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Santana stared up at Mike in awe. She tried to squirm away from her girlfriend, but in the position they were in, it was extremely difficult. Mike was still stuttering out words of confusion, as he couldn't look away. Santana's cheeks reddened and at that moment she wished she could just disappear off the planet. Somebody knew. They had both been so careful as to not be seen by anyone, but now they were caught by one of their few friends because he basically broke into Brittany's house.

Santana, not really knowing what to do, began to panic. "W-what the fuck are you doing here?"

Mike took a step back, a little frightened by her tone of voice. "I-I…Brittany forgot some books of hers at school! I just wanted t-to return them. I didn't want to just leave them on the porch, so I came in. Oh my God, I'm so sorry, Santana please don't murder me!" Mike held up the textbooks to show that he wasn't lying.

Catcake, who was currently plopped down on the carpet near the couch, giggled. "Holy shit, this just got interesting. Fatass, get me some popcorn. This is too good."

"But Ca- - -boss lady, I-I don't know how to make popcorn," Tubs said timidly.

Catcake shoved him away with her paw. "Go and read the instructions." Tubbington sighed, feeling defeated, and went into the kitchen, muttering about how he couldn't read either.

Santana rolled off of Brittany and ran past Mike and over to the door. The Latina quickly closed the door and locked it. "Mike, you are not leaving this house until you swear on…I don't know, your junk that you won't tell anyone about this. If you mention this to anyone, I…nobody will ever find your body! And you'll be lost forever in some riverbank or my backyard or…something unpleasant!"

Before Mike could even respond (that is, if he was brave enough to respond), Brittany cut in from the couch. "San, calm down!"

Santana stared at her girlfriend as if she were crazy. "Calm down? He just walked in on us! I can't calm down!" Santana tried to take a deep breath and collect herself to no avail. This was way too much to take in. Mike saw them. He fucking saw them making out on Brittany's couch. There was no explanation they could give to make him think it wasn't a hot make out session. It was over. It was all over. Mike would tell someone and then everyone would know. Then everyone would make fun of them for being together. Call them dykes, carpet munchers and probably even more colorful insults. The boys would be pigs and joke to their friends about if they made out together like the morons they were and the girls would stay clear of them, afraid that a girl who also likes girls might try to kiss them, or rape them, or something stupid like that. It was how it always went in those stories that people heard about girls coming out as lesbians or bisexuals or bi-curious.

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Well, you're going to have to calm down. He's seen us already, so why don't we just tell him and make him swear not to tell anyone? Without death threats."

Santana wanted to argue, but then she realized how right Brittany was. Mike had already seen them, they might as well give him an explanation. The Latina had seen the look in her girlfriend's eyes and instantly knew what the blonde was thinking. I want to tell someone. Santana was one hundred percent sure that was the blonde's thought process. And on that, Santana did have to agree. She also wanted to tell someone, just to get it off her chest. Just to have some weight lifted off her shoulders.

Santana looked back and forth between Brittany and Mike. She let out a long sigh. "Fine. Mike, sit your ass down on the chair over there. Listen closely to what we're about to tell you, because we have about twenty four chapters of material to exposit, and we'd rather not explain anything a second time, got it?"

Mike, scared out of his mind, nodded and took a seat at the chair across from the couch, where Brittany and now Santana were sitting.

Catcake rubbed her paws together in glee. "Ooooh, shit just got real! Hey Tubs, you get that popcorn ready yet?"

Tubs let out a little whimper. "I tried to open the bag…oh God, there's popcorn kernels everywhere…"

Catcake rolled her eyes. "I'll be there in a second," the cat growled. "Seriously, you'd think a woman wouldn't have to make her own popcorn, but nooooo!" Catcake let out an aggravated purr and slinked off to the kitchen to help her companion.

Brittany smiled as she went through the memories. "Okay Mike, story time!" she said giddily. Santana rolled her eyes. Brittany always got excited when she got to tell a story to someone. "It all started in third grade…"

"…and then we found Lord Tubbington earlier today, and then I claimed him as mine. Then San and me got into our usual make out positions, and…made out. Then you came, and that's pretty much the end of it all. Thanks for the textbooks by the way," Brittany said, finishing up the long story.

Santana, who was biting her nails (a nervous habit) in anticipation for Mike's reaction, spoke up finally. "Do you have a problem with us secretly dating?"

Mike shook his head. "No way. I don't mind gay people - or whatever you guys are, 'cause you said you might be bi or something. So yeah, I'm totally cool with it." Santana was about to say something, but Mike cut her off. "No, Santana, I will never tell anyone about it, and if I do, I give you permission to murder me in some elaborate, painful Saw inspired way."

Santana tried to suppress a smile. "See, I knew there was a reason a liked you."

"Please, you liked me 'cause I'm Asian," Mike joked, and Brittany laughed and Santana chuckled a bit. "So…are you guys like, in love? I'm just wondering."

Brittany smiled a bit. "I love Santana as a best friend and as a girlfriend. Like, legit for realsies love. Santana sort of loves me as a best friend, but she isn't sure if she loves me as a girlfriend, but I don't mind, as long as she likes me and still dates me, I'm a happy panda." Brittany grinned and Santana grinned back.

The mention of love caused the Latina's brain to swivel back to Brittany's little accident at Christmas, where she had mentioned in her head that she loved her. Santana had thought about it a lot and still had no conclusion. The only answer she had come up with was that love was fucking complicated. Santana was seriously getting sick of all these emotions that her relationship was bringing up, but she'd put up with them, for the sake of Brittany.

"That's awesome," Mike said simply.

Brittany was still smiling from ear to ear. "It's so awesome how cool you are with this."

Mike shrugged nonchalantly. "Hey, that's me, Mr. Cool," he said, popping his collar. "Wait…I was just…wondering something." Mike sucked in a deep breath, readying himself for what he was about to say. "Can I ever watch you guys, like, make out?"

While Brittany suppressed some childish giggles. Santana crossed her arms. "Time to go, Mikey."

"Oh come on, I was kidding!" Mike said (and he actually was just joking around).

Santana grabbed him by the collar and began dragging him out of the room. When she reached the front door, she opened it and shoved her friend outside. "Sorry Mike, no hard feelings," Santana said sweetly, "it's just me and Britt gotta go make out some more." With that, she shut the door in his face, smiling a bit.

"You know," Mike said through the door, "even though I was kidding, that's an evil mental image to put into a teenage boy's mind and then not actually come through and show him."

Santana suddenly got a devilish idea. "Oh yeah, Britt," she said lustfully. "I love it when you kiss me there!"

She could hear Mike sigh. "You are seriously a meanie face," he said jokingly.

"I know," Santana said. "Now seriously, get out of here."

Mike scoffed and then chuckled. "Alright, fine. Adios senoritas." Santana listened as she heard Mike's feet walk away.

Santana smiled deviously. "That turned out better than I thought," she said happily. "Now, Britt, we're all alone…"

Brittany shrugged. "I'm kind of hungry, I'm gonna get some Cheetos." With that, Brittany walked off into the kitchen. Santana, groaning at the thought of making out being replaced with Cheetos, followed her girlfriend into the kitchen, and both girls gasped at what they saw in the kitchen. "What happened?" Brittany cried.

There was food and drinks everywhere, on the floor, on the walls, and on the ceiling.

Tubbington was laying in a pile of Cheetos and Catcake was snoozing on a bag of Lays chips. Tubbington purred happily, being surrounded by what he loved, food. "W-we tried to open a bag of popcorn, but we messed up. Then we tried to open all the other bags, and they all fell too. But now it's like a sea of food! You guys are the coolest owners ever!"

Brittany turned to her girlfriend. "You ready to help me clean up before my parents get home?"

Santana sighed. "I'll get the broom."

Why can't I ever have a normal make out session with my girl, Santana thought bitterly.


So yeah, that was the explanation chapter. Did you like it? Some of you may say that Mike's response to their coming out is a little too relaxed, but I only did it that way because 1) Mike seems like a chill dude and 2) From personal experiences, true friends don't care if you like the opposite or both genders. Like, when I came out to my friend Biebs (his nickname, since he's got Bieber hair) about being bi, he was like "That's cool, fine with me. Let's go back to playing games though." So yeah, awesome friends don't care about this stuff, and Mike is so obviously an awesome friend, so yeah. Plus, we saw him stand up for Kurt that one time in the locker room, so yeah, he's definitely got no problem with people's sexuality. So…yeah.

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