"What do you-?" Alois began but was cut short by a deep, menacing hiss that echoed through the room like the snap of the hanged man's neck as the rope brings him sharply to a halt.

All eyes turned to the source of the sound. Harry.

"Oh no!" Alois gulped, "oh, now you've done it" Ciel said anxiously. Harry's right hand moved up and removed the silver pin, as the bandage fell away they saw a strange symbol, an upside down star with five points, surrounded by a circle. The entire thing glowed an eerie black-purple. His head snapped up, his eyes pitch black from lid to lid, and as his mouth opened in that same blood-curdling hiss, they saw inch long fangs to match his claw like black finger nails. Then he spoke. A more chilling sound has never been made or heard by man or beast. That same echoing hiss, curled into words that chill the spine and freeze the blood. An aura of terror, death and despair emanated from him as he raised one black taloned hand, ready to bring the fatal blow crashing down.

At that moment, there was a flash of white light and a scream as a voice cried out in an ancient tongue. At last the light faded and Ron and Hermione looked up to see harry, mercifully normal again, shivering at the feet of a woman dressed in white. Sebastian, Claude and Grell had covered their faces against the light and now removed their hands to look. "Angela" Sebastian said as he looked at her, "good day demon" she narrowed her eyes, "and good day to you madam angel" Ciel said politely though he narrowed his eyes. Harry finally sat up "thank you Lady Angela" he panted, "you are welcome, Tainted Angel" she said holding out her hand to help him up, as they touched a black-purple glow mingled with white light coursed along their outlines, vanishing as they let go.

"Can someone explain what is going on because I think I'm having a heart attack here" Hermione suddenly yelled, "Hermione, I am so sorry-" Harry took a step towards her and she gave an involuntary squeak of fear and shrank back into her chair. "I knew it, I just knew it!" he cried and ran from the room. "Wha-" Hermione mumbled, unsure of what had just happened, "I can understand your fear my dear, but it is not his fault, he just loses control of his darker side sometimes" Angela said with a calming smile. At that moment Hermione recalled a conversation she'd had with Harry, on that night in the forest in first year.

"Harry, you're rather unusual, if you don't mind me saying" she had said, "really, how so" he'd asked her. "Well, you never seem to get angry, you're nice to everyone, it's as if your heart is totally pure" she had explained, at that he'd laughed, "not at all, I just pray to god that you and Ron never see it when I lose control of my dark side"

"I'll be right back" she said and left the room, waiting until she was one floor up, she broke into a run, stopping only to help up and apologise to the maid; Mey-Rin, who she had knocked over, she ran up stairs and down corridors until she reached the fourth floor and began to search for the right room, finally she found it, a room on the south side of the house with a black door and silver plaque that read; Emrys' Room, in elegant script. She knocked and was told to go away but entered anyway. "Harry, I didn't mean to react like that, I was just shocked" she said, closing the door quietly. He had his face buried in one of the black silk cushions on the magnificent four-poster bed with deep purple hangings in the dark room. "girls aren't supposed to be in boys' rooms, you should leave, anyway, I might eat you or something" he sobbed, "I don't think you would, I'm stringy and besides," she paused, licked her hand and pulled a face, "I don't taste very nice" she finished, Harry laughed a little at that and Hermione pulled the cuff of her raggedy blouse down over the heel of her hand and used it to wipe away the lingering teardrops. "Let's get some light in here" she smiled as she strode to the window and pulled back the long black curtains. The room was tastefully furnished, a deep purple carpet covered the floor, and there was a large fireplace and an even bigger wardrobe. A sturdy dresser with mirror next to the bay windows which had a black cushioned bench beneath them. A spectacular crystal chandelier hung from the centre of the ceiling, on which were painted images of what looked like Greek gods and a silver border separated the ceiling from the walls.

"What a lovely room" Hermione said, looking at the ceiling, trying to work out who the figures were. "The ceiling art was Grell's idea, the northern side is Olympus. Zeus, Hera and the Olympian Council" Harry said looking up at it, "who are those two? They look like angels, but there are no angels in Greek mythology" Hermione squinted up at the white winged figures, puzzled. "If you look carefully, the woman next to Zeus is Lady Angela, the man beside Hera is Angela's twin brother; Ash" Harry explained (A/N I know ash and Angela are the same person really, but for my story they are twins),"oh, I see, and are they really...?" Hermionetailed off, Harry nodded, "the southern half," he continued, pointing at it, "is the Underworld, Hades and Persephone, with my parents on either side, Grell; a reaper and another reaper beside them, Sebastian and Claude, both demons, next in the line and myself, Ciel and Alois on the steps in front of the thrones. The Olympian Council on one side in white gold and the Underworld Council on the other in black and silver" he laughed, "the proverbial Heaven and Hell scenario I suppose, but where's Grell? I can't see him there" Hermione asked, "the red figure beside my mother" Harry pointed him out; the man in the painting was in a black robe that appeared red at the folds where the light hit it. This figure looked nothing like the feeble brunet downstairs. Neatly tied back brown hair gave way to a vivid, wild red. Round glasses became square and red with skulls hanging from the frames. Shark like teeth lined a crimson mouth and a red coat hung from his shoulders. "The Grell you've seen is his human form, that," Harry said, pointing, "is the real Grell Sutcliff", Hermione was stunned, the Grell she had met was a sweet, if slightly bumbling man, the Grell in Harry's ceiling painting looked amusing but at the same time terrifying, as if he would rip out your heart and eat it and then laugh at the surprised look on your face.

"Don't look so scared, he's harmless really, he's as hopeless as a reaper as he is as a human" Harry took her hand, "I'm alright, it's just a surprise, how do a reaper and two demons come to be working as butlers?" Hermione asked. "Sebastian and Claude are here because they have deals with Ciel and Alois. Ciel wants revenge on the people who killed his parents and Alois," Harry paused, thinking, "I'm not sure about Alois but I think he wants revenge on the people who kidnapped him" he finished, "so what do Sebastian and Claude get out of it?" Hermione wondered. "They get to eat Ciel and Alois' souls" Harry sighed, "so what about you and Grell?" she stammered, "Grell is here because Hades ordered him to keep an eye on me, as for why I'm here, well that's the question isn't it? I don't know" Harry stared out of the windows at a cherry tree as he sat down on the window bench, "it all started the first time my uncle hit me, it was so hard I was knocked out, when I came to I was in a bed here at the Manor. Ciel's fiancée Elizabeth had found me unconscious by the gates, I told them everything and when Sebastian came in he recognised me as a descendant of Hades so Ciel decided to take me in. Whenever anyone asked who I was Ciel introduced me as his little brother who had been raised by our aunt Frances since our parents died" Harry wiped away a small tear, "but you still went back to the Dursleys" Hermione said, he nodded, "Sebastian said I should go back, I didn't want to but I agreed, they didn't even acknowledge me when I got back, then it was back to the usual beatings and bullying, soon I figured out how to control the 'time slipping' as Claude called it, then I could visit Ciel and the others whenever I wanted to" Harry was smiling now, "it must be nice, to be able to leave the hardships of one life behind and live as someone else" Hermione said, "yeah, it was Lizzie who came up with my name. We found out I had unusual powers quite quickly, we thought it was just a Hades thing but Lizzie joked that maybe I had connections to Merlin, supposedly his real name was Emrys and the others thought it suited me, Lizzie also said it was a joke about my eyes too, Emrys, emerald" he said with a laugh. "Let's go back downstairs" Hermione said.

A little later they arrived back in the lounge, "there you are, honestly for a moment we thought Pluto might have eaten you" Alois said as they entered, "who?" Hermione asked, "Harry, if you would be so kind?" the blond bowed, one hand held out towards the window, Harry walked over to it and whistled loudly "Pluto!" he called out into the still summer air, then came a deafening bark and Ron and Hermione's jaws dropped as the giant white dog came bounding into view, it stopped short of the house and lowered its head a little to poke its nose through the open window, Harry proceeded to fuss over the dog, which was bigger even than Fluffy; the dog Hagrid had owned in their first year. "Good by Plu Plu, yes you are, yes you are" Harry said petting the enormous nose and kissing it, "that's Pluto, he's a devil dog" Alois explained, "Pluto, come say hello" Harry said to the dog, the nose vanished as the dog bounded around to the front of the building and few minutes later a much smaller white dog came charging into the room closely followed by Mey-Rin, "a letter came for you Young Master Ciel" she said holding out a slightly battered silver tray, on it sat a crumpled letter, "Pluto, you shouldn't have knocked Mey-Rin over" Harry said to the dog in a mock disapproving tone, Pluto whined and rolled onto his back, Harry laughed and began fussing over the dog again. Ciel was reading the letter with a glum expression on his face, "we have a case" he said, Harry's eyes lit up as he looked up from rubbing Pluto's tummy and Alois looked happy as he read over the letter, "what' does it say, what does it say?" Harry was bouncing on his knees in front of the older boys, "Her Majesty wants us to look into a string of strange disappearances, Scotland Yard have made little progress and she wishes us to take over" Ciel smiled at his little brother, "oh good, I love disappearance cases, they are my second favourite type of case ever!" Harry said throwing himself onto the settee next to the others, "second favourite?" Ron asked, "Yes, I prefer murders but disappearances are just as good" Harry grinned "you two can tag along to the scenes of the disappearances if you like" Ciel said to Ron and Hermione, "no time like the present Young Master" Sebastian said, "quite right, let's go" Ciel said, "can Pluto come too?" Harry asked his brother, Ciel rolled his eyes but nodded, "yay! Pluto, walk about" Harry said to the dog as he ran out of the room, closely followed by Grell and Pluto, the others followed more slowly and when they reached the entryway the three were already ready to leave. The three butlers drew lots to see who would drive and the eight of them (minus Sebastian who was driving) climbed into the open topped carriage and they set of into London.

Authors Note.

Wow, this was a fast chapter, please feel free to point out spelling errors.