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Brittany stared at her girlfriend as the Latina paced back and forth around the blonde's room. This was definitely a bad sign. Brittany had never known about Santana's nervous habit of accidentally speaking in Spanish, but Brittany did know about her bad habit of pacing when she was worried or confused about something. Seeing as Santana was pacing, Brittany managed to put two and two together to realize that her girlfriend was freaking out over the sex question.

They had gone up to Brittany's room and dried off with towels. They were still clad in only their bikinis, and they hadn't said a word to each other since. Brittany was hoping she hadn't made a huge mistake already. She just felt like she should speak her mind. And currently, her mind was on sex. When Brittany first started thinking it was time to do the deed with Santana, she thought it was dirty, but then she remembered her mother telling her (during one of the famous 'talks') that sex was a beautiful and natural thing if it was with someone you loved. And Brittany loved Santana with all her heart. She could trust Santana with her life. So sex seemed like the next logical step in their relationship.

It had crossed the blonde's mind that if sex was supposed to be with someone you loved, would it be bad if Santana had sex with her but while she didn't fully love her? Brittany kept thinking back to when Santana admitted she wasn't in love with her yet, and then thought it might be wrong if they did 'it' while Santana wasn't fully in love with her. But then Brittany got an idea. She thought maybe, just maybe, if she slept with Santana, it might make the Latina go the next step and fall in love with her. If that happened, Brittany would be ecstatic. The blonde never admitted it out loud, but she wasn't as okay with Santana not being in love with her as she had let on. She wanted Santana to love her the way she loved Santana, and hearing her say that she didn't fully love her like that yet hurt. The only thing that pulled Brittany through it was the idea that one day, Santana could love her like that, and so Brittany decided to wait for her girlfriend to fall for her. That was one of the reasons why Brittany wanted sex, because it might persuade Santana to love her.

The blonde knew that that may have been a little selfish, but she couldn't help it. It just didn't feel right sometimes to go out with someone and love them while they couldn't fully reciprocate the feelings. Not that that made her dislike dating Santana, far from it, it just made some things seem off to her. Brittany couldn't explain it, the situation just gave her a weird feeling. She wanted to have a relationship based on mutual love, but with Santana only like-liking her, Brittany felt awkward loving her. Like one time, Santana and her had went on a bike ride late at night, and kissed in the park around midnight. When Brittany said she loved Santana, all Santana could say was "You're amazing Britt." Brittany hated that. For once, she just wanted Santana to say "I love you too." But no, she couldn't, because she didn't feel the same way. And Brittany wanted a way to make her feel the same way. And right now, the only possible way that she could think up was to use sex.

But that wasn't the only reason Brittany wanted to have sex with Santana. She wasn't that selfish to say she needed sex just because she felt she needed Santana to love her. The blonde genuinely thought they were ready to take the next step of their relationship. And she always thought it'd be nice to sleep with Santana, seeing as they had been going out for pretty much forever, or at least that's what it felt like to Brittany.

Santana, still pacing, finally broke the silence and cut into Brittany's thoughts. "Were you being serious out there?" she asked quickly. Brittany could barely hear her, what with Santana's suddenly small voice and the loud stomping of her feet as she paced.

Brittany stared at her blankly. "You mean was I serious about thinking we should have sex?" Santana almost flinched at the word sex, as if it would hurt her. The Latina nodded nonetheless. "Yeah, I was serious. Why would I lie?"

"I don't know," Santana said, slowing down a bit. "Why do you think we're ready anyways?"

Because we totally are, and I need you to love me, Brittany thought. "Because, we've already been to second base, and I think we've been dating long enough. Plus we promised that one time to each other that we'd be our own firsts, ya know? So I just think it's time we take that step. Why? Are you not okay with us having sex?"

Santana stopped in her tracks and looked Brittany right in the eyes. "No, it's not that…" Santana sighed and tried to collect her thoughts, but in the end she ultimately failed at that. "Brittany, sex is a big deal."

Brittany rolled her eyes. "Don't try to explain to me how sex is a big deal, because I know it is. But just because it's a big deal doesn't mean we shouldn't go there and try it."

"Okay," Santana said hesitantly, taking deep breaths. Her heart was racing at the speed of light, and that annoying little pounding sound in her chest was really beginning to interfere with her thoughts. The sound rang in her ears like she was a character out of a freaking Edgar Allen Poe book. "Sorry…this is just a lot to take in…"

Brittany shook her head. "Not really," Brittany said simply. "I think we're ready for sex. It's pretty simple. If you don't think you're ready, then that's fine. If you do, then I think we should just take a chance and try it. I'm not the smartest person in the world, but even I know that this is pretty simple."

Santana had to agree with her on there. Once someone just laid down all the rules and stuff about it, sex seemed pretty simple. Although it probably helped that neither of them could get pregnant, which always simplified anything to do with sex. Santana thought for a second. "So you're really serious about all this?"

Brittany groaned at the tedious nature the conversation was having. "Yes!"

Santana blushed a little bit. "T-then I…um…think we might be ready for…er…sex."

Brittany looked at the clock for about the fortieth time. Where was she? Santana was supposed to show up at her house any minute and yet she still wasn't here. Brittany was getting restless.

It had been a full freaking day since yesterday when Brittany had been at Santana's pool. The blonde was so happy that her girlfriend had agreed with her and said that they might be ready. They had made up a game plan as for when they would do the deed. Tomorrow (which was now today), they would meet up at Brittany's house while Mr. and Mrs. Pierce were off to visit Brittany's grandmother (they said they'd probably be gone for the whole night) and then they'd go up to Brittany's room and well…you know.

While Brittany was currently waiting for Santana in the living room, she was sprawled out on the couch, bored out of her mind. She thought about talking to either Catcake or Tubs, but of course, they both sleeping next to the couch, and Brittany couldn't disturb them. It was kind of cute actually, what with Catcake having fell asleep with her head rested against Tubs's squishy stomach. Brittany went off on a ramble inside her head about if cats could dream or not, then she started thinking about if they could, what were they dreaming. It was all very deep and intellectual stuff, until her thoughts were broken by a doorbell.

She's here.

Santana's here.

Santana's here to sleep with me.


Brittany giggled at her own thoughts and then came back to reality. This was it. She was going to sleep with Santana. Brittany was going to lose the big V. This was an important day. Like, a really important day. She took a deep breath. "Time to go," she said under her breath. Brittany hopped up off of the couch and watched her step as she walked around the sleeping forms of her two cats. She walked over to the front door, and self consciously tried to straighten out her hair and shirt (even though they'd probably be messed up by the end of all this, if you catch her drift).

Brittany reached out and opened the door and there stood Santana, looking as awkward as ever. "Hey," Brittany greeted, allowing her girlfriend to come in with a wave of her hand.

"Hey," Santana said, closing the door behind her.

Silence fell over the room. Neither knew what to say, and both were blushing, embarrassed at how awkward the situation was becoming. Again, both of them were wishing life was like some television show. In there, people can get it on in two minutes. In real life, it's just a bunch of filler and awkward moments and then sex.

Brittany finally found her voice and spoke up. "So uh…now that you're here, do you wanna go up and uh…"

"Yes," Santana said quickly, saving her girlfriend the trouble of actually saying it, which would be even more awkward.

"Um…okay," Brittany managed to say.

And so both girls began the trek up the stairs. Brittany (who was behind Santana) couldn't help but stare at the other girl's ass as she walked upwards. The sight of it was turning her on, but what was turning her on more was the fact that she might get to touch it soon enough. That thought sent her into a spiral of sexual fantasies she didn't even know existed, but she tried to clear her head. Too many thoughts gave her a headache sometimes.

Finally, they were upstairs and a few steps and a locked door later, they were inside of Brittany's room. Santana glanced at the pink sheets on Brittany's bed, thinking about how their bodies would be entangled within them soon enough.

"So…" Santana began. "Here we are."

"Yep," Brittany muttered, tapping on her thigh absentmindedly.

"This is it. The big 'S'," Santana said, taking a deep breath.

"Totally," Brittany agreed, nodding.

Brittany bit her lip, deep in thought. Shit was about to go down. Shit was about to hit the proverbial fan. Shit was about to get real. Brittany blinked as she couldn't think of anymore phrases with shit in them. The blonde's eyes wandered over to Santana's tight and sexy body, and she couldn't help but wonder what she would look like naked. Was her ass going to be bigger than Brittany thought it was? What would her boobs look like without a bra? Was her pussy going to be big or small? Brittany then began wondering why there were so many terms and nicknames for lady parts. Then she wondered what should she call it? Should she call it a pussy because that was one of most used names for it, or should she call it a vagina to be proper, or should she call it a vajayjay just for the lolz? Brittany felt awkward just thinking of the names, feeling dirty as they came to her. Then again, what she and Santana were about to do wasn't the most clean thing in the world.

Brittany broke away from her thoughts and broke the silence. "So do you wanna start now?"

Santana blinked, and processed the words for a second. "Yeah, sure. Let's um…do it." Santana then remembered something. "Do you want to do some foreplay or something, or um, just get right into it?"

Brittany's jaw dropped. "You want four other people with us while we do it?" she asked incredulously.

Santana couldn't help it. She burst out laughing. Brittany only stared at her like she was crazy as she continued to giggle. "No, Brittany, oh my God. Foreplay is like, making out and doing stuff to prepare for…uh, sex. It's like appetizers when you go to a fancy restaurant, only for…sex." Santana then began blushing at her explanation of what foreplay was.

Brittany scratched her head. "Oh…okay, I get it. So we could like, make out before we do it?"

"Yeah, and then um, as we do that, we can gradually take off each other's clothes…sound good?" Santana ventured, hoping she didn't sound weird.

Brittany nodded. "That sounds pretty good."

Santana was about to agree with her when suddenly she was tackled onto the bed. Before she could even process what was going on, Santana felt Brittany's lips crash against hers, and a second later, Brittany's skilled tongue entered her mouth, battling with Santana's own. It wasn't long before Santana lost herself in the kiss and began to reciprocate the act, kissing the blonde back fiercely. Santana grinned at the taste of Brittany. It was always sweet and delicious, and mostly addictive. This was probably because Brittany loved suckers, and whenever they kissed, Santana could always recognize the familiar taste of cherry red on the blonde's tongue. It was just something that turned her on even more when they made out.

Brittany pulled away for a second. "Sorry for pouncing on you like that. I was just getting kind of…horny." She blushed, her face resembling a tomato.

Santana grinned. "I can tell. You're leaking."

"Oh God! Really?" Brittany frantically looked down towards her jeans to see if her wetness really had soaked through. When nothing was there, she turned back to Santana and glared.

"I was kidding!" Santana defended, smiling.

"Meanie," Brittany said, pouting. Santana smiled even more at Brittany's adorable pout.

Having a little fun, Santana continued their banter. "I know you are, but what am- - -mmphh!" Santana was silenced as Brittany leaned down and attacked her with a kiss once more.

Santana was beginning to get really turned on and decided it was time to go the extra mile. She reached out and tugged on the hem of Brittany's shirt. Brittany pulled away from the kiss and looked into Santana's eyes. She smiled, and then nodded. Santana couldn't help but smile as well as she pulled up Brittany's shirt over her head and threw it across the room. Santana wasted no time in running her hands over Brittany's flat stomach and over her covered breasts, which she gave a little squeeze, earning a squeak from the blonde.

As Santana was about to make another grab for her girlfriend's boobs, Brittany stopped her. "Hold up. Your turn," she said. Santana quickly got the message and maneuvered herself in a position with which she could take off her shirt, which was difficult seeing as Brittany was currently on top of her. Just as she had done with Brittany's, Santana threw her shirt to the floor. Brittany smiled, looking down at Santana's blue bra. "That's much better," the blonde said happily. Brittany dived back down and continued her assault on Santana's lips, and this time, she made sure to cup the Latina's breasts, kneading them playfully.

Unexpectedly, Brittany rolled off of Santana, much to the girl's disappointment. "What the hell?" Santana said, confused and a bit angry. Things were just getting good.

"Calm down!" Brittany said. "I need to get my pants off, and that would've been a little hard if I was on top of you!"

"Oh…" Santana muttered, feeling stupid for freaking out. "Uh, well…proceed."

Brittany unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and with a little struggle, she managed to pry them off of her legs. She tossed them to the floor, and now all she was wearing were her red bra and panties. Santana had to suppress the moan that threatened to escape her throat at the sight of Brittany's sexy body. As Santana continued to stare, Brittany looked at her. "Again, it's your turn," the blonde said, motioning towards Santana's pants.

Santana blinked, oblivious, distracted by the girl in front of her. "Huh? Oh, right, pants. Gotcha." Santana crawled off the bed and stood up so she could more easily discard her pants. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans just as Brittany had done, and got rid of her jeans quickly after that. Santana couldn't help but grin as her girlfriend stared at her panties, unashamed of her actions. "Like the view?"

"I freaking love it," Brittany said breathlessly.

Santana crawled her way back onto the bed and went over to where Brittany was lying. Santana grinned and leaned down to kiss Brittany, until the blonde held up a hand to stop her.

Santana stared at her, confused. "What's wrong?"

Brittany shrugged a bit. "Hold off on the kissing for a sec," she explained.

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" Santana asked worriedly.

"No, of course not," Brittany assured, much to Santana's relief. "It's just…I think we should get to the fully naked part." Brittany almost winced at what she had just said. Could things get any more awkward?

Santana almost lost the ability to speak, but she did manage to say "Okay" in an extremely shaky voice.

"So…" Brittany began to blush and looked down at her hands, avoiding her girlfriend's eyes. "Do you…um…want me to undress you?"

Santana was beginning to wonder if she was dreaming. Maybe she was dreaming within a dream, because there was no way any of this could be real. She was about to have sex with Brittany. She'd always thought she'd be ready for this, seeing as she had been looking forward to it, but during the actual act, is was hard not to freak out a little. The Latina sucked in a breath. She was getting sick of how awkward all of this was, so instead of squeaking out an awkward response, she smiled. "I would love that." Santana smirked wider at Brittany's awed expression. Santana was proud of herself, as she had pretty much just confidently said "Yeah, I'm ready to get it on." And she honestly felt that way. Ever since they had started this, she had been hesitant, but now she was beginning to feel a lot more comfortable in the situation. She just hoped she'd still be as comfortable naked.

Brittany couldn't help but smile shyly. "Well then, turn," she said, motioning a turn with her hand. Santana obliged and sat up, turning so that her back was to the blonde. A shiver ran down her spine as she felt Brittany's delicate hands on her back. This was it. Brittany fiddled with the bra for a second, until finally, it unhooked, and the bra fell to the bed. Almost immediately Santana felt exposed, but now wasn't the time to be hesitant, so she took a deep breath and turned around. As soon as she did, she saw Brittany's eyes glue themselves to her breasts almost instantly. It was kind of cute how focused she was on them. The blonde piped up a second later. "They're really…nice."

Santana couldn't help but laugh a little at her reaction. "Thanks, babe," she said. Then she remembered something. "Okay, now it's your turn to turn around." Brittany grinned knowingly and turned around on the bed just as Santana had done. Santana reached out and began the process of unhooking the bra. One problem: she couldn't get the damn thing undone. She growled in frustration as she continued to have trouble getting the bra off. Almost a minute had passed and she was still having trouble with the fucking thing.

"Do you need help?" Brittany asked softly.

"No!" Santana growled, getting angrier by the second. "I can do this!"

"Are you sure? It'd be okay if I- - -" Brittany began, but Santana quickly cut her off.

"Britt! I got this!" Santana said, not willing to give up just yet. Santana wasn't a quitter.

It took another thirty seconds, but through persistence and sheer skill (yeah, right), Santana finally unhooked the damn thing. She took the bra by the strap and chucked it across the room, ridding herself of the accursed clothing. Brittany turned around, her breasts now free. Santana preferred them when they were wet, but she could manage. The blonde was about to say something, but Santana cut her off as she tackled Brittany to the bed, kissing her hungrily. Both of them became very aroused at the feeling of their breasts colliding as Santana was on top of Brittany.

As their tongues dueled together, Santana pulled away for a second. "Sorry…I was a little sexually frustrated there over the whole bra thing," she admitted.

"I don't mind, this is kind of awesome," Brittany said, giggling slightly.

Santana craned her neck back down and connected her lips with the blonde's yet again, only she made sure to make this kiss more gentle than the last one. Santana's soft kisses elicited a moan from Brittany, which only succeeded in turning Santana on more. Santana, getting more eager by the minute, finally decided to make a move. She slithered her hands underneath herself, and began feeling up Brittany's breasts. She gave them little squeezes and pinched at the blonde's nipples. The Latina was pretty nervous about this, so she feared she wasn't doing an adequate job, but that fear was washed away when Brittany moaned loudly into their kiss. Brittany bucked upwards into Santana's hips, in desperate need of some friction. Now it was Brittany's turn for her hands to roam around as they made their way down to Santana's ass, which she gave some squeezes. Santana soon was moaning and bucking back along with Brittany.

"You're…really good…at this," Brittany said in between kisses.

Santana smirked a bit at a job well done. "Thanks," she said proudly.

Santana departed from Brittany's mouth and trailed kisses down to her neck, where she kissed and sucked even harder, intent on leaving a hickey as a little something to remember this experience (as if losing your virginity wasn't memorable enough). But Santana didn't forget about Brittany's breasts, which she continued caressing and pinching, much to the girl's intense pleasure.

Brittany tried to keep herself from moaning so she could say something, but it was very hard what with Santana's excellent hands. Finally though, she managed to stutter out a sentence. "S-San? Um…c-could you…suck them?" Brittany desperately hoped she hadn't overstepped her boundaries when she had said that. The last thing she needed was Santana to give her the "Are you serious?" look during sex. That would be really awkward.

Santana ceased Operation Hickey (she had come up with the name herself) and looked up into Brittany's eyes. "W-what?"

Brittany blushed, wishing Santana had just done it instead of asking her to repeat herself. "Uh…could you suck…on them?" she squeaked out, embarrassed beyond belief. It was taking a second for Santana to process and respond, so Brittany looked into her girlfriend's eyes hopefully. "Please?" she added in a tiny voice.

Santana looked at Brittany's reddened face, and couldn't help but smile at how cute she was. "You're so adorable," Santana said.

Brittany returned the smile. "Thanks," she said, blushing even more. "But um…will you? If you don't want to, you don't have to."

Santana was pretty much living her dream right now, and being offered to suck on Brittany's breasts? She thought she had died and gone to heaven. "Trust me, I want to," she said seductively. Holy crap, I sound so sexy right now! Santana thought gleefully. She hoped her seductive tone hid her nervousness well.

Without another word, Santana began to kiss her way down from Brittany's lips, to her neck. And from her neck, she made her achingly slow journey towards the blonde's chest. The Latina could hear Brittany breathing heavily and saw her chest rise up and down, which was quite a show seeing as Brittany was topless. Finally, Santana, throwing all hesitance out the window, leaned down and planted a kiss on Brittany's right breast. Then another, and another. The more she did it, the heavier Brittany began to breathe. At this point, Santana was pretty sure her panties were thoroughly soaked with her juices, but she couldn't care less now. Santana stuck her tongue out and began to run it around Brittany's areola, and then she flicked it against her nipple, earning a loud moan from her girlfriend. Santana finally placed her mouth over Brittany's right nipple and began sucking hungrily, flicking her tongue against it as she did. She also began to pinch and squeeze Brittany's left breast, which Brittany enjoyed very much by how much she was moaning in ecstasy in response to Santana's actions.

Brittany was beginning to get restless. She needed to take the next leap into this. "S-San," she gasped out, trying desperately to breathe normally.

"Hm?" Santana muttered, her mouth still latched onto Brittany's nipple.

"T-take off m-my panties," she managed to say finally, then went back to her unintelligible moans.

Santana almost immediately began fumbling her way towards Brittany's panties. She thought she would hesitate when it got to this point, but it was like she was on autopilot. Santana assumed that the eagerness that had replaced her hesitance was due to teenage hormones and adrenaline levels. When she was this turned on, it didn't matter what she was doing. If Brittany wanted her panties off, the Latina wasn't going to waste a second to do so for her.

Kind of like with the bra, Santana had a little trouble with the panties at first. But luckily, Brittany helped out and lifted her butt off of the bed a little for easier access. Santana silently thanked her with another tongue flick to her sensitive nipple, earning her another moan. Brittany's panties slid down her long legs pretty easily, until Santana finally pulled them off and threw them to the other side of the bed. Santana pulled away from Brittany's breast for a moment and looked down between Brittany's legs. And there it was, with its slightly protruding lips and surprisingly shaven mound. It was practically glistening with the blonde's juices. This did not help with Santana's growing arousal at all.

"You can touch it," Brittany said hesitantly.

It's like all of my dreams are coming true! Santana thought happily. The Latina, needing total confirmation, asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure!" Brittany exclaimed, a little exasperated with Santana's hesitance. "Please, touch it. I want you to." Brittany looked at her girlfriend with pleasing eyes. That was all the confirmation Santana needed.

Santana traced her fingers down from Brittany's breasts across her flat stomach, sending shivers through the blonde's body. Santana's hand passed Brittany's belly button, and now it was crawling along her inner thigh. Santana inched closer to Brittany's sweet spot, until her fingers were right in front of it. Before she even touched it, Santana could already feel the warm heat radiating from the girl's center. Tentatively, Santana slowly edged her finger closer until finally, it connected with Brittany's core. Brittany gasped a bit, but when Santana looked up, Brittany motioned for her to keep going. Santana obliged, running her finger up and down the slit, which earned her a slight moan from her girlfriend. Brittany's moans and groans only encouraged her to go on, so Santana began to slide her fingers against her lips with a little more quickness than before. Brittany responded in the usual way, moaning appreciatively at Santana's acts.

Santana, pleased with how good she was doing, decided to really drive Brittany wild. She raised her thumb a bit and pressed it against the blonde's clit, rubbing it in a little circular motion. "Oh wow," Brittany whispered breathlessly. Santana only smirked, rubbing her even faster. Brittany tried to regain her voice which was becoming lost in between all the moans and gasps. "San…s-stick it in…"

Santana only nodded, understanding what she wanted. Santana took her pointer finger and placed it in between Brittany's slits. Looking to the blonde for one final act of confirmation, Brittany nodded confidently. Focusing back on Brittany's sex, she pushed her finger forward. There was a little moan from Brittany as Santana's finger slipped inside her pussy. It was really tight within Brittany's center, especially since Brittany was unconsciously clenching around her girlfriend's finger.

Brittany was seriously loving the feeling of Santana's finger inside her. She had played with herself sometimes but never before had she ever felt like this. She wondered if Santana's fingers were magical. Magical like unicorns, or rainbows, or Catcake. She stored away the thought in her mind so she could ask her if she was magical later.

Santana slowly pulled her finger back until it almost came out, and then pushed it back in, making sure she was going slow enough as to not take things too fast for Brittany. She repeated the process a few more times, pushing in slowly and pulling out, which became easier with each penetration seeing as Brittany's juices were lubricating Santana's finger a lot. Then, Santana picked up the pace a little bit, and then a little bit more. Every few seconds, the Latina began to pump her fingers inside the blonde a little bit faster than before. Getting even more daring, Santana snuck in a second finger inside Brittany's hot core. Brittany was beyond words now, only speaking in a new language of incomprehensible screams of pleasure. Holy fuck she's loud, Santana thought. I'm just glad no one's around to hear her.

Tubs blinked his eyes open, yawning. An odd sound from upstairs had awoken him. Were those screams? Nah, couldn't be. It was then that the obese cat realized he had someone snoozing on him. He craned his neck over to the person, and was met with the sight of a sleeping Catcake, resting her head upon his stomach. He thought of shaking her off or telling her to go away, seeing as she had been treating him like crap lately, as usual. But he went against the idea of waking her, because she looked kind of peaceful. Pretty much the only time he had ever seen her be peaceful. She looked kind of nice like that. I'll just leave her be, she looks super tired anyway, he thought. With that, he rested his head back down to the floor and went back to sleep.

Santana was pumping fast and hard now while rubbing her thumb in a circular pattern against the blonde's clit. It was obvious to both girls that Brittany wasn't going to last much longer until she reached her inevitable climax. Santana suddenly felt a light tug on her hair. She looked up and Brittany reached out, and took the Latina's chin into her hand. She pulled the girl closer to her and finally brought her into a desperate kiss, her tongue invading her Santana's mouth quickly. Santana began kissing her back, while still driving her fingers into Brittany's center. Brittany bucked her hips up into the Latina's skilled fingers, trying to create as much friction as possible to create the maximum amount of satisfaction. After a few more thrusts of her hips, Brittany let out a long, muffled moan into the kiss as she came into her girlfriend's hand for the first time ever. Waves of pleasure rolled throughout Brittany's body, like earthquakes. The blonde thrust up into Santana's hands a few more times, riding out the finale of her orgasm. Finally, Brittany ceased her thrusting and relaxed into the bed. Santana slowly pulled her fingers out of her girlfriend's sex and then lied down next to the blonde.

Brittany couldn't help but breathe heavily. "That…was amazing." She turned on her side and looked at Santana. "You're amazing. Just…thank you so much. I love you so much." Brittany leaned forward and placed a kiss on the Latina's cheek. "And I know what you're thinking," she added with a knowing smile. "I'll return the favor in a minute, just give me a second to rest from that…epicness, kay?"

"Okay." Santana nodded, understanding. Then, she leaned over and gave Brittany her own kiss on the cheek, much to the girl's delight.

As Brittany turned and closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath, Santana tried to collect her thoughts. Holy shit, she had just had sex with Brittany. She had sex with her. And in a minute, the blonde was going to return the favor! She had have died and gone to heaven. It was the only logical solution she could come up with. Santana suddenly remembered something. She looked at her hand and realized it was still coated with Brittany's juices. A dirty thought crossed Santana's mind. Should I? she wondered. The Latina looked over at her companion, who was still looking away from her, so it's not like she would see. I might as well try it… Santana brought her hand towards her mouth, and hesitantly stuck her tongue out. Tentatively, she took a little taste, and was surprised that it tasted kind of good. It was an odd, new taste, but she liked it. She took a few more licks, enjoying herself, until a voice interrupted her.

"Having fun?" Brittany asked, grinning at her girlfriend.

Santana's eyes widened. "What? I did nothing!" She quickly wiped her hand against the sheets, embarrassed.

Brittany giggled. "Calm down! I actually think it's kind of…hot." The next second, Brittany crawled up and now hovered above Santana's mostly naked body (she still had her panties on).

"You do?" Santana asked.

Brittany just nodded. "But now, it's my turn," she said happily. Before Santana could even say anything in response, she felt Brittany's lips against hers in a soft, nice kiss. She kissed back eagerly, quickly getting her tongue into it. Almost immediately, Santana felt Brittany's soft hands tugging on the hem of her panties. This girl works fast, Santana thought. Not that that's a bad thing. Santana lifted her ass up for easier access, and Brittany discarded the useless piece of clothing very fast. Brittany pulled away from the kiss and gave the Latina a smirk. "Do you want me to touch you?" she asked in a seductive tone.

Holy shit, did this girl take a class on how to be sexy as hell? Santana thought frantically. "Yes…you can totally touch me. Anywhere. Everywhere, if you want," Santana admitted. Wow, I really sound needy.

"Good," Brittany said gleefully. With that, she leaned down and averted her mouth's attention to Santana's breasts. Just before Santana could react to that, she felt a finger rub against her clit. The Latina couldn't help but literally squeak, much to her embarrassment. "Cute squeak," Brittany mentioned, then went back down to her breasts. The blonde ran her tongue all around Santana's nipples, which sent chills down her spine. Santana was about to defend her squeak, when she was cut off by a finger pushing against the entrance of her pussy. Santana was already seriously wet, so the intruder slipped inside her pretty easily. Santana squeaked yet again, instantly cursing herself for squeaking twice during sex. The feeling of Brittany's finger inside her was insane. Santana was a stranger to masturbation. She did it sometimes…okay, well, more than sometimes…okay, she did it a lot. But Brittany was definitely making her feel better than she had ever felt from just doing this alone. It was pretty crazy considering that Santana was pretty sure Brittany didn't have much experience in this.

Without warning, Brittany added a second finger inside the Latina. Santana moaned loudly and thrust up into her girlfriend's fingers eagerly. It wasn't helping that Brittany was still licking away at her nipples, which just drove her crazier than she already felt. Brittany was thrusting her fingers inside Santana faster and faster with each passing second. Soon enough, Brittany took a risk and slipped in a third finger.

"Ugh! Yes!" Santana groaned. Brittany was pleased with herself at how well she was doing. Since Santana was enjoying herself, it was making this a lot easier for the blonde. If Santana seemed like she didn't like this, Brittany would probably feel more nervous than she had ever felt before, and that would suck.

Brittany continued pumping her three fingers into Santana's sex as fast she could, which Santana was loving. She also made sure to give Santana's nipples a few more tongue flicks and tiny little bites, which elicited even more moans from the Latina. With Brittany's masterful tongue on her breast and her amazing fingers working their way in and out of her pussy, she could already tell that she wouldn't last much longer. Santana let out a scream of delight as suddenly came harder than she ever had before. The indescribable sensation rocked through her body, until it began to slowly fade away. Santana crumpled into a heap on the bed, her orgasm coming to an end. Brittany pulled her fingers out of her girlfriend and laid down beside her.

Santana tried to regain her breath, inhaling deeply. "Oh fuck…I loved that…so much."

Brittany grinned. "Did I do a good job?" she asked softly.

"You were fantastic," Santana said sheepishly, her eyelids getting heavy. She really needed a nap after that.

"Thanks." Brittany couldn't help but grin wider.

Santana couldn't help but smile at Brittany's facial expressions. Her smile was so infectious. "But really, I'm glad we could, um…be each other's first times, ya know? What I'm trying to say is, well, I'm really happy that I got to lose my virginity to you. Wow, that sounded less awkward in my head. What I mean is, I wouldn't want my first to be with anyone else. Does that make sense?"

Brittany was ecstatic. "It does. Oh, and about the whole first thing, yeah, I'm glad my first was with you too." Brittany looked into Santana's eyes, and leaned upwards and planted a soft kiss on the girl's lips. When she pulled away, she could see Santana smiling. "So now what do you wanna do? We could watch something, like Teen Titans…oooh, or Labyrinth!"

Santana's eyes widened at the mention of Labyrinth. "Actually, I was wondering if we could just go to sleep? I'm kind of tired after…well, you know."

Brittany nodded. "Okay, I'm kinda sleepy too," she admitted. "Want me to turn the lights off?"

Santana was about to say she didn't care either way, but then a devious thought entered her mind. "Could you, please?" the Latina asked. Brittany obliged, and got out of bed. Santana grinned, getting the perfect view of Brittany's bare ass. Brittany walked over and flicked off the light, sadly cutting off Santana's vision, and her viewpoint of her girlfriend's backside. A few seconds later, Santana felt Brittany's warm body slide back into bed with her. Santana couldn't help but smile as she felt Brittany's arms wrap around her waist and then felt the blonde's head on her shoulder. "Night, Britt," Santana said.

"Night night, San," Brittany responded.

Brittany couldn't help but be extremely happy with how all of this turned out. She had finally been able to take the next step and sleep with Santana, and it was great. She was especially enjoying this moment, with her and Santana just lying there, peaceful and serene. It was a pleasant change from the loud and chaotic scene they had just been through (not that Brittany didn't enjoy that, either). Brittany always liked simple moments like these, where she could just enjoy the silence and the girl next to her. Brittany was realizing something though. She remembered one of the reasons she wanted to do this was to hopefully make Santana fall in love with her. She still wanted Santana to love her the same way she loved Santana, but she was getting more comfortable with that fact that Santana didn't love her that way yet. Because if there were moments like these, moments where she could just hold her girlfriend and cuddle, it wasn't that big of a deal if Santana loved her or not, because at the end of the day, Santana was still dating her. Brittany was still Santana's, and Santana was still Brittany's. They still had each other and really, that was all Brittany needed. The blonde still wished Santana would love her, but now she realized she could wait for Santana to love her, just like she could wait for a few months for Christmas presents.

Santana will love me one of these days, Brittany thought confidently. I just know it. But for now, I can be patient.

With that, Brittany cuddled closer to Santana, pulled the covers over both of them, and closed her eyes, eager to get some rest.

Catcake's eyes shot open. "I smell teenage sex!" she exclaimed. She was about to get up when she realized she had been using something as a makeshift pillow. She turned, and was repulsed to see that she had been sleeping with Tubs. Catcake couldn't believe that she let a lower being such as Tubs make physical contact with a greater being such as herself. She began to dismiss it as just falling asleep in an awkward position with her head resting against his tummy. But just as she was about to go and investigate the smell of sex, she realized how much her entire body ached with fatigue. She was seriously tired, and well…Tubs's stomach was looking pretty comfortable. Catcake cursed herself as she placed her head back down against her bitch's tummy.

"Damn you and comfortable fatness," Catcake whispered angrily. The cat closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber, snuggling up against Tubs's fur.


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