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Okay, this is semi irrelevant, since it's not about the story, but about the whole Brittanartie (or whatever you would call that love triangle) storyline going on. I just realized the song Breakeven by The Script like, PERFECTLY describes Santana's feelings about Bartie's relationship now. I seriously want her to sing it in one of the last six eps of season two. Anyone agree?

Warning: This chapter contains Brittana hotness. You've all been warned :P

After Brittany had fallen asleep, there wasn't much for Santana to do. She tried watching a movie on television, but it only ended up pissing her off ("Are you fucking kidding me? They're playing a Labyrinth marathon?"). Then she tried to play Brittany's DS, but all the blonde had was Pokemon and Phoenix Wright. When Santana tried playing Pokemon, some pink haired bitch with an overly happy cow kept kicking her ass, so she decided to forget the games. Then…it got to the point where she started talking to Catcake.

"I mean…how evil is that?" Santana asked the cat. "She promises me I can feel her up, and then what happens? She fucking falls asleep."

Catcake, sitting snuggly in Santana's lap, nodded. "Yeah, I'm on the edge of feeling sorry for you or laughing my ass off. You got hit with a big bag of teenage hormones and disappointment. God, humans are entertaining."

Santana continued her talking, ignoring Catcake's meowing. "We've been together for a while now. And we've had some pretty hot make out sessions so far. And I was happy with just that. But now she mentioned second base, and I can't help but feel that I want to take the physical side of our relationship to the next level. But when I get my chance, I'm too late. Now I can't stop thinking about getting to second base…does that make me a pervert?"

"Yes…yes it does, you dirty, perverted, sex-driven, horny, sickening excuse for a human," Catcake meowed sarcastically. "Holy crap, girl, calm down."

Santana sighed. "I just asked a cat if I'm perverted or not. Wow…this really is a new low…"

Catcake hopped out of Santana's arms. "Kay, your problems are kind of annoying me. If I wanted to hear teenagers act like freaking teenagers, I'd watch Degrassi or the Breakfast Club. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch Degrassi and or the Breakfast Club." And with that, Catcake slunk out of the room.

Santana sighed, slouching in her swivel chair. Now what was she gonna do? She turned to look around the room, and saw a stack of several books. "Eh…dad's always saying I should read more." It wasn't as if she had better things to do.

Santana surprisingly, finished the first book in one sitting. The Latina couldn't believe she had been captivated by a novel, but holy crap she was. She moved onto the second one in the series, and got close to finishing that one as well. As she read, her eyes were reluctantly becoming heavy. As she dozed off into sleep, she muttered, "Oh yeah, how convenient, the old ass hat has freaking swords in it."

Santana woke up to the smell of pancakes wafting through the air. Her eyes flickered open and she stretched out her body in the chair, groaning at how her neck felt. Sleeping in a chair was not fun. She had thought about sleeping in the bed with Brittany, but decided against it, worrying if she rolled over in the night that she might damage the blonde's leg even more. She looked around the room, and saw Brittany sitting up in her bed, a plate of pancakes in her hands. Brittany looked over at Santana as she awoke, and grinned.

"Hey sleepyhead," she said playfully. Then she noticed the book in the Latina's lap. She looked back up at her girlfriend. "Were…were you reading Harry Potter?"

Santana, not fully awake, rubbed her eyes. "What?" Then she noticed the book in her lap. "Naw…Catcake put it there. Harry Potter sucks."

Brittany nodded her head surprisingly. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I mean, some of the characters were annoying too."

Santana nodded. "I know right? Like, seriously, who likes Ron? He pisses me off. And why does this Salazar Slytherin guy put his chamber thing in a girl's bathroom? Fuckin' creeper."

Brittany just beamed at her. "Ha! I knew it! You did read it!"

Santana just slumped down in her chair. "I'm in too much physical and emotional pain to argue with that. Yes, I read the freaking books."

Brittany began to giggle excitedly, questioning Santana on what she liked in it, who she liked in it and everything else in between. Brittany was having the biggest geek out of her life and it was with her girlfriend and it just doesn't get much more awesome than that. As Brittany continued her nerdgasm, she shared her pancakes with Santana.

"Thanks," Santana muttered.

Brittany faltered for a second. "Wait, San? You mentioned something about being in physical pain and emotional pain. What'd you mean?"

Santana sighed. She wondered how she should break it to Brittany that she was disappointed that she didn't get to touch her boobs. "I'm in physical pain from sleeping in this fucking chair. And I'm in emotional pain because…well…you promised me second base. That's kind of a big deal."

Brittany thought for a moment. Then remembered. "Oh…I…think I fell asleep before we could…ya know…"

"Yeah you did," Santana said sadly, crossing her arms. "I mean…I'm not trying to be perverted- - -"

"I know," Brittany interrupted.

"- - -but it's just…well, we're dating, so the bases were gonna come up one of these days. But I hadn't really thought about it until you mentioned it…and I got excited." Oh my God, Santana Lopez was blushing. That hadn't happened in a long while. "So…yeah…I was kind of disappointed."

Brittany frowned. "I'm sorry I fell asleep."

The awkwardness in the air was as thick as all of the Harry Potter books combined.

"I hate this!" Santana suddenly growled. "Guh, this is so awkward. This shit never happens in the movies. If somebody wants second base, they just go for it. But in real life, we've gotta talk about it like this…and this is such crap."

Brittany, finishing off her pancakes, tried to give Santana a little smile. "Well…I'm awake now. And I'm not sleepy at all." She laid down. "Oh, how boring life is. If only someone could distract me from such boredom."

Santana stared at the blonde, then broke out into a grin. "Why Miss Pierce, you're trying to seduce me," she said jokingly, scooting closer to her in her swivel chair.

Brittany furrowed her eyebrows. "I don't know what that means…"

"Doesn't matter." Santana smiled, and Brittany couldn't help but smile back. Then a though came to the Latina's mind. "Wait, what happens if your parents walk in on us?"

Brittany shook her head. "They won't. After they made me breakfast, they left to go to my Grandma's house. She has crutches there, so they're getting some for me. And trust me, Grandma lives far away."

Santana smiled. This was getting better and better each second. "So I have you all to myself?" she asked playfully (if there was one person who could make Santana playful, it was the blonde). Brittany nodded, grinning. "Best. Day. Ever."

Santana stood up and began to crawl onto the bed with Brittany. Then she swung leg over to the other side of Brittany's body. Now she loomed over Brittany, a smile on her face. She made sure to not put pressure on Brittany's leg.

Brittany was grinning sheepishly. "This is nice. I like this."

Santana returned the smile, looking down at her. "Same. It also helps that I'm on top," she added, chuckling.

Before Brittany could respond, Santana silenced her with a kiss. Brittany gave a squeak of surprise, but then relaxed into the kiss, snaking her hands to Santana's back. Santana's tongue entered Brittany's mouth easily, and Brittany loved the feeling (once she even suggested Santana learn French seeing as she was so good with French kissing). Santana pulled away, tugging on Brittany's bottom lip as she did, causing the blonde to unintentionally whimper at the lack of contact.

Santana looked into Brittany's eyes. "So…you're sure?"

Brittany just laughed a bit. "Totes."

Santana grinned happily, and dived back in, starting another kiss. Just as Brittany was about to remind her, Santana slid her hand up Brittany's body and cupped her breast through her pajamas. Brittany gave another squeak of surprise. Santana smiled into the kiss, enjoying the reaction Brittany was having to Santana's actions. Plus it was really awesome for her to get what she deserved after she had slaved away all last night for the girl. Santana deepened the kiss with her tongue and at the same, began to caress Brittany's chest, causing the girl to moan into the kiss slightly. Santana was really grateful that Mr. and Mrs. Pierce weren't here, otherwise she was pretty sure that they would hear that.

As Santana continued her process of kissing and kneading, Brittany's hips had unintentionally bucked up a bit as if they had a mind of their own. Luckily, it didn't hurt her leg, but it was weird for part of her body to be on autopilot. And then it happened again, Brittany bucked her hips up uncontrollably.

Santana pulled back, almost breathless. "Damn Britt, you seem to be liking this," she said, referring to her hips.

"Mhm," Brittany managed. "And who told you to stop?"

Santana placed a kiss on Brittany's jaw line, whispering, "And I thought I was the perv."

Brittany was about to say something, but again, Santana shut her up with another kiss and more kneading. Brittany moaned again.

Catcake suddenly trotted in. "What's up? I heard moaning and got exci- - -damn." Catcake watched as the two girls made out, and also took note of Santana copping a feel. "Holy crap, this is awesome." Catcake hopped in the swivel chair and watched the two girls continue in wonder. "So this is part of the reason the story's rated M! It all makes sense now."

Brittany was pretty much losing all control. She had begun unconsciously gyrating her hips against Santana's, grinding against her. Now it was Santana's turn to moan in surprise. Santana didn't know when Brittany had learnt to become so damn sexy, but it didn't matter. Santana continued caressing her breasts, and the room around them seemed to become hotter and hotter. Santana was trying not to pull away to open a window. Brittany was sweating up a storm.

Brittany began to grind against Santana harder. It was like she was somehow possessed by a really horny demon. Santana's hands seemed like they had mind of their own as well. They were going lower and lower on Brittany's body until they met with the hem of the blonde's shirt. Santana lifted it a bit, sliding her hands up her shirt, unable to control herself.

Although it was hard to think straight with Santana's tongue down her throat and her hands up her shirt, Brittany managed to pull away from the kiss. "San, wait."

Santana blinked a bit, coming back to her senses. She retracted her hands. "Uh…too fast?"

Brittany nodded. "A little. I mean, I liked it…it was just too much to take in, ya know?"

Santana nodded. "Yeah, I understand that." Santana rolled off of Brittany, careful to not hurt her leg. Now Santana lay beside the blonde on the bed. Breathing heavily, Santana smiled a bit. "That was nice though, wasn't it?"

Brittany grinned. "Yes…just…yes."

Catcake gave an annoyed meow. "What? No sex? I come up here, expecting some kind of show, and you give me this? Unforgivable." Catcake ran out of the room, back to where she was downstairs, lazily lounging on the couch.

Santana hugged Brittany. "Thanks for letting me do that," Santana said.

"I'm the one who should be thanking you," Brittany admitted. "You're…um…good at feeling…me?"

Santana just burst out laughing. "Yeah, thanks Britt. Means a lot."

Brittany turned to Santana, smiling crazily. "So, back to Harry Potter…"

Santana just smiled as Brittany went on about her favorite books. She was in pure bliss. Brittany may have been bossy to her, she may have treated her unfairly last night, but Santana got to touch her boobs, so she thinks that makes up for most of that.

Santana realized she wasn't really listening to Brittany, she had just been nodding her head yes as she kept talking. She would soon realize that this wasn't the best idea.

Santana kept nodding, not listening and just thinking about how awesome her life was. Brittany smiled as Santana nodded. "So you will dress up as the Pink Power Ranger with me on Halloween in a few days?"

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