Chapter 2

Welcome buddy

I had to go to school without a backpack, since mine was burned. I was so pissed and exhausted that I forgot that I was a welcome buddy today. A girl who looked like she was rich and in the popular crowd came up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Kiki. Who are you?" Kiki, that name sounded awfully familiar. I suddenly remembered that I was her welcome buddy. "I'm Julie. Are you new here?" I asked her. "Yes, aren't you my welcome buddy?" she questioned. "I think so." I responded.

By the end of the school day Kiki knew everyone and everything in the school. She also invited me to her house to hang out after school, and I agreed. Honestly, I didn't really like Kiki, she was a little to goody-two-shoes, but I would do anything to get away from my mother.

We walked to her house which was right across the street from the school, and she showed me around. After a while we sat down to do our homework. "How come you don't have a backpack?" She asked. "Mother burned it." I responded.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean she literally burned it."



We sat in awkward silence for the next 10 minutes doing our homework when a suddenly the door opened and a creepy, EMO-looking guy came inside. "Who is that?" I asked Kiki. "My brother," She said "I know I told you I was an only child, but I have a brother. I don't pay attention to him and he doesn't pay attention to me, so it's just like being an only child." "I see… Well I think I better get going. Bye Kiki. Bye, um… EMO-dude."