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Santana Lopez had gone through many terrible situations before. She had gotten into a fist fight with some stupid bitch that dared to call Brittany retarded and Santana had ended up with a bloody nose. She had been chased by a dog and gotten bitten on the hand, which hurt like hell. She had even fallen face first on her bike riding full speed down a hill, which was extremely painful. But nothing could prepare her for the painful act that she would perform in only a couple minutes.

Santana Lopez was going to watch Labyrinth with Brittany S. Pierce.


She didn't know why she had agreed to it. Santana knew she'd done it because she felt guilty for getting Brittany in trouble and for forcing her to watch that stupid movie, but this was overkill. She could've said they would do something else. Like…cuddle and watch Pokemon. Or play hide and seek with her and Catcake. Hell, in retrospect, she wished she had agreed to watch Power Rangers instead of this. At least then she might see some attractive twenty-somethings blow shit up. But no, instead she would be watching a movie about a girl looking for a baby in a maze while being stalked by a Goblin King who's pants were on way too tight. And he plays with magical crystal balls.

"God help me," Santana muttered as she grabbed her backpack full of supplies for the sleepover. It had been two days after the official end to both of their groundings. It was a Friday, and it was about six o'clock. Light was receding in the sky and was being replaced by night. Santana slung the backpack over her shoulder and made her way downstairs. Her mother was in the living room, waiting for her.

Mrs. Lopez looked up at her daughter. "You ready?"

Santana nodded.

"Alright, let's go." Mrs. Lopez got up, grabbed her purse and made her way for the door. She opened it and walked outside. Santana quickly followed. Mrs. Lopez through a quick glance behind her to make sure Santana was with her and that she had shut the door. "You okay? You seem a little…gloomy."

"I'm fine Mom," Santana insisted. She wasn't gloomy. She was furious. Why did Brittany have to love one freaking movie so much that she insisted on watching it all the time? The one good thing about this sleepover was that Brittany, in fairness to Santana, had eventually agreed only to watch it once with her, and then for the rest of the sleepover they could hang out and have fun. So at least Santana would only have to watch it once. Then she could be done with the damn thing.

As Santana entered her mother's car, she realized this would be her first sleepover with Brittany as a couple. They had had sleepovers before, but that was before they had become secret girlfriends. Santana wasn't sure if things would be different now that they were dating. Santana couldn't help but wonder if being a couple would affect having a sleepover or something. Santana realized it was kind of a dumb thing to think about. It'll probably be like any other sleepover, she thought.

Santana was wroooooong.

Mrs. Lopez pulled up to the driveway of the Pierce residence. Santana gave her mother a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye as she hopped out of the car. The young Latina ran up to the front door of Brittany's house and rang the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" a familiar voice rang out from inside. Suddenly, the door opened and Santana was greeted by Brittany, who gave her a hug right there on the spot. Santana laughed, happy to see her, actually forgetting for a moment that she'd have to watch Labyrinth soon. Santana gave Mrs. Lopez a thumbs up, signaling that she could leave. Brittany released Santana, locked pinkies and pulled her inside, shutting the door behind her. "We're gonna have so much fun together!" Brittany practically squealed.

Santana's face fell. Labyrinth. "Yep. Buckets of it."

Brittany, not one to waste any time, pulled her girlfriend along towards the stairs. Brittany suddenly stopped though as she passed her dad. Before Mr. Pierce could say anything, Brittany glared at him. "Dad, you know the rules. Do not interrupt Labyrinth." Santana's eyes widened at how scary Brittany sounded.

Mr. Pierce raised his hands in defense and shook his head. "Wouldn't dream of it. Hi, San."

With that, Brittany continued dragging Santana up the stairs and quickly leapt into her room. She slammed the door behind her, locking it. Brittany turned and grinned. "Time to watch it!"

Santana was getting kind of creeped out by Brittany's extreme enthusiasm for watching the movie. A meow interrupted Santana from her thoughts. The Latina turned and noticed Catcake lounging on the bed. She was sprawled out on the pillow, absentmindedly playing with her tail. Santana sat beside the cat and couldn't help but give a little smile. Santana wasn't the one to like animals. They shed. They were noisy. And they always craved attention. Seriously, dogs and cats wanted more attention than Rachel Fucking Berry. That was saying something. But, Santana had to admit that Catcake had grown on her over the years. Santana gave Catcake a little scratch behind the ears, causing the cat to moan.

Brittany looked up from her searching for the DVD. "Um…you shouldn't scratch her behind the ears too much. It makes her very…aroused."

Santana's eyebrow quirked up and she pulled her hand way from the cat's head. Catcake hissed in what sounded like agony.

"Found it!" Brittany exclaimed with joy. She raised the DVD over her head with triumph and a smile on her face. Santana only scowled up at the DVD, wishing it would somehow not exist, or spontaneously combust, or…not exist. But nope, Santana's wishes were met with no conclusion, and it still existed in Brittany's hands.

Brittany giddily ran over to her TV and popped in the DVD, and a few seconds later, the movie was playing. Brittany couldn't help but let out a little squeak of happiness. She ran over and plopped down next to Santana, and she grabbed Catcake and hugged the cat, saying, "You watch too, kitty." Catcake looked almost as distressed as Santana.

Santana didn't know why anyone would enjoy being outside, alone, in a dress, talking to themselves about fantastical stuff, but apparently the girl in the movie loved it. Santana groaned at the sheer stupidity of this, but this only got her a shushing sound from the blonde beside her. Santana crossed her arms and scowled. This was going to be agonizing.

The movie went on, and now it was at the point where the Goblin King, Jareth, was taking Toby.

"What does he even want with a baby?" Santana questioned irritably.

"Silence!" Brittany growled, her eyes glued to the television.

Santana sighed, feeling defeated. There was no getting through to her girlfriend. She was brainwashed. Brainwashed by this movie.

And the movie went on…

"Yep, what a great way to introduce a character. His first scene is him pissing in public," Santana said.

"Silence! Hoggle's awesome!" Brittany said quietly, pinching Santana a bit to hush her up. Santana gasped at the sudden pain and rubbed her arm where Brittany had pinched her. As tough as Santana was, even she couldn't handle a death pinch from Brittany. In fact, nobody could.

And the movie went on…

Brittany was bouncing with joy, causing Catcake in her arms to flail a bit. "Look! Look! It's Ludo!"

"Yeah, Britt…I know…" Santana was wondering if a movie could cause someone to fall unconscious. Because she really wanted to be unconscious right now.

And the movie went on…

It was at this point, where the character of Sir Didymus was about to appear, that Santana was officially about to go insane. It was so boring. So astronomically boring, she wanted to scream. She contemplated about grabbing Catcake and making a run for it, but she knew Brittany wouldn't let her. She had tried that once before, during the twenty seventh or twenty sixth viewing of Labyrinth. It was that day that she learned she would never outrun Brittany. It was just impossible.

Now, Santana had gone with the tactic of suggesting other things that they could do, but to no avail.

"We could play Scrabble!"


"We could…I dunno, read?" Santana was getting desperate now.


"Anything but this! Pleeeeeeeease!"

"No, wait until we're finished watching this."

"Anything!" Santana begged, feeling totally and utterly hopeless. And then, a thought hit Santana like a ton of bricks. It was crazy, it was stupid, and it might just work. So she went with it, without much thought. "We should kiss."

Brittany's mouth dropped a bit. She absentmindedly dropped Catcake, causing the cat to hiss in anger. Brittany reached for the remote and paused Labyrinth. Now the room was completely silent, and Santana was thinking she might not have said the right thing. She now wished she had thought of something else to say. She didn't know if she was entirely ready to kiss Brittany. The first kiss didn't count in her mind. So by those standards, Santana had never kissed anyone in her entire life. This was a big moment, and an even bigger moment because it was with a girl. Santana obviously didn't think it was wrong to kiss a girl, seeing as she was dating one. No, it wasn't that, it was just that she was so confused with her feelings right now. Did she not know if she was ready for the kiss because she wasn't really attracted to girls in that way? Was she lesbian? Santana didn't think so. She still could look at guys and be attracted to them. But ever since realizing she liked Brittany, she began to notice that she could look at some girls and be attracted to them too. So, was she bisexual? Maybe…but then again, at this point, Santana had really only liked Brittany. Sure, she could find some attraction in the same sex at times, but she didn't have any crushes on any other girls. Just Brittany. So, if she wasn't used to liking girls all that much, was she not bisexual, just curious? All these thoughts were caving in on her brain and it almost made Santana dizzy just to think about. She didn't think it would be this hard to figure out what sexuality she was, but it turned out she had thought entirely wrong.

"Really?" Brittany asked, staring at Santana in awe. "Do you think you're ready?"

Was she ready? Santana wasn't too sure. If she did kiss Brittany, wouldn't it be awkward, seeing as it was both of their first kisses? It's not like either of them were experienced. And just like before, Santana didn't know if she was ready to kiss another girl. On the other hand, the mere question of kissing caused Brittany had gotten the blonde to pause Labyrinth. Maybe if she did kiss Brittany, she could get out of watching the rest of the movie. It was a possibility. Plus, Santana was kind of curious as to what kissing Brittany for real would be like. Would it be nice? Would it be the best thing ever? Santana didn't know, and a part of her wanted to find out. And it also helped that Santana liked the shape of Brittany's lips.

It's gonna happen sometime, anyway, Santana realized.

After a quick evaluation of the pros and cons, Santana was ready to answer.

"Y-Yeah, Britt. I'm ready." Santana quickly added, "But only if you're ready!"

Brittany nodded. "Yeah…I think I'm ready."

Santana scratched the back of her head. This was really awkward. "Cool."

"So…" Brittany searched for the appropriate words for this situation. "I guess we should…kiss…now."

"Guess so," Santana agreed.

Neither made a move.

Catcake had been watching this little scene intently, and at the moment she wished she could speak human so she could shout at them to just kiss already, but sadly, she only spoke in meows and purrs. But there might be something she could do. Catcake hopped up on the bed behind Brittany and nudged her back with her head. Brittany noticed this and decided Catcake was right in her actions. It was time to make the first move.

Brittany closed her eyes and leaned forward. Her lips were puckered a bit. Her heart was pounding, almost right out of her chest. She was about to kiss the girl she loved. Really loved. She knew that her love was real. Everything Santana had listed, Brittany filled the bill. She had the feeling of love within her, and she knew it wasn't fake. Brittany hoped she was a good kisser. It would kind of suck if she kissed the girl she loved and she wasn't even good at it. She leaned in a little more, and then…

Their lips connected.

They were kissing, and this time, it was for real. It wasn't a fluke, an accident brought on by a cat and a stumble. This was an honest kiss, and to say the least, it was awesome for both of them. Brittany felt like she had died and gone to Heaven, and then an angel kissed her. She was finally kissing Santana. She had been waiting for this moment ever since she and Santana had become a couple. She had respected Santana's decision and had waited until she was ready to kiss her, but boy, was it tough waiting. At least now she had gotten her wish of kissing the prettiest girl ever.

For Santana, kissing Brittany was like having a weight being lifted off of one's shoulders. All these thoughts about whether she was straight, lesbian, bisexual, thoughts of what would happen if people found out, thoughts of Labyrinth, all of it disappeared from her mind when she kissed Brittany. She felt like she was on top of the world and nothing and nobody could harm her. Kissing Brittany made her feel safe, it made her feel like she was flying.

Santana suddenly realized her eyes were open like an idiot. She closed them and decided to deepen the kiss, kissing her girlfriend back. The kiss went on, their lips never leaving their positions, until finally, Brittany and Santana pulled away from each other, needing air. Catcake, looking satisfied at what her nudge had accomplished, curled up on the pillow and began to snooze.

Brittany stared at Santana awkwardly for a moment, then her mouth widened into a smile. "That was nice."

Santana giggled lightly and felt her cheeks grow warmer with each second. "Yeah, really nice. You're a pretty good kisser."

"You're a better kisser," Brittany admitted, nodding.

"Nah, you are. Trust me," Santana said, laughing slightly.

"Maybe…we should kiss again," Brittany suggested, blushing. "Just to see who the better kisser is."

Santana grinned. "I like that plan." With that, Santana decided she would be the one to make the first move this time. She reached up and cupped Brittany's face in her hands and leaned in. She began to kiss Brittany again, that feeling of flight returning to her body. Both girls smiled into the kiss.

Brittany suddenly pulled away, much to Santana's disappointment. "Um…this might sound…awkward…but do you want to French kiss?"

The awkward feeling in the air that had recently disappeared returned. It wasn't that Santana didn't like the idea of Frenching Brittany, because she did like that idea, it was just…it was weird to hear some ask if they could. Usually, at least from what Santana had seen on television, it just happened.

Santana nodded. "Uh…sure." Santana didn't even think that their kiss would be going this fast this soon. Then again, she wasn't one to complain about something when it was absolutely perfect.

"Oh, okay." Brittany sucked in another breath and leaned back in. Santana closed her eyes and prepared herself. Brittany kissed her again, and it started out normally like the other two, until Santana felt Brittany's tongue against her lips. Instinctively, Santana parted her lips. Their tongues touched and it felt kind of weird. Santana moved her tongue around and so did Brittany. It was obvious that they lacked experience in the delicate field of French kissing.

Santana and Brittany both pulled away from each other. Brittany giggled a bit. "I don't think we're very good at French kissing."

Santana gave her girlfriend a sly smile. "Well, you know what they say. Practice makes perfect." Santana gave Brittany a little wink, but sadly, Brittany shook her head.

"Later, but not now," Brittany said.

"Why not now?" Santana asked.

Brittany grabbed the remote, pointed it at the television and pressed play.

Santana's eyes widened. "OH GOD NO!"

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