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Brittany always liked to think she was pretty graceful. With all the dance lessons over the years, and her mother being a natural dancer, she had assumed that she was pretty swift with her movements. Like a unicorn, only swifter. She also prided herself on the fact that she had never broken a bone. It always made her smile. It made her feel smarter than some of the other kids that would pick on her, in a way. While they had broken their bones by doing stupid stuff, she had been smart and stayed safe. With all the comments directed at her about being stupid, anything that made her feel smarter just felt amazing.

And then, she slipped.

Brittany had been dancing in her room, Brittany Spears pounding through her ears from her iPod. Catcake was watching intently from the bed, wishing she had opposable thumbs to give the girl a thumbs up of approval. As the blonde continued to dance, her foot caught on the rug. As she fell, her trapped leg twisted in an extremely painful way, and as she hit the floor, she knew her leg was broken.

The only cool thing about it was that she got to miss school the next day to go to the doctor's. A day off was pretty nice. Although her heart ached as she realized she probably wouldn't see Santana for the entire day. That thought alone, brought her spirits down even more, if that was even possible.

The doctor had gotten her a cast, told her to stay off her feet for awhile ("But…I can't get off it. It's attached," Brittany tried to explain) and that she'd be fine in two weeks or so.

That night, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce were discussing their daughter's injury. It was very inconvenient, seeing as they had plans tomorrow night. They didn't feel right leaving Brittany alone with her broken leg, and there were no babysitters available for the girl. Mr. Pierce suggested that they postpone, but Mrs. Pierce argued that they had been looking forward to this all week. Then Mr. Pierce thought of something.

"Tomorrow's Saturday, right honey?" Mr. Pierce questioned.

Mrs. Pierce looked at him, unsure of where he was going with this. "Uh…yeah, why?"

Mr. Pierce smiled a bit. "Santana won't be at school. We could have her watch Brittany!"

Mrs. Pierce thought about it. "I dunno, what if she doesn't want to honey?"

Mr. Pierce just chuckled. "Please, those two are inseparable. That girl'll be happy to watch over her."

Mrs. Pierce shrugged. "I guess so. Well, we can call her tomorrow."

"Fantastic!" Mr. Pierce exclaimed happily.

Mrs. Pierce bit her lip, a thoughtful expression overcoming her face. She gave a little laugh. "I swear, those two are never apart. It's so cute." Mr. Pierce, who had gone to the couch to watch some TV, nodded in agreement, only half listening. "Sometimes it's like they're dating. I know that sounds silly, but…look at them!"

Mr. Pierce shrugged. "I don't trust teenage boys. If Brittany was dating Santana, I'd feel a lot better than if she was dating…some guy."

Oh, if only they knew.

The next day, at around one o'clock in the afternoon, Mrs. Pierce gave Mrs. Lopez a call. She explained the situation to her, and Mrs. Lopez then explained to Santana, then handed her the phone.

"Hi, Mrs. Pierce. Is Britt okay?" Santana asked worriedly.

Mrs. Pierce gave a small laugh at how scared Santana sounded over Brittany's injury. "Of course sweetie. She's just got a broken leg. Well, it's a Saturday, and me and Mr. Pierce had plans, so we were wondering if you could watch Brittany from five to, around midnight, while we were out. You'd probably have to spend the night."

"I'lldoit!" Santana said quickly.

"Mom!" Brittany whined. "When's San coming over?"

Mrs. Pierce, from her bedroom, sighed. "She's supposed be over here in a few minutes, hun. Calm down." Mrs. Pierce gave another sigh when Brittany continued to question where her best friend.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door from downstairs.

"Thank God," Mrs. Pierce muttered, running downstairs and answering the door. Unsurprisingly, Santana stood on the porch, giving the older woman a smile.

"Hey, Mrs. P," Santana greeted, stepping inside.

"It's nice to see you Santana," Mrs. Pierce said. "Honey, come on, let's go!" she called to her husband.

Mr. Pierce walked in from the living room and gave Santana a smile. They both greeted each other accordingly, and then Mrs. Pierce began to lay down all the rules that Santana should follow when taking care of Brittany. Santana kept nodding, only half listening because she was kind of dying to see her girlfriend right now.

"…and if there are any problems, you can just call us, okay?" Mrs. Pierce finally explained.

Santana nodded. "Of course, Mrs. P." Santana smiled.

"Great. Well, I guess we'll be off. See you later," Mr. Pierce said. Both parents called up to their daughter, saying goodbye, not receiving an immediate response, and with that, they walked out and left. Santana watched from the window as they got in their car and drove off. Santana couldn't help but grin. A whole night with Brittany alone. Could this get any sweeter?

Santana turned and quickly made her way up the stairs. She gave Catcake a little scratch behind the ears on her way up, earning a meow which meant "Unnh, why'd you stop?" which fell upon deaf human ears. Finally, Santana was in front of Brittany's room. She opened the door and was greeted by a beaming blonde confined to her bed.

"Santana!" Brittany cried happily, stretching her arms out for a hug, unable to reach the girl. Santana noticed she had a cast around her leg and that it didn't look like she had any crutches around.

Santana grinned at the girl. "Hey baby," she said, smiling. The Latina walked over to the side of the bed, leaned over and hugged the blonde. "How are you feeling?"

"Shut up and keep huggin' me," Brittany demanded in a sweet voice. Santana only laughed and continued to hug her girlfriend. Santana finally pulled away and sat down in a swivel chair next to Brittany's bed. "Well, now that our huggyness is over, I guess I'm doing okay."

"That's good," Santana said. Her eyes trailed down to the blonde's leg. "Did…did it hurt?"

Brittany gave a little sniffle, remembering the painful experience. "Yeah, San. It really hurt."

Catcake walked in. "What hurt more was when she freaked out afterwards and clung to me for an hour," the cat meowed. "My tail will never swish the same way again."

Santana frowned. "Well I'm sorry it hurt babe."

Brittany grinned. "S'okay. It doesn't hurt much anymore. I'm just glad you're here with me now." Brittany then pointed at her cast. "Could you sign it?"

Santana looked at her cast. "Sure…wait, how did Catcake sign your cast?" Santana asked, looking at a loopy, cursive signature saying 'Catcake'.

Brittany just shrugged.

"I have my ways," Catcake said, twisting herself around Santana's legs.

Santana walked over to Brittany's desk, looking for pens. She found one next to Brittany's diary (she restrained herself from taking another peek), a bright pink pen with some Power Ranger on it. Santana made her way back to the blonde, uncapped the pen, and began to sign the cast.

"What's it say?" Brittany wondered aloud.

"Says 'Get better Britt'. Yeah, I'm not original, sue me," Santana said.

"Thanks," Brittany said, smiling. "Um…Santana? Could you get me some water from downstairs? I'm kind of thirsty."

"Of course," Santana said. She didn't like doing things for people most of the time, figuring they should do shit themselves and stop being so lazy. But it was Brittany, and she had broken her leg so she didn't mind helping her out this time. She got into the kitchen and got some water from the faucet and put it in a glass. But then, halfway up the stairs, Brittany called down to her.

"Oh, could you get some Skittles from the kitchen too? They're on the counter."

"Uh…sure!" Santana went back into the kitchen. She didn't fully appreciate making two trips, but again, it was Brittany, so she'd do it for her. She searched the counter and saw the Skittles. Grabbing them, she made her way up the stairs and back into Brittany's room. The blonde smiled at her girlfriend.

"Thanks, babe," Brittany said happily. She sat up in her bed, wincing a bit as her leg moved. She took the water and Skittles. She began drinking the water, and after that, started opening her packet of Skittles. "Hey, San?"

"Mhm?" Santana muttered, just about to sit down back in the chair.

"Could you sort out the Skittles?" Brittany asked, her eyes wide and puppy dog like.

"Sort them?" Santana asked.

Brittany nodded. "I only like the red and blue ones."

Santana sighed. She nodded and took the Skittles from Brittany. She got to her knees next to Brittany's bed and dumped all the Skittles out on the bed. She began to carefully sort the red and blue ones into a pile and keeping the other ones for herself. Brittany grinned at Santana, silently thanking her for the deed. She then began to eat the Skittles that Santana had sorted, while the Latina ate all the other ones.

"San?" Brittany said.

"Yeah?" Santana replied, expecting another demand.

"Just…thanks for coming over to take care of me," Brittany said. "It's really nice, and it's cool to get some alone time. I really like spending time with you, and it's nice to do it in something that isn't detention."

Santana smiled, remembering the detention. Probably the coolest detention ever. If all detentions had beautiful blondes professing their love for her, she'd probably beat the shit out of Puckerman more often. She began to daydream about Brittany being all over her, telling her she was the hottest girl ever, and that she was so awesome…

"San? Are you okay? You're…um, drooling."

Santana looked at her. "Huh?" Then she wiped her mouth of the drool. "Psh, I wasn't drooling," Santana insisted, trying to play it cool.

"But you were. It was kind of cute, you were all starry eyed," Brittany said, giggling.

"I was not drooling, okay?" Santana said, aggravated.

"Whatever you say, San. Um…could you do one more thing for me?" Brittany asked, giving her girlfriend the puppy dog eyes yet again.

Santana rolled her eyes. "Of course, babe."

And this went on for a while more. Brittany kept asking Santana for things. Santana knew she couldn't do most of this herself, but now she was getting downright demanding. Asking for crap she didn't need, asking in a less than polite way. It was getting really annoying. It had been almost an hour, and all Brittany had done was boss Santana around. Catcake watched in amusement, but she did feel slightly sorry for the poor Latina. Dealing with Brittany wasn't always easy. And if anyone knew that, it was the cat of the house.

Santana sighed as she went up and got Brittany's Nintendo DS for her, because she just had to play Phoenix Wright at the moment. With that, Santana plopped down on the swivel chair, exhausted at all of Brittany's demands. Worst of all, they hadn't even made out. With all this time alone they were getting, Santana expected some serious make out-age to be going down, but as of now, she hadn't gotten any. It wasn't like Santana only liked Brittany due to the physical side of their relationship…but come on, making out with Brittany was seriously hot, and Santana was really looking forward to that. But so far, all she had been doing is being Brittany's bitch.

Catcake hopped up into Santana's lap. Although Santana usually detested animals, she had grown to like Catcake a little. Maybe it was because her eyes were similar to Brittany's, completely adorable. Catcake nuzzled up to Santana while the Latina gave the cat some scratches behind her ears. Catcake looked up and saw the distant, angered look in Santana's eyes. The cat immediately understood that Santana was tired of doing crap for the blonde girl.

"I feel your pain, girl," Catcake sympathized, although it didn't do much, seeing as Santana couldn't understand her.

Brittany tried to turn on her DS, but when she did, the light glowed red instead of green. She turned to Santana. "Hey, San, could you get my DS charger?"

That was it. Santana was tired, and she wanted just a little time to rest in the chair. "No, Britt. Gimme a few minutes."

Brittany stared at Santana, surprised the girl was saying no to her. "But…pleeeeeeease?"

Santana shook her head, now focusing on petting Catcake. "Nope. Nothing you can say will make me get it. Just gimme a few minutes."

Brittany thought. Then she smiled, and put on her cute voice. "I'd wuv you forever if you would get it for me."

Santana just shrugged. "That's nice."

Brittany sighed. Santana was a tough shell to crack, so if cute didn't do the trick, maybe sexy would. "Oh Santana," she said, trying her best to sound sexy. "I'd really appreciate it if you would go get it for me. If you did, we could have…the greatest make out session ever. Like…it'd be so good, that you'd see stars, rainbows and unicorns. At the same time."

Santana flinched at Brittany's words. The idea of making out with Brittany was oh so tempting. But she couldn't give in, she was trying to prove a point. That she wasn't Brittany's slave, or her mule. "Sorry Britt, it's not working."

Brittany gave a whimper. "But…" Brittany stopped and tried to think of something that might make Santana budge. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. "If you did it, I'd let you get to second base."

Santana's eyes widened. She stopped petting Catcake. She looked at Brittany. "Are…are you serious?" Brittany just nodded. Santana's head raced with that wonderful idea. So far in their month and a half long relationship, they had basically stuck to cuddling and kissing. But they had never really discussed going a little further, and the thought (surprisingly) had yet to cross Santana's mind. But now that she was thinking about it, she really wanted to take that next step.

"Where's that freaking charger?" Santana asked quickly. Damn it! Santana thought. I'm so weak! Fucking teenage hormones.

Brittany have a little shrug. "I'm not entirely sure, but I do know it's somewhere in the living room." Brittany smiled as an evil thought came to mind. "And if you're really fast, I might let you feel under the shirt." That'll get her going, Brittany thought, amused.

Santana took off downstairs faster than the Flash, Sonic the Hedgehog and Jolteon combined. She began to look through the living room, trying find it as fast as possible. The thought of getting to second base with Brittany was the only thing that was keeping her going. She looked behind all the pillows, under the television set, even tried moving the couch, but she couldn't find it anywhere.

"San!" Brittany called longingly. "Hurry up!"

"I'm trying to find it!" Santana called back.

It took Santana a whole five freaking minutes to find the damn thing. It was in a drawer from the desk on the far side of the room. Once she found it, she couldn't help but grinning sheepishly. Then she stormed her way upstairs, excited about the events that were about to proceed. She opened the door and her smiling face fell.

"I'm so sorry," Catcake meowed.

Brittany was sound asleep.

Santana thought of waking her up, but then she realized how peaceful the blonde looked. Plus, if Santana tried to shake her awake, she might hurt her leg, so Santana really couldn't do anything.

"Brittany Susan Pierce," Santana growled under her breath, "you do not know how evil you are."

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