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Santana looked at it in all its glory. It was so big, so huge, who knows how many things you could fit in there. It was really clean too, which was good. It wasn't a good idea to go into one of those when it's dirty, so it's cleanliness was a plus. And to top it all off, it was wet. Completely wet, and with the hot Summer air blowing through the trees, wetness is what Santana needed right now.

It was a pool, and it was the most awesome thing ever (to Santana, at least).

Santana always loved swimming. She wasn't dedicated enough to join a swim team or anything, but she just enjoyed the feeling of diving under the water and swimming around. It gave her a floating feeling, and she liked that. The Latina had never had a swimming pool before in her life, much to her disappointment. But luckily, her father had made a decision. He felt that the Lopez's old home was much too small, so he felt they should move somewhere close, but with more space. And they found the perfect place, a two story house with a kick ass pool. Even better, Santana's new home was only two blocks away from Brittany S. Pierce, the hottest girl on the planet.

Life could not get any better.

Santana, still gazing out at the pool from the patio in the backyard, was interrupted from her thoughts by a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw her mother looking down at her. "Hey Mom, what's up?" Santana asked.

"I just wanted to remind I'm leaving in a few minutes, to have dinner with my friends," Mrs. Lopez explained. "And since your father's at work and won't be getting home until late, and I'll be gone for a few hours, I was wondering if you're okay being alone."

Santana nodded. "Mom, I'm not four. I'll be fine." A sudden thought crossed the Latina's mind. "Hey, Mom? I was wondering…could I invite a friend over while you're gone?" Santana looked up at her mother hopefully.

Mrs. Lopez's eyebrows raised in suspicion. "Who'd be coming over?" she inquired.

"I just want Brittany over here," Santana said. "She hasn't seen our new house yet, and I just wanna hang out with her. Would that be cool?"

Mrs. Lopez smiled. "Of course she can come over. Just don't break anything…and no boys."

Santana rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah, Mom, I'm gonna invite some guys to the house and lead them into my chamber of seduction…"

"Santana!" Mrs. Lopez gasped out.

Santana suppressed a laugh. "Holy crap Mom, I'm kidding! I won't invite any boys." As long as I'm with Britt, Mom'll never have to deal with boys.

Mrs. Lopez shook her head disapprovingly. "Don't do that, hun," she scolded. Off in the distance, there was a series of honks from a car. Mrs. Lopez cursed under her breath. "That's my ride. I gotta go, honey bear."

Santana gritted her teeth and curled her fingers into a fist at her old nickname. "Okay, bye Mom. Leave now. Please."

A kiss to the cheek, a wave goodbye, and finally, Mrs. Lopez disappeared into the house and out to her friends.

Santana silently thanked God that she was now finally alone. Spinning on her heel, Santana returned her attention to the large pool. A grin grew across her face. Pulling out her phone, she quickly texted Brittany, unable to suppress her devious smile. Britt, she typed, come to my new house down the street. Bring a bikini.

Santana gazed at herself in the mirror, almost in awe of how hot she looked in her new red bikini. Santana had never been a very vain person, but she couldn't help it when she saw herself right now. If she had a clone, she'd be all over herself in seconds. Seriously. But while the Latina was going on in her head about how hot she was, one thought kept popping up. How hot was Brittany going to be in her bikini?

Surprisingly, Santana had never really gotten a good look at Brittany's body without some form of clothes. They had never went to a pool together, so she hadn't seen the blonde in a bikini, and whenever they had a sleepover and they changed in the same room, Santana would always try to avoid taking a peak at Brittany's body, fearing that if she got one glimpse of the girl changing, she might stare. That would be awkward. So Santana couldn't wait to see her girlfriend's half naked body.

Santana blushed as a slew of absolutely freaky fantasies entered her mind.

The doorbell from downstairs interrupted her thoughts. Holy shit…Brittany had finally arrived. Santana ran out of her room and down the stairs to the front door. Just as she was about to open the door, she remembered she was still wearing only a bikini. It might've been a little awkward to answer a door wearing only a bikini, but at this point, Santana didn't give a damn. She answered the door, and ushered her girlfriend inside, closing the door behind her.

"Thanks…" Brittany trailed off as she stared in awe at Santana's body. Santana blushed a little bit as she realized the blonde's eyes were glued to her chest.

Santana, unable to resist, piped up. "My, uh, eyes are up here, baby."

Brittany blinked. "Who said anything about your eyes?" she asked, continuing to stare. Then Brittany blushed, realizing what she had just said, and looked up at Santana's face. "Oh wow, I'm sorry. I just…you look really sexy right now."

"Trust me," Santana said devilishly, "I know. So did you bring your bikini?"

Brittany nodded. "It's under my clothes. Are we gonna go swimming?"

"Hell yes. The pool's in the backyard." Santana motioned for Brittany to follow her out to the pool. As Santana and Brittany walked outside into the backyard, Santana noticed something. "Britt, why do you have a backpack?"

Brittany gasped a bit. "Oh yeah! Almost forgot." The blonde pulled off her backpack and unzipped it. Santana heard some meows. Of course. Brittany reached in and pulled out first Catcake, and then Tubs.

Catcake shot a dirty look at Tubs. "I can't believe you touched me there!"

Tubs looked down, embarrassed. "It was dark in the backpack, okay? I didn't know I was doing it!"

Catcake shook her head and glared at him. "You sicken me."

Santana rolled her eyes. "Was there a reason you brought your cats here?"

After a long pause, Brittany responded. "No…"

Catcake strolled over to one of the chairs set up on the patio. "Ah," she sighed contentedly. "Now I can work on my tan."

"Cats can't get tans," Tubs muttered under his breath.

Santana shrugged. "Whatever," she said nonchalantly. "Okay, take your clothes off, 'cause it's hot and I really wanna go swimming."

Brittany gave a knowing smile. "Please, you just want to see me in a bikini." Before Santana could respond, the Latina took note that Brittany had begun to take off her shirt. Santana also took note that Brittany was lifting the hem slowly, as if to tease her girlfriend. Santana was shocked into speechlessness as more of the blonde's lean stomach was revealed. Finally, the shirt went over her head and she dropped it to the ground. Now her chest was on full display, along with the really nice blue bikini top that Santana wished wasn't on her girlfriend. Get your mind out of the gutter San… Santana thought to herself as she continued to watch Brittany. The blonde then began the painfully slow process of pulling down her shorts. Just to rub it in Santana's face a little bit more, Brittany swayed her hips a little as she did this.

Santana groaned. "You're such a fucking tease," she said, holding her breath in anticipation.

"And you love every second of it," Brittany said in a soft, seductive voice. Ugh, Santana thought. She's fucking killing me.

Finally, the shorts fell down and Brittany's bikini bottom was revealed, much to Santana's delight. The Latina couldn't help but think how little the bikini covered on her. Brittany's body was amazing, if that was even a fitting term for the goddess that stood in front of Santana. She had a lean dancer's body, long sexy legs and her skin seemed to glow in the sunlight. Santana quickly lost count of how many fantasies ran through her mind about her and Brittany. S and M fantasies, vampire fantasies, fantasies of Brittany in a maid uniform, and a bunch of other fetish-based fantasies. Scary thing was, half of the fetishes she thought up she didn't even know she liked. Brittany will never understand the effect she has on me… Santana thought, hoping that her girlfriend didn't notice her blushing furiously.

"You…look…just…damn," Santana said in wonder.

Brittany giggled, blushing herself. "Thanks…" she said slowly. Then, in an instance, Brittany ran forward and past her girlfriend. "Last one in the pool's not getting any kisses for a week!"

Santana's eyes widened. Oh shit. Santana quickly turned and burst into a sprint, racing with Brittany to the pool. A second later, they both leapt forward and splashed into the water. It was a relief to both of them seeing how hot it was, now that they were in the pool, it was much cooler. Santana surfaced first, and Brittany soon followed suit. Brittany flashed the Latina a smile.

"Well, we both got into the pool at around the same time…so you still get kisses," Brittany assured. Before Santana could give a triumphant "Yes!", though, Brittany waded forward and cupped Santana's face in her hands. The blonde leaned in and lightly pressed her lips against Santana's own. Santana gave a little moaned, and then ran her tongue along Brittany's bottom lip, begging for entrance. Brittany granted it, and opened her mouth, and soon enough, both of their tongues lashed out together. Santana couldn't help but love the taste of Brittany's lips, so sweet, just like the blonde herself. It didn't take long for Santana to push Brittany against the wall of the pool and begin to feel her up. Brittany pulled away from the kiss, in need of air, and groaned out in delight as Santana's magical hands took assault on her breasts.

"Oh God, Santana…" Brittany managed to say, breathless.

Santana just smirked at Brittany's reaction. Santana then began to trail kisses down the blonde's cheeks, running her tongue along her jaw line as she did. Brittany could only sit there and let Santana continue with her kisses, not that she minded. Oh no, not at all. Brittany was in total and utter bliss right now.

Catcake and Tubs were watching the scene from the patio. Catcake smiled. "Now this is perfect!"

Tubs rolled his eyes. "You're so perverted."

Catcake sent him a death glare. "You want me to beat you up…again?"

Tubs cowered back away from the fluffy kitty. "No boss lady!"

Back at the pool, Brittany piped up. "San…I think I need a break," she said.

Santana frowned a bit, but understood that her girlfriend needed a little bit of time to calm down from the high she was getting from Santana's kisses. "Okay," Santana said in defeat, pulled away from the blonde's body, much to the Latina's disappointment. Brittany breathed in deeply, beginning to pant. Santana chuckled. "Took a lot out of you, didn't I?"

Brittany nodded. "You're way too good at that. Your kisses should be like, illegal." Santana only laughed. Brittany, finally catching her breath, smiled at her girlfriend. "Hey, you wanna play a game?"

Santana raised her eyebrows. "What kind of game?" she asked suspiciously.

Brittany shrugged, putting on her adorable innocent face. "I don't know…maybe a…splash fight!" A second later, Santana was attacked with wave after wave of water, as Brittany began splashing her. Santana cried out at the unforeseen attack, and when it ceased, she gave the blonde a devilish smirk.

"Ms. Pierce…I hope you know that this means war!" Santana said, swinging her arm, causing water to splash all over Brittany.

Brittany gave a little squeak of surprise and began to swim away, being exceptionally speedy in the water, much to Santana's disbelief. Not one to let her prey get away, Santana began to swim after her. "Oh no you don't, Britt!" the Latina shouted after her, laughing. Just as Santana was catching up on her, Brittany dived under the water, disappearing in the blueness of the water.

Santana tried to see where her girlfriend went, but came up with nothing. That is, until she felt a familiar hand snake its way around her ankle. Santana gasped and tried to swim forward out of the grip, but another arm slipped around her waist, pulling her closer to the blonde's body. "Gotcha, baby," Brittany whispered in her ear. The sound of Brittany's voice so low and the feel of the girl's breath on her neck gave Santana shivers.

Santana giggled a bit, and then said in a fake evil voice, "Not before I get you!"

Brittany giggled as well. "Oooh, I'm scared. I guess I should swim away now!" With that, Brittany let go of Santana and began to swim away. "You'll never catch me!" she yelled triumphantly.

"We shall see!" Santana cried out in her hammiest voice. She had to admit she was having a lot of fun with this. Sure, her and Brittany spent a lot of time together, but they didn't get many chances to hang out and good off like a bunch of idiot kids. It was funny and sweet, just to play silly kids games with her.

Santana burst forward, trying to catch her beloved dancer. Santana could be a bit of a sore loser, so she'd hate to give in and admit that she couldn't catch Brittany, so she felt determined to get a hold of the blonde. At this point, they were now in the shallow end of the pool and had forgotten about swimming, and were now running through the water, which slowed them down significantly. But that meant that Brittany was slower too, and now, Santana had time to catch her. Leaping forward, Santana made a grab for her girlfriend, but the blonde was too nimble and dodged, continuing to run away. Santana made one more leap, this time managing to graze Brittany's back just barely. But as she swiped Brittany's back, her fingers snagged on something. Santana didn't know what it was at first, but a second later, she realized that her fingers had snagged on a strap of some kind. And then, Santana knew.

Oh no…oh no no no no no…please tell me I did not just…

Santana looked up. She had. Santana had just (accidentally, mind you) ripped off Brittany's bikini top.

Brittany turned around, and now, they were on display. Santana stared down at Brittany's uncovered breasts, taking in their form with her eyes. They were round, not big, but round. They had nice pink areolas, and as if Santana wasn't freaking out over the hotness of the situation enough, Brittany's nipples were hard, making them even more striking. Santana's breath hitched in her throat, and she held back the moan that was threatening its way out of her mouth. The Latina had to literally bite her tongue to keep herself from moaning.

Brittany blushed and looked down at her chest. "Aw…fudge," she said simply.

Santana was dumbfounded. After what she just did, that was all she could say? Santana finally found her voice again. "Oh my God, Brittany I am so sorry! It was a total accident, I swear on my life! Incluso no quiere hacerlo y nunca va a suceder y por favor no me odian para siempre, oh Dios de Brittany, que sólo intentaba atrapar le y mi dedo atrapado en la correa y…" Santana cut herself off when she realized that for one, she was repeating herself, and that she was also speaking in Spanish, a habit that she had when she was really nervous or really angry.

"Santana!" Brittany cried. "It's okay! I know it was an accident…and were you speaking alien just now?"

"Um…no, Spanish, it's a nervous habit," Santana admitted. Santana continued to stare at Brittany's breasts, and it was then that the Latina realized something, Brittany had yet to cover up her boobs, and the only real embarrassment she was showing was a slight blush. No stuttering, no shaking, nothing, just a barely there blush. Does she have no shame? Why doesn't she cover them already? Those things are torturing me! Santana thought sadly, resisting the urge to run her hands over Brittany's chest. She had felt them before, but that was when the blonde was wearing something over them. Now she had a chance to touch them, no shirt, no bra, no bikini top, just skin to skin. The urge to touch them was almost becoming painful to Santana.

"Oh cool, I wish I knew Spanish," Brittany muttered, a bit sadly, as if she always wanted to learn it. "Oh yeah, I forgot, my top." How the hell do you forget your missing bikini top? Santana exclaimed inwardly. "Where did it go?"

Santana, still staring at the…orbs, pointed to the right side of the pool. "I, uh, think they drifted somewhere over there…or something," she said, peering out. She was indeed correct, as there they were, floating near the right side of the pool.

Brittany looked over there, and smiled. "Yep, there they are!" Brittany then began to swim over to the floating top. Brittany paused though and started laughing. "Hey San! Look, I'm doing the breaststroke!" Brittany continued swimming, showing it off. At this point, Santana wasn't even trying to hide the fact she was totally staring at her boobs. "Get it?"

Santana managed a fake laugh. "Heh heh, yeah! Good one!" Santana then went back to blushing and freaking out on the inside at the current situation. They were in a pool, and her girlfriend was fucking topless. It wasn't like Santana had never seen boobs before. Well, for one, she'd seen her own, of course. But she'd also seen plenty of them on the internet. Porn was sort of a daily occurrence for her. She wasn't addicted…but the hotness of it all kept bringing her back to dirty sites everyday. So she'd seen all kinds of breasts. But she'd never seen someone else's breasts in person, and it was so different from looking at them through a computer screen. It was sort of a 'So close, yet so far' thing. They were right there, and she could do nothing. It was tragic really.

Brittany finally made it over to her top and in a few seconds, it was back on her chest again, and Santana then lost sight of her breasts, which disappointed the Latina to no end. Brittany then waded back over to where Santana was. "Hey," Brittany said simply, as if nothing had even happened just moments ago.

Santana stared at her, confused. "Uh…hi," she said dumbly. "Um…Britt, you do know that was an accident right?"

Brittany giggled. "Of course I know, you goose! Who cares, no need to freak out over accidents!" Then, Brittany reached out and embraced her girlfriend closer to her. Normally, Santana would be ecstatic to receive a hug from Brittany, but now that the girl's chest was pushed up against her, all she could think of was her boobs, and nothing else.

Meanwhile over on the patio, Tubs watched with wide eyes. "Her…her top…" he stuttered. "Boss lady! Did you see that?" he asked in an excited tone. It was his first time seeing human breasts, and it was awesome.

Catcake opened her eyes and glared at him. "See what? I was sleeping, and thanks to your fatass, I'm awake!"

"Wait, you were asleep?" Tubs asked. Catcake nodded, readying herself to pounce on her minion for awakening her from her oh so wonderful slumber. "But…that means you missed…" Tubs couldn't bare to tell her.

"Miss what?" Catcake asked. Before Tubs could respond, Catcake continued. "Keep in mind, my dear sidekick, if you lie to me, you shall suffer a fate worse than death!"

Tubs let out a little squeak of fear. "Okay! I'll tell you! You missed Brittany without her top on!"

Catcake's face went blank. She stared at Tubs for a moment, then she took a step back. Catcake then sucked in a deep breath, and then… "FUUUUUUCK!"

Back at the pool, Santana nodded at Brittany's statement. "Your right," Santana agreed half heartedly. "No need to freak out."

Brittany looked down, and now she started blushing. Then she began twiddling her fingers around each other. Something was off. Santana could tell that Brittany was nervous about something, the only question was, what was she nervous about? Brittany finally spoke. "Um…San?" she said timidly.

"Yeah Britt?" Santana said, worried. Why was Brittany acting this way? Was it the whole bikini top incident or something?

"Well, when I lost my top…it reminded me of something I've been thinking about lately," Brittany admitted.

"Okay…" Santana trailed off, motioning for Brittany to continue.

"Well…it's been on my mind for awhile now," the blonde said, blushing even harder. "It's kind of hard to say."

Santana was really worried now. "Baby, it's fine. You can tell me, please?"

Brittany nodded. "Okay, I'll tell you." Brittany sucked in a deep breath, preparing herself to say what she was about to say. "Guess I'll just come out and say it then…" she continued, stalling for time. "Fine. Enough waiting. Santana, I've been thinking we should have sex."


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