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Time for their First Grounding! Not much about the grounding in here, ironically, but it has Brittana, Becky and Catcake so it'll be good ^_^ I promise.

"Catcake, what's love feel like?"

The cat looked up into her owner's eyes. "Meow."

Brittany sighed. That wasn't much of an answer. "Catcake, don't give me that. You have to know something about love. I mean, I know you get around with other cats. No offense, but you're kind of slutty. You've been sleeping with all of the neighbors' cats for two years. Noisily, too."

Catcake gave an annoyed meow, embarrassed, and tried to leap away, avoiding any more of Brittany's accusations. But the escape was to no avail, as Brittany held her cat tightly against her chest as she lay on the bed. If Catcake was capable of the human language, the cat might say something along the lines of "Damn you, Brittany S. Pierce." But since she couldn't say that, she simply meowed again, sounding aggravated.

Brittany went on, ignoring Catcakes protests, scratching the cat behind her ears. "So, I was thinking, since you've been with so many other cats, you must know something about love, right?"

Catcake stared at her, silent.

Brittany stared back, confused. "You mean…you don't know what love feels like?"


Brittany sighed. "Well…poop."

Brittany absentmindedly loosened her grip on Catcake. Catcake almost jumped with glee. Now was her chance! If she just positioned her tail the right way, and stepped very lightly, and very quietly, she could escape the clutches of the blonde. Putting one paw forward and with a swish of her tail, she was home free…that is, until Brittany pulled the cat and hugged her again. Attempt two had failed.

Brittany continued talking, much to Catcake's dismay. "It's just…I think I'm in love, but I don't know what it feels like, so I'm…confused about it. I think I'm in love with Santana…but I'm not sure. I need help, and you're the only friend I've got right now. I just…need advice." Brittany's voice was laced with sadness, as she hated being confused, especially being confused about her feelings. It just made her feel icky, and icky was not something she liked to feel like.

Catcake shrugged the best a cat with no shoulders can shrug.

"So…you don't have an answer?" Brittany asked hopelessly.

Catcake, suddenly feeling bad for her owner, shook her head. Brittany sighed sadly, and flopped down on the bed. Catcake nuzzled up to Brittany, laying on top of her chest, letting the blonde pet her affectionately. Now that her owner needed her, the last thing on Catcake's mind was getting away. She just wished she could help.

The next day was Monday. It was pretty hot outside and Brittany felt like she was in an Easy Bake Oven. Those things had always scared her. After being driven to school and scolded yet again by her mother for the theater incident, Brittany walked into the school and made her way to her locker. To Brittany's relief and excitement, Santana was there. Brittany ran over to her secret girlfriend and restrained from giving her a hug and just went for their signature pinky hold.

"Hey, San," Brittany said, glad to her.

"Hey, B," Santana said, sounding a bit gloomy.

Brittany furrowed her eyebrows. "You okay? You sound like a unicorn when they can't find their double rainbows."

Santana gave the blonde a strange look, but dismissed it. "I'm pissed. I'm grounded because of what happened at the theater."

Brittany put her head down, feeling guilty. "Same. I'm…I'm sorry I got you grounded. I didn't mean to."

"Don't blame yourself, Britt," Santana said, managing a small smile to give her girlfriend hope. "I shouldn't have taken you to that movie anyways. But I can make it up to you." Santana had an idea, and it would be torturous for her, but this wasn't about her, this was about Brittany.

Brittany literally began to bounce on the balls of her feet. "Whatwhatwhat?" she asked excitedly.

Santana sighed. "When we both get un-grounded, we can go to your house and…" Santana prepared herself. "…watch Labyrinth as many times as you want."

Brittany looked extremely excited, but then her face fell. "But…you hate that movie."

"Yes I hate it. I hate it with every fiber of my being. Every time I see David Bowie and that dumb girl- - -"

"His name's Jareth, her name's Sarah and she isn't dumb."

"- - -I want to smash the television. But you love it. And you especially love it when you have someone to watch it with. So we can go to your place when we're not in trouble and watch it."

Brittany was beaming. "Will you watch Power Rangers with me too?"

Santana's face turned serious. "Don't push it."

Brittany crossed her arms. "Fine, but you'll just miss Bridge being…buttery. One of these days, you will watch Power Rangers with me."

"Don't count on it Britt." Santana smirked playfully.

Brittany just giggled a bit. "Ha, well the jokes on you. I can't even count that good."

Before Santana could respond, the warning bell rang. "Shit, I gotta go." Santana grabbed up her books and waved goodbye, and rushed off to her first hour class. Sadly, first hour was the one out of six hours that they didn't share together. Brittany had Math, Santana had Fashion (her class that she picked only for the easy grade). But luckily, Math class was close to Brittany's locker and she had another friend in there. Her name was Becky Jackson, and Brittany could only describe her as epic. She was funny, nice, and sometimes deep. Brittany didn't know what 'being deep' was, but she was pretty sure Becky fit the bill. So, with the warning bell sounded, Brittany got her books from her locker and made her way to Math.

She walked in and was one of the first kids there. There were only three other kids there. Puck, who had his feet on his desk since the teacher hadn't arrived yet. Kurt, the boy who sat in the front row with his legs crossed, humming a little tune. And finally, Becky in the back, who was waving excitedly at Brittany. Brittany grinned at her friend and hurried over, sitting next to her.

"Hey Becky," Brittany greeted.

"Hi, Brittany," Becky said.

Right after Becky said that, the teacher walked in and there was a loud crash as Puck fell backwards in his seat in his attempt to put his feet down so the teacher wouldn't see. The teacher just gave him a stern look, and Puck just grinned cockily, playing it cool.

Becky was staring dreamily at Puck. "He's so cool," she said wistfully.

Brittany gave her friend a weird look. "He's not cool. In fact, he's so uncool that if he was in a band, he'd be…the janitor."

Becky giggled slightly. "Brittany, bands don't have janitors."

Brittany pouted and crossed her arms. "I'm sure some do…" After she trailed off, she remembered last night and how Catcake couldn't help her with her love situation. Maybe Becky could. Brittany knew that Becky was super smart, since she was pretty good at math. So maybe she knew about love? "Hey Becky? Do you…know what love feels like?"

Becky shrugged. "What kind of love?"

"Like, girlfriend gir- - -boyfriend love."

Becky thought for a moment. "What it feels like?"

Brittany nodded.

"Weeeeell…I think you grow butterflies in your stomach." Becky blinked, looking like she was deep in thought. "I think that's it, but I don't know. I could be wrong."

By now most of the class had gotten inside and were all seated. The bell rang soon afterwards. As the teacher droned on about how to turn fractions into decimals, Brittany began to think about what Becky had told her. Did butterflies really grow in your stomach when you were in love? Brittany was sure there weren't any butterflies in her stomach. She probably would've felt something. She lifted her shirt a little bit and poked her belly. Nothing. Was Becky wrong? Possibly, or maybe Brittany wasn't really in love after all. That was okay, right? As long as she liked Santana, it was okay if she didn't love her. All the logic was clouding the blonde's mind, making her very confused. She ceased with poking her belly. So maybe she wasn't in love, but deep down, Brittany somehow felt some kind of spark that made her question if she truly didn't love Santana. A spark that made her feel like she was in love with the Latina, and that they were meant to be.

Brittany's train of thought was derailed as this robot kid Artie wheeled into classroom. "Sorry," he apologized to the teacher, "I just escaped a potential swirly." And with that, Brittany forgot about her love troubles now, as she had now moved on to wondering how a robot got accepted into the school.

After Math, Brittany had second and third hour with Santana, but they didn't have much time to talk as they had a test in second hour and didn't sit next to each other in third hour. Finally, the bell rang, signaling lunch, and Brittany and Santana raced off to the lunch room, as they didn't want all the best food to be stolen. They made it there before most kids, so they got awesome French fries and chicken nuggets. After explaining to Brittany that chicken nuggets came from chicken and not narwhals, Santana and Brittany made their way to an empty lunch table.

Almost immediately, Brittany asked, "Do butterflies grow in people's bellies when they're in love?"

Santana, in the middle of chewing on a nugget, looked at her girlfriend strangely. "…What?"

"I was just wondering, because Becky likes this guy, and she was scared that butterflies were gonna grow inside her and…get bigger…until she exploded…yeah." Brittany hoped Santana would buy the lie. The blonde didn't want to tell her she might love her. Even Brittany knew love was a big thing, and if telling Santana she liked her had caused such an unfortunate series of events ( ;D ), she hadn't the slightest clue of what telling her she loved her would do. Maybe the world would implode. Brittany didn't know what implode meant, but she was sure it was sucky.

Santana finished off her nugget, and to Brittany's relief, it appeared she bought it. "No babe, butterflies don't grow in your stomach when your in love." Brittany couldn't help but blush and grin at the fact that her girlfriend had called her babe for the first time…ever.

Brittany composed herself and hoped the redness from her face would disappear. "So…what is someone supposed to feel when they fall in love? I just want to know so I can help out Becky and make sure if she's in love or not, because that's what friends do ya know, help out…and stuff." Brittany mentally hit herself. She sucked at lying.

Santana, just like Becky, shrugged. "I dunno."

Brittany absentmindedly gnawed on a fry while looking at Santana. "So…you don't have any idea what it feels like to be in love?"

Santana shrugged again. "Well…maybe. I think love is like, when you really care for someone a lot." Brittany realized she cared for Santana a whole bunch. "And you're willing to do stuff for them to make them feel better when they're having a really shitty day." Brittany realized she would do anything for Santana and had helped her feel better before like with the whole sickness ordeal. "And you know everything about them because you actually care." Brittany realized she knew a ton about Santana because she did care. "I guess love, as disgustingly cheesy as it is, is that feeling you get when you can't imagine being together with anyone else in the whole world."

It was official. Brittany S. Pierce was totally, undeniably, absolutely in love with Santana Lopez.

So what have we learned from this chapter? Brittany has first hour Math with Puck, Becky, Kurt and Artie. Santana's super sweet because she promises to watch Labyrinth even though she hates it. Brittany finds out about love. Oh, and who could forget, we find out Catcake has a slutty side. Oh Catcake, how I love you. Can't wait to get to your spinoff onesh- - -I'VE SAID TOO MUCH!

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