festivities. He wanted to try and get some decent sleep. The pills were working better this time and he didn't want to waste precious sleep hours. The alcohol always made his nightmares worse anyways. He got up and started for his dorm when Toad draped an arm around his shoulders.

"EY! Whatcha doing leaving now ghostie! WE JUST GETTING STARTED!" Ghost flinched at the pain in his ear from the drunk's yelling. He gently pushed the arm off him.

"Not this time mate I need to rest up before I collapse in utter exhaustion. I'll see you in the morn." With that he left and once in his room changed to his usual sleepwear, baggy sleep pants and no shirt, still with his mask on he turned to the man in the doorway.

"So what do you want Roach." The man had a look of uncertainty and it made ghost smile that he caused it in the newbie.

"Well we're team mates right? So how come you know my background and" Ghost interrupted Roach with a sigh.

"I knew this was coming. The whole gotta know shit you don't really need to know. Look we are a team but does my past really matter? You want me to tell you my whole life story, my hopes and dreams? Do you want to know my likes and dislikes cause to me that is personal stuff that I would like to keep to my self at least for now. Maybe after a couple of missions Roach I'll tell you my story but for now you just got to deal with not knowing ok." After his tirade Ghost turned from the other and took his mask off. Sitting on the side of the bed he waited for the other man to leave. When Gary didn't Ghost angrily stood up and walked over to Gary. He grabbed both shoulders and looked right into Gary's eyes.

"just let it go mate I'm not in the mood to relive the past. I just want some well needed sleep so please would you just go." They stared in each other's eyes until understanding flashed in Gary's then Ghost let go. With eyes still locked Ghost was surprised by Gary's gentle smile.

"Fine I'll go but don't think you're off the hook yet." With that said Gary left the Ghost and returned to the little party that was still going on. Ghost shook his head and went to bed.

so this is my version of a bromance moment...i wanted to add a some lemon flavor to this soo bad but then i was like...can i just write a not gay fic for yeah sorta has a gay possibility but for someone you can only see ghost and roach going at it like rabbits all the damn time this is quite an achievement lmao at least i consider it as. i finish the other story with both humor ending and the lemon so there!