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"Santana, why don't we go on dates?" Brittany asked.

Santana's eyes widened a bit. "What?" she asked, surprised by the question.

The two girls were sitting up in Brittany's room, trying to work on homework together. Neither were doing a good job, seeing as Brittany kept wanting to take breaks because she believed that the history lessons were too confusing, and Santana kept wanting to take breaks to feel Brittany up a bit on her bed. Needless to say, they were both probably going to fail American History.

"I mean," Brittany said, "we never go on dates, even though we're dating."

Santana sighed. She had thought about taking Brittany on a real date before, but every time she thought about it, she pushed it away into the back of her mind for the most obvious reason. "Britt, we're in a secret relationship," Santana explained. "If someone saw us on a date, it'd be bad. People would find out about us, and then everyone would treat us like crap just because we like each other. Plus, we hang out all the time anyways."

Brittany sat up on her bed and looked over at Santana, who was in the swivel chair across the room. "People treat me like crap already," the blonde said bitterly. "Yeah, we hang out, but I want to go out on an official, romantic date. Like going to a restaurant and then maybe hanging out…somewhere else. I don't know, I just want to do stuff that couple's do."

Santana shrugged. "Britt, what's the big deal anyway? We are a couple, we don't need to do something that couple's do just to prove that to ourselves."

Brittany huffed and crossed her arms. "It's not fair!" she said, a sad inflection in her voice. "I'm tired of hiding our relationship! I want to tell people, I'm sick of keeping secrets. And I'm sick of secrets holding us back from doing stuff."

Santana got up when Brittany mentioned telling people. She walked over to her girlfriend and sat on the bed next to her. Santana took Brittany's hand in hers. "Britt, please, you can't tell people about us." Brittany was about object, but she stopped when she saw the look on Santana's face. "I don't know if I could handle being called names or made fun of. I've heard stories about kids who get made of fun of for dating the same gender. They get called names everyday, they get bullied, they get treated like shit for the rest of their days in school. I can't handle something like that."

Brittany bit her lip, deep in thought. She really wanted to tell someone about them, just to get it out. But she also knew Santana had a point, and she didn't want to force the girl she loved into doing something she didn't want to do. "Well…what if we told someone we could trust. Like our parents, or Mike?"

Santana shook her head. "No, no way. Not our parents. Mike…I don't know, he seems okay, but I don't know how he would react. I…I think we should wait to tell someone. Maybe we'll tell someone someday, but I'm just not ready yet."

Brittany placed her head on Santana's shoulder. "Okay, I won't tell anyone about us until you're ready…but I still think we should go on a date one of these days."

Santana, not knowing how to respond, decided to try to change the subject. "So, wanna get back to our homework?"

Brittany lifted her head up and shook it no. "Ick…no."

Santana smirked at girlfriend. "Wanna make out?"

Brittany grinned back at her and nodded.

Brittany had to suppress a surprised scream when Santana jumped her.

As Santana walked home from Brittany's house, she couldn't help but think about what the girl had said. It was admittedly hard to think seeing as she was trying to keep warm under her jacket as the first signs of snow came down and whipped at her face, indicating the upcoming Winter. Although Santana fully disagreed with Brittany about telling people, but she really was contemplating Brittany's idea about a date. Santana did have some money saved up, maybe she could use it at Breadstix. And there was a really nice park Santana knew about and since it was usually empty they could have some privacy there.

"But what if someone saw us?" Santana asked herself aloud, stuffing her hands in pockets, trying her best to ignore the flowing snowflakes.

If someone sees you, you'll kick their ass to shut them up and make sure that you keep Brittany as your girlfriend and nobody would have to find out, Santana's mind told herself.

"That could work…" Santana mused.

Santana, finally deciding, pulled out her phone, and with her newly frigid fingers, she texted her girlfriend.

Britt, you, me, Saturday, on the best date ever.

Saturday couldn't have come sooner. Brittany sat on the couch, waiting for her girlfriend to pick her up. Ever since Brittany had received Santana's text, she had been looking forward to the day all week. She couldn't stop telling Catcake how excited she was. And when the day finally arrived, Brittany was in a frenzy. She kept fixing her hair in the mirror, she kept smoothing out her shirt of wrinkles, and she kept asking Mr. Pierce if she looked good.

After sitting on the couch for ten minutes, each minute seeming like an eternity, a knock on the door signified the arrival of her girlfriend. The blonde leapt up from her seat and bolted towards the door, haphazardly grabbing her jacket off the rack as she did and slipping it on. She opened the door and grinned when she saw Santana.

Brittany turned back to the house. "Later Dad, later Mom!" With that, Brittany stepped outside and embraced her girlfriend. "Thanks for making me wait, meanie," she said playfully.

Santana laughed. "Sorry, I hauled ass here on my bike as fast as I could," she explained. "So uh, you ready to go?"

Brittany nodded excitedly. "I've been ready ever since you asked me."

"You're so cheesy," Santana said, chuckling.

"Hey, cheese is awesome!" Brittany shot back. "So where are we going?"

"Surprises, surprises," Santana said. With that, the Latina spun on her heels, and walked over to her bike. "Come on," Santana said, hopping on her bike. "Get on."

"How?" Brittany asked, confused. "There's only one seat…"

"Just hop on the back pegs and hold onto my shoulders," Santana explained.

Brittany nodded and walked over to Santana on her bike. She placed her hands on Santana's shoulders and stepped up onto the bike's back pegs. At first she was a little shaky, but she soon found balance. Luckily, Winter hadn't really set in yet so there would be little snow in their way during the ride. Brittany told Santana she was ready, and in moments, Santana pedaled forward, taking off.

Brittany loved this. The wind blowing her hair back, riding on a bike with Santana, going on a date. It was perfect, and the blonde couldn't be happier. Brittany kept asking where they would be going along the way, but Santana had kept her mouth shut, much to Brittany's annoyance.

Santana pedaled a little harder when her destination came into view. Santana pointed at the building, and when Brittany saw it, her jaw dropped. "You're taking me to Breadstix? But they're like…super expensive."

Santana just grinned. "Maybe, but my girl deserves the best," she said. Well, that, and nobody we know is likely to be there, Santana thought.

Santana rode into the parking lot and stopped her bike near a bush. Brittany hopped off, and Santana hid her bike behind the bush so nobody could see it. Santana turned and walked over to her girlfriend, who was smiling at her. She smiled back, holding out a pinky. Brittany happily took it into her own, and they began to walk towards the front entrance.

"I'm so excited!" Brittany exclaimed, unable to contain her joy. "Our first date!"

"Alright, alright, calm down. Don't have a spasm," Santana said jokingly.

"I will spazz out if I want to," Brittany said, huffing.

Santana just laughed and walked into Breadstix, her girlfriend right beside her. They were quickly escorted over to a booth near the back by a waiter. After they told the waiter what they wanted, the waiter walked off, leaving them alone at the booth.

"This is so cool," Brittany said, grinning. She was holding pinkies with Santana under the table.

"I know. Did you know they're legally obligated to not stop giving us breadsticks? I heard they're like, the best things ever," Santana said.

They continued talking for awhile, until the waiter came back with their food. He handed them both cokes, and gave Brittany her spaghetti and meatballs, and gave Santana her breadsticks. That was all she had asked for. The waiter once again left them.

As soon as Santana took a bite out of the breadstick, she uncontrollably moaned. "Oh that's so good," she cried out. She got a couple of stares from other people at the restaurant, but they soon went back to what they were doing before.

Brittany, who hadn't even started eating her spaghetti, reached over and took a breadstick from the basket. She took a bite, and her eyes widened. "Whoa…it's like world peace…but it's a breadstick."

They both started ravaging through the breadsticks, soon enough, they were all gone. After that, Brittany went on to eat her spaghetti, kindly sharing with Santana. Brittany suggested that they both take the same piece of spaghetti and eat it until they kissed like in Lady and the Tramp, but Santana said no because she thought it attracted too much attention.

"Fine, then no more spaghetti for you," Brittany said huffily, taking her plate out of Santana's reach.

After they finished eating and drinking, they were ready to go. When the waiter returned, Santana paid him the money (she only had a dollar left) and took Brittany by the pinky, making her way out the door. They were both hit by December air as they walked outside toward Santana's bike, but both of them were too happy to care.

"That was the best date ever," Brittany exclaimed.

"Yeah, but it's not over yet," Santana said. "I've got somewhere else I want to take you, and I can't tell you where." Santana pulled her bike out and hopped on. "Alright, get on the pegs. We got places to be."

Brittany laughed and happily got back on the pegs. Seconds later, Santana had taken off once more to the unknown destination. Brittany kept asking where they would go, and Santana kept telling her it was a super secret.

"Wait, a super secret? Are we going to the Labyrinth?" Brittany asked excitedly.

Santana groaned. "Britt…I'm having fun, don't ruin this."

After a few more minutes of a pedaling, Santana finally came up to her destination. Brittany smiled. "You took me to a park?" she asked, hopping off the pegs.

Santana got off her bike. "What, you don't like it?" Santana asked worriedly.

Brittany made sure nobody was around (luckily, the park was empty) and kissed Santana, cupping the Latina's cheeks in her hands. "I love it. And I love this whole date. And I love you. I love you like I love double rainbows." Brittany wrapped her arms around Santana and hugged her close to her body. Santana was enjoying the close contact, but Brittany pulled away, much too soon for Santana's liking. "Ooooooh, swings!" With that, Brittany raced over to the swing set and got on a seat. "San, push me!" she called to her girlfriend.

Santana couldn't help but smile at Brittany's excitement. "I'm coming, I'm coming," Santana said. She walked over to where Brittany was.

"Well…go on, push!" Brittany insisted.

Santana pushed Brittany forward, and took a step back as she came back towards her on the swing. She pushed her again, and Brittany asked her to push harder. So she did. Soon enough Brittany was as high in the sky as a kite. Santana then took a seat in the swing next to her and began swinging herself.

"You'll never get as high as me," Brittany taunted as she swung past.

"You wanna bet?" Santana asked.

Now both girls were racing to beat each other to get higher on the swings. Brittany, it seemed, was going to win. Santana pumped her legs harder, but they were getting tired, and she was finding it hard to beat her girlfriend. Brittany continued taunting her, until finally, Santana gave up.

"Forget it," Santana groaned, slowing down to a stop. "You win."

Brittany slowed to a stop as well. "Haha, I knew it! All hail Queen Brittany!" Brittany threw her fists in the air as victory. "You could never have beaten me."

"It's true," Santana said sarcastically. "You're just vastly superior to me in everyway."

"I don't know what that means, but I agree," Brittany said, confused.

Santana laughed and locked pinkies with Brittany. "Britt, you're amazing."

"Psh, I know," Brittany said, grinning. "Hey, Santana?"


"Thanks for taking me on a date," Brittany said happily. "I had the best time ever. You're really good at this whole girlfriend thing."

"Well, I try- - -" Santana was quickly cut off by Brittany's lips connecting with hers. Santana smiled into the kiss and began kissing back.

When Santana pulled back for air, she grinned. "You're right, Brittany. This was definitely the best date ever."

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