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Brittany's feet pounded against the pavement as she continued running towards her home. Her legs and feet were aching at how much she had been running, but she pushed on, ignoring the pain. A few more minutes passed, and finally, a breathless blonde had reached her house. She ran across the lawn, up the steps, into the house and stormed up into her room. As soon as she walked in, she shut the door behind her and locked it.

Brittany's mind swirled with so many thoughts. What did all this mean? Were her and Santana over? Were they on a break? Were they enemies now? Brittany didn't know, but the very thought of not being with Santana made her begin to cry. Brittany stumbled over to her bed and flopped down against the pillows. Why would Santana think she would cheat on her? Especially after admitting to Santana that she loved her. Brittany couldn't even comprehend the thought of cheating on someone you love. If you cheated on them, then how could you really love them? It made absolutely no sense to the blonde.

Mike was really nice to her. They had been friends for the past week and a half. Brittany had been meaning to tell Santana about him, but she kept forgetting to mention it. Mike never treated Brittany like all the other boys treated her. Mike never called her dumb. Mike helped her when she got confused with something. And when they had partnered up for an in-class Math assignment, Mike had offered to do the work for her so she wouldn't embarrass herself. Mike was the nicest guy she had ever met. But just because he was nice to her didn't mean she liked him.

"Santana's just being stupid and jealous," Brittany mumbled. Anger was beginning to well up within her. After everything they had been through, Santana actually considered that she would cheat on her? Did Santana not trust her enough as a girlfriend?

Brittany's thoughts were interrupted by a buzz from her jeans. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She had received a text message. Opening her phone, she read the text from the illuminated screen.

Britt, I'm so sorry.

Brittany stiffened. It was Santana, texting her, trying to apologize. Should I text her back? Brittany thought. Her fingers glided over the keys on her phone, debating. Before she could even properly decide, another buzz rang out and another message popped up on the screen.

I'm a complete idiot. I should've trusted you.

Brittany felt her tears returning. She sniffled and wiped her nose and eyes with her shirtsleeve. Brittany couldn't tell if she was being honest, or if she was lying to get her back. Brittany had been lied to before, and when she was lied to, it always felt really, really crummy. And although she loved Santana, in the back of her mind, she didn't think she could love someone who would lie to her and not trust her at the same time.

So, with a quick flick of her fingers, Brittany replied to the text.

Just leave me alone. I don't know if I want to date you anymore.

Santana, stilling hanging around the school, looked at the message with wide eyes.

Just leave me alone. I don't know if I want to date you anymore.

Santana felt like she had just gotten punched in the gut really hard, so all the wind would've been knocked out of her. And that's exactly what it resembled, seeing as her breath hitched in her throat as she reread it. And then she reread it again. And again. And over and over until the little pixilated words were burnt into her memory.

Brittany was thinking about breaking up with her.

"I'm the biggest fucking idiot on the planet," Santana groaned, wiping her eyes away of those stupid tears. She then turned around and kicked the nearest thing with her reach, a tree. She kept kicking it, hoping that somehow it would let her release her anger just enough to calm her down. But it did no such thing. Her heart still raced. Her head still pounded. And now her foot really hurt.

Santana (while taking off her shoe and rubbing her pained foot) contemplated whether or not she should go talk to Brittany in person. But it seemed as though Brittany was in no mood to talk to her. So what could she do? Santana thought for a moment, and suddenly, a new idea overshadowed her mind.

The Latina began to hobble home. She was going to need the school directory.

Santana growled as a cold wind passed by, chilling her already cold body. She was standing in front of Mike Chang's house, and was debating on whether or not she should knock on the door. She had seen a car in the driveway on her way here, and she saw what looked like Mike's parents getting in and driving away, so she knew he was probably alone. That was good. Santana didn't feel like meeting his family.

Santana didn't even really know why she was here. But right now she didn't have any other ideas as to what to do, and she felt she needed a bit of confirmation on all of this. She raised her arm, hesitating a bit, but finally knocked on the door. When nobody answered, she knocked harder. Again, no answer. She began kicking the door as well, causing a lot of noise. Finally, the knob turned and the door opened.

"What the- - -" Mike stopped as he saw Santana, looking kind of angry. "Santana? Are…are you gonna kill me?"

"What?" Santana said, confused. "No, shut up." With that, she walked inside the house, not bothering to ask if she could come in. Santana smelled Chinese food, and instantly got hungry, but she knew that now wasn't the time for food.

"Um…not to be rude…but why are you here?" Mike questioned, looking very scared of the girl in front of him.

"Are you dating Brittany? Or do you have some kind of crush on her?" Santana asked, her arms crossed.

Mike shook his head. "No!" he said, worried for his well being. "We're just friends. Why would I want to date her?"

Santana scoffed. "Because you're a guy. Whenever a guy has a girl as a friend, he either wants to screw her or he's flamingly gay. Right now I'm sincerely hoping that you're flamingly gay, because if it's the first one, I'm gonna be seriously pissed off. So which one is it? Tell me, or you're going to lose your nuts within the next minute."

Mike backed up against the wall. "Look, I don't like her like that and I'm not gay, okay? Not all guys want sex out of girls. I mean, yeah, Brittany's really cute, and I probably wouldn't say no if she asked me out or anything, but I'm not crushing on her or anything. Plus, I've seen you with guy friends! If guys are so horny, why would you hang out with them?" The final sentence came out a little shaky, since Santana's glare was causing his heart to beat faster and faster every second and he thought he might die of fright at this point.

"Because, whether they want me or not, I'm not letting them get in my pants," Santana explained. "But with Brittany, I don't know if she knows any better. She doesn't understand guys. She doesn't understand what they want."

Mike gave Santana a disapproving look. "So, you think that Brittany would go off with any guy without thinking? That's basically what you're saying. I thought that her best friend might have a little more trust in her."

Santana's fists clenched and she gritted her teeth. "I wasn't saying that. Just…" Santana sighed and thought about his words. And it made her even angrier because he was basically right. She didn't trust Brittany enough around guys. She got jealous and worried that she might lose her to someone else. "Okay…maybe you're right. But look, me and her are best friends, and I don't want some guy trying to take advantage of her."

Mike shook his head. "Trust me, I'm not trying to take advantage of her."

Santana heard the tone of sincerity in his voice and the look in his eyes, and she immediately realized that he meant it. Santana's eyes welled with tears and she began to cry at how dumb she had been. She turned, trying to hide her tears, but it was obvious what was going on. Mike, feeling incredibly awkward, lightly patted her on the back and said, "Are you okay?"

Santana wiped her eyes and turned back to him. "I'm fine. So, you don't like Brittany like that?" Mike shook his head sincerely. Santana internally sighed as she now had to apologize and admit that she was wrong. "Okay, I'm sorry for treating you like crap and accusing you of trying to take advantage of Brittany. And I'm sorry for calling you a worthless fuck."

Mike's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "You never called me that."

"Well…not to your face," Santana admitted.

Mike nodded, very confused. "So…does this mean we're cool now? Like…are we friends?"

Santana thought about it. Well, it would be easier to be friends with him seeing as now he had entered Brittany's little friend circle. "Yeah…I guess we're friends now."

"Cool," Mike said, unsure of what to say next. An awkward silence fell over them, and they both stood there. Finally, Mike broke the silence with a question. "So, uh, why'd you start crying?"

Santana shrugged. "Brittany and I got into a fight. I basically said crap like she shouldn't date you and I…I was just dumb. I just didn't want her to hang out with some guy that might hurt her, but I was wrong. I'm so fucking stupid."

Mike frowned, when suddenly, a thought came to him. "So, Brittany's mad at you?" Santana nodded. "Well…I dunno if I can, but I could try to help."

Santana looked at him, trying her best not to smile. "You'd seriously help me out?"

Mike nodded. "Well, if we're friends now, it seems like the friendly thing to do, ya know?"

Santana nodded, unable to contain her smile. "You're not so bad, Chang," Santana said. "But how are you gonna help me?"

Mike laughed a bit, pulling out his phone. "Please, I'm Asian. Asians can do anything."

"Yes Brittany! I get it! You can't believe Santana would do that to you!" Catcake groaned out. She had been stuck in Brittany's grasp, and all the blonde had talked about was how sad she was that Santana would accuse her of cheating. Catcake wasn't heartless, and at first she did try to console her owner, but now it had been an hour and the cat was getting restless.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound rung out from Brittany's pocket, causing Brittany to remove her hands from Catcake to get her phone. Catcake, now out of the blonde's clutches, bolted out of the room, screaming, "Freedom! Sweet, vanilla flavored freedom!"

Brittany's phone glowed with another text message. It was from Mike. It said:

Hey Britt. I talked to Santana. Me and her are friends now, and she seems really sorry. She says she's sorry for what she said and she knows she was wrong. She wants to be friends again. I think you should forgive her. That took awhile to write lol

Brittany's eyes widened. Santana had admitted to Mike that she was wrong? But Santana never admitted she was wrong. Now that both Santana and Mike were saying that Santana was sorry, Brittany was starting to think that maybe the Latina wasn't lying. It was obvious that Santana had forgiven Mike, seeing as they were friends now.

"So if Santana doesn't think me and Mike are together anymore, is the fight over?" Brittany wondered aloud. She wanted to forgive her girlfriend so much, and now that Mike had told her to forgive her, she was totally confused about all of this.

Brittany's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. Then, the door opened a bit and a familiar head stuck out from behind it.

"Santana?" Brittany asked.

"Hey," Santana muttered. "Can I come in?"

Brittany bit her lip, thinking, but finally nodded.

"Did you get Mike's message?" Santana asked.

Brittany nodded again. Then the blonde patted the spot next to her on the bed, and Santana instinctively sat next to her. "So you talked to Mike?"

Santana shook her head yes. "Me and him are friends now, I guess. He told me that he didn't have a crush on you or anything, and I felt like an idiot. I'm sorry Brittany. I'm so, so freaking sorry. I never should have accused you, it was stupid and terrible and I'm a complete asshole. I don't want to break up with you. I'll do anything to make you take me back. I'll trust you more, I'll buy you the best present ever, I'll clean up after Catcake if I have to. Just please, tak- - -"

Brittany cut her off as she leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Santana wasn't finished talking, but then again, she wasn't going to object to this. Finally, Brittany pulled away, smiling sheepishly. "I'm not mad anymore. I overreacted anyway. I don't want to fight anymore, so as long as you trust me now, I'm okay."

Santana's voice caught in her throat and her lips broke out into a smile. She finally managed to speak. "So…we're back together?"

Brittany nodded. "I could never break up with you. Plus I just can't stay mad at you. You're too cute."

Santana laughed. "Psh, cute? Hell no, I'm sexy, not cute."

Brittany shrugged. "Fine, but to me, you're sexily cute."

Santana laughed again, and couldn't help hugging Brittany. "Thanks, babe," she said. Then she remembered what she had bought. "Oh, yeah, I got you something on the way here." Santana pulled away from Brittany, reaching in her pocket and retrieving the candy she got.

Brittany's eyes widened and she grinned like a kid on Christmas. "Ring Pop!" Brittany snatched away the cherry Ring Pop, ripped off the wrapper and greedily sucked the cherry diamond ring. "So good," she said with the ring still in her mouth. With that, Brittany rested her head on Santana's shoulders, wrapping her arms around the Latina. Brittany took out her Ring Pop and giggled a bit. "So you're super sorry?"

Santana furrowed her brows in confusion. Didn't they just go over this? "Of course."

"Like, really sorry?" Brittany asked.

"Yes, Brittany, I'm really sorry," Santana repeated.

"How sorry are you?" Brittany asked. "I think you should do something to prove to me how sorry you really are." Brittany looked up and winked at her girlfriend.

"What do you…ohhhh, you wanna make out," Santana said in a matter of fact tone.

"Duh," Brittany said, giggling.

As Santana leaned in to kiss her girlfriend, she couldn't help but smile. Thank you Mike Chang, Santana thought happily.

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