So, I came up with this little idea. A chaptered story where each chapter is a new "first" for a ship. I really like this idea, and am glad I thought it up, because now I get to write Brittana and all the firsts they've had! Now, chapters will go from light hearted to very dirty and steamy, since this has all it's firsts, it's going to have the first time they slept together in a later chapter. Just throwing that out there :/

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Santana Lopez knew she was going to hate third grade.

Santana hadn't the slightest clue as to why her parents thought it was necessary to switch schools over the Summer. Sure, she had gotten into plenty of fist fights, but some kids needed a beating. Yes, she talked back to the teacher a lot, but that old bat needed a reality check sometimes. Of course she played pranks on kids, but some of them deserved it for being annoying.

The point was, just because Santana acted up in her last school didn't mean they had to switch school systems. It was so unfair. She had to say goodbye to all of her friends and leave them in a dust and move to a stupid new town and a stupid new school, all because her father didn't like the other schools nearby.

So far, Santana had noted that this school seemed worse than her last. The teacher looked meaner and older, with her wrinkly skin and beady eyes that scanned around the room like a hawk looking for a lone mouse. The kids were louder and more obnoxious than before which made Santana want to beat them even more. And to top it all off, she had to sit in front of the one kid that was the loudest and most obnoxious of all the students in the classroom.

The first day of school was going terrible.

As the teacher explained all about how things would go this year and what was expected of the students, the kid behind her began talking to his friend behind him.

"Hey Finn," the kid whispered, "my mom said if I don't talk back to the teacher for a whole month, she'll actually take me to the barber shop and let the dude give me a Mohawk!"

Santana groaned as the other kid, apparently known as Finn, talked back, which meant the other loudmouth would talk some more. He's stupid, Santana decided in her head.

The teacher droned on, oblivious to the kid behind Santana. Then, the teacher began to hand out a blank sheet of paper, and explained to the class that they were to illustrate (why do teachers feel the need to use a big word when they can just use a little one?) an important moment in their lives.

Santana groaned quietly, taking out her crayons. Santana hated these kinds of assignments. Her parents had always told her never to talk to strangers, and she barely knew this teacher, so why should she tell a stranger about herself? Grown ups have weird rules.

"Hey, I gotta borrow this for a second," the kid said from behind her.

Then, a new voice appeared. "Hey! Those are my crayons!"

The kid replied, "Shut up, Brittany, I'll give them back in a second."

"But Noah, how do I know you'll give them back?" the girl named Brittany questioned suspiciously.

"Brittany, shut up. I'll give them back in a minute. Don't be stupid!" Noah shot back.

Brittany sniffled, a hurt tone in her voice. "D-Don't call me stupid! You're stupid!"

Noah chuckled. "Says the girl who still thinks unicorns are real."

Brittany sniffled again, and it became clear she was going to cry. "They're real! I saw one! It was cute and fast and magical and cute!"

Noah just laughed, throwing his head back and laughing like some dumb hyena. This was the point where Santana turned around to observe the situation. Noah was sitting there, laughing and being stupid. Then Santana turned her attention to the girl who sat next to him. She looked so fragile, with her soft skin, delicate features and her long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. Her eyes were watering over the box of crayons in Noah's hand, which obviously belonged to her.

"Stop it."

Noah and Brittany looked up at Santana, who'd just broke into their conversation. Noah had quit his annoying laughter (Finally, Santana thought) and Brittany now wiped her eyes.

"Stop what?" Noah asked.

"Stop being mean to Brittany," Santana growled, malice in her eyes. Santana wasn't quite sure why she was defending a girl she barely knew, and that strangers rule popped up in her head again, but the girl seemed safe enough. Santana didn't know what came over her, but she just didn't want to see Brittany cry.

"You don't even know her! Why do you even care?" Noah asked, glaring at the new girl.

Suddenly, a word popped into Santana's mind. A bad word. She had heard her father call her boss (behind his back) that word, and was told by her mother to never use it. But Santana didn't care, this situation called for it, at least in her mind it did. "It doesn't matter if I don't know her, you shouldn't be taking her crayons and making her cry…you asshole."

Noah's and Brittany's eyes widened at the use of the word. Noah, almost immediately, raised his hand so he could tattle to the teacher. Santana looked and saw the teacher was preoccupied with another student.

Perfect, Santana thought.

Santana grounded her foot into Noah's own foot, causing him to grit his teeth and grab at his legs, trying to get Santana to lift her foot off. Santana dug her foot in even more.

"Ouch!" Noah squeaked as the pain in his foot throbbed.

"Now, you're going to give Brittany her crayons back, stop saying mean things and be quiet, got it?" Santana demanded, digging her foot more and more.

Noah slid the crayon box over to Brittany quickly. "Okay! Okay! Fine! Get off!"

Santana lifted her foot, a smile on her face at a job well done. Luckily, the teacher didn't notice the little incident, which was perfect. Santana turned to the blonde. "You okay?"

Brittany nodded excitedly. Then, Brittany jumped up from her seat and sat beside Santana instead of Noah. Santana had a light smile, while Brittany was beaming like a child on Christmas. Then, out of nowhere, Brittany attacked Santana with a giant hug. She wrapped her arms around the young Latina and then squeezed her close.

"You're my new best friend!" Brittany declared happily.

Santana, after getting over the shock of the attack-hug, hugged back a little and laughed. "You don't even know my name."

"Doesn't matter! You're my new best friend now, and that's final," Brittany said seriously.

Santana smiled and was released from the hug. "Sounds cool," she grinned. "I'm Santana Lopez."

"Brittany S. Pierce."

Santana giggled at the familiar name. "That's a pretty name."

"I know!" Brittany beamed. "Want to see a unicorn later?"

"Um," Santana was about to explain how they didn't exist, but she didn't want to make her new best friend cry, now would she? "Sure."

"Awesome!" Brittany exclaimed gleefully.

The two girls turned their attention to their papers and began drawing, but not before Brittany reached down and locked pinkies with Santana. They smiled at each other and returned to work.

Sure, maybe Santana wasn't put in the best school. Sure, maybe she had to deal with a jerk behind her everyday. Sure, she'd probably be pulled into weird situations by her new companion. But Santana had a new best friend, and that was all she needed to be happy.

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