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"Are we there yet?" Santana asked her mother irritably.

Mrs. Lopez sighed. "San, we'll be there in a few minutes. Stop being so impatient."

Santana slumped down in her seat, annoyed. The two had been riding in the car for God knows how long, and the time was starting to get to Santana. They were riding over to Santana's grandmother's house, and her grandmother lived very far away from Lima. It seemed like they had been riding for an eternity or two to Santana.

The Latina, bored out of her mind, reached out and flicked on the radio. A radio announcer's voice came on.

"- - -at's right, folks! If you're lucky enough to be the sixty ninth caller, you can win four free passes to Cedar Point! So come on guys! Call, call, call!" the announcer said excitedly.

Mrs. Lopez smirked and nudged her daughter. "Wanna call?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right. It's impossible to be the right caller. Honestly, calling them to win something is a waste of time. Only an idiot would call in."

Suddenly, a new voice popped up on the radio.


Santana ears perked up.

"Hello there!" the announcer exclaimed. "What's your name?"

It can't be… Santana thought.

"My name's Brittany," the voice said with a slight giggle.

The announcer laughed. "Well Brittany, guess what you just won?"

"A double rainbow?" Brittany asked hopefully.

The announcer's laughter ceased and he hesitated. "Uh…no. But you did win four free passes to Cedar Point!"

Brittany sighed. "I wanted a double rainbow, but that's cool too…"

Again, the announcer hesitated. "Er…well, congratulations! Hope you have fun at Cedar Point!"

Santana's eyes went wide. "No freaking way."

"Got everything packed sweetie?" Mrs. Lopez asked, calling to her daughter.

Santana rolled her eyes, putting on her backpack, full of things her mother insisted on her bringing with her. "Mom," she called back. "I'm only gonna be gone for a day. It's not that big of a deal." With that, Santana grabbed her phone and slipped it into her pocket, and began making her way downstairs. Her mother met her at the bottom.

"I know, but it's not often that you leave Lima," Mrs. Lopez said, a worried tone in her voice.

Santana crossed her arms, walking into the living room and plopping down onto the couch. "Mom, don't act out the whole 'Worried Parent Routine' thing again. I'm not leaving the state or anything. And I won't get in any trouble at Cedar Point. Mr. Pierce will be there, Mike will be there and Brittany will be there. I'm fine." Santana checked her phone to see the time, wondering when Brittany was going to show up to pick her up.

Mrs. Lopez sighed. "Okay, okay, I'll stop worrying. But a lot of accidents happen on those rides. And I know how scared you are of rol- - -"

A knock on the door distracted both of them from their conversation. Santana smiled. "That's Britt," she said. Before Mrs. Lopez could continue speaking, Santana bolted up and towards the front of the house. She flung the door open to be greeted by Brittany and Mike, while Mr. Pierce was waiting in his car across the street. Without a moment of hesitation, Santana wrapped her arms around Brittany and hugged her. "Hey," she said to her girlfriend.

Brittany giggled. "Hey too," she said back.

"Hey, Santana," Mike greeted.

"Sup, Chang," Santana replied, not letting go of Brittany.

Mrs. Lopez appeared behind the children. "Hey Britt, Mike," she said, acknowledging Santana's friends. She turned to her daughter. "Honey bear," Mrs. Lopez began.

Mike and Brittany both took a step away from Santana, stifling their laughter in response to Santana's secret nickname. Santana shot glares at both her mother and her friends.

Mrs. Lopez, ignoring her daughter's glare, continued. "Do you have everything?"

Santana held back a growl as she heard more muffled giggles from Brittany and Mike. "Yes Mom."

"And you remember my cell number, and Dad's?" Mrs. Lopez went on.

"Yes Mom," Santana muttered through gritted teeth. Getting sick of all the laughing going on behind her (Mike and Brittany had abandoned hiding it and were now bursting with laughter), the Latina grabbed both of her friends' arms and began pulling them away towards Mr. Pierce's car. "Okay, Mom, gotta go now!"

Mrs. Lopez sighed. "Okay, bye sweetie! Have fun!" She waved goodbye to her daughter.

Santana sighed, letting go of her friends. "You guys suck," she growled.

"Don't be mad at us, honey bear," Brittany said playfully. Mike just continued laughing.

"See if I ever buy you a Ring Pop again," Santana said grumpily.

They all piled into the back of Mr. Pierce's car, greeting their driver as they did. Mike sat on the right, Brittany sat on the left and Santana sat in the middle between the two. The two were still smiling about her nickname. She sighed.

This is going to be a long, long car ride, Santana thought glumly.

After the first few minutes (when the two of them had finally ceased with their laughter) of riding in the car, Brittany suggested that the group play a few games. First up was 'I Spy with My Little Eye'.

"It's something big and made of bricks," Brittany said for the seventh time.

Santana and Mike held back groans at the repetitiveness of the situation. "It's a building," they said in unison.

"Man," Brittany said. "You guys are good."

Mike rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, you've been saying buildings ever since we started the game," he explained.

Brittany shrugged. "Okee dokes. I'll think of something else…um…what's green and pointy?" she asked for the eighth time (she was using this one before the building one).

Santana and Mike groaned out loud this time. "It's grass, Brittany!" they said in unison.

A short while after, Brittany decided they needed a new game…

"Seven…eight…nine…ten! Ready or not, here I come!" Brittany said, opening her eyes. She frowned when she saw Santana and Mike were still secured into their seats next to her. "Why aren't you guys hiding?"

Santana sighed. "You can't play 'Hide and Seek' in the car, Britt," Santana said. She was really annoyed at this point, but she was trying to withhold her anger for the sake of her clueless girlfriend.

"But…Mike, you're Asian, you can do anything!" Brittany said, staring at Mike.

Mike looked down awkwardly. "Well, not everything…"

Brittany looked hurt. "You lied to me…you liar pants!" She huffed, crossed her arms and turned away, scowling.

A minute later, Mike was forgiven for his lie.

Another minute went by, and a new game was chosen…

"Duck…duck…silly goose!" Brittany suddenly bopped Santana on the head harder than she had before. "Gotta catch me, silly goose!"

Santana rubbed her head, scowling. She then turned and grabbed Brittany's wrist. "Gotcha. Game over."

Brittany frowned, crossed her arms, and turned away yet again, just like she had before with Mike. "Meanie face."

Again, a minute later, Santana was forgiven for her meanness.

More games were played in the car, such as 'Tag' ("I don't think this is a good game to play in the car," Mike explained. He received a bop on the head from Brittany while she said, "Yeah, well you're tagged now!"), 'Duck Duck Goose' again ("So good we must do it again!" Brittany insisted, probably something to do with her love of all things ducks), and 'Marco Polo' ("Oh no, Brittany, how ever will I find you?" Santana asked sarcastically, trying to ignore her girlfriend constantly saying "Polo" every five seconds). By the time Cedar Point came into view, Santana and Mike practically jumped out of the car then and there. They didn't know how much more they could take of Brittany and her freaking games. When Mr. Pierce finally pulled into the parking lot, Mike and Santana frantically rushed out of the car. Santana, without thinking, hugged Mike and practically screamed, "We're free!"

Brittany hopped out of the car and pulled Santana and Mike away from each other. "Hey, enough hugging! Time for rides!" the blonde exclaimed happily. Mike pumped his fist in the air, agreeing with her. He turned and began jogging over to the main entrance, where Mr. Pierce was heading. Mr. Pierce motioned for the girls to follow. Santana was about to, stepping forward, but a hand stopped her. "I don't want you to hug him. Well…ask for permission first."

Santana walked forward, out of Brittany's grasp, a smile tugging on her lips. "Is someone a little…jealous?"

Brittany blushed. "N-no! Shut up!"

Santana just laughed, locking pinkies with her girlfriend. "Don't worry babe, I was kidding. The hug was just a spur of the moment thing. And trust me, only person I really wanna hug is you." Santana leaned over and whispered that last part in Brittany's ear, causing a chill to run down the blonde's spine.

"Okay," Brittany said shakily, smiling nonetheless. "Good."

The girls grinned at each other and ran over to the main entrance to greet Mr. Pierce and Mike, pinkies still wound tightly around each other. After a few seconds of waiting in line, Brittany, Santana, Mike and Mr. Pierce flashed their free passes. The lady in the booth with dull eyes and an uneven wig (who looked to be smoking a cigarette that looked suspiciously like a joint) barely glanced at the passes and just let the group in for free. Mr. Pierce ushered the kids inside the park, whispering to the eighth graders, "Guys, don't ever do drugs. Please, if any of you end up like that, I'd cry."

Mr. Pierce rallied up the kids in a circle, telling them his 'game plan'. "Alright guys, now I know how much it sucks to go someplace with parental supervision. And since you kids want to do nothing but ride rides, while I want to do anything but, I'm gonna make you a deal. I'll let you guys go off on your own, if at least one of you texts me every fifteen to twenty minutes on where you are. When it gets dark and it's time to go, I'll meet you at wherever you are and take you guys back to car. Sounds good?"

All three teens stared at him. "S-seriously?" Santana stuttered out. "You'll let us on our own if we text you?"

"Yes, but you have to text me, or I'll come get you and I will stay with you," he explained. "But other than that, have fun on your own. Don't get into trouble, and while I'm gone, Santana's in charge."

Santana gaped at him in awe. "Mr. Pierce, you kick ass," she blurted out. Remembering her manners, she blushed. "Sorry for cussi- - -"

Mr. Pierce waved his hand. "Oh it's fine. Teens curse and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Just don't do it too much around me and I'm fine. Occasional slip up is not a big deal."

Santana couldn't help but grin. "Like, do you wanna be my father? Because that would totally be okay."

Mr. Pierce just chuckled, but before he could respond, Santana and Mike were being dragged away by a familiar blonde. "Thanks Dad!" Brittany called behind her. "We're off! I'll text you in a little bit!"

"You better," Mr. Pierce called back, smiling. After a few seconds of being pulled away, Mr. Pierce faded away into the crowd.

"Quick guys, we gotta get to the rides!" Brittany exclaimed.

"Britt, you have the coolest dad ever!" Mike said happily.

Brittany ran for a few more minutes, muttering stuff like "Where is it?" multiple times. Santana and Mike tried their best to follow, but Brittany was pretty fast. Finally, the blonde shouted out, "Over here! Over here!" Santana and Mike hurried along to see what Brittany was looking at, and when they reached her, they could only stare at it in awe.

It was massive. It was really high up in the air, and from the angle they were at, it looked as if it drifted its way into the fluffy clouds above. It's bright green tracks twisted every which way, full of loops and corkscrews and other formations that would make the strongest stomach sick. A group of people on the ride flew past them, dangerously close to the ground, screaming their heads off. Some screamed out in joy, most screamed out in terror. What really stood out though, was the fact that the seats the passengers were in were suspended below the tracks, instead of above. It was an inverted roller coaster, but that just meant being closer to the ground. And for Santana, it meant being closer to her untimely death.

"The Raptor," Brittany said, marveling at the giant roller coaster. "We'll go on this one first!"

"Oh hell yeah," Mike said in awe, unable to contain his grin. "This looks awesome!"

Brittany and Mike wasted no time in rushing over to the ridiculously long line. Santana just stood there, unable to move her legs. Brittany, when realizing they were missing a member of their trio, turned around and called out to Santana. "San, what are you doing? Come on!" She tried to wave her girlfriend over, but Santana just kept staring at the long, twisting tracks.

Brittany, concerned for her girlfriend's well being, told Mike to save a place for her in line and ran over to Santana. "Hey, what's wrong?" Brittany asked worriedly. "Are you sick?"

"It's r-really big," Santana stuttered. "Look…I don't like admitting it, but I'm afraid of roller coasters. If you laugh I'll scream."

Brittany shook her head, hugging her girlfriend close to her. "I'd never laugh at you…well, unless you did something super funny. It's okay to be scared, but come on, there's nothing to be afraid of. It works perfectly, and nobody's ever died on the Raptor."

Santana looked at her skeptically. "There's a first time for everything, you know."

Brittany just grinned. "Of course I know, that's what this whole story is about!"

Santana stared at her strangely. "What?"

"Never mind," Brittany mumbled. "Listen, if you get scared, I'll be right next to you on the ride, holding your pinky for dear life. I'll kiss you on the ride, if I have to. Come on, baby, live a little."

Santana couldn't help but get a bit excited at the way Brittany called her baby. "You'll hold my pinky on the ride?" she questioned for clarification.

"Always," Brittany whispered in her ear. The blonde turned to see Mike wasn't looking at them. She then placed a soft, reassuring kiss on Santana's lips. Both girls ignored the stares and just looked into each other's eyes. "Now come on, let's ride this bitch."

Santana couldn't help but laugh at what Brittany said.

"I knew that'd make you laugh! Now that your nerves are calmed, let's go!" Brittany grabbed Santana by the hand and tugged her into the line with Mike.

"Hey, you okay?" Mike asked Santana, concerned.

"I'm cool," Santana said smoothly. "Now let's ride this bitch."

Brittany murmured, "That's my line."

Luckily, not a lot of people were at the park today, so the line was fast. Only took one hour for them to reach the ride, and they remembered to text Mr. Pierce every twenty minutes. While Brittany and Mike stayed patient and waited, Santana was getting more nervous, and the more nervous she got, the angrier she got ("Hey, fatass!" Santana yelled at the man in front of them, thirty minutes into the line. "Lay off your Twinkies and haul it!" Luckily, he ignored her for the most part). But now, finally, they were at the top of a small tower which led up to the coaster. Santana almost went green when Mike told her they were going in the front. Brittany locked pinkies, and it made the Latina feel a little bit better. But just a little bit.

At this point, they were being strapped into the front of the coaster. Mike had the pleasure of sitting next to the 'fatass' who kept giving him and the gang dirty looks. A worker was strapping them into their seats, while Santana was hyperventilating. In front of her was a large landscape. She could see trees, a street and the parking lot. And it made her ten times more sick than she previously was. The worker strapped the last person in, double checked that everyone was strapped in, and then gave the maintenance guy a thumbs up. He then flipped some sort of switch and the coaster roared to life.

Brittany locked pinkies with Santana. "Don't worry, I'm here," she assured.

Santana wanted to respond, but at this point she was beyond speaking. She just nodded. She tried to breathe calmly, and utterly failed. Then, the safety rail, which protected them from falling to their deaths before being strapped in, came down, and the coaster moved forward slowly.

"Here we go," Mike said enthusiastically, but was cut off by another glare from the man beside him.

The coaster ascended upwards on the green tracks, readying itself for an enormous drop. After a few seconds of continued ascent, Santana became restless, sick of waiting. She wanted this over with. "Why is it taking so fucking long?" she screeched. She felt a pinky squeeze hers, and she nodded towards her girlfriend, then took a deep breath. Okay, I'm ready. No backing out now.

The coaster stopped at the edge of the drop. Santana looked down, then looked back at Brittany. I'm doing this for her. Then she looked back down at the oncoming drop. I can handle this. Bring it o- - -

Santana's thoughts were interrupted as the roller coaster lurched forward and began its dive towards Earth. Wind slapped against Santana's face and she found herself unable to scream. The roller coaster then shot upwards after the drop, and soon enough, the coaster had disappeared within a chaotic pattern of loops and swerves and corkscrews. All the while, Santana never closed her eyes and stayed silent, not trusting herself to speak. And the whole time the coaster looped and curved around the track, Brittany's pinky never left it's spot in Santana's, and for that, Santana wanted to thank Brittany a million times.

It seemed like only a few seconds had passed since their first ascent when they returned to the area to get off. They were back at where they started, and the coaster stopped slowly, pulling into the station. The safety bars came back up and the harnesses and straps released their captors. Brittany looked over at her girlfriend, and a worried expression overtook her face as she realized that Santana looked catatonic. Brittany hopped off her seat along with Mike and gave the Latina a little shake.

"Santana?" Brittany asked worriedly. "Are you okay? Don't die, please!"

Santana's face seemed like it would remain that way forever. That is, until a second later, when a small smile appeared on her face. "Can we do that again?"

The day went on, and the group continued to ride roller coasters. It seemed as though Santana had gotten over her fears of roller coasters after riding the Raptor, seeing as she was now totally willing to ride the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, the Blue Streak and the Corkscrew. Brittany couldn't help squealing at the small transformation Santana had went through. But all good things had to come to an end sometime, and this good thing ended with Mr. Pierce texting Brittany, asking her and the others to return to the main entrance. They all were bummed, but Brittany tried to keep her spirits up, along with everyone else's.

"Come on guys, let's buy some stuff on the way to Dad!" Brittany suggested, grinning at her companions.

They all agreed, and they all stopped at multiple shops along the way. Mike bought a hat with millions of colors and a couple of fuzzy orbs connected to strings attached (While he wore it, a girl about his age walked past, pointing at the orbs and saying "I like your balls," to which he replied, "So do I," as he flicked one of the orbs on the hat). Santana bought loads of candy ("What? I'm not addicted to suckers. I can quit whenever I want!"). Brittany, unsurprisingly, bought a stuffed unicorn ("I shall name you Fuego!"). After their little shopping spree, they returned to the main entrance. Mr. Pierce was there, waiting for them. He ushered them out of the park and back into his car, where they all returned to their original seats.

"Have fun?" Mr. Pierce asked them.

"Hell yeah!" Santana answered for all of them.

Mr. Pierce laughed. "Awesome!"

After a few minutes of driving, Brittany suggested they play a game…

"Duck…duck…silly goose!" Brittany called, bopping Santana on the head once more.

Great, Santana thought irritably. Just freaking great.


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